home made t shirt

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this here, yet.

So like…ages ago, my wife (the original creator of this meme) made this thing for her Instagram page. I, being the utter trash I am, flipped out and in a moment of fanboy weakness, swore I would make it into a shirt and wear it proudly across my chest. A week later, this was made. I still have it. I wear it often.

I make them for people who pay for the materials needed to make them. 

I also plan to make Hartwin and Percilot shipper T-shirts when I can manage a good design for them. 

I had a dream...

…that there was some TR fan meeting @hydraballista proposed recently. All of us Lartis bitches were there, we had home-made Lartis t-shirts with Ash’s never before released render. :D

And then Eric Loren came there as a surprise guest…

I don’t think I have to state what it did to us…

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Calling Runner Five!

Hi guys! I’m looking for a Danish Runner Five I met on my run today (August 8), so can you please help me boost the signal? Thanks!

[ UPDATE: Guys, I found her!! Thanks for all your help! :D ]

It was pretty awesome! I was on my way home from a run in the park Amagerfælled near where I live, feeling really good because I had just done 5k in less than 30 min for the first time in a long while (third time ever!) when suddenly, I saw this girl running towards me and noticed that she was wearing a home-made Runner 5 shirt!!

Of course, I wasn’t wearing my Five shirt today, so instead I shouted something like “Go, Abel!”. She stopped and was like, “Omg! You recognize me?? Dream come true!” and I told her that I use the app too! So we talked for a short while and exchanged names (I’m Simone; she told me her name was Signe/Sine), but now I sorely regret not asking if she had a Tumblr, as I have never met a Five just like that and would love to talk to her some more!

So if you see this, fellow Danish Five, could you message me? That would be awesome! My username is o0yono0o .