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Vlogging - Justin Bieber Head Cannon

A/N: sorry for the delay! 

Request: ’Hi can u do one where y/n and Justin start a vlog Chanel. The name will be there ship name? Love ya‘ 

Vlogging with Justin would be like:

  • “We should go on an adventure.”
  • “Where to?”
  • “Anywhere {Y/N}, we need vlog footage, remember we have a vlogging account?”
  • You forgetting that the both of you have a vlogging account.
  • “What, no! I didn’t forget.”
  • You guys go on the adventure and Justin just happens to forget the camera at home.
  • “Oops.”
  • “Justin, this isn't ‘oops’. How could you forget the one thing we need most?”
  • “Oh my god, {Y/N}, it isn’t that serious.”
  • You eventually get over the fact he forgot the camera and decide to vlog on your phone.
  • You guys run into fans while going on your ‘adventure’ and basically the entire vlog is you two hanging out with them.
  • You two argue over who’s day it is to vlog, edit the video, or not getting enough vlog footage.
  • You eventually resolve your problem(s) and carry on with your lives.

i made another vlog where i document my visit back home from college while experiencing motion sickness and also me nervously attempting to speak

it’d be great if you guys checked it out :’)

A long distance relationship with Jinhwan would be like

- lots of late night skype calls, usually after midnight when he comes home from practice

- trying to figure out time differences when he’s on tour

him borrowing Yunhyeong’s Nivea cherry flavoured lip balm to look good for you

- you telling him to sleep bc you know he’s tired from practice but him insisting to talk to you

- ‘tell me everything about your day’

- comfortable silences where you’re both sleepy and just looking at the other on the screen

- occasional (mainly Bobby) ikon popping up and bugging you ‘HI Y/N. YOU’RE SO PRETTY’ and jinhwan shoving them out of the screen and going into a closet for privacy

- opening snapchat to find 150 secs of snaps from jinhwan of him 'vlogging’ the most mundane details of his day

- constant competition of who can make the ugliest/funniest face over snapchat

- late night/early am calls of 'i miss you’

- sleepily talking over the phone, planning what you guys would do once you see each other

- you yearning for him but holding it in bc you know it’s hard for him too… and him doing the same for you

- jinhwan surprising you on your birthday by flying over to visit

(Bonus: getting frisky immediately once you guys are behind closed doors)

Back | Joe Sugg Imagine

Request: Can you do one where joe surprises you from the book tour and your asleep when he come so he sets up his vlogging camera and records it all and it’s all cute and fluffy

“I’m back home!” Joe whispered to his vlogging camera. “I wasn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow morning but I decided to come back early and surprise Y/N, though it’s 3 am so she’s probably asleep.” He added while he put his bag on the table.

“Okay guys so I am probably gonna stop the vlog here because I don’t want to wake Y/N up” Joe said when he arrived in front of his bedroom door “Bye!!!” He added on a very slow tone when he opened the door.

His eyes met your body frame lying on his bed and he looked at the camera once more “Well, I think I’m gonna wake her up” 

He put the camera on the bedside table and kicked off his shoes before climbing in the bed and move closer to you. He was faced with your back so he bent over and his lips met the crook of your neck where he put two small kisses.

“I’m back…” He whispered as he put an arm around your waist.

You rolled over and were now facing Joe, though you still had your eyes closed, eager to get back to sleep. You were not quite awake so you didn’t realize it was actually Joe behind you.

“Caspar go away.” You whispered. Caspar being the only person present in the flat, you automatically thought he wanted to mess with you for a stupid prank.

“Well, if this is your reaction to Caspar kissing your neck, then I should be worried.” Joe said as he chuckled.

You buried your face deeper into the pillow and then realized that this voice wasn’t Caspar’s.

“Joe!” You said, instantaneously feeling very awake. You quickly pressed your lips against his and couldn’t help but run you hands through his. “I thought you’d be home tomorrow”

“I missed you too much so I came back early. There’s no one to cuddle in hotels.” He explained.

You chuckled slightly “I’m so glad you’re here” you said before kissing him with passion.

Joe smiled when you pulled away “By the way…  Smile because you’re being filmed!” He said before reaching out for his camera on the bedside table.

“You’re such a daily vlogger.” You laughed before kissing him again.

