home made shirts

Aries wears an old leathered jacket.

Taurus wears a flower crown of dandelions.

Gemini wears sneakers with sharpie on the toes.

Cancer wears a necklace of their mother’s pearls.

Leo wears a gold necklace that glistens in sunlight.

Virgo wears a simple white bow to accent elegance.

Libra wears a rose gold wedding ring.

Scorpio wears rusting brass knuckles.

Sagittarius wears a home made tie dye shirt.

Capricorn wears black boots with polished shine.

Aquarius wears the latest hair dye of crazy colors.

Pisces wears a necklace of faith.

one of my favourite things that louis has ever done is him wering the ‘home made’ t-shirt right before project home kicked off and we were talking about how it’s likely they won’t really be able to acknowledge it like he went and did that how iconic 

Look we have so many pap pics that haven’t been used yet we have lawyers and doctors and Syco management visiting Louis’ house and now we have pics of a white parcel being delivered and even though we’re pretty sure it’s weed I would totally allow them to tell me that it’s pat test results if they want to cobble these pictures from a month apart into a story that ends this charade hell they can throw in the plaster pics with the home made t-shirt from A YEAR AGO and I promise I’ll be like wow great journalism what an amazing story a++ investigative skills I can’t believe you unraveled this heartbreaking tale JUST PLEASE FUCKING END IT

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this here, yet.

So like…ages ago, my wife (the original creator of this meme) made this thing for her Instagram page. I, being the utter trash I am, flipped out and in a moment of fanboy weakness, swore I would make it into a shirt and wear it proudly across my chest. A week later, this was made. I still have it. I wear it often.

I make them for people who pay for the materials needed to make them. 

I also plan to make Hartwin and Percilot shipper T-shirts when I can manage a good design for them. 

A message from Spencer...

To our fans…After 10 years of being a part of this unbelievable journey it saddens me to say that I will be leaving Panic. This was not an easy decision to come to, but after a lot of thinking it became clear that this is what’s right for me and the band. I love this band with all my heart, and getting to see it grow from 4 kids in my parents garage to what it is now has been incredible. I loved it all. But, at a certain point, I realized that I wasn’t able to be there for the band the way I wanted to be, and more importantly, the way they needed me to be. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been surrounded by the people I have been all these years. They truly are my best friends. A few years ago, when my addiction grabbed hold, and wouldn’t let go, they could have easily kicked me out, and never looked back, but they didn’t. Instead, they encouraged me to seek treatment, and gave me the time I needed to get my life back in order. They helped me through those rough times, and now, on the other side, with two years sobriety from prescription medication, and working on a year sobriety from alcohol, I am nothing but grateful for all they have done. It’s things like that that always made this band feel more like a family to me than anything else. When we were together in the studio or on stage I wasn’t with co workers at a job, I felt at home with my brothers. Looking back over the past decade I still have to pinch myself to believe it was all real. I still remember waiting all day to get out of school so we could go write songs, and record demos on a drum machine and a 30 dollar keyboard. I remember being so nervous when Pete came to town to watch us play the only 3 songs we had, and then going to Del Taco where he treated us to a well deserved meal (as any self respecting AnR guy should). I remember pulling all night triple shifts driving around the country in a conversion van with a single axle trailer on our first tour. Im going to miss it all. Staying up all night writing songs, and recording them over and over until my hands would bleed. Catching red eye flights to get to a photo shoot or video shoot, and being so delirious on set we never thought we’d stop laughing. Explaining to our manager that I wanted to perform on top of a ten foot tall carousel and have a caged tiger on stage, and being surprised when that didn’t seem “totally reasonable” to everyone else. I’m going to miss the good interviews, the bad interviews, and the interview in Germany when we were asked “your new album doesn’t seem to be as good as your last…why?”. Or being in rural China where I’m almost positive we were served horse, but we ate it anyway so we wouldn’t offend the women who spent all day cooking for us, and you know what, it was pretty good. Or the time we were stranded in a Russian airport for 20 hours, and the only thing that kept us sane were the funny pictures or videos of encouragement you would send us. All of those moments that made me want to say, “I’ve had enough, this is crazy, I quit!” those are some of my favorite memories now. But what will stick with me the most is showing up in city after city and finding more and more of you who had learned the lyrics to all our songs, or had made home made t-shirts with our faces surrounded in puff paint, or baked us cookies from your grandmas secret recipe and put a single hair in each one (ok, that one was a little creepy…creepy, but delicious). For me, that’s what made it all so surreal. Yes, getting to travel around the world with my friends was no doubt some of the best memories of my life, but it was what happened during that hour and a half on stage each night that was truly magic. And none of it was possible without you. Whether it was in front of 15 people at Brendon’s church social or 15,000 people in a field somewhere in England. What we created, the four of us onstage, and you in the audience, that was something special. It was on those nights I’d say to myself “If I could be anywhere in the world tonight, with anyone I wanted, it would be right here with you”. It’s what I’ll miss the most. So, thank you. I truly cannot wait to see what’s next for Panic, whatever it is, it’s going to be great.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me the life I only dreamed of 10 short years ago.

