home is where the vlog is

the evidence:

  • dan trying out a new angle to film his liveshow that prevents us from seeing the majority of his room
  • using the younow app on his phone instead of using his laptop
  • avoiding any questions specifically asking why he’s sitting on his bed and why he’s using the mobile app
  • the corner of his room was completely fucking empty and void of his lamp and the wirrow painting that usually hangs above his bed
  • said he was RELOCATING the wirrow art
  • rearranging his possessions for a more aesthetic video background
  • contemplating a new video setup overall
  • whipped some keys out of no where and started jingling them all over the place
  • no more liveshows for 3 weeks

the outcomes:

  • the chaotic good outcome: dan and phil move into a new house together in may and vlog themselves stepping through the front door and we get to see their first reactions to official home ownership and then they also vlog themselves going to the shelter to adopt a new member of their family
  • the chaotic neutral outcome: dan and phil stay in their apartment together and dan just does a lot of rearranging in his room for a new monotone and minimalistic video background with houseplants (but they still end up moving later)
  • the chaotic evil outcome: there is no chaotic evil outcome because chaotic evil would imply that dan and phil are never going to move and that just isn’t correct
Vlogger Confessions

Youtuber AU where Simon is a daily vlogger and Baz has no idea what his roommate is always filming.

For @snowbaz-feda

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Part 2

I don’t really care about the cameras anymore, I’m used to him talking around the flat.

I’ve been wondering what’s like, to see his vlogs. From what I can see, he always tries to be an optimistic person on camera, and film funny little things that he wants to share.

The problem now, is that he’s always here. I just got home from classes and he’s trying to open a letter, while also trying to vlog and it’s ridiculous.

He notices me, “Hey Baz can you uh… help me?” I roll my eyes, but I do before going to my bedroom.

The problem of him being here all the time, is because he keeps distracting me. If I’m in the living room, he starts talking to me or makes me go with him grab some scones, he’s addicted to the bloody thing.


It’s Saturday and Snow is doing a live show again, he asks me to say hello to everyone and I do. I would do anything, if he always rewarded me with his stupid smiles, like he’s doing right now.

“Do you want me to bring you scones on my way home?” He gives me an even bigger smile, when I ask him.

In the evening, I’m in my bed when I call him over.

“Need anything?” He says, with his laptop in one hand and then he starts to enter my bedroom, “Can I sit too? I need to edit.”

“You may not” I tell him but he doesn’t stop. To my disgrace, Snow has already learned that sometimes, I say things I don’t mean.

Having him in my bed, with only a few inches separating us, feels like torture. I keep glancing at him, because his mouth is slightly open. All I can do is imagine myself reach for him, turn his face in my direction and kiss him, then bite his lip to see what he would do.

“If Penny comes here tomorrow, can you ask her to bring my book?” This wasn’t what I wanted to ask, but I called him over so I had to say something.

Sometimes he lets me see him edit, like now. He’s fast cutting pieces and putting them together, in order for the final version. I’m in there sometimes, in the footage, he asked me if it was okay and I said I don’t mind really mind.

Perhaps tomorrow I can ask to see his videos, for some reason, Snow is still embarrassed about them.


I knock on his door and when I enter. He’s laying down on his bed, almost asleep editing a video. If I didn’t know better, I would say that he’s looking like this just to mess with me.

“Hey Baz” and he gives me a sleepy smile. I can feel myself beginning to blush.

“I can see that you’re busy, we can talk tomorrow.”

“No no, you can stay, I’ve just finished editing anyway.”

“Can I see it?” Because he just said that I can stay, and I’m feeling bold so I decide to sit on his bed to make my point, “Come on Snow, I appear in your videos, only fair you let me see them.”

He’s looking at me, like he’s trying to figure me out “Okay fine, I’ll show you today’s video, It’s not long so you won’t get bored.”

If only he knew how much I like listening to him, about random things. I even heard him complaining about me once, I almost laughed at how ridiculous it all was.

As soon as the vlog starts though, I know that this was a bad idea. He’s in bed, saying good morning to everyone, telling them that he’s gonna meet Penny later on and that they’re gonna go to the beach. I can’t stop looking at his chest, there’s a constellation of little moles painted there, that I desperately want to have a closer look.

When he’s about to leave the house, I appear in the vlog to give him his scones, he thanks me before leaving, and keeps talking about how such a nice roommate I am.

I glance at him and he’s blushing, but not taking his eyes off the screen. The rest of the vlog is just him and Penny, almost getting attacked by a seagull because they were eating fish and chips, and I laugh at that.

He’s laughing lightly by my side too, and I love how good this feels, feeling his body heat because our shoulders and legs are touching, and I have to restrain myself to not get closer to him.

When we finish, I ask to see another video, which takes him a few moments, but he chooses one called dragging my roommate outside, and I snort because I remember that day all too well.

He had a camera in one hand and was trying to convince me to go to the beach, to which I said no several times, so he just grabbed my hand and pulled me, until we were out of the building.

That was a good day, we grabbed some food and went to the pier. Snow wanted to make a timelapse of the sunset, so we just sat there talking and looking at the sea. The end result of the timelapse was actually quite good so I praise him for that. The video finishes with him in bed, saying he had a great time with me.

I’m looking at him and I realize that I’m falling in love with this moron, fuck. I’m falling for Simon and this is not going to end well.

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trust me

this is hella fluffy, I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 1,600+ 

Rating: PG

“Hey gorgeous, have you seen my laptop anywhere?” Joe called out to you from the bedroom.

“It’s out here!” You called back, zipping the final bag that you had gathered by the door. It was very convenient for you that Joe was just about the deepest sleeper you had ever met. It had given you plenty of time to pack his bag and yours and edit his main channel video for him all last night before climbing into bed beside him.

“Can you bring it to me?”

“Nope, you’ll have to come out here and get it.” Your answer was met with a groan, followed by the creak of the bed and a shuffle of feet. Your boyfriend emerged shirtless, rubbing sleep from his eyes before seeing all the bags. You could practically see the gears turning in his mind, running through all the possibilities.

“You didn’t forget anything. It’s a surprise from me!” You explained with a grin, but you knew his next response.