Here it is! I know it’s shitty and I’m so sorry because it’s been so long since I posted an imagine but I have been very busy and I have exams coming next week so it’s a bit complicated, but then I have a two weeks break and plenty of time to write so don’t worry!

plans for tomorrow (3/22/17)

reading selections in the morning for my 300a class

have breakfast/drink coffee

go to morning classes (cause i have to turn in my draft of my paper for my ww2 class)

2 hour break (where ill work on the reading sheet info for both 300a readings

-also i want to work on writing tf…and brainstorming some details for that paul x ava x eric singer oneshot XD

-also might be able to edit last week’s weekly vlog (cause i was hella busy writing that paper draft today…) :p

go to 300a

go to anthro class

come home around 4pm

-plan out the videos that i want to film on thursday since next week is spring break and i will be too busy to film anything for next week…

-also plan out future part of TF (cause its been AWHILE…like a couple months since i’ve done that…and theres alot of ideas that im accumulated that need to find a spot in the timeline…

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I just watched Zanes vlog where toddy was on a reality show and all their reactions were priceless, one of the funniest ones yet. Also Todd is so sensitive and precious, but then again all the boys are precision lol. They're like little babies you just want snuggle and protect.

Todd on sweet home alabama was the funniest thing, that was a really good vlog. Todd goes from being a total douche to a total romantic in about half a second, he sure is something lol. they’re all the best

Reunited (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Could you do an imagine where Joe gets back from a long trip away and he’s being all cute and stuff, just make it sweet thanks xx


Joe had been away on holiday with his friends in Los Angeles for a month and was finally on his way back home. You had watched their adventures in his vlogs and he had multiple times said how much he missed you. You had facetimed loads, but it wasn’t the same. You could hear the front door open upstairs and you were quickly on your feet. You ran up the stairs and was met by Joe and Caspar in the door. You had been house sitting their house whilst they had been away.

“Hey guys,” you said in an excited voice and they both looked at you with big smiles. Joe were the first one to throw his suitcase away and jump towards you.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed before embracing you in a big hug and leaving multiple kisses all around your face.

“Okay, that’s enough silly,” you chuckled while trying to get away from Joe who couldn’t keep his hands off of you.

“You disgust me…” Caspar said behind you, and you and Joe laughed, knowing he was only joking. Caspar always made fun of your relationship. It was kind of his hobby.

“I bought a gift for you,” Joe whispered while Caspar brought his suitcase downstairs, leaving you and Joe alone in the living room.

“You didn’t have to do that,” you said surprised while Joe searched his backpack for something. He finally found it and he took out a blue velvet box. You began to smile as Joe opened the little box for you. Inside you saw the most beautiful silver ring with a cute little flower on it. It was absolutely gorgeous.

“Omg, it’s beautiful Joe. That’s too much,” you said while covering your mouth in amazement.

“You deserve it,” Joe said with a smile whilst he placed the ring on your finger. It was a perfect fit. Joe let out a relieved sigh which made you laugh.

“I was so scared that it wouldn’t fit. Your fingers are weird,” Joe said with a cheeky smile and you gently pushed him with a laugh.

“It’s perfect Joe. Thank you so much!” you said before he cupped your face in his hands.

“I’ve missed looking at this beautiful face so much,” Joe said before placing a kiss on your lips. You smiled thinking about how lucky you were to have Joe as your boyfriend.

Rainy Comfort (Blurb)

Rainy days in London did come regularly. Though when the temperature dropped and both you and Joe were at home, he made sure to spend the day with you. These were the moments he valued the most. You didn’t have to be in some tropical destination or at some fancy restaurant. All you needed was a couch, plenty of blankets and pillows, comfy clothes, snacks, Stranger Things and each other. He would wrap his arms around you, set on the first episode though you had already seen it plenty of times and just chill. This would be a day he wouldn’t vlog, nor would he think about editing or tweeting. It would be a day where he wanted to appreciate every moment. Appreciate the girl in his arms who he was far too lucky to have. Far too blessed. Joe would mumble about the episode, telling you who his favourite was even though he had told you plenty of times or remind you of the time the stranger things page tweeted him a gif. Again, you had heard it all before but it didn’t matter. As the day continued, he would decide on stroking his hands through your hair or rubbing your back. And this is how you stayed for the day. The comfort eventually made you both fall into a calm sleep, your limbs tangling together and your body heat conserved under the blanket. His lips would stay slightly parted and only just touching your forehead. You could stay here forever, the falling sheets of rain becoming a comforting noise as it hit the window pane. It was days like this when everything was forgotten. Your problems with how busy both of you got. The struggle when both of you were in different countries and didn’t see each other. How overprotective he got whenever you were around the boys as he ‘didn’t trust them around such a beautiful girl’. And when the day did come to an end, it came to an end with three simple words. 8 letters.