- Spencer


What can I say, I’m a woman who beats to the sound of her own drum. Or something.

(The actual drummer was killed so these poor people got stuck with me. Hah.)

Sworcraft Autumn Quest 2016 in Victoria, Australia. Moments of Glory Photography. 

This was on my lazy costume day: ArmStreet splint leg armour, ArmStreet linen shirt, home made brigandine vest and a scarf my mother made. Erin Westwood of Averland.

Watch on erisferris.tumblr.com

June 2015 : Suda Masaki talks about Yamazaki Kento. (down here, the part in bold, at 17:23) (he also talk about Ren Kiriyama, and Higashide Masahiro)

24 minutes of Masaki Suda isn’t a bad thing, and I learned a lot of things ;)

1:20 => He talks first about the Kamen Rider-W days, with REN KIRIYAMA being more a “parent” than just a “big brother”, teaching him EVERYTHING (Suda was 16yo, and his partner 24). And this Kiriyama left a message saying that the staff and himself considered him as a funny toy. Making fun of him non-stop. Because he was young, cute, and had funny reaction. Suda talks then about a surprise the KR-W staff did at his birthday. 

(=> they gave him an ugly bag at his birthday, and even though Suda though he was ugly, he wore it everyday because he was happy. The staff excepted it, because of his nice personality, and 1 month after, they regrouped and told him “Masaki! What’re you doing with this ugly bag?”, taking him by surprise. And at this moment, they gave him his real present, a much better bag.)

3:52 => After that, they talk about his asa-dora work “Gochisousan”, where he play the son of the protagonists (played by ANNE and HIGASHIDE MASAHIRO).  It’s funny because they just have some years of differences. He talks about the things he did to appear younger than he seems. And then a video of HIGASHIGE MASAHIRO is payed. Saying that the first impression was terrible, he though that Suda was a yankee (his apparence). Suda explains then that he was paying a yakuza-thing. 

6:23 => He then talk about his real family. And the show reveal that his two little brothers (Kento&Araki) gave them informations. We learn that he’s the nice, perfect and little father type of brother. I smell a big “brother-complex” here. He teach them a lot of things, and it seems that they followed him everywhere (they bathed together, slept together, did their homework together…)/

8:28 => The oldest Kento talks about his popularity in high-school. Girls were calling him “Prince” (he didn’t knew it when he was in highs-chool, and is surprised that his brother knew of it). And they were gathering in front of his classroom to watch him. He was a little afraid of it, because he did nothing to have this popularity. His picture was taken when he was sleeping at lunch time. But he don’t have much with girlfriend and they broke up with him really fast.

11:15 => After that, we see him and one of the MC going to a milk farm. Because Suda LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES milk. (the other MC in the studio is loud because the apparences of Suda visiting the farm is REALLY different, with messy hair). It’s cute : he’s running, laughing, and saying “cute! cute!” or “delicious! delicious!” everywhere. *p*

17:23 => We’re again in the studio. The MC makes again a little fun of him for his apparence at the farm. After that, he talks about a message (again) of a person, and here goes YAMAZAKI KENTO :

- How are youhaving fun together usually? 

