home is where you go to rest your bones

Daddy’s Home Again|| Old Man Logan + Daughter!Reader

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Requested by: Anon

Prompt:  IDK IF I MISSED THE TIME OR NOT I really love your stories though! Could you maybe do an Old Man Logan x Daughter! Reader? Maybe the daughter has a similar mutation like 23 but with bone claws instead? And only on her knuckles? Maybe angsty I freaking love angst.

* I’m trying my best to keep these as short and thorough as possible so I can done with them, but because it’s Fathers Day this one got away from me LOL


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Lyrics come from I’m Coming Home - Skylar Grey 

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Dumb and Dumber

~Requested Yoongi scenario where his S/O gets a full tattoo sleeve~

An anon requested that i do a Yoongi scenario where his S/O comes home wih a full sleeve tattoo, to whoever requested this i hope you enjoy and that goes for the rest of you too.

Stay safe and i love you guys <3


Genre : pure fluff

Warnings : Contains swearing sorry mum

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*what a cutie*

What the fuck have you done.

Currently here you were, prepping yourself to face your boyfriend inside of your shared appartment, whilst you’re whimpering to yourself in front of the door whilst you felt like the skin of your right arm was going to slide off your bones. Honestly speaking, you had always wanted to get a sleeve tattoo but you being an impatient dumbass, you didn’t want to get it in bits and pieces. So naturally you had come up with the oh so smart idea to get it done all at once.

To be frank, deep down you knew that this was a dumb and terrible idea and you were kinda hoping that your friends would talk you out of it, but those dumbasses just encouraged you.

“That’s such a good idea Y/N, why tf would you take 2 years just to get your skinny ass arm done when you can probably get it done within 8 hours” Your best friend Tae exclaimed. “Tae’s right, that’s faster and more efficiant, we’ll be right beside you for moral support and we’ll also serve as your peronal stress balls cuz everyone knows tattoos hurt like a bit- ow” Having tae elbow jungkook in the ribs, effectivley cutting off his scentence should have been a red flag but you were defened by your own excitment and the hyping up of you’re two idiotic best friends excited you more. “You guys are right, thanks for the support, What would i have done without you?” not this. But with your two best friends behind you, you couldn’t back out now, but i mean, what could go wrong?

A lot apparently.

You should’ve known not to trust dumb and dumber, sure they were there for you during that agonising process but when it came to coming with me to show my boyfriend the horrible mistake you have made, the pair suddenly had places to be.

“That hurts like a fucking bitch Taehyung you lying bitch you said it would be a quick sting that would fade after a couple of minutes” , you whined to your friends as you walked out of the tattoo shop.” Well in my defence i have a tiny tattoo on my back and i’m not stupid enough to get a full sleeve at once i mean like who does that?” “ YOU TOLD ME IT WAS A GOOD IDEA” “idk if you’ve noticed yet but i chat a lot of shit”. Your will power is pretty impressive because it’s taking you all of the strenghth you have to not slap that nonchalant look off of your friends face, but you had more important matters to worry about. Like how the fuck were you supposed to explain this to your boyfriend.

You’re not stupid, you did mention that you were going to do this…. but like you don’t usually follow through with the crazy shit that comes out of your mouth so he kind of brushed you off with an uninterested “yeah sure have fun”. When you left the apartment this morning he made sure to tell you to, “not do anything he wouldn’t do”, and this is definatley something he wouldn’t do. But yanno yolo too late to back down now.

“Anyways last stop is my apartment we should go tell Yoongi what happened” You explained. “As fun as that sounds Y/N, i’ve got to go groccery shopping withmy mum” Jungkook spoke up. “Okay first of all your mum lives in Busan, second of all its 11pm who goes food shopping at 11pm?” “me? is there a problem, look i can’t handle this negitivity i’m out” Just as Jungkook was about to leave Taehyung also began to speak, “Yeah i would go with you but i don’t want to, good luck and if he asks , we knew nothing about this, this was aaaaallllll you. Good luck kid.” And with a breif hug, they both left you to tell your boyfriend what you had done… alone.


“YOUR WELCOME”  They yelled back, not forgetting to blow you a kiss over their shoulders.

Son of a bitch.

And that is how you ended up alone standing on your doorstep, hyping yourslef up to face your smart ass boyfriend. Jeez he’s never going to let you live this down.