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Markiplier is a Hufflepuff. It wasn’t an easy decision to come to because he shows traits from every other house as well. He’s smart like a Ravenclaw, he studied biochemical engineering before his YouTube channel took off and he learns new games quickly so he is quick witted too. He shows bravery by playing scary game plays of indie horror games, proclaiming his strength when he succeeds at levels which is quite a Gryffindor thing to do. He shows ambition like a Slytherin when he talks about all of things he wants to achieve in his vlogs.

But if we’re talking about what he values, then it’s clear that Hufflepuff is where Markiplier would be most at home. He has said that to get things in life then you need to earn it. He knows that just wishing for something to happen isn’t enough and that getting through the toughest of trials requires patience and hard work.
He encourages people to be kind to one another, he knows that he has an audience that listens to what he has to say and uses that responsibility to put across positive messages. He genuinely believes people can move mountains and when they unite for a good cause, they can change the world. He wants to make a difference, using live streams and challenges to donate to different charities. Beneath the brash and brazen showmanship is a gentle and caring heart. He is a person who just wants others to laugh and enjoy life with all it’s twists and turns. So, not shying away from hard work, showing patience and all round niceness makes Markiplier a great Hufflepuff.


I announced earlier this week that I am going back to DisneyBound’s original roots of a travel blog with my new vlog series “Great, Wide Somewhere” - where I will go on one Disney-related trip, each month, for the next 12 months.

In the spirit of Halloween, we travelled to Salem, Massachusetts - home of Disney’s Hocus Pocus. Click here to check it out!

For more of my adventures, follow me on Instagram! @leslieakay

What I've Learned After My First Playlist Live

-You will not sleep, expect to go home and sleep a lot
-People aren’t kidding when they say youtubers don’t eat. I ate like twice in 3 days
-You will meet so many more people than you think you will, the youtubers are everywhere!
-Be prepared….the lighting situation is not always optimal
-You will make so many new friends and feel like you are with ‘your people’ for once
-Merch is always hella expensive
-One place on Earth where you are encouraged to talk to yourself while holding a camera walking down the hallway
-You are probably gonna end up in someone’s daily vlog, personally I try to look as derpy as possible
-It is literally the best days of your life and you will feel the gaping hole where understanding and fun was during these days
-You will become obsessed and already start planning for next year

Three days back on fat loss macros and I’m already feeling so much leaner, down 2.2lbs and back in the 130’s. Not sure if it’s bloating going down or what, but I am not complaining! I have felt so full and had so much food to eat the last few days. I do miss ice cream, but I’m on the hunt for Arctic Zero chunky pints 😊

Just 35 minutes of cardio before work this morning. I’ll head back after work for chest day when my boyfriend gets home from his work meeting where he had to stay over last night.

Watched some of Yami’s prep videos and the latest @oatsnjen vlog and seriously, time flies by. Try it!

On a recent March morning at his home in a New Jersey suburb, Anthony Mendez was on his living room couch with his 9-year-old daughter. He was watching the previous night’s episode of Jane the Virgin, studying his own performance as the show’s unseen narrator.

“I’m like, ‘That’s Daddy,’ and she’s on her computer, not even looking up. She says, 'I know.’ And I’m like, 'That’s Daddy — you’re not even impressed?’ And she’s like, 'I’m on YouTube,’ ” Mendez says. His daughter — one of three kids — runs a YouTube channel where she vlogs about makeup with her sister.

This is the sort of thing Mendez says helps keep him grounded.

Still, Mendez’s ability to turn an omniscient narrator into one of Jane’s funniest characters has gotten him plenty of attention. He’s been described by people as “the best thing about the show” and “one of the show’s most entertaining characters,” and is growing a small cult following on the Internet.

His voice-overs recap the show’s dramatic, telenovela-style plots: Jane, a 23-year-old virgin, was accidentally artificially inseminated; the father just happens to be a playboy hotel owner she once kissed; the doctor who accidentally inseminated her is the father’s sister; and so on and so on.