“Love, that sounds amazing, but I’ve got meetings today,” he looked almost guilty. He hated when he was too busy to spend time with you.

“Cancelled. I can be pretty persuasive when I want to. I also edited and scheduled your main channel video for Sunday.”

“We’re gonna be gone on Sunday? It’s Thursday!” You rolled your eyes at him, coming over to give him a kiss. He relaxed at your touch, hugging you close. His skin was warm against you as you ran your nails gently on his back, one of his favorite things.

“Will you quit worrying and let me do something nice for you? Everything is covered and planned out, you just have to trust me. Now, go get dressed, we’re leaving in twenty. And pack your vlogging camera!” With that you backed off of him, heading to the kitchen to pack some snacks.

“This is actually incredible,” Joe was practically beaming as he drove. You’d taken it upon yourself to rent one of his dream cars; a jeep wrangler. You’d simply put the address into your phone and decided to let him drive while you told him where to go. He was like a child on Christmas behind the wheel, the wind blowing through both of your hair, seeing that the top was down and the doors were off.

“Are we going home?” He asked as you continued to drive. You just shook your head – even though you weren’t going back to Wiltshire, you weren’t going to give him any hints. He had his vlogging camera secured on the dash, and you were both jamming out to some of your favorite old songs, holding hands on the center console. You couldn’t help but smile – it wasn’t often that you got alone time with your boyfriend. Between all his events, his work responsibilities, meetings and videos, the only time you really truly got together was the mornings and the evenings. It made this whole getaway that much more exciting.

Joe got worse as the drive went on, trying to coerce you to tell him your final destination, with puppy dog eyes and little pleas. By the end it was quite the triumph for you to be able to say you didn’t break.

He had fallen quiet as you got closer to your destination, admiring the forest around the two of you. The road narrowed and his awe grew with each turn you took. The wildflowers were blooming all around, shaded by massive, ancient trees. It was like something out of a fairytale. And nestled away amongst the trees was a tiny little cottage (an air b&b that you had managed to snag for four nights).

“No way. Is this where we’re staying?” Joe’s face lit up when you nodded. He parked the car and was out of it before you even had your seatbelt off. He ran to your side of the car, pulling you out and spinning you around.

“Thank you for this,” he murmured, kissing you slowly before putting you down.

“You’re very welcome,” you smiled, and though his hair was already messy from the ride, you ruffled it anyways and planted another kiss on his lips before taking his hand and leading him inside.

The cottage was cute and rustic, with a small kitchen and a cozy couch in the other room. The bedroom was just big enough to be comfortable, but it fit a king size bed that you knew would be enjoyed later, alongside the claw-foot bathtub in the bathroom.

The two of you spent the rest of the day settling in, and then exploring the forest around you. Joe even managed to convince you to climb a few trees, and the two of you sat on the branches, his hand on your hip reassuring you that you wouldn’t fall as you chatted about anything and everything. You made a quick dinner later on (you had packed ingredients for some simple meals to bring) and ate at the tiny kitchen table with glasses of wine and pink cheeks.

It wasn’t until you went back outside in the warm spring air, sunset falling, that things got interesting.

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Joe Sugg x Reader - Coat Lending

Joe had a bunch of meetings beginning midday and ending in the evening. I, of course, accompanied him watching my boyfriend being fully focused in excitement for his new projects. It was always adorable how his light blue eyes would widen and face would light up, as he smiled nodding with the people in the board room. I loved going along with him and seeing his element on the business side of his YouTube career, so I always tried to go when I had a free day. But now it was nighttime in London with the cold and frost already catching up to us. We had a car drop us from his management office near the river because Joe and I wanted to do some shopping. Joe clogged a little bit of the day in morning, partial at the meeting and in taxi, so I’d say he’d have 12 minutes of footage.

“The meetings today looks like everything sounds good.” I say looking over at my boyfriend proudly.
“Yeah, yeah I know. I’m really excited, they’ve been wanting to do more things with Caspar too. But I have to get these vlog and gaming videos up. Oh and edit my main channel…” Joe started to ramble with slight concern. I gripped his hand firmer to calm him, “Hey.”
He stopped and began to take a breath, walking slower, he gave a cute bittersweet smirk on his face.
“Stop worrying okay? You need to relax Joe. You’re working yourself too hard.” I tell him carefully as he pulls me into his chest for hug. He’s wearing many layers, a beanie along with a hoodie, yet I can still smell his sweet fragrance mixed with his natural scent. He feels (and smells) like home.
“I love you y/n.” Joe says as he kisses me atop my forehead, “You always know how to handle me.” I giggle as does he, and we point to a Nike store. I buy some new sneakers, then Joe runs to the Adidas one. I roll my eyes, “Adidas is obviously better y/n.” I laugh as both are fine and he knows that, but Joe loves to banter.
After we go to Topman and Joe gets a few more things, I a top from TopShop and Joe vlogs a bit more. It’s now about 7PM and I feel the London frost really coming down.
I had about 3 layers on, but my smaller hoodie wasn’t enough nor the jacket above it. Joe and I walked hand in hand to a part of the London bridge because we figured it would look pretty and be relaxing, but I was shivering. The site of Joe illuminated in front of all the lights on the city were beautiful, but I couldn’t help the fact I was immensely cold. After Joe filmed a bit of me and it for the vlog, he quickly set the camera down as he saw me.

“y/n?!” I turned around looking to Joe and felt the cold air hit my face. “You look freezing! Oh my gosh are you okay?”
I don’t know why but I just shrugged,
“Yeah, fine.”
Joe practically ran over to me the few feet he was away, and touched me by the arms and face. I chuckled a little at his fitness and the surprised look on his face when he felt my cold surface.
“You’re freezing!” He proclaimed and I hid myself grinning from the people looking at us from his loud action.
“Babe, take my jacket.” Joe said very protectively, but the causality of the sweet British accent was clear. His jacket was halfway off in a matter of seconds. I tried to ignore the gesture, “No–no it’s fine…”
Swiftly Joe’s warm long black coat was draped over me with the lion like hoodie. I laughed and Joe smiled at me in satisfaction. It did feel amazing warm and I felt fine again right away.
“Thanks baby.” I say kissing him as he fixes my good admiring me with his pretty eyes.
“You look better in it that me anyways.” Joe flirtatiously says smoothly. He draws me in for a kiss on the lips, on top of the bridge with the pretty view behind us. London might be freezing, but we were hotter than ever.

