home is where they say the heart is

You are my home. The space on your chest where my head fits perfectly is home. Your smell, your voice, your eyes. They’re all home. My heart is with you, and they say home is where the heart is right?

Straight White Boy Problem #976

….coming home from college is so weird. Seeing my family is nice. Relaxing after a tough semester is nice. Seeing my friends from high school is nice (just kidding it’s really weird) But…..home just…doesn’t feel like home anymore. It’s hard to explain. I can easily get emotionally deep with CLAIRE on a Friday night but I can’t go beyond surface conversations with my family when I’m at home. My friends in my major, my fraternity brothers, and my sports friends are all making me who I am today and they have a greater impact on my life at the moment. I love (its hard for me to say that word) my family, but I guess home is really where the heart is and my heart is with my friends

Yooooo this has helped me so much.
I realized my love language (what makes me feel loved the most by my partner) is words of affirmation and physical touch so that’s how I show love as well but that’s not my girls love language. So honestly I haven’t been loving her right this whole damn time in her terms of love. Her love language is acts of service so instead of always being so mushy I’ve got to do more shit and help out to show here I love her a lot cuz that speaks more to her heart then me saying some shit where as me idc if I come home and u cleaned the house like I’d appreciate it but I’d melt if you just grab my face and shower me with love and tell me u missed me and kiss me all over like a puppy Lmbo. So figure out ur partners love language trust me it pays off.👌🏾

Growing up with social anxiety

• fear of using public bathrooms

• hating coming in late to school and having to walk into the classroom late

• knowing the right answer to a question asked but not wanting to raise your hand to answer it

• always staying inside

• like the comfort of your home better than anywhere else

• dreading going out somewhere

• hating talking to people you didn’t know

• unable to say your order to someone

• getting a mini heart attack when someone taps your shoulder to ask you something

• having a small anxiety attack walking in to a new class and not knowing anyone or where to sit

  • What she says: I'm fine

Prompt 31: “You’re not keeping that, I don’t care what you say.” 

“Y/N, for fuck sake.” Dally grunted angrily. “You’re not keeping that, I don’t care what you say.”

“That’s where you are wrong.” You shrugged your shoulders at him, not taking any notice of his little outburst. “I’m keeping it and there’s nothing you can do about it. If I didn’t take this little guy home he was going to be put down.” 

“That’s not my problem, get that little critter out of here.” 

“Hey there little guy” Your heart swooned as the kitten yawned, your fingers dragged through it’s fur softly. 

“Okay, Y/N, you know what, it’s me or the cat. You decide.” 

“Bye Dallas.” You said simply with a roll of your eyes. “Take care.” 

“Fine.” He said. “You can keep the goddamn cat. But so help me if you get another one. You know how I feel about cats.” 

“Okay Dally, I promise…” 

You got another cat the next day. 

Certain eyes will find yours and you won’t understand until another 2 days but this is where you’ll build your home.

Certain eyes smile, amber shines and they laugh when you ask what colour they’re supposed to be.

Certain eyes have you turning into something else, they have you falling into a kind of music that doesn’t come from the playlist they know you’ll like, (it’s almost identical to yours.)

Certain eyes turn lazy when they’re drunk, and they’ve always been slower with you anyway, honey coloured flames have you choking when they land on you, when they hold you, when they come alive like that, (is this an understanding or is there something else waiting there?)

Certain eyes turn you into a crumbling being, have you silently gasping for more each time they give you something. Their hand in yours used to be your favourite (but their lips have innocently touched you more than once now).

Certain eyes turn soft in the dark, a body becomes tired and it’s dangerous to make someone’s arms your resting place but they press their touch into cold places, keep you against them in a comfort that feels like maybe they’re harbouring secrets too, like maybe their drunken brain can’t hold things back (do not believe it, it’s dangerous to hope too).

Certain eyes are created to make you become, or maybe this is unbecoming, either way you turn a person into a moment, name it love and worship quietly, (you cannot let them see).

Certain eyes breathe and if you’re close enough to feel it your lungs stutter, their laugh dissolves itself into your blood, pounds against your chest when you can smell them lingering on your skin after resting side by side.

Certain eyes show you what love means and they terrify you when you remember that you’re not supposed to know how it feels,
(not like this, not with them.)

Certain eyes are different when they hold yours, you know this, sometimes it feels like they feel the same, sometimes it feels like maybe fear doesn’t exist.
But it’s wrong, not because you love certain eyes but because they’ll never love you.

