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gen 4′s music has the best and worst tracks ever in the series. it does locations super-well, it takes full advantage of the DS’s limitations and actually makes the music more powerful, more droney or jazzy through it. 

much of sinnoh’s music is so good that i cant see it being improved on with a remake. that’s how far it utilizes the properties of the DS hardware - being clearer would weaken some tracks dramatically.

Peter Pan Imagines/ My Youth

Peter takes you away, and promises you safe and sound.

This imagine contains : Bullying and signs of depression. If you need me just message me .

What if?

That was always your thoughts late at night. To be honest, you were never completely happy with where you lived, sure your family was okay but you always felt left out, you felt unwanted, you just wanted something or someone to call yours. You thought long and hard at night, which led you to regret waking up in the morning , you were failing almost everything, and you had a handful of friends, but none you can really express your feelings too, which really sucked, so that’s why you felt , well honestly lost. You were 16, and your parents always complained that you were over exaggerating, but it was the truth, and you realized that even if your own parents wouldn’t listen to you, then you really were lost.

Well one night you sat by your window, wishing there was something more, more to life, more to this.

“What if?” you thought

“What if I ran away? What if I left today?” You couldn’t stop but think and wishing you could leave, but where?

It was around 5 when you became rather sleepy and fell asleep by the window, well little did you know, that Peter Pan, he was watching you, he had been watching you, he knew you were lost, but you were a girl, and no girl has ever landed their feet on his land, his kingdom, Neverland.

He watched you sleep, you nose twitched because of the cold breeze would touch your nose,, your eyes would squint here and there because of the cold, you hair would flow through the wind just a bit, and Peter was memorized by you, he felt you were intriguing, and he wanted more, but how? Could he actually have a girl stay and live on Neverland?

He went back to Neverland, he looked for his best friend Felix, and sighed him to come to his cabin. That he did.

“What’s wrong Pan?” he came in annoyed knowing exactly what it was.

“It’s her again, I don’t know what to do!” this was the most stressed Felix has seen Peter, he was always the cocky, confident, care free type of guy, but the thought of you made his stomach tie up in a knot.

“Take her here.” Felix said.

“What if the she doesn’t like it?”

“Who wouldn’t like Neverland?” Felix said 

“Girls!” Peter said

 “Girls aren’t like boys, they ca’t live in a dirty atmosphere, they can’t get dirty, or wet, or hurt, all they do is whine” A older lost boy said as he entered into Peter’s cabin

“Who said you can come in?”

“Oh come on Pan, I heard everything, are we really having a girl on Neverland ? Is she hot?”

Peter looked at Felix with annoyed written all over his face.

“Reason number 2 of why I am scared to bring her here is this exactly.”

Back to you

Your alarm clock goes off “Ughhhhhh” It was school again for you, but luckily it was Friday, and spring break.

You went to school wearing converse, jeans, and floral tank top, you felt a little pretty, until you saw other girls, you felt like you were nothing compared to them, oh how you wanted this day to be over.

Lunch was here, and you were happy because you were starving, you got your food and saw your group of friends sitting down, so you went to sit next to them, you had to pass some girls, who actually didn’t like you very much, and honestly it was because you were very gorgeous, you just couldn’t see it, so what does any girl do when they’re jealous of you? They bully you, and that’s exactly what they did. They were staring and making jokes about you, they were loud, you could hear them, they talked about your hair, your face, clothes, all of it, you tried to ignore it, but you couldn’t. You went to walk to the bathroom and cry because you didn’t want them to see that they got to you, but like I said you had to walk pass them, so, they tripped you, you and your food goes flying and you hit the floor, they all start to laugh , and the whole school starts to laugh as well, tears start falling from your eyes, your friends try to help you up , but you just run for it, you run and run until you get home, thankfully nobody was home, so you ran into your room ,took a shower, then covered yourself under the blankets, and cried for two hours straight.Eventally you stopped crying and want to your favorite spot, the window.