After a little awhile longer, I tap on Joe.
“I’m hungry, can we go eat?” I ask and he nods.
“Oh yeah. I need to my girlfriend warm
and fed, of course.”
I giggle at his dorky statement and he walks me back vlogging as the two of us laugh and talk to the camera. We reach a restaurant we both like and walk in. I feel warm and fuzzy inside, and it’s all thanks to my favorite person in the world, Joe Sugg.

Bonus Part!

I woke up the morning after we went home, to see a bunch of twitter messages and notifications more than I usually get. Confused I rub my eyes to look and see a sleepy Joe beside me. Obviously he went to sleep later than me as always, probably staying up to edit a video; always working this one. I scoff and when seeing the explanation for my Twitter going nuts, my assumptions are right.

I scroll to see the pictures posted of the one frame where I’m coat-less and the other one not.
“@joe_sugg he’s so slick. bruh we see you giving @y/t/n your coat.”
Even Zoe caught it and replied,
“Ok, but look how cute my brother and his girlfriend are!! @Y/t/n & Joe_Sugg love you two Xx”

I respond with emoji hearts to Zoe and laugh to myself at the numerous reactions. We didn’t even think to mention the coat ending up in the vlog, it was so random but yes, ridiculously romantic.
Leave it to Joe to stay up all night editing and uploading a vlog early, I admire the gorgeous sleeping man in bed and see his coat in the corner of my eye just hung up in his closet. I giggle and put my phone down. I lay back into bed and beside Joe’s shirtless chest as I feel his peaceful breathing. Since when did everything become so perfect?

December 2010.

This month was one of the most influential in my little time on earth. It shook up my health - both mental and physical, my relationship with religion, the relationship with my family, ruined my education and changed the direction of my future for the worst. This is the winter I don’t remember, because it was so dark - I have no memories… all I have are my vlogs, my photos and the snippets my interally-dying-self posted online. This person is but a ghost to me. It’s me, but not someone I remember. If I could go back to a point in time and comfort, advise or change - this is where I would go. I’d bring some light to that 17 year old and perhaps the future would have been brighter.

anonymous asked:

omg a modern-day youtuber au. jim vlogs, does comedy skits, and also plays scary games (which is what he's most known for). spock does makeup reviews, tutorials for (non-volatile) science experiments, and neat math games, tricks, and walk-throughs for the more difficult stuff. bones doesn't have one, but shows up in their videos anyway. they collaborate a lot together. jim's most popular video is of all three of them playing five nights at freddy's w face cam. bones fell out of his chair ;)