“Okay Y/N you can do this, just walk in and act all nonchalant. He can smell weakness”

And with that mini pep talk, you walked into the apartment. Immedietly you were greeted by your slightly sleepy boyfriend who pulled you nto a tight hug and i think it is safe to say… DAMN THAT HUTS LIKE A BITCH FUCKING HELL.

Noticing your discomfort yoongi begins to say, “what’s up baby why do you look like you’re in…. what have you done” I don’t think you’ve ever seen your boyfriend face palm so hard.

At first you thought he was going to give you a long winded speech about how you shouldn’t act on impulse and to not make stupid decisions and blah blah blah but the kid only started giggling. Like tf is funny can’t he see you’re in pain the sadist.

“oh my gosh what am i going to do with you babe I’m not even going to ask you what you were thinking because frankly i don’t want to know.” He managed to get out inbetween giggles.

“Dooon’t laaaugh it huuurts, an you know i’ve always wanted a sleeve” You whined up at him.

“Yeah but why do it all at once fool that’s not a good idea”

“Tae and kookie thought it was a good idea” you mummbled under your breath.

“When is anything Tae and kookie say is a good idea” He gave you a pointed look, you had to admin that it was a good point but you would never say that to his face.

“But hey, look on the bright side, at least i look like a total badass now like i pray for anyone tht dares mess with me” You tried to flex your arm to prove your point but all you managed to do was cause more pain, resulting in a groan escaping you.

“Easy there El Chapo, let’s get some ointment on that, save those guns for another time common lets go.” Yoongi was already way ahead of you as you moved to follow him into the bathroom.

“She must be insane” He mumbled to himself but what he doesn’t know is that you have ears ad he had said that particularly loud.


home is...
  • where your heart is set in stone: cancer, leo, scorpio, pisces
  • where you go when you're alone: taurus, gemini, libra, capricorn
  • where you go to rest your bones: aries, virgo, sagittarius, aquarius

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Hey, could you recommend me any good, finished college au fics over 40k? Or frat boy!liam fics? thanks so much! xxx 🖤


college aus over 40k

You Know How I Feel

Kids that I Once Knew

through the summertime, winter, spring, and fall

But the sun comes up instead

(they say home) is where you go to rest your bones

Half A Heart

according to your heart (my place is not deliberate)

Some Love Wait Till Its Time

Hold on When You Get Love (and Let Go When You Give It)

Let Your Waves Crash Down on Me

Your Lips On Mine

Higher Than the Truth

some moments are rare

i’ll be good in bed (but i’ll be bad to you) (girl zayn)

you could be my cure

fratboy!liam (not over 40k sozz)

you can coax the cold right out of me

thinkin bout forever (series)


You Only Ever Touch Me In The Dark

And my questions remain unanswered
When I’m going to find you?
When I’m going to be finally home?
the home where my head will rest on your bones
and your voice there
 keeping me aware
That it’s not a dream anymore
Your hands will roam
And with every touch
  you will heal my beaten soul
Your scent and warmth

 will bring back the parts of me 

That I left behind closed doors

your beating heart

will answer my qustions 

that i tried to forget I tried to ignore

except for the ones

that i will have to ask you 

Can you see how you make me better?
Can you feel the goodness you pour?


One Wish

Summery: Amidst the pain and suffering caused by the war Lucy had only one wish.

Prompt: Flower


A/N: Hi everyone, this an entry for Nalu Fluff Week. I filled it with all the mushy good stuff that I can see happening between Natsu and Lucy. I hope you all enjoy it, it made me feel fuzzy inside writing it haha. Please take a moment to listen to the song I chose to accompany this fic, it really does add to the feeling (link). I will edit later if I spot any mistakes. I pictured this fic as occurring further down the timeline from my last fic ‘Your Hands Are Warm’ (link).


It was amazing what change a year could bring to a life. Lucy Heartfilia’s specifically. One moment she was in Crocus, the next she was once fighting next to her dragon slayer. The war was devastating for Fairy Tail as it had been for the entirety of Fior. Lucy especially didn’t like the memories of how much Natsu was made to suffer. Zeref had made it his mission to make Natsu howl in despair, which he achieved. Lucy and Natsu never brought it up, never shared what happened with the rest of the guild. It was still too fresh, too painful, too intimate. 

