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Are you having Game of Thrones withdrawals after this seasons wrap? Do you love the world of A Song of Ice and Fire? This is the Sims challenge for you!

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t create this challenge, however the original discussion has since closed on the Sims 4 Forum. So all of the credit for making this challenge goes to JoshM. This is essentially the same challenge with a slight twist to some of the generations. Whoever you are, JoshM you did a great job and this is just a little bit of a reimagining.

“The life of a low born bastard is never easy. You’re a castaway, you have nothing to your name, you are nothing. How you wish to change your fate but you haven’t the money, nor the skills. That all changed when you found it. A sack…filled to the brim with 100 golden dragons. With this you can make a start, you can change you’re fate.”

The ‘NOBODY TO NOBILITY’ challenge is a multigenerational, role playing challenge which sees you attempting to further your name by brokering marriages of your descendants into the powerful families of Westeros. But, you’ll need a certain kind of intellect, cunning and knowledge to succeed in this challenge for; in the game of thrones, you either win or you die.



1. Ageing can be disabled, if desired. It will be difficult to maintain youth while also completing other challenge requirements. However, for an extra challenge aging can be set to either ‘epic’ or ‘normal’ depending on the level of challenge.

2. For ease of communicating the set-up of this challenge, Dorne will be used as an example. The first step in creating this challenge is creating the families that your character will attempt to marry into, with the region overlord being the ultimate goal. 14 houses must be made similar to that seen below. Other, than the regent (Martell, Tyrell, Baratheon, Stark, Lannister, Arryn, Tully) the other houses can be in any order you deem fit. Houses should consist of at least one male and female brother and sister, but can be as large and diverse as you please. 

Example House Set-Up:

Regent/Overlord (1 House)

House Martell
Chief Bannerman (1 House)

House Yronwood

Noble Houses (3 Houses)
Fowler, Manwoody, Dayne

Great Houses (3 Houses)
Jordayne, Blackmont, Allyrion

Wealthy Houses (3 Houses)
Dalt, Gargalen, Qorgyle 

Lesser Houses (3 Houses)
Vaith, Uller, Wyl 

3. Once the houses are set up on must next create, the main character of the challenge: The bastard. Of course it is only fitting that they receive the name bestowed upon anyone born out of wedlock in their particular region of Westoros, hence for this play through, the plum was a Sand (Dorne). If you wished to play in another region the name convention are as follows: Snow (The North), Stone (The Vale), Hill (The Westerlands), Rivers (The Riverlands), Storm (The Stormlands) Flowers (The Reach). The character can be whoever you like; they can look the way you like, their personality can be the way you want it to be, they can wear whatever you desire. The only thing I recommend is making their aspiration ‘Fabulously Weathly’ to make it easier. You start with 20,000 simoleons; do what you will with it.

4. Now for the whole point of this challenge: the CHALLENGE. What will make it difficult? And what will make me what to keep playing. The only way in which you can marry into a house of position is to meet certain requirements. The higher the tier of house the more challenging. The requirements are as follows:


1)    Generation One: Lesser Houses

-       Have (2) Sims complete the third tier of the ‘Fabulously Wealthy’ aspiration

-       Have (2) children which will become the heirs to the next generation

2)    Generation Two: Wealthy Houses

-       Have (2) heirs complete the ‘Friend of the World’ aspiration

-       Have (2) children which will become the heir to the next generation

3)    Generation Three: Great Houses

-       Have (2) heirs complete ‘Renaissance Sim’ and ‘Soulmate’ aspiration

-       Have (3) children which will become the heir to the next generation

4)    Generation Four: Noble Houses

-       Have (3) heirs complete a childhood aspiration, the second tier of the ‘Fabulously Wealthy’ aspiration and either the ‘Angling Ace’ or ‘Freelance Botanist’ aspiration

-       Have the parents of the heirs complete the ‘Friend of the World’ aspiration

-       Have (2) children which will become the heir to the next generation

5)    Generation Five: Chief Bannerman

-       Have (2) heirs complete a childhood aspiration, ‘Party Animal’ aspiration, ‘Mansion Baron’ aspiration, ‘Nerd Brain’ aspiration and ‘Natural Curator’ aspiration