  • The first time Bones shows up in one of their videos, it’s mostly coincidental. Spock is in the living room because the lighting works better there. He’s just casually talking about MAC’s new mascara line when Bones just passes by behind him. He’s pulling on his leather jacket, and grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl. “I’m off to work,” he says, kissing Spock’s cheek, “tell Jim I said hi, okay?” “Of course,” Spock says. He doesn’t edit Bones’ brief visit out of the video, and so his first online appearance is made.
  • “Jim, I’m not sure this is a good idea,” Spock says. He’s filming Jim standing on the kitchen table – that’s something that can honestly only go wrong. The ceiling fan is spinning on full speed, and Jim looks awfully determined to do something stupid. “What’s the worst that could happen?” Jim asks, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “You could get seriously hurt,” he replied. “I’ll be fine,” Jim says. Honestly, Spock doesn’t know why Jim insists on doing stupid stunts and getting hurt doing so. Jim probably doesn’t even know, either. Jim gets enough subscribers just based on video games, but he insists on jumping off high things, or, in this case, jump headfirst into a spinning ceiling fan because he made a bet with one of his viewers. Spock also films Bones when he stitches the back of Jim’s head afterwards. “Got anything to say to the audience?” Jim asks to Bones. He looks pained, even though he’s grinning when Bones sits behind him and fixes him up. “Yeah,” Bones says, briefly glancing at Spock’s phone as he films, “don’t try this stupidity at home. Also don’t date a complete idiot.” 
  • Bones shows up in videos more often from that moment on, and people are asking for him. So he assists Spock in this video where he’s manipulating electricity, and they make a smartphone hologram together. He plays against Jim in a game called Ultimate Chicken Horse - and Jim’s views skyrocket when Bones presses a kiss to Jim’s neck to distract him from winning.
  • He’s requested to join in Spock and Jim’s videos more often, but because Bones works fulltime (and then some), and he’s tired when he comes home, he doesn’t always comply to those requests. He’s in almost all of Jim’s vlogs, though. Jim films them on the couch - Bones’ back pressed against Spock’s chest and he’s quietly napping while Spock’s working on crossword puzzles. They’re always just short, uninteresting videos, but they are somehow very popular.
  • Jim often shows up in Spock’s videos, too. They race through a maths exam, which proves that Jim is also incredibly smart - even if Spock finishes it slightly faster. Spock does a make-up tutorial and uses Jim’s face doing so. Bones is his next victim, and even Bones just sits down and lets Spock do his job.
  • Because make-up is literally Spock’s job, and he vlogs about being on a movie set because he’s doing the makeup for the stars of the movie. The vlogs are destined to Jim and Bones, mostly, because he’s on set for the full three weeks they are scheduled to shoot. Jim responds with a vlog of the two of them at home. Bones is going through medical reports, Jim is distracting him with messages from and to Spock, and he’s forcing himself in Bones’ personal space - as usual, until Bones responds to the camera and says just a quick “good luck on set, darlin’.”
  • In Spock’s absence, Bones joins Jim playing video games. Bones has agreed to join Jim for a full playthrough on this game called Outlast, though he has no knowledge of what this game is all about. Pretty much immediately after the first jump scare, however, he regrets promising to sit through the whole game. Jim is tensed while playing, he’s on edge and he’s just saying “I’m so scared,” but it has nothing on Bones. Bones’ hand is on Jim’s arm, his shoulder, the arm rest of his chair. And as soon as they have to run from the first bad guy, Bones is just yelling at Jim - not at the game. “Get in the fucking vent, Jim. The vent! Do I need to fucking spell that out for you?!” “Bones, you’re stressing me out more than the game does!” Jim counters, simultaneously annoyed and amused. The first video ends when they die a gruesome death after having been chased, and Bones just yanks his headphones off. “No. I did not sign up for this.” He says, and like that, he walks out of Jim’s room. Jim glances at the door as it slams shut, and then back in the camera. “Check in for part 2 soon,” he says with a smirk. It’s one of the most watched videos on Jim’s channel from then on, and Bones begrudgingly agrees to continue.
  • But not all is always so great, because Bones has a stressful job, and he doesn’t always understand the obsession his two boyfriends have with just uploading every moment of their lives to YouTube. The morning after Spock’s returned, Jim and Spock quietly shoot a vlog together - which mostly consists of a few kisses and soft “I’m so happy you’re back”, while Bones is still asleep. When he wakes up, though, and he sees a camera, he just groans and turns his back to them. “Bones, don’t you have anything to say about Spock’s return?” Jim asks. “Yeah,” Bones says, “but not to the fucking camera. I was working til midnight last night and I’m hungover- I don’t need everything filmed right now.”
  • It’s fine. It’s understandable. Jim and Spock leave the bedroom to instead film in the kitchen. Or, Jim films while Spock prepares breakfast for the three of them. “Bones and I are playing the Outlast DLC tonight,” Jim explains, “and the three of us are gonna do a Let’s Play of Five Nights of Freddy’s tomorrow. I don’t think we can convince Bones to do any more horror afterwards. It’s not really his thing,” Jim says, and Spock chuckles softly. “He can sleep in between us tonight,” he says with a small smile, and Jim nods. “Sounds good to me.”
  • Bones’ presence in Jim’s videos is hilarious. Because Bones is on edge all the time. He’s literally watching through his fingers, and he absolutely freaks out during the DLC. “Jim, do something!” “This is a cut scene, Bones. I literally can’t-” “Do something! I’m a doctor and that is not how you do surgery– Jim!” Now, Jim is grossed out at everything the main character has to endure, but Bones is literally either standing on his chair or standing behind it - as if that’s going to make the game more bearable. “I hate you for putting me through this,” Bones says, slouches back down in his chair eventually, and Jim laughs. “You love me,” he says, and Bones only huffs.
  • Jim admires Spock from the couch while he’s doing a live Q&A for his audience on science and math questions. And he seems to have little trouble answering every question thrown at him. Spock’s so incredibly intelligent, it almost seems a shame he’s not chasing a career in either fields instead of a makeup artist, but at the end of the day, Spock knows what he enjoys doing professionally. All the nerdy stuff’s just a hobby. Bones passes by Spock, kissing him just briefly. “See you tonight,” Bones says, and Spock nods. “Don’t be late, we’re shooting tonight.” “Yeah, yeah.” Bones says, waving Spock off before kissing Jim goodbye, too.
  • And he’s there, on time. Bones is fine until all three of them sit in that dark room and Jim holds the controller while the other two sit with him. Spock doesn’t seem too affected by horror games. Honestly, the way Bones gets startled every time one of those animatronics jumps out at them scares Spock more than the actual game. And Jim is really trying to win, because he’s not into losing and because he wants to make it through all the nights to see what happens at the end. But his own attention span gets in the way of concentrating on the game, and so he keeps losing and Bones keeps jumping. Eventually, he jumps far and hard enough to topple backwards with his chair. “I’m so done with this shit,” Bones says, getting up from the ground with Spock’s help, “my heart literally hurts, I can’t do this. I hate both of you.” He snarls at them before leaving the room. Spock turns to Jim worriedly. “Do you think we broke him?” “Nah,” Jim says, leaning back in his chair, “he’ll suffer through Outlast 2 with us when it’s released, because he loves us. Plus, we’ll make it up to him tonight.” He finishes, shooting the camera just a short, meaningful smirk, before stopping the recording.
"Boyfriend buys my clothes." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “an imagine where the reader is E’s girlfriend and she has a YouTube channel and they do the girlfriend/boyfriend outfit challenge?”


“E, babe, are you ready?” You called from your bedroom. You had a YouTube channel, and ever since you and Ethan had started dating, it was pretty common for him to appear in your videos.

“Almost. I’m finishing my hair.” He called from the bathroom.

“Oh jeez, this is gonna take forever.” You joked as you finished setting up your camera and your lights.

“Oh, ha ha.” Ethan laughed as he came into your bedroom. You sat on the edge of your bed and started filming.

“Hello everyone, (Y/N) here with another videoooo! Today, I have my lovely boyfriend, Ethan, here with me, and we have sort of a challenge for you.” You said.

“Challenges are always fun.” Ethan said.

“I’ve seen a few videos of this on YouTube, from Gabe and Jess, and Kristin and Marcus, and I thought it would be fun to do with Ethan.” You began explaining. The video idea was that you and Ethan were gonna go shopping and but a couple of outfits for wach other, and just see if they turned out being outfits that other liked and would actually wear.

“Oh man, this is gonna be so good for you. I’m so easy to shop for. And I hate going shopping.” Ethan joked.

“Awe, you’ll be fine.” You said as you kissed the top of his head. “Alright, so we’re gonna go to the mall, we each have $200 and an hour to shop for each other. Nothing is off limits, so you can get whatever we want.” You said.

You drove to the mall and made your way to the food court. You both had your vlog cameras to film your shopping experiences.

“Alright, well thisbis where we separate. We’ll meet back here after an hour, and then go home to go through our outfits.” You said. You waved bye to Ethan as you made your way down the escalator. Throughout the hour, you went in a couple different stores, picking out clothes that you thought Ethan would like, or that you thought he would look good in. You felt pretty good about your purchases and you were anxious to see what his reaction would be, and to see what he had gotten you.

After your hour was up, you went back to the food court and found Ethan sitting at a table on his phone.

“Hey, you ready to go?” He asked. You nodded.