- The two of us love vintage, so we have fun in vintage shop… We go to Suda’s home… We wear clothes… “oh, that’s nice!”… So… I go home with his clothes. (talking to Suda) Please, give me your clothes again.

Again in the studio, the MC is in stitches, saying that’s it’s not a message at all! Suda had a serious expression all through the video. Laughing, the MC says that this sort of comment is totally useless, and Suda agrees. He says that Kento think of himself as cool. And the MC ask if, when Kento ask for Suda’s clothes, he says “oh! That’s really nice… Can I have it? Please…”. But Suda respond that it’s not so weak, it’s more like “oh! It’s so good on me!”. The studio is laughing so hard right know. The MCs are surprised by this. Suda explain that Kento go sleep at his home, and when they decide to go have fun the day after, it’s sure : Kento don’t have a single of his own clothes on himself, and all of his clothes are Suda’s. It’s morning, and Suda’s sleepy, so he don’t really pay attention, but when they’re out “eh? But all of that is mine!”.

19:03 We saw some of the vintage clothes collection of Suda. His hair again are really messy, and the MC again is laughing. Some collored vest, aloha shirts, colored pants, baseball vest with tiger, blazer, and a music’s disc with all the signatures of the movie Pink&Gray’s movie. We also some home made tee-shirt.

21:30 We see a music band that Suda’s love. The group gives him some presents. (a SUDA tee-shirt, and the singer is stripping, giving him his own clothes XD).


Larry 2015 - April 2016

It’s an ongoing thing where people seem to be sure Larry were together once, but they aren’t sure if Larry are still together. People are worried that Harry and Louis sitting together and being used as clickbait by the press again means that 1DHQ doesn’t feel threatened anymore and so Larry are no longer together.

The best way to answer that idea is to put things in context with the proof that Harry and Louis still interact in ways they always have, whether blatant, subtle, or secretive. I had forgotten how much there was, but this was a very good year for Larry in some ways.


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Hamilton/Les Mis HC

So, basically, these are some headcanons that I have about Les Amis and their shared love for the musical “Hamilton”. Because really, everyone loves Hamilton. Even Hugo loves Hamilton, and I have the feeling that Hugo hates everything and everyone. I just know it.

Anyway, here they are!

Courfeyrac, being the most precious cinnamon roll in the universe, is the first one who discovered the musical. He knows EVERY. SONG. Is almost a religion. And he tries constantly to convert whoever cross his way. He’s got the OBC recording in his car, a poster in his room and he ALWAYS sings it while showering or, well, really all the time.

Courfeyrac favourite song is “The Schuyler Sisters”, and his favourite characters are Angelica and King George… Because, you know, we are talking about Courfeyrac. The supreme Diva. He likes to enter at the Café Musain walking like King George while screaming “A MESSAGE FROM THE KIIIING” just to piss Enjolras off. Enjolras doesn’t catch the reference but is used to Courf and his weird behaviour.

He’s constantly trying to convert his house mate, Jehan, but he’s not succeeding. Well. Kind of. Jehan plays the stoic part most of the time because he simply can’t afford to live with an over-excited Courfeyrac all the time so he has to play the grown-up part, but he DEFINITELY sings along with the tracks when Courf plays it while showering. And he DOESN’T CRY every time when “It’s Quiet Uptown” starts. HE DOESN’T. He directly melts in a puddle of desperation while yelling to his friends to lower the volume. And if Courf notices Jehan sobbing, well, he does a good job at pretending.

Combeferre, being the good boyfriend, encourage his obsession while trying to use it for a better cause. He buys Ron Chernow biography, he reads it few time while trying to find new arguments to lead Courf towards more serious themes. Sometimes he manages, sometimes he just ends up doing the second part in whatever song is playing at the moment. His favourite songs is “The Schuyler Sisters”, like Courf, because every time they sing it together he ends up doing Aaron Burr… and Peggy. And Courf laughs hysterically every time.

He likes it, but, you know, no one has Courfeyrac enthusiasm.