-       Have (2) children which will become the heir to the next generation

6)    Generation Six: Regent/Overload

-       Have (2) heirs complete all childhood aspiration, ‘Nerd Brain’ aspiration, ‘Computer Whiz’ aspiration, ‘Renaissance Sim’ aspiration, ‘Soulmate’ aspiration and ‘Public Enemy’ aspiration


a. Lesser Houses

In this challenge, lesser houses are the easiest for a plum to brokerage a marriage between. They can turn a blind eye to your last name if you can offer them something in return. Lesser houses although proud are not in the best position financially. Money is power and you’ll need a lot of it if you wish to win over a lesser house. Enough money will raise your status in your kingdom making you a suitable match for a son or daughter of noble bloodline. Completing, the third tier of the ‘Fabulously Weathly’ aspiration will ensure you are an adequate suitor. Marry into the family and conceive a child. He or she will be the heir to next section of the challenge. YWSYLS: Have (2) Sims complete this.

b. Wealthy Houses
Wealthy houses are not seeking wealth in potential suitors; they want a match with someone who is well connected with the other families of Westeros. By completing the ‘Friend of the World’, aspiration you may draw favour from a wealthy house. After completing this aspiration, an heir may marry. Yet, to secure your houses position in the turmoil that often befalls Westeros, the favour of two wealthy houses is wise. Thus, two children must complete this aspiration, marry and conceive a child in order to progress to the next section of the challenge.

c. Great Houses
Great house will not be so easy to woo as the wealthy or lesser houses. They are well-respected and well-known in Westeros, and as such could often have their choice of a bride or groom for their children. Completing the Renaissance Sim challenge will give your heir the smarts to be considered a match for such a high born heir. But, it will not be enough. Your heir and their suitor must be truly in love with each other for such a match to occur; this will not be a marriage of convenience. After the requirements of the Soulmate aspiration are complete, the couple may conceive and progress to next stage of the challenge. YWSYLS: Have (2) Sims complete this.

d. Noble Houses
To brokerage a marriage between a noble house and a member of a great house is not of great difficulty. Ensuring a great name for the suitor is made during its younger years (must complete childhood aspiration and teenage aspiration) and a sizeable dowry or trade deal upon the marriage (Tier two of fabulously wealthy) is secured should be all that is required. However, to progress to the next stage, a marriage must be brokered between all noble houses (thus 3 children must complete the tasks above. Also, in order to do have such relations between all families parents must have completed the ‘Friend of the World’ aspiration. (YWSYLS: Have the three heirs complete either ‘Freelance Botanist’ or ‘The Angling Ace aspiration)

e. Chief Bannerman
The Chief Bannerman will be a different sort of match. They have been hostile and waging small-scale war against many smaller houses of the region but due to strong family and political tie to the regent it would be dangerous for them to subdue the house. The regent had made it known to all nobility that the house which successfully defeats the bannerman will receive a worthy reward; a betrothal to the defeated house’s heir. But in order to do this, your house must prepare politically and ensure that sufficient resources and battlements are in place to be victorious. This means ensuring your bloodline exists in all heirs to their house. They must also have a champion of considerable political stature to rally behind. (the child must complete one childhood aspiration). To prepare for a war there will need to be many feasts and banquet to gather support for your cause, so being able to put on an acceptable soiree is a must in this political climate (complete Party Animal aspiration). Also the holdings of your house must be prepared in the event of a siege on your house’s seat and defences must be improved to ensure the safety of your family and your dominions. (complete Mansion Baron aspiration). YWSYLS: Have this (2) Sims complete this, they should also complete the ‘Nerd Brain’, ‘Chief of Mischief’ and ‘Natural Curator’ aspiration.

f. Overlord/Regent
To marry into the lord regent of the region will be the hardest task you or your family has ever faced. The suitor must first be a stellar candidate. He/she must be attractive both physically and politically. He/she must have wits about him, they must skilled in politics and the workings of the world (complete all childhood aspirations, Nerd Brain, Computer Whiz, Renaissance Sim) they must share a connection with their intended. (complete Soulmate aspiration). And even then that will not enough. Potential suitor will come from every house in the region. Suitors that are more politically viable. Suitors that are a better match in the eyes of the regent. This means you will have to eliminate the competition and not have suspicion cast your way. It will be a hard choice but it will be for the betterment of your family and the kingdom. You are a worthy ruler and will raise children that will be worthy rulers. But, to do this you must lie and cheat and murder you’re way to the top. (complete the Public Enemy aspiration). Once these aspirations are complete you will have completed the challenge.
YWSYLS: Have (2) Sims complete this.

simssprout  asked:

Sorry to bother you again. I seem to have a problem. Anything of your's that I place in my mods folder causes my game not to open. I've had that problem with random items but never all of a creators work. It really bites because I really really like your work lol. If you know of anything I can do please let me know.

hmm..my dear you are playing TS4 or TS3?

Actually I’m the creator of TS3.
I just saw your home page and lookbook ~
Do you seem to be a TS4 player?
If so, then my CC you can not put your mod folder,
Because it is TS3 cc.

(sorry about my poor English T_T)