“Yep.” You smiled as you waved your bags. “How do you think you did?” You asked.

“I think I did pretty well. Made some solid choices.” He said. You smiled and headed back out to your car to head home.

“Okay, how are we gonna do this?” Ethan asked as you sat back down in front of the camera.

“I think, we should just swap bags, so into separate rooms and put on the outfits. Are your outfits put together?” You asked. You rummaged through the bags, swapping pieces of clothing.

“Okay, each bag has one complete outfit.” He said, handing you his purchases.

“As do mine.” You said, handing him his bags, then you turned to the camera. “Alright, we’re gonna go put on our first outfits.” You said. You walked into the bathroom and grabbed one of the bags to put on your outfit. Once dressed, you met Ethan back in your room.

“Ah, yes. I knew that would look good on you.” He said when he saw you. Your outfit was a white and black flannel that Ethan had paired with a black tank top to wear underneath and a pair of denim jeans.

“I said the same about this jacket when I picked it up.” You smiled. The first outfit you picked out dor him was a gray t-shirt that you paired with a pair of ripped black jeans and a black jacket. “While putting this outfit together, I could really picture you in it, and I reallt liked it. And now, actually seeing you in it, I like it a lot more.” You said. You then went off to change into your other outfits.

“Okay, this romper is really cute.” You said as you came back into your room. It was a pink color and had a floral print. “This is a really nice summer outfit.” You said as you looked at yourself in your camera screen.

“Wow, that looks really nice on you. The color compliments your skin tone.” Ethan said.

“Yeah, it does. You did a good job with this one.” You smiled, kissing him. “What do you think about your outfit?” You asked him.

“I like this one more than the first one. It’s more of a casual look, but more than just a t-shirt.” Ethan said. The second outfit you picked for him was a navy blue button up shirt that you paired with khaki pants.

“This top makes your arms look really good.” You smiled as you ran your fingers up and down his biceps.

“Well, looks like I’ll be wearing this pretty often then.” Ethan said with a smirk, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Okay, all in all, I think we both did a pretty good job. We both got each other outfits that we’d both definitely wear again.” You said to your camera.

“Yeah, for sure. This was fun. And we both stayed under budget.” Ethan said.

“Oh yeah, we stayed way under budget. Um, I encourage all of you to go out and try this with your boyfriends or girlfriends. Aside from being fun, it gives you an excuse to shop, which is always nice.” You laughed. “Oh, also, we filmed a video over on Ethan and Grayson’s channel.”

“Yes, we had Grayson put us to the test to see how much we really know about each other and our relationship.” Ethan said.

“But other than that, we’re gonna go. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up, and subscribe if you’re not already. Thanks for watching, byeeeeee.” You said as you waved to the camera. You turned off the camera and got ready to start editing.


Okay, after writing this, I think this would be really funny for the twins to do this for their channel, but put together ridiculous outfits for each other. 😂

“Proud“// Jack Maynard Imagine

Warnings: n/a

Word count:738

Requested: yes|| Request are open

Request: Can you do a Jack imagine where they’re at a festival and Y/N is drumming for a few people and Jack is really proud of her? Super fluffy (change it if you want) xx

A/n: So guys I think I might take a slight break from request only because I have soo many original ideas and I don’t want this blog to just be full of request if that makes sense. Love you guys!


 "Good morning guys,“ your boyfriend Jack said into his vlogging camera. "Today Y/n and I are going to a music festival,” he said. You stood in the bathroom brushing your teeth and pulled your hair into a bun. “We originally planned to just go with a couple friends but a few nights ago, Y/n got a call from one of her mates and he’s in this band that is performing today,” he said.

 You set down your toothbrush and turned to watch him. “And he was like ‘Y/n hey you play the drums right?’ And she was like 'kinda a little bit’ and now she’s performing with them today,” Jack said. You smiled at his cuteness. “But long story short, their drummer got sick so Y/n is filling in and I’m ready to see yet another talent of my beautiful girlfriend. I’m excited. Are you excited?” He asked you turning the camera around. You smiled, “yeah.” He smiled back.

 "So after she’s finished doing whatever she’s doing then we have to go meet up with her stylist person,“ he said standing. "So I need to get dressed, do my hair all that jazz.” “And you better hurry because we can not be late,” you said in all seriousness. He laughed and you shot him a look. He turned off his camera and as you finished curling your hair. “I want to vlog today but I really don’t want to carry my camera around and I know my phone will die,” you complained. 

“Just take a bag and take your camera in it,” Jack suggested. “You’re right,” you said smiling. You grabbed your camera and turned it on. “Hey, guys! So today we are going to a music festival where I am going to be drumming with a band that belongs to one of my friends. If you follow my twitter then you should already know. But anyways, right now I am waiting for Jack to finish because we have to go meet my stylist,” you said as Jack walked out of the bathroom. He came up beside you and kissed your cheek making you smile.

 "Alright I gotta go get all pretty,“ you said. "You’re already beautiful,” Jack said making you blush. “Stopppp,” you said pushing him playfully. He laughed and grabbed his sunglasses. “Okay so I need to pack a quick bag and then we are heading over to my stylist’s place,” you said turning off the camera. You grabbed sunglasses and put them on your head. You grabbed a bag and put a portable charger in it, a water bottle and stuff for your camera.

 You walked into the kitchen and jumped up on the counter and grabbed an apple waiting for Jack to finish. You took a bite and Jack walked in. “Ready princess?” He said vlogging you. You covered your mouth as you chewed and nodded. He smiled and turned his camera off and walking over to you. He stood in between your legs and you smiled, leaning down you kissed his lips lightly. You both vlogged on your way to the home of your stylist. You grabbed his hand and walked inside.

 You got your makeup done, hair was done, and changed your clothes. You walked into the room where Jack was sitting and was vlogging you. “Damnnnn my baby is stunning!” He said. “Do a turn for the vlog,” he said. You twirled and smiled making Jack smile. Your hair was braided into two dutch braids and your makeup was just a basic brown smokey eye with a line of gems along your forehead.  You wore a gray crochet top with high waisted ripped jean shorts. 

