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I made a birthday cake for my daughter.
The image of decoration is flowers to make it looks beautifully because she turned 22.


22歳のお祝いなので デコレーションは

小さい頃には よくこうやって


The Perry Hannah House

Year(s) built: 1891-1893
Architecture style: Queen Anne with elements of French Chateaux style
Architect: W. G. Robinson of Grand Rapids
Location: Traverse City, MI
Original owners: Perry Hannah & wife, Anna Amelia Flint

This home was built at a cost of $35,000 to $40,000 and is about 14,000 square feet with over 40 rooms. Hannah was a lumber baron (among many other things) and each room is trimmed in a different wood: cherry, oak, beech, birch, maple. Only the Brazilian Mahogany dining room is not done in a native Michigan wood.
The residence features real Tiffany glass, 10 fireplaces, 2 staircases, a massive skylight over the grand stair, a brick carriage house across the alley (see photos), and a third floor that was intended to be a ballroom. The Hannahs never finished off the third floor as this was their retirement home, and they ended up living there for only a few years (Mrs. Hannah died in 1898 and Mr. Hannah in 1904).
The home eventually was left to the Hannahs’ daughter-in-law, Elsie Hannah, who could not afford the upkeep, and almost tore the place down in the 1930s. Luckily, however, she decided to instead donate this gem to the American Legion. Classes were held there in the 1930s when the local high school burnt down, (tarps over the wood floors, gym classes in the basement) and soon after it was sold and became a funeral home (which it still is today in 2016).
The Perry Hannah House is regarded as one of the finest, most well- preserved and restored historic houses in Michigan. It sits across the brick street from a riverside park (Hannah Park) and is right in Traverse City’s downtown.

Sources: Perry Hannah’s Gifts by Peg Jonkhoff & Fred Hoisington, Traverse City Historic Houses by Lawrence & Lucille Wakefield


i told myself id wait until i finished with finals to get the achhd but i cant resist a cute animal crossing game!!!

thanks nintendo lol

Left to right: Zucchini with parmesan and romano cheese, garlic/lemon/butter scallops, bulgogi beef with carrot, and some steamed cabbage on the side with sunny-side up eggs for dinner. // Okay result - a bit disappointed in the saltiness of the beef (marinated for too long and it became a bit saltier than I preferred)…but I tried! 


Catching sight of death in Piccadilly whilst going to the Japan Center for snacks, Matty and his home-made photo studio in his parents garage, York. Lasse in De Beauvoir, Viktorija & India in the Kenneth Anger Yurt Installation, Viktorija asleep at home and Billie on Ridley Road.

A Valentine's Date || burningxstarsx

At long last Peter made it home. Photos had been delivered to the Bugle, shopping had been taken care of, now he was free to enjoy the day. And he intended to enjoy it with his favorite redhead.

“Star?” Peter peeked his head into their bedroom looking for her. “Guess who’s home and ready to enjoy Valentine’s Day…?”