Zeref delivered her bloody body to his feet, having figured out Natsu’s biggest trigger, the chink in his armor. Lucy opened her eyes to see Natsu in a terrifying merge of draconic and demonic power. The pure force of his magic power sent shivers up her spine despite the inferno heating the room. No one could mistake the unadulterated rage on his face as he clutched her to his chest, flames dancing around them. Natsu’s heat warmed her soul in that moment, giving her strength to fight the bitter chill Zeref’s death magic had left on her. It was like something clicked between them, the bond they shared bloomed into an incredible amalgamation of magic.

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This is a poem about you. You and your glaze over my darkest days, you are my light without the shadows. When I’m on the ground instead of my bed, I use my blanket to cover away everything that I’ve yet to become because a sky full of stars is much less visual and more mental prowess you’ve taught me to love where I cannot understand, you’ve taught me to feel where I’ve lost and that’s the thing that separates man from his feelings, that’s the thing that separates logic from irrationality I’ve been raised on the idea that you can be poor, but as long as your smile is rich, there’s nothing that you won’t conquer and I’ve met someone more willing to slice veins if that means tomorrow is silent and peaceful, I’ve met souls that say I want to go home only to wake up a few seconds later, if you can’t make your present comfy, what’s the point? You need to let go and move on, you need to make like a song and play like thick guitar strings refusing to snap after years of abuse, you need to love and love forever, you need to break like mountains when they meet another, give me the lava without the rupture, you need to be light and love me slow, you need to struggle like fish during low tide, give me your lungs and I’ll breathe until my last air bubble pops and says all of the things I wish I could have said to you in this lifetime and into the next, you need to live even if I die one day, you need to smell the roses and be the garden, destroy my heart and give me art. I know you have faced it too, living nine lives and against the wall fighting until your very last, you finally meet a stray as black as you. Black like modest. Black like honest. Black like galaxies revolving and spinning to say I’m sorry, where have you been my whole life? Black like a witch refusing to go out without a magical bang and black like dried blood falling from my veins, won’t you be my band aid? And you have and you will always be the things I’ll strive to be, the things I’ve thrived in is short lived, I’ve asked painkillers where the time has gone and they always say, if you feel me now, feel me forever because no matter where you decide to rest your bones, I’ll be waiting inside a tomb, I’ll be waiting inside your letters, I’ll be waiting to take you home. Darling, I’m not ready to die, not just yet. I’ve yet to meet you and look into your eyes and say, it’s going to want to feel, it’s okay to need something more, it’s going to be a show with us ringing doorbells, but we’re the finishing act, the last rabbit that didn’t make it out the hat, we’re running out of time and yes, we may be all out of it, but if I give you my soul, would you tell my heart to settle down, silent now, tell me about you, tell me about your dreams and how they didn’t make sense, tell me when they do, tell me all about you and how you became this why, tell me when the painter stroked his masterpiece into a canvas that has long forgotten his name, tell me when the poet wrote his final words and if he too was misunderstood, tell me about the last star that burns their names, tell me, do you still feel pain? I want to know and I need to show, all the things we wish upon, at which point does it become visible? I’ve been trying to understand why out of this black tar, our glow in the dark hearts still speak the loudest, I’ve been trying to grasp the simple concept as to why love is so hard to write down, but I finally get it, I finally understand because when I said that you’re my darling, you’re my dearest– I finally didn’t have doubts, I finally melted my fears of growing into a forest fire, you see, your words strike down meteors, and that is why we have meteor showers. Your words assist the wind and that is why being gone for too long makes rain seem so familiar, you’ve always had a problem of letting go. I don’t blame you for being sentimental, as you should know, I’m like you, we’re like the snow. If we’re too cold, we freeze hands that warms us to the touch and yeah, we know… If we’re too hot, we melt things that should never be unfrozen, but if the monsters ever make it through black ice… If they ever arrive at your front doors, don’t you worry, I’ll be right there. The sounds of us leaving and arriving, there is no difference. The rhythm of your tears, I know you don’t share it with anyone, but if you did, if you did… I’ll have you know the greatest thing a human can be to another is raw, the greatest thing I can be for you is seen, I can only hope that poetry is more than what we convey, I can only breathe if you’re not breathless to the idea of things crawling up your spine and out your lips because as writers we live meaningless lives trying to make peace with when we found meaning in everything and yeah, we may have drowned our inner child… but as long as I’m around and you’re there believing and wishing. I think somewhere between a phoenix’s tail and dragon’s eggs, you and me, we’ll be alive again. We live in harsh environments, metal words and wooden hearts waiting to meet a fire that’ll burn them down, ash to ash and bend to bending, if you ever needed a reason to believe again, read this poem and know– know that the feeling is mutual, know that somewhere between here and the end of the universe;

I died happy knowing that I got to love you.