…Well. No one except maybe Cosette. SHE. JUST. LOVES. IT. SO. MUCH. She went with his Papa in NY and she went to see it. She met Lin-Manuel Miranda and just started to jump everywhere because she’s not Courf, she doesn’t cry in public, but after talking to Lin (and Daveed. And Groffsauce, AND MAYBE few dancers, because she’s a true fan and loves everyone) she spent few hours talking on Skype with Courf crying and telling him EVERY DETAIL. She even ignored Marius calls until the next day, when she basically spent all her credits trying to explaining him the greatness of the show. Marius was just happy to know that she was alive and happy, but well, he didn’t have the time to even say “hi” so he just listened to her.

Like Courf, Cosette really likes Angelica, but she loves Eliza a lot more. She see herself in the character so much, she wants to be like her, she wants to do something great (and that’s the reason why she went to the first meeting with Les Amis), while being a good and special person to his friends and beloved. She cries hysterically while listening “It’s Quiet Uptown” because she thinks about her mother, but her favourite song is “Helpless”. Because, well, she felt exactly the same when she saw Marius for the first time at the Café Musain. Only… well, Marius was more like Eliza, blushing and being all shy, while she was more like Alexander. I mean, someone has to take the first step, right?

Talking about first steps. The only one in the group that started listening the musical without being forced by someone else was Joly. He heard Courfeyrac sing the opening, and he loved it instantly. He asked him the soundtrack and now he’s a huge fan of Lin-Manuel. Unlikely his other friends thought, he loves more “In the Heights”, and he managed to convert Musichetta and Bossuet to Lin-Manuel’s works thanks to his first masterpiece. Joly doesn’t have a single favourite song, but he often ends up yelling “YOU DON’T HAVE THE VOTES! YOU DON’T HAVE THE VOTES!” or “HE’S NEVER GON’ BE PRESIDENT NOW! THAT’S ONE LESS THINK TO WORRY ABOUT” with Grantaire doing the second voice.

Musichetta LOVES dancing while listening “Carnival del Barrio”, and, well, Joly and Bossuet love to watch her. Sue them. Chetta also loves to listen “Say no to This”, cause she thinks that is a really sensual song and she’s in love with Jasmine’s voice (she tried to seduce Joly and Bossuet using the same “STAY” used by Maria Reynolds in the musical, but that ended with Joly almost hyperventilating and Bossuet tripping on the rug while running towards the bed). The three of them also love to sing “Guns and Ships”: Joly usually ends up doing Washington, Musichetta sings Lafayette because she raps like hell and never miss a word, and Bossuet just shouts “LAFAYETTE!” in random moments because, really, he can’t sing for shit and he’s all of us.

Eponine, well, she’s a fan, she lives with Grantaire and they’re always listening the tracks. She loves it but as usual she doesn’t show it while in public. She has this ritual now, when she sees Marius she usually listen to “Satisfied” and she cries while singing some of the verses. Just to feel better in a healthier way that doesn’t include a shitload of alcohol. Angelica is obviously her favourite character but she also loves Eliza (like she loves Cosette in real life) and when she talks at the meeting with Enjolras and the others, she thinks of Eliza and her works and she starts a project to help the orphans and the children in difficult situations. She hopes to find her family one day, so that she can save Gavroche and Azelma and give them a better opportunity in the future. When she’s in a good mood though, she’s a mean rapper and she likes to do the Cabinet battles with Grantaire.

Bahorel is also a fan, but not in a “screaming fan-girl” way. He listen the tracks while boxing, he loves “My Shot” cause he likes to keep his spirit high while doing gym, so he’s always singing it. He also loves Hercules Mulligan and he likes to rap his parts in a very manly way. And maybe he usually listen only the happy tracks because the first time he listened to the whole track he ended up in his bed sobbing hysterically while screaming “WHAT THE FUCK WHY WOULD YOU WRITE SOMETHING SO SAD I WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING RIGHT NOW AND THEN GO TO HUG ELIZA SHE’S SO PRECIOUS GODDAMNIT I SPEAK LIKE COURFEYRAC KILL ME NOW”

Feuilly knows the musical because of Bahorel. They live together, but Feuilly is constantly working and doing voluntary projects with Enjolras in his spare time, so he really doesn’t have lot of time. When he listen to it though, he likes Aaron Burr and his songs. He really likes to listen “Wait for it” and “The Room Where it Happens” and usually he’s humming the melodies while painting in his only free day. He’s also the one that had to do a cup of tea for Bahorel to console him after the first traumatic experience with the musical.

