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Three Elements Home Blessing and Protection Ritual


  • Incense, or Sage Bundle - for smoke cleansing, to cleanse and protect with the “Sky”
  • Purified Water in a small bowl (optional ingredients include salt or herbs) - for saining, to cleanse and protect with the “Sea”
  • Protection Salt and Herbs (I’ll be adding lavender for peace and purification, and rosemary for protection and remembrance) - for protection of doorways, windows, and portals - to protect with the “Land”
  • Chant, Spell or Prayer of Intention - This step is best if you make it yourself, with your magical paradigms. Here is mine - “By the power of elements three, by the power of land, sky, and sea, I cleanse and protect this home to keep us safe from all harm.”  I also have one for each element e.i. “By the power of the sea, keep harm away from me”.


In an empty house, or apartment, open all doors and windows, including closets, bathrooms, etc. Start at what is to be the heart or center of the home, (the hearth, the bedroom, the living area, kitchen, etc) walk walk the perimeter of the home clockwise. If you wish to banish all spirits, spirits that mean you harm, all entities, whatever it is- do so at this time. Once you set your protections, you may accidentally banish or piss off ‘people’ you want to be friendly with. Walk the perimeter and focus on all the good memories you want to make here, the creating that will be done here, the hospitality you will offer guests, etc. 

Sky - Come back to start and light your “Sky” representation. Walk clockwise, chanting your spell. Aim the smoke at the ceiling, walking the perimeter of every wall and every room, including in closets, and around the shower, following the line of the ceiling. (not cupboards in the kitchen, because you might not be able to get the smell out later). Think of the smoke as banishing any previous tenants memories, bad emotions, spirits or energies you don’t want in your new home. End at your predesignated heart of the home.

Sea - Take your bowl of water, your “Sea”, and start again. this time dip your fingers into the bowl and flick water all around, aiming at the floorboard. Chant while you walk clockwise, focusing on the protection of the salt and water, creating a white light around your home as you sprinkle the water. Alternatively you can add to a spray bottle and spray the water. If you wish, sprinkle or ‘paint’ the water around any openings - mirrors, drains, windows - to protect from unwanted entrances for spirits or energies.  End at the heart of the home.

Land - Now take your “Land” representation of salt and herbs, and walk counter clockwise. Chant your house blessing or the chant for salt if you wish (if you chant the salt blessing, do one more pass clockwise saying you final home blessing). Sprinkle salt in a line across any doorway or window to outside the home. The salt should stay on the window sills if possible. The salt can be swept up from the front door if you wish, just ‘paint’ some salt water instead, after it is swept up. Sprinkle some around drains as well, and across wall mirrors. This closes up any magical or physical doorways of outside influence. End back at the heart of the home.

If you have a backyard or patio, you may want to extend the protections out there as well. Use cascarilla powder (powdered eggshells) around any dirt or lawn you have, use pure water with no salt, and maybe use wind chimes or a bell to represent the sky instead of the smoke, if you wish to not arouse suspicion. Please don’t use salt on the land. Its bad for plants and snails.

Home Protection Cont. :

I will be setting up my home altar at this “heart of the home” and from there it will be an easy place to renew the protections. I would recommend renewing the protections once a year, or whenever you feel you need a little extra boost of protection or cleansing. Since you originally did this when no furniture was in place, renewing the protections may seem hard. I prefer to smoke cleanse so that is a little easier for me, just say a protection or cleansing spell at our home altar and walk clockwise around the house with your smoke. Its gets into all the tight spots, now that there is furniture in the way, easier.  The spray bottle works well for this as well. I would recommend renewing one element at a time, in place of all three. 

Don’t forget that other protections are still great to uses as well. I will also be hanging my witches’ ladder made of hag stones by the door for protection, having potted plants for cleansing and protection like lavender, and hanging some wind chimes to know when the Good Folk are near.

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The last step is to enjoy your protected and magical home!

I’ve seen headcanons about Ariel rescuing Moana and that’s how they meet and fall in love, but what if it was the other way around?

Like what if Ariel was curious about the fishermen from Moana’s island and swam too close to their nets, and in her struggle to get free she got hurt? And the surprised fishermen bring her to Moana for help, and she takes a personal interest in making sure the mermaid makes a full recovery so she can return to the ocean safely.

And at first it’s awkward because Ariel is still pretty shook up from her accident and starts to wonder if her father was right about humans being dangerous, but when she sees that Moana is trying her best to comfort her and help her heal she starts to trust her. Soon they’re telling each other stories about their homes on land and in the sea. Moana tells Ariel the stories of her ancestors and life on Motunui, and Ariel tells her about her family and the undersea kingdom she comes from. And they teach each other songs and sing together, and Moana shows her dancing and Ariel has never wanted legs more in her life.

