home made summer

astrology aesthetics

aries: cups of tea, european monuments, music festivals, pennies kept in jars, awful jokes that are secretly funny, sleepy pets, key chains.

taurus: cherry blossom trees, karaoke machines, 80′s high school movies, sunrises, lockets, home-made lemonade, stationary.

gemini: summer wind, fruity alcohol, expensive clothes, meditation, city bridges, pastel colors, palm trees.

cancer: black and white photographs, sunflowers, midnight snacks, valentines cards, fresh fruit, lake reflections, bookshelves.

leo: tanlines, coca cola, fashion magazines, face paint, old fashioned telephones, sunglasses, wrist watches.

virgo: uncontrollable laughter, sunsets, sweet perfume, inspirational quotes, vines on buildings, chandeliers, notepads.

libra: bubble baths, romantic comedies, italian food, footprints, rings kept in bowls, flower shops, umbrellas.

scorpio: record players, campfires, staying up late with the best kinds of people, newspapers, art studios, waffles & syrup, libraries.

sagittarius: gigantic maps, new bed sheets, foreign languages, museums, car journeys, fancy suits, snowstorms.

capricorn: wooly jumpers, rustic architecture, baked goods, caffeine, 90′s rock, rainy days, dreaming.

aquarius: foggy mornings, glitter, countryside smells, documentaries, hot chocolate, aquariums, greek mythology.

pisces: violet skies, flannel shirts, blankets, pianos, old televisions, astronomy, gift shops.

two years later and this is still the meanest harry has ever been to someone


today I drove with my best friend down the famous canopy roads all the way to Georgia and back! we stopped and had a picnic in a lake, and then on the way back picked up some lemons and raspberries to make home made lemonade! I love summer and I am so happy with my life right now

After surprising Emily and spending some time with her and dropping her bags at home, Summer had made her way slowly to her shop not sure what to expect when she walked in. She walked through the door and smiled at the cashier she’d never met before, probably someone Emily had hired for her while she was gone. She made acquaintances with the cashier and after a while told them they could take the rest of the day off, that she just wanted to be in her shop alone. 

Once alone she walked around arranging this and that, smiling at the familiarity of the shop, not realising how much she’d actually missed it. She heard the bell above the door chime as someone walked in. “Gimme’ one sec and I’ll be with you.” She called out over her shoulder as she rearranged some flowers in a bouquet.