You guys made your way to the place the festival was being held. You both go through security and went backstage. Jack, of course, vlogged the whole experience and you were glad because everything turned out so well. Yu walked offstage after your set and Jack smiled at you. “I’m so proud of you baby girl,” he said pulling you into a hug. 

You smiled and kissed his lips. “I love you,” he said. “I love you too,” you replied. Your friend, aka the band leader, came over and thanked you for filling in. “It’s really no problem, I had so much fun,” You reassured. You both caught up for a few minutes then said goodbye to go enjoy the rest of the show with Jack.

“Nice to Meet You”

Alex Ernst x Reader 

request: do you do alex ernst imagines? can you do one where the reader is an up and coming youtuber and she’s visiting LA to see if she wants to move there and she meets alex?

    As you boarded your plane at 2:00 a.m, you hugged your family and home-town friends goodbye. You had visited L.A so frequently to hang out with people you had met or to audition for commercials, ads, movies, and separate things, but at the moment, you were focusing on your career as a youtuber, you decided to Check out L.A as a place to live, permanently.

    You weren’t some hot shot youtube star with 1 million subs, but you were close, with 750,000 people were bound to recognize you, especially in a place like Los Angeles. You were staying with your close friend Y/F/N who recently moved to L.A but wasn’t anyone famous, once you heard first class being called you knew it was time for you to board, You hugged your family one last time and grabbed your bags while reaching in your wallet to grab your ticket. 

    As you walked out of the airport, your legs were shaking, the warm climate was nothing like you were used to, sure, it got hot where you lived, but nothing even close to this, it was almost comfortable but something made the air taste different. Pulling down your sunglasses, you walked over to the car where your best friend was waiting. 

“Hey! ready to go?” 

    Your friend asks with such excitement, they pull out a list with stuff they want to do while your there, and you roll your eyes, you knew something like this would happen, considering Y/F/N was so organized all the time, unless it came to their room. 

“Let’s get this show on the road”

You laughed hopping into the passenger side of the car, headed towards downtown L.A.

You got out of the car and instantly heard the sound of millions of people talking, some recording, others yelling at random people on the street, it reminded you of New York, a place you wanted/had to visit so many times.

    You pulled out your vlog camera and started talking, this was normal for downtown Los Angeles, it was the center of youtubers, you probably passed about 10 people holding video cameras, you talked to your fans about possibly living in L.A and if they saw you to come up and ask for a photo 

“Don’t be shy”

were your words exactly. 

   As you were telling your camera about some really exciting differences you’ve seen between your home city and L.A, you bumped into a stranger causing your camera to drop to the ground. 

“I’m so sorry” 

   The stranger said, picking up the camera and placing it back in your hands. 

“Don’t worry about it, I’m new in downtown L.A, better watch where I vlog next time”

    You laughed wiping the dirt of the camera previously placed in your hand, you looked into the strangers eyes and noticed how inviting they seemed, after an awkward moment of staring he coughed and said

“I’m Alex, you Mentioned you were new here?” 

“Yeah, just arrived, and I’m y/n” 

     You shook his hand, and he told you to wait, he pulled out a black sharpie and flipped your hand onto it’s back, exposing your palm. He pulled the cap off with his teeth, leaving the cap between his lips, he wrote his number on the palm of your hand, and told you…

“If you need anything call, I’m Alex, once again” 

    He added for the second time, winking and walking away, and as you watched his figure disappear in the crowd you turned to your friend saying…

“I think I’m going to like it here”

Some Headcanons for Hunk

Because I think about Hunk too much…

  • Hunk talks in his sleep; in full sentences sometimes.
  • he also snores but if you tell him he snores he will deny it
  • whimpers and moans in his sleep
  • he never learned how to ride a bike
  • has OCD, Mixed-type ADHD, and Anxiety Disorder
  • taught himself breathing exercises to curb the anxiety
  • also has saved and bookmarked a bunch of calming gifs and images on his computer
  • keeps a pen and notebook in one of his side pouches and writes down things he sees and likes or random thoughts and reminders
  • doesn’t really need to have reminders but likes the reassurance of writing things down. 
  • he can drive but doesn’t like to because it gives him too much anxiety
  • he gets goosebumps from some specific auditory/sensory inputs such as someone whispering in his ear , slurping from a straw/chewing/swallowing, or rolling their tongue close to his ear.
  • Sometimes experiences redealization
  • Comes home from the Garrison, for every holiday to be with his family.
  • is the oldest of his siblings and helped take care of them while growing up
  • loves the flavor of coffee but can’t drink too much unless it’s decaf because caffeine makes him anxious 
  • has a collection of vests with different colors and styles
  • rarely seen without a vest when he isn’t in school uniform
  • spends his free time thinking up/designing/configuring inventions to make life easier (specifically for those going into space, and both able and non-able bodied people).
  • Also spends some of his time trying out random hobbies like painting/figure drawing, learning to play an instrument (maybe guitar, violin, or piano), logic puzzles (Rubix cubes are his favorite), photography, making model cars and ships, and doing alterations/sewing. 
  • When someone brings up one of those hobbies and he says he’s “pretty okay” at doing it, no one really believes him until he actually does it and he’s pretty great at it.
  • He sewed the knee and shoulder pads on his pants and vest himself.
  • Sometimes, he likes to go to the local homeless shelter and nursing home to give out his newest baked or cooked creation, and to hear stories and talk to the people there.
  • watches cartoons with his younger siblings and genuinely enjoys it
  • Likes to play FPS and action/adventure games and really gets into it
  • The guy who asks for hot sauce at a restaurant and smothers everything on his plate with it.
  • Hunk’s mouth is basically desensitized to really hot flavors and he can eat Ghost Peppers, Carolina Reapers, and others without much effect.
  • He loves Halloween and dressing up, but hates haunted houses and scary movies, not (just) because he’s scared, but because it bothers his anxiety. 
  • sometimes experiences derealization
  • he has a “world’s best brother” keychain
  • Banana and coconut are two of his favorite flavors
  • is fluent in Native Hawaiian and Tagalog, and wanted to learn Japanese so he started teaching himself
  • Even though he’s seen them a million times, Hunk still cries when he watches Bambi, The Fox and the Hound, and Marley and Me
  • He’s part Japanese-Filippino and Hawaiian and grew up in Hawaii.
  • He’s also proud of his both his ethnicities and cultures and keeps flags, posters, and kitschy tourist items around his room.
  • his room is pretty organized and neat, but he has a chair where he just kind of throws everything on it.
  • speaks English and Tagalog at home with parent(s)
  • Has a youtube account where he vlogs about random things or recipes, so when his family watches the videos, it will feel like he’s home. 
  • he cooks with his family at home and everyone really gets into it and has a specific task 
Summertime Journalism

| Request: “Hey, I wanted to know if requests are open, and if you okay writing a fic I have, but it’s underage, like reader is 16 and Dan is 22-23. So it’s like reader is in journalism at school, and they have to do a vlog (Phil’s not in the fic) Dan is her "care taker” Like she’s adopted so she lives with him etc.