Then the day comes when Ariel is well enough to swim over the reef and go home. Moana is sad to see her go, but Ariel promises to come back and visit her. And when she does she brings her treasures from the sea like unusual shells, and Moana gives her treasures from on land. And sometimes the ocean parts so Moana can stand next to Ariel in the water and they can dance together.

ladies and gentlemen please be upstanding, for the national anthem

[a low murmur of annoyance. everyone stands up and looks awkwardly into the middle distance as the fanfare plays]

australians all le us rejoice faa we aah young n free. with golden soilnwealth for toil our home is girt (it means surrounded by) by sea aah land abounds in naychars gifts ahv bewdy rich and raiiiir!   in histry’s page let every stage advance astraya fair in joyful strainsthenletus sing. advance astraya faiiiirr.

[everyone looks embarassed and sits down as fast as possible]

“with the crows come the rain”

Rating: G
Word Count: 5,555
Prompt: #7 Everyone is a Supernatural Creature AU
Characters: Senju Tobirama, Uchiha Kagami, Shimura Danzo, Akimichi Torifu, Senju Hashirama, Uzumaki Mito, Uchiha Madara, female original characters
Summary: Have you ever heard the story of why crows always bring rain?  Sit awhile, and I’ll tell it to you.
Notes: It’s still 11/5/16 in American Samoa, guys, this counts.  Also, this is totally @squidspawn ‘s fault, she knows what she did.

Once, a very long time ago, a venerable and wise dragon from the Palace beneath the Sea washed ashore.  His name was Tobirama, the Dragon Who Brings the Rain, and he was traveling to his brother’s home on land, for his brother had left the sea long ago for the love of a pure and righteous woman.  The wind had told him a child had finally been born to his brother and his brother’s wife, and Tobirama was determined to pay his respects and meet his new family, as any diligent and dutiful younger brother would.

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I’m in my birth country Montserrat in the Caribbean. I’ve never felt so at home on a piece of land. I wake to the sea. I swim in the salt of my ancestors. I pluck from trees and plants my family’s hands sewed the seeds of. I say goodnight to the matter from which we came that shines in the dark sky. Can I really go back to London after I have returned - the true return is to a place you can call home.

I have returned and I can’t come back now, despite what a plane ticket may say.

Hold your breath;
America is sinking.
Land of the free
Will be
Land in the sea
And home of the brave
Will be
Home of the grave.

We frown and fret
And drown in debt,
Digging ourselves a hole.
We feed the fear;
We need it near;
Is an uprising our goal?

America is sinking,
But we’re too busy thinking
About every other country.

What we need is teamwork
To make the American Dream work,
But we’re so divided,
Half of us undecided,
And we see everything two-sided
Instead of looking for compromise
And being open-minded.

America is sinking.
Open your eyes;
We need to rise
Against all fights
And for the rights
Of every human.

We need a clean slate
So we can get it all straight.
Let’s wipe out hate
And unite every state.
This cannot wait.
America is sinking.

—  America is Sinking

Rollo grinned and then began to run through the forest to the village. He still got time, he thought. The geography of the fjord made it longer to arrive at the village by sea than by land from his home. He still got time to stop her from going to the village. If she was discovered, Rollo doubted she would come out of the fjord alive. He would never forgive himself if she died.

It seemed fear gave him wings. He ran so fast the forest around him became patches of green, yellow and orange. He ran so fast he felt like his feet did not touch the ground. All his thoughts were focused on one thing and one thing only: Gisla and the terrible action she was going to commit.

—  Crashing Waves - Chapter 15

 Crystal Clear Reflections of Skyscrapers in Busan

Busan is the second largest metropolis after Seoul with a population of about 3.6 million. It’s also the largest port city in South Korea and it has Korea’s largest beach and longest river. High-rise developments and luxury hotels in its Marine City has drawn the wealthy to flock to the area. Constructed on land reclaimed from the sea, it’s the home of gorgeous, high-rise apartment that have breathtaking views of the sea.

Volatile Times ft. Peridot (Steven Universe Parody)
Volatile Times ft. Peridot (Steven Universe Parody)

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: IAMX


When will I rest? This job I do detest
When did I sign up for this damnation  

Look at me, what have I become
I am lost I was once a commendable gem
But the clods came out and destroyed my plans
So I can’t leave this rock
I will try to remember, the gem I once was

Goodbye home world
Goodbye to my comrades
Adieu to the crystal clods, who think that it’s funny
I just want to contact them all
in these volatile times
I’ll continue to fight and crawl
in these volatile times

My plans will proceed, despite my fits
Contacting the Gem squadron, expecting instant fix
I imagine all, the wars and rebellions
Of ancient infidels
Who caused all this chaos, death, and despair

Goodbye my limbs
Goodbye to my sanity
Adieu to the humans that think that it’s funny
I just want to turn the lights on in these volatile times
I just want to go back home, in these volatile times

I flew through land and sea, like a nomadic tyrant
In the search of tools, and utopias
Along the broken roads, with, all the empty gem shard souls
Filling my dented mind
With lies consisted of  conundrums
Every escape is gone and I’m terrified  
Every power and defense, but I’m so tired