—  imagery of the soul

ziamnarrysdaughter  asked:

Hey, uhm so I want some really good ziam and narry fanfics I was wondering if you'd know any?? Your blog is amazing ❤️❤️

i loove side narry these are always great!

through the fire and into the flames

The king’s Renegades

The Queen’s desires

This Is The Day When Things Fall Into Place

It’s time


False Start

The Burning’s In My Heart

Slow and High Tempo

what am i supposed to do now, without you?

Knight In Shining Armour

Please Don’t Go

even as a dream

Hello Again

Do Me Wrong


Your Lips On Mine

You Should Probably Stay (a Couple More Days)

Room’s Hush Hush (Now’s Our Moment)

And you smiled because you knew

it keeps my veins hot (the fire’s found a home in me)

(they say home) is where you go to rest your bones

Only you can set my heart on fire


With every small disaster

I’ll let the waters still

Take me away to some place real

‘Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone

It’s where you go when you’re alone

It’s where you go to rest your bones

It’s not just where you lay your head

It’s not just where you make your bed

As long as we’re together, does it matter where we go?


Home is a tomb of ghosts.
A serenade with death.
A resting place for nightmares and memories.
The familiar stink sticks to my skin.
The familiar faces chill my bones.
The nights are dark, but the dawns are darker.
You know it all just starts again.
And you can never leave.
They won’t let you.
And where would you go, anyway?
So play dead with the skeletons in your closet.
Become everything you’d rather forget.

Home // Ashton Irwin

Requested; Yes

‘Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone
Is where you go when you’re alone
Is where you go to rest your bones…

“Are you leaving the band?”

“How are you guys doing tonight?”

“(Y/N) is it true that you’re pregnant?”

“Where ya’ll headin’ right now?”

Ashton simply smiled at the pestering paparazzi and pulled you closer to him, knowing it was best to just acknowledge them rather than give them what they wanted and pick a fight. Normally he’d remain unfazed from all the attention but tonight he was feeling on the edge. You had to admit so were you, your boyfriend of 4 years had just arrived from his long 6 month tour and the two of you were looking forward to having dinner with the family. You usually wouldn’t mind fans coming up to you and Ashton but today was his first day back home and your family had flown in to spend time with you and Ashton, the extra attention freaked them out a bit.

“Sorry about tonight (Y/N),” He sighed as soon as you got into the black SUV, “I wanted tonight to be special.” He laid his head on your shoulder as you ran your fingers through his soft hair. Luckily for you he decided to ditch the newspaper boy hat tonight.

“It was Ashton, I finally have my baby in my arms and everyone had fun.” You reassured him but he shook his head and look up at you with a childish pout.

“That’s not what-” Ashton sighed in frustration and leaned back into the seat, his tongue poking the inside of his cheek.

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Hello! Can I get some fics where Liam or Zayn are a single parent?! Thank you and have a great day!!! 😘😘😘😘

single dad!liam

We Could be More Than Just Amazing (series)

Start again

Good Love is on the Way

watch you on the red horizon

You Never Give Up On Me

Room for Two

falling slowly (series)

You Are What You Love, Not What Loves You Back

the beauty of this mess

Every Step

Slow and High Tempo

Can I Keep You

single dad!zayn

Sink or swim

Maybe My Heart

Be cruel to me (‘cause I’m a fool for you)

You’re The Shining Distraction That Makes Me Fly

these amber words on our fingertips

Love,Trust,&Coffee (Ziam)

(they say home) is where you go to rest your bones

all i want for christmas is you

Too Good Is True

Run For the Woods Now

You Made me Love You

History in the Making

Glass houses full of stone

have a great day too!

ziam rec list

@thot4zayn asked for ziam recs so long ago and this took me forever i’m sorry but here they are - all the fics i’ve bookmarked and from my to read list. again, because some are from my to read list idk what goes on in some of these sorry about that lol. there are so many links here i hope y’all find fic you enjoy

again, read all tags/warnings before reading! i will be adding more so be on the lookout for that

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(1/?) Modern Bagginshield || songwriter and musician AU

“They say home is where your heart is set in stone. It’s where you go when you’re alone. It’s where you go to rest your bones. It’s not just where you lay your head, it’s not just where you make your bed. As long as we’re together, does it matter where we go?“
Gabrielle Aplin - Home