So it was inspired by this kinda


But it’s all fluff in his apartment hugs from behind, forehead kisses, she calls him babe, he calls her baby girl, Dan got a ass fetish bc her butt is big and he always grabbing it, and slapping it, making her sit in his lap. She wear short shorts and bras to bed, and they like they play Mario karts, he kissing her neck. (Sitting in his lap playing mario)

Then she realised that she has no school appropriate footage to show when Editing except for when there walking around the city.“ |

| Warnings: None. |

[ Authors note: As per request the reader is 16 and Dan is 22-23. ]


As he opened the door, his brown eyes looked down on me, and this was a sight I did not expect I would see.

See, I’m studying journalism, and over the summer we’re sent to live with a volunteer, and we’re supposed to vlog our summer with said person.

Currently I’m standing in front of a young man named Dan Howell, I did not expect him to be this young or attractive.

And I’m going to live with him.

"Hi there, my name is Dan and this is where you’ll be staying for the summer.” He said as he gave me the tour of his slightly confusing apartment.

We walked down a hallway which had two doors at the end. “That door on the left will be your room and the one on the right is mine, ok?” I nodded, and he helped carry my bags in. “The dresser and closet are empty, make yourself at home.” He said as he walked out of my new room, closing the door behind himself.

“Fuck.” I mumbled to myself, packing away my things and returning to the living room, where Dan was sat on the couch on his laptop. “Hey kiddo.” He said as I sat beside him.


He closed his laptop. “So when do you want to get started on this project? Just so you know, I make videos so I know how to vlog and edit.”

Holy fuck I lucked out.

“We can start tomorrow if that’s cool with you?” He nodded.

“Are you excited for the project?” He asked. I nodded.

“Can I ask you something, Dan?”


“What made you want to volunteer? I mean, to have some random teenager live with you and film your life?” I asked, I really was quite curious.

“Well I thought it’d be interesting, I live alone, and having someone else around would make me more comfortable and less lonely I guess? Plus I love making videos so I figured why not.” He grinned at the end, he was so cute.

Apparently I said that last bit out loud as he blushed and thanked me. “You’re pretty cute yourself.”

Now it was my turn to blush.

I looked down, I began picking at my nail varnish, and Dan lifted my chin gently. “Can I ask a question, too?” I nodded.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Yes.” I mumbled.

He pressed his soft lips against mine. He tasted sweet, almost of cherries, plus, his lips were so skilled compared to mine.

I could tell, this summer was going to be life changing.

~ To be continued ~

Vlogging - Justin Bieber Head Cannon

A/N: sorry for the delay! 

Request: ’Hi can u do one where y/n and Justin start a vlog Chanel. The name will be there ship name? Love ya‘ 

Vlogging with Justin would be like:

  • “We should go on an adventure.”
  • “Where to?”
  • “Anywhere {Y/N}, we need vlog footage, remember we have a vlogging account?”
  • You forgetting that the both of you have a vlogging account.
  • “What, no! I didn’t forget.”
  • You guys go on the adventure and Justin just happens to forget the camera at home.
  • “Oops.”
  • “Justin, this isn't ‘oops’. How could you forget the one thing we need most?”
  • “Oh my god, {Y/N}, it isn’t that serious.”
  • You eventually get over the fact he forgot the camera and decide to vlog on your phone.
  • You guys run into fans while going on your ‘adventure’ and basically the entire vlog is you two hanging out with them.
  • You two argue over who’s day it is to vlog, edit the video, or not getting enough vlog footage.
  • You eventually resolve your problem(s) and carry on with your lives.
EXO Reaction to: You Being a Famous Vlogger

Xiumin: is impressed that you’re creative and talented enough to not only create vlogs but be famous for them. he likes watching and re-watching your vlogs when he’s on tour, so he can see what you’re up to and hear your voice

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Luhan: is reading the comments. “what? jagi, you should block these people. look at the disgusting things they’re saying about you!”

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Kris: it’s a way for him to know you’re okay while he’s away, without him having to call or text you 24/7. he watches them before bed, since it helps him relax to know that you’re fine

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Suho: *watches the vlogs he’s in and cringes at how corny he can be* “do I really say those cheesy things?”

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Lay: “so you film your life and people sit at home, watching you have fun? why don’t they just go outside and do those things themselves?”

“who cares?” you say. “it’s how I make money”

“fair enough”

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Baekhyun: “I’m guessing you want me to appear in some, right? to up your views?”

“no, thanks, babe. I’m already famous. I don’t need you dragging out some crazy fan girls and ruining that”

“but I’ll make the video better?”

“no you won’t”

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Chen: “let’s face it, jagi. the only reason you got so famous is because of that one video where I was about to take off my shirt”

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“that’s my vlog with the least amount of views” you inform him


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Chanyeol: “why do people find this so interesting? you’re just eating your breakfast and walking our dog?”

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D.O: “so you’re making videos where people get to see you bare faced, in pajama’s and with morning voice? that’s great, babe” jealous, jealous, jealous

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Tao: “oh, you want me to be in one?” *completely acts up and steals the spotlight from you*

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Kai: “I’m really proud of you but make sure you talk about me a lot, so people know you’re taken!”

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Sehun: thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’ve never been asked to appear in any of these vlogs’

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anonymous asked:

favourite mika videos? or interviews?