Goodbye my sense
Goodbye to my judgement
Adieu to the crystal clods, who think that it’s funny
I just want to follow orders
in these volatile times
I just want to move forward
in these volatile (volatile) times

Work, fight
I don’t care anymore
My sanity is nevermore
Run, hide
i’m too scared to confide
Trust, might
Why do i call to be ignored

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Of Sea and Land

Alexis had always loved her home, a secluded river where she and her family were never bothered. She lived with her mother, father, and sisters in peace and harmony. Every year they made a long trip down the river towards the ocean where many of their kind met and enjoyed several weeks of celebrations. Alexis was the youngest in her family and all of her sisters were already betrothed to fellows of their own but this year it was Alexis’s turn. Her last remaining sister Rosie was to be married and she was to be betrothed on this trip. The young mermaid was nervous and uncertain about the events to come this year. At only seventeen she was still a child and still much preferred doing her own thing. Marrying would mean moving away from her beloved river and her parents. No matter how much Alexis tried to come to terms with reality it all seemed like too much. Before she knew it, the day of their departure arrived and there was nothing left to do but go. Alexis tried to enjoy the scenery and the peace trip down river but it just wasn’t the same this year. This was her last year as a free girl, the next time she came back it would be as a bride to be. As much as she tried to shake the disturbing thoughts Alexis couldn’t enjoy the trip.

They were almost to the ocean when tragedy struck. They had been left alone for so many years that no one was paying attention to what was going on in the river ahead of them. Strong nets had been lowered into the water and Lexi’s parents and three sisters were captured and pulled out of the water so fast Alexis hardly had time to stop. She looked around in panic “Mama? Daddy! Rosie!” She called out searching for them. “Where are you!?” She exclaimed in a think accent that resembled a British accent. Alexis searched for hours but the boats had sailed away as soon as they caught her family. What Alexis didn’t know was that the moment her parents and sister had been hauled into the boats, their throats had been cut. They were to be sent to a market where the tail of a mermaid was considered a delicacy.
Lexi wanted to go on to the ocean, thinking maybe her family had managed to escape the nets and gone on. But Lexi knew that if she continued she could be swimming into a trap. Lexi had just decided to try to swim towards the ocean carefully when a small ship became visible just above her. She gasped and tried to swim away to hide but a net was lowered and she was pulled up quickly by a large man. In his hand he held a knife and his lips curled into a sick smirk. The mermaid struggled against the ropes desperately. The man cut the ropes from around her causing her to fall roughly onto the deck. Alexis gasped in pain and tried to crawl away, her tail still in tact. “No, please” she begged. The man’s knife was at her neck, Lexi closed her eyes and the man was just about to kill her when another voice rang through the air.


The TV Asahi website has updated with the following summary:

It is estimated that approximately 8 million species of organisms live on Earth. However, we have only discovered about 170 million of those species. On this planet of ours’, there are still many creatures that we know nothing about…

Yamato Kazakiri, a novice zoologist, winds up lost on “Zyuland”; another world located on Earth! There, he meets four “Zyuman”; people with anatomy similar to a human’s but with animal features. 

Meanwhile, the human world is attacked by the space outlaw group “Deathgalien” led by Ginis, the creator of a vicious Blood Game. From their ship, the Sagittariark, the Deathgaliens send monsters to attack Earth.

Yamato and the Zyumans cannot forgive the Deathgaliens for attacking. As proud beings living on the Earth, these five people awaken their instincts and become Zyuohger! With their “King’s Credentials” in hand, the human and Zyumans join together to fight for their home. 

Sky, land, and sea! The dream team of animal kings; the strongest animal heroes in Super Sentai history are born! Don’t underestimate this planet!!

Unpopular Opinion

The attacks on Sept 11 2001 were indeed tragic. But America has become so utterly complacent that we “never forget” an attack that happened 15 years ago , even though we have slaughtered thousands of innocent people in the Middle East. We can count on one hand the terror attacks on our home land. Can you say the same across the sea?

We have bombed hospitals, schools, neighborhoods. We have killed and raped and destroyed so many lives. We mourn those people in the 9/11 attacks because they were also innocent. But we should never forget just how destructive the US is and just how much damage we have caused in the wake of those attacks.

Not only to the Middle East, but our soldiers who have to follow orders blindly. Who had no choice. Our own people have died for a fake war that never should have happened.

My family likes to yell at me for being “un patriotic” but I honestly can’t bring myself to get teary eyed when I know that we were the lucky ones.

✨Pirate/Mermaid AU✨ {closed}


Ravenna decided to leave her home from the sea to go to the land. She walked out of the water to a shore where she could dry. Her fins were turned to beautiful human legs. With her magic, she made herself a beautiful dress with a cape. She smiled and walked off to the town.
She looked around the town in awe as she saw all the things humans sold and did. It amazed her how similar it was to her kingdom. Suddenly she turned a corner not realizing it was an alley. She gasped as she saw mean dirty pirates.
She screamed as they began to pin her down and attempted to tear her clothes. She tried her best to fight them off.