He doesn’t like to show his love for the musical on a daily basis, but sometimes he just step inside the Café Musain in a home-made T-shirt with the quote “IMMIGRANTS: WE GET THE JOB DONE” and that is a clear enough statement.

Grantaire is also a huge fan. He loves everything about the musical, but unlikely the other guys, he also knows a lot about the real history of the various characters. His favourite character is John Laurens, and he likes to enter at the weekly meeting at the Café screaming “I’m Grantaire in the place to be, had two pints of Sam Adams but I’m working on three!”. The only one that laughs is Courf. Obviously. The thing is though, he really knows a lot about John Laurens story, and unconsciously loves it because of his relationship with Alexander Hamilton. I mean, is easy to see that magic spark of genius in the founding father, as much as it’s easy to see it in Enjolras when he’s talking about revolution.

Speaking of Enjolras, he was the last one in the group to know about the musical. He’s not very perceptive about these kinds of things, but even someone like him can see Courfeyrac and Grantaire constantly singing in the middle of a speech quoting something that he doesn’t know. But really, almost everyone is doing it. Even Combeferre sometimes just drops a joke or a reference making everyone laugh or yell. Enjolras doesn’t really understand the reference, and is making him a little uncomfortable after a while, but Grantaire notices it so he ends up at Enjolras place after a meeting to introduce him to the magical world of Alexander Hamilton. Before pressing play he did this long and detailed speech about Alexander, trying to put Enjolras in the right mind-set, and after almost an hour he pressed the button…

It was instant love. With the first song Enjolras was silent, listening to the story of someone unfortunate doing something amazing, and he was inspired. Then with the second song he smiled sweetly, because the song reminded him about his encounter with his group of friend and his naivety when he was only a teenager trying to change the world in only one day. When “my shot” ended, he asked Grantaire to stop it for a second because he was so inspired by the song that he had to write down something for the next meeting and he asked Grantaire to do a t-shirt for him with a verse of the song on it. Then, when he was ready to continue, Grantaire just told him “believe me, you’re going to like this one, is one of my favourite”. And when Enjolras heard it, he thought about his group of friends, about their dreams, about their friendship, and he cried a little. He asked to repeat it at least 4 times before continuing, and it was a really emotional moment. Grantaire watched carefully every reaction but he never said to anyone about that magic moment. After that Enjolras loved almost all the show, and he started to discuss everything with Grantaire. That was actually the first time that they spent so much time together without arguing. And they silently decided to keep it between the two of them, at least for a while.

The greatest day was actually when during a meeting Enjolras started to quoting little pieces from the musical in a very serious way during one of his speeches. Grantaire was grinning all the time, and Ferre understood the reference after the second quote but he didn’t say anything. Courfeyrac was so freaking confused, but when Enjolras said “We’re past patiently waiting we’re passionately smashing every expectation, every action’s an act of creation! We’re laughing in the face of casualties and sorrow! For the first time, we’re thinking past tomorrow!” everyone was well aware of what was going on and they all started to sing “AND I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT!” while Courf screamed “YOU BASTARD SON OF A WHORE AND A SCOTSMAN HOW LONG IS THIS GOING ON?!” and after the initial hype the meeting was quickly dismissed and everyone started a karaoke night where Ferre, Enjolras and Feuilly talked about the biography and the story of Hamilton and the other characters, while Courf and Cosette started to sing all the songs with their friends.

And when Grantaire observed Enjolras from his usual place in the corner, he saw his shining smile and his bright eyes staring right back at him, and it was the most beautiful piece of Art in the world. And maybe that was the exact moment when our favourite cynic finally started to consciously believe in something. (And maybe, just maybe, when Enjolras and Grantaire shared their first kiss after few month since that day, Grantaire grinned dreamily to Enjolras and whispered “Helpless…” and Enjolras laughed brightly and it was the sweetest moment ever).

Marius still doesn’t know what’s going on exactly, but he’s happy that everyone is happy.