—  bits and pieces of what could be anything

“Man to Man” (Frank Doyle, Samm Schwartz, Jughead #312)

Another gem from Doyle and Schwartz.

I remember the first time I read this, I had expected several more pages where Jughead catches up to Betty, gets freaked out by all of the “girl stuff” and runs back home where he tells his parents he’ll never whip up that aforementioned enthusiasm. To my surprise, it was just a sweet little story with, dare I say, a whisper of foreshadowing.

This is the canon that I still hold near and dear to my heart. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, they’re just comics. Only stories…but imagine all of the joy we’d miss out on if we didn’t have them in our lives. 


Ed putting on Oswald’s favorite cologne after his death because he truly misses the comforting scent

Ed living in the mansion alone for as long as he can because waking up there still reminded him of what it was like to have a home

Ed keeping one picture of Oswald when he leaves the mansion, and carries it everywhere subconsciously

Ed going to the docks every day to stare in silence at the water, because the only emotion he can seem to muster is that sad tug in his heart when he remembers that moment, and he NEEDS to feel something

Ed smiling at anything Penguin related

Ed not being able to stop mentioning Oswald in any sentence to another person during his reign as the Riddler

Ed starting to have dreams about Oswald where they are together, and not understanding what it means

Ed saying out loud that Oswald had to die but inside his head he is screaming that he fucked up

Ed taking “the robe” from the mansion and sleeping in it each night

{ stressed out // hamilsquad x reader }

{ For anyone who’s had a rough day or a busy week. my heart goes out to you. whether it’s school or friends or work that’s got you feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath + don’t forget to be kind to yourself! hope you’re all doing okay! <3 }

You walked into the apartment you shared with your boys, tired and downcast. You shut the door quietly before kicking off your shoes, throwing your bag down, and letting out a heavy sigh.

“Hey, (Y/N)’s home!” You heard Hercules say. You swallowed, and held back tears when the boys all looked up from where they were in the kitchen, and smiled at you.

Why they looked at you as if you were the most wonderful person alive would forever confuse you.

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military plot things pls
  • “we met right before i was supposed to be deployed and decided to get married so that we could stay together and you could live on base and such” (I’VE HAD THIS ONE BEFORE PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME OH MY GOD) 
  • “we’re both deployed in the same place and keep getting stuck in the same caravan together and now we’re both POWs.” 
  • anything with long distance relationships and military angst
  • “i just got home from deployment and you’re a nurse/therapist i’m supposed to see but man you’re cute” 
  • literally if you give me an army nurse to nurture him back to health i might die ?? 
  • military buddies bonding and being great together and supportive and wonderful 
  • ptsd issues/survivor guilt/flashbacks
  • adjusting to civilian life and struggling 
  • honorable discharges… or dishonorable discharges. 
  • soldier/ civilian where they’re stationed romance
  • like seriously if you have a military plot you’ve wanted to do just throw it at me and i’m probably going to say yes?? 
  • we can have heart wrenching reunions and possibly involve children and make it so angsty and beautiful and just ??? 
  • please ????????

[you’re] keeping me alive: a bellarke season 4 wish-fulfillment-vibes playlist (youtube) (spotify)

on + off / maggie rogers - when I’m shaking or my mind starts coming undone // I’m on fire / awolnation - cut a six inch valley through the middle of my soul // in a blackout / hamilton leithauser - when you come home, I’d lift you up // I follow rivers / lykke li - be the ocean where I unravel // oh my dear / the head and the heart - I’ll take the blows when it gets rough // edge of town / middle kids -  if you got something on your mind…can I take it for a while? // say something loving / the xx - I don’t know what this is but it doesn’t feel wrong // work / charlotte day wilson - with you by my side, I won’t let go // I will be there / odessa - if you ever need someone to simply adore you // until we get there / lucius - is this the time for one more try at a happy life? // here comes the sun / nina simone - the smiles are returning to the faces now

+ bonus post-season track: yours and mine / esme patterson - in the light of my love, you’re all mine


“We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Our hearts were never broken
And time’s forever frozen, still”

“So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Holding me close until our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home”

They say that home is where the heart is
but I would have to disagree:
I have left small pieces of my heart
in all the places that still haunt me.

Home is not where you leave your heart,
it is not where your shattered bones lay.
Home is a place where you walk inside,
and you know your heart is safe.

—  Ayla Mae, excerpt from “Heart Is Where the Home Is”