@i-live-for-glitter-not-you has already included some of my favourite videos in their list, but i will try to extend the already exhaustive list…. 

1) Dying with the stars with Mika and Paul de Leeuw, iconic, the dog at the beginning, the little kiss, the comment about dying in the closet…. pure gold

2) Boum Boum  Boum in Amsterdam (I WAS THERE!!!!!) for the butt shake and also @probably-pride-related‘s cameo 

3) this q&a session feat. Melachi 

4) the entire 40 minutes live@home show from like 2009

5) everything about Casa Mika but I wont’t link those… especially the taxi driver bits!! And everything with Virginia Raffaele 

6) Le Divan (french talk show where the host psychoanalyses the guest???) love all of it because it’s a little insight into his life and he looks happy to share it so I’m happy that he’s happy // with english subtitles thanks to MFC subtitling team 

7) Rock the Games q&a

8) all of the track by track videos for the Origin album, especially the one about the origin of love 

9) Mika’s write christmas vlog back in the old days when he used to vlog 


I’m forgetting so may other fav videos and it would be impossible to put in concert recordings as well cause then this list would be a mile long. I really like anything that came out of the 2012 US tour for origin and the latest tour for NPIH though 

anonymous asked:

Zoes vlogs are back and i just realised the difference in both of their vlogging style. It just came at me out of no where. I missed zoe vlogs. I watch both of them. But with alfie he vlogs his morning and he vlogs his journey to places. Like getting in a car. Her tells us whats happening that day and just tells us what he is doing instead of vlogging it. With zoe she doesnt tell us what shes doing that day and i like that she vlogs her doing make up and shit. It does seem homely.

This is a great way to describe the difference In their vlogs xx

Edmund x Reader: Role Playing Games

Anon asked: Hi ! Can I get one where Reader accidentally says to Lucy that she goes out with Edmund but it is false and Edmund comes around and ‘plays the game’ ? You’re a good writing, I enjoy a lot reading !


Anon asked: Hi, I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do one with the Vlogger!Lucy hc because I’m obsessed with it! Maybe it could be Lucy vlogging Edmund and the reader being all cute and fluffy and her subscribers all commenting that they ship them so hard. Thanks ❤️


Edmund almost choked on his water as he passed by the living room. He heard a familiar voice talking to Lucy. “What in the…” Edmund peered through the open cutout connecting the kitchen and living room, trying to see what they were doing. He always had a weird feeling that they were up to something when they were together.

      “Come on!” Lucy said, rolling her eyes. “You and my brother hate each other. Don’t deny it.” Edmund pinched the bridge of his nose. He hoped (Y/n) didn’t fall for the trick.

    He saw (Y/n) tighten her grip on her chair. “Lucy, you don’t know everything.”

      And she took the bait. Edmund was about to intervene, but something stopped him. He knew his curiosity and mischievous nature would get him in trouble some day. Why not today? He stayed quiet and hid behind the open counter. “So, you like him, then?” Lucy said.

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snazzy-edsheeran  asked:

Hey, do you know what video that clip of Simon and freezy drunk walking home is from? The one where it's like 9am and Tobi recorded them after he had gone to bed and got up again??

I don’t know why but I feel like was off his snapchat? I’m really not sure but that’s gonna annoy me now haha. My only guess is if it’s from a vlog then it will be an old holiday one. Maybe LA? Or around the time Simon posted “Derps in Vegas”

Sorry I couldn’t really help


hahahHAHSBHSHAhahahaha i’m ashamed of myself

more headcanons here

sehun: will have a gaming channel. has 4 subscribers- kai, suho, tao, and some weird person trying to sell him acne cream. he makes videos of him gaming with a couple of friends and that’s it. he’s boring and never really comments on other people’s channels

kai: would vlog his dogs! me bringing my dog to a park. me bringing my dog to a spa. my dog sitting, rolling over and playing dead. my dog taking the biggest shit ever. also i’d like to think he’d upload origami tutorials once in a while (with his dogs barking in the bg). suho is his number one fan

kyungsoo: would do mukbangs and cooking/baking vids! he NEVER gives the recipe though, so the video is just… 17 minutes of him sauteing onions and chopping up carrots. sometimes chanyeol ‘accidentally’ wonders into the shot and kyungsoo chases after him with a spatula. sometimes a pot. it depends

chanyeol: all music! he does song covers and plays the guitar and gives tutorials on how to play the drums. some videos are just him composing music and chilling with a bunch of people. he’d also vlog about what’s going on at home and with his friends

chen: he’d do LOADS of song covers and he’d have like half a million subscribers. he would also do things like the chicken nugget challenge, the soda challenge, easy bake challenge… with the beagle line of course. will sometimes vlog himself going to the dentist or the grocery store bc jongdae’s like that

baekhyun: eating loads of food and pranking others! he’d also have videos of him trying out funny cheap toys he gets at random markets like a mini cotton candy machine, a gumball machine, etc. maybe a few candy tasting vids here and there? and also reactions to different music vids. or him dancing

lay: yixing would have an advice channel, like you tweet him your life problems and he talks about them in his videos. he doesn’t really know how to edit or when to stop though, so his videos are like 2 hours long. he might also have some videos of him giving a studio tour, the occasional mukbang, and maybe some gardening tips too

suho: would subscribe to EVERYONE to see what they’re up to. comments on people’s vids, ‘stop swearing sehun ah’, ‘baekhyun, that’s not very nice’, ‘woW ksoo i didn’t know that was the salt container!’ he wouldn’t have any videos of his own… maybe just him singing and dancing a bit and then someone comes in and bothers him so he stops the recording

minseok: would have a hair styling channel maybe? and would vlog the boys being silly lil potatoes. sometimes he has collabs with kyungsoo and they cook and clean together. OH, he would totally have like a home diy hack channel thing where he shows you the fastest way to load the laundry and hang the clothes at the same tiME!!! WOW 

anonymous asked:

Whats happened to Eiljah and Christine? Where have they gone? Are they not making videos anymore?

Christine is back home in Chicago(?) spending time with her family and Elijah has been going to music festivals and just doing whatever he wants basically lol. they’re not really taking a break from youtube or anything, they just don’t vlog when they’re not together