You were dozing off looking at things on your social media, until you completely fell asleep,well little did you know Peter was watching, and tonight was the night.

He came by the window and looked at you, he looked at you up and down, and couldn’t help but study you, Peter loved to watch you sleep, not in a creepy way, but in a loving way, he felt you were at peace when you were asleep.

You felt a shove on your arm, it wasn’t hard , it was soft,”Mmmmmmm” you said in your sleep, not wanting to wake up.

“Pssst, hey love, wake up for me yeah? Psssst”

At first you thought this was your dream, but the voice sounded so real.

Peter shoved your arm once more and you knew it wasn’t a dream. You automatically woke and sat up going face to face with Peter.

Peter though you’d scream, slap him, hit him, or possibly bite him, but you didn’t, you just stared at him.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Peter, Peter Pan.”

“I’m Y/n.”

“Well Y/n, how are you?”

“I’m terrible” You admitted and looked down wanting to cry, your eyes were so puffy from crying, there not lying and saying you were good.

“What if I told you that we could go somewhere, where you’d be safe and sound?”

“Where?” you looked at him in a confused manner.

“My land, my kingdom, Neverland.” he said as his smile grew wide.

Your eyes opened wide, “I thought there was no such place, I thought they were just made up stores.”

Peter laughed and got up “Oh love, how do you think they made the stories up in the first pace, people want to believe only what they want, I am very real, and I am here, aren’t I?”

“Y-yeah I guess you are.” scratching your head feeling a little silly.

Peter knelt down on one knee and looked deep in your eyes.

“Listen love, we don’t have much time, either you come with me or not, but I promise you, you will be much happier with me.” 

You don’t know what it was but you took Peter’s hand, and you never looked back.

He took you and you started to fly away with him, lights started flashing like a photo booth, and the stars started to explode but it was okay because Peter was holding tight unto you.

Soon enough you reach Neverland, peacefully your feet hit the sand.

“Let’s go.” Peter says as he takes your hand, and with that you both shoot up to the sky’s of Neverland, and the sighting is beautiful,flying and tripping on skies, running on the air, flying through the clouds, Peter saw how harpy you were and he wanted to see more of it.he took you to the mermaid lagoon, he let you see the water fall, he even splashed you and you splashed back. You felt as if you knew him forever.

You guys totally forgot about the time, and it was sunset already.

“This is truly paradise Peter.” You looked at him.

“I’m glad you ran away with me, and I’m glad you’re happy love.”

“Oh Peter I am very happy, it’s so beautiful here.”

“Now there is just one more thing to do, we have to meet my boys.” He smirked

“Your boys?”

You get to the campsite, boys everywhere, they were banging their home made drums, sticks, music instruments that they made their self’s, and they were dancing the night away.

You hear Peter clear his throat and everyone stopped what they were doing.

“Everyone, this is Y/n, Y/n this is uhh”

Then all of a sudden all the lost boys almost tackled you excited to see a girl and they were very kind to you, wanting to tell you their names and wanting to know all about you, Peter laughed and sat back, he was very pleased at how things were going, he knew you and his boys were going to be okay.

After everything settled down and the lost boys got sleepy you got to spend some more time with Peter alone, and he was very cute, so you were very excited.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to run away, I always thought about what if I did, ,  what if I ran away and never looked behind, but I never did, and now I know why, because I was meant to go with you.” You turned to look at Peter, as Peter looked straight ahead, listening to every word you said, and taking it all in.

“I’m glad love, now , since I’m king, you must know, that this is my land, my kingdom, this is my Neverland, but it can be yours too.”

“How?” you asked.

“Be my queen.” he looked at you deep in your eyes and your heart starts to race and your cheeks turn red.

“Your queen?”

“Yes. My queen, and I’ll be your king, this is Neverland, as long as you are my queen nothing will harm you, you will be safe and sound, you will feel loved, cared for, and most importantly Y/n,  you will never grow up , my youth is yours..” he looks you in your eyes.

