home made gun

anonymous asked:

The pipe guns didn't really fit in the Fallout setting in my opinion.

I’m actually susprised it wasn’t added in a previous game considering how very much like Fallout it is :T
not everybody has the gun runners fucking around with old designs, and home-made guns do look like this

allofminerd  asked:

Just had a wild thought... DJ + Home made Portal Gun Hope the chaos I imagined at the thought of Tony and Steve finding out about it causes you as much glee as it did me! Have a good one :)

“What’s the rule, buddy?”


“Right, and after the pants rule?  What’s the rule about breaking the laws of physics?”

“Not until eighteen.”

“Right, not until you’re eighteen, so let’s…  Let’s just put this away and pretend it never happened because otherwise, Steve’s going to call your case worker and report us all.”