You nod your head, “I would love to be your queen.” 

He smiles and holds your hand, as the sun rises over Neverland.


Guy makes an instrument out of PVC Pipes.

And boy, does he play it. 

The Enlightening Beam Of Axonda By Bobby Brown 1972

Not that Bobby Brown but an innovative and unique Califonian weirdo playing home made instruments.

Mutant sounds said:

Not to be confused with the famous R'n'B star of the same name, Bobby Brown became known to the public for his bizarre self built percussion set which he played with hands and feet creating a very unusual and peculiar rhythm carpet, not to mention his odd vocal style which added to his intriguing musical choice a touch of captivating madness. Although not electronic, his musical take will be particularly enjoyable for who listened to experimental musicians such as Silver Apples, United States Of America, Moondog and Fifty Foot Hose. This 1972 The Enlightening Beam Of Axonda is a supreme introduction to the bizarre world of Bobby Brown and the cover artwork confirms Brown’s oddities.

The California of the 1960s was a breeding ground for eccentric characters: psychedelic prophets, cult leaders, crank scientists, charlatans, fringe artists, bizarre self-taught musicians and psychotic burnouts. Some individuals, it seems, were able embody all of these archetypes at once; and of these, at least one managed to record and release an album. Bobby Brown’s 1972 LP The Enlightening Beam of Axonda is a holy grail for collectors of rare psych, and one of the most idiosyncratic works to emerge from the West Coast petri-dish of psychedelics and self-motivated outsiders. The LP was originally issued in a small run on Destiny Records, and today trades hands for absurdly inflated prices, which makes this deluxe digipack CD reissue on Italy’s Akarma label a particularly welcome release. Bobby Brown has the misfortune to share a namesake with the notorious R&B artist and Whitney Houston/crack abuser, making Google searches problematic to all but the most persistent. This Bobby Brown was a blonde, blue-eyed flower-child surfer from Sacramento who traveled up and down the West Coast throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, performing live at acid-drenched beach parties and hawking his records from the back of a van. Brown played more than 50 self-built instruments — harps, bells, zithers, woodwinds, sitar and percussion — all arranged into an ingeniously constructed series of cross-triggered racks that surrounded him during live performances, making it possible for him to play several instruments and sing simultaneously. His voice stretches across six unusually expressive octaves, vacillating lysergically one moment and perfectly mimicking the sounds of a theremin the next. It’s tempting to try to fit this “Universal One Man Orchestra” into a framework including other outsiders such as Harry Partch and Moondog, but the Axonda album resists such easy categorization. It’s a concept album, relating the journey of a spiritual adept named “Johnny” from his pastoral Hawaiian home, across the globe and eventually into the cosmos. Johnny makes contact with the God-machine Axonda and its clear beam of consciousness light, which reveals to him the future of mankind — the reconciliation of all world religions and a merging into pure, perfected Godhead. It’s undeniably hokey and quite often banal, but Bobby Brown’s sincerity sells it, hypnotizing with trippy, beatific melodies and an unorthodox marriage of exotica, island music, Indian raga and African rhythms. Brown’s speaker-vibrating bass and oceanic tenor coos perfectly express his impossibly utopian philosophies, coasting along with multi-tracked instrumentals and overdubbed vocals, pausing between songs for spoken-word narrative transitions. Brown’s painstakingly scribed liner notes are reproduced in this edition, full of hilarious boasts about his explication of the fictional scientific concept of “the Bray” — “an original contribution to the field of Religion & Science…not yet discovered by other humanoids” that will one day “lead to the most significant change in the history of humanity (plus total religious unity).” Perhaps Bobby’s ambitions were ultimately unrealistic, but The Enlightening Beam of Axonda is an original and uncompromising work of art, and a valuable contribution to the field of outsider art.


ymutate always wondered what to do with all that pvc pipe ripped out during the remodel.

                  Monster Tubulum: Time to Start

 up loaded, created and played by thejerrymobile