How The Narrator Of 'Jane The Virgin’ Found His Voice

Photo: Emily Bogle/NPR


New video about what I plan to do with the future of my channels! I get a lot of questions about whats going on with DesandNate, where Nathan/Ahoynateo is, so I thought I’d update you all whats going on/what my future plans are for all my channels :D



Welcome to NerdfightersInfo (NFi), the channel where a varied bunch of Nerds gather to post videos, interact, entertain and annoy each other! Its original purpose was to keep people updated with goings-on in Nerdfightera but it soon grew into a global, nerdy community.

Our aim is simple. To become friends with each other and create an inclusive community that many people can call home. We have achieved that, and if you want to join us then feel free to comment, make video responses, tweet us or get involved directly and become part of the team!

If you’re interested in vlogging on NFi, please contact Pat Shafer (@TheGingerPat) or Dave Johnson (@DaveJSaysWords) on twitter. We always (ALWAYS) need more vloggers who are enthusiastic about discussing weekly topics and creating lasting friendships with each other. I promise we don’t bite!

Oh and one last thing…DFTBA!

Best wishes,

-The NFi team

Lux was just planning on going on a quick run to the store. He needed just a few things for his next video he was planning on making. Since he wasn’t planning on vlogging or really staying out that long, he felt he didn’t need his hearing aids for the day. So he ditched them at home, he could read lip perfectly fine. The shops were only a few blocks from his house so a quick walk have him there in no time. He was about half way there, when he lost his footing and colliding with the person in front of him. He was left a little shocked as he pushed himself up from the ground where he hit the pavement. Flour and blood mixing on his hands which made him blink in shock for a moment. He took him a few moments to comprehend what was happening. He apologized to her, thinking his voice was loud enough to be heard, but it was barely a mumble.

Meeting Joe Part 2 (Joe Sugg Imagine- Requested)

Anonymous whispered: Could you do a part 2 to meeting Joe at some point, loved it
frantastic15 whispered :Hey love your account was wondering if you could do a part 2 to meeting Joe. Thanks!
Anonymous whispered :Hello! Can I please have a Joe sugg imagine where you go out to lunch together?Thanks! Your imagines are amazing :)) 

A/N: Kinda killing two birds with one stone here, I hope this is okay! Sorry that it’s not my best but please sympathise as i’m writing this whilst extremely hungover and feeling incredibly sorry for myself!

You and Joe had been texting each other non-stop ever since you’d returned home to London.

When you’d arrived at work on Monday all your colleagues had teased you about your weekend away having seen the vlog and various posts over the Internet. You found it bizarre that you were the main topic of office gossip. You’d never been one to attract attention.

When you got to your desk you whipped out your phone sending Joe a quick text.

‘Everyone in my office is talking about us. It’s so weird!’ You carried on about your day, not paying much attention to the fact that Joe hadn’t replied, you knew it was probably a good thing or you wouldn’t have managed to get any work done.

You occupied your morning with tedious little jobs until your manager began hovering over your desk.

‘Y/N there’s a visitor here for you’ you looked up and saw a smirk on her face. You then spotted Joe a few paces behind her with a small bouquet of flowers in his hand.

'Hi’ he gave you a shy smile 'was it too soon to buy you flowers?’

'No not at all’ you mirrored his expression taking them from him. 'They’re beautiful, thank you… what are you doing here?’ You asked in a giddy daze which caused Joe to chuckle. He leaned in so he could whisper in your ear.

'I thought if all your office are talking about us then I may as well give them something to talk about ’

'How did you even know where I work?’

'I asked Zoe, I told her I wanted to surprise you’ he said brushing his hair from his face.

'Well it worked, I’m definitely surprised’ you beamed unable to stop a smile from resonating across your face.

'Can I take you to lunch now?’ He asked you holding out his hand.

'I think I can agree to that’ you teased pressing your palm against his.

You didn’t even notice your colleagues staring at you as you walked out. You were too smitten with Joe to pay any attention to anything else.

It wasn’t long after you’d stepped outside of the building that viewers started to come over to you both asking for photos. You were happy to oblige and were amazed at how relaxed Joe was about it all.

'That was so strange’ you told him as you walked down the road afterwards.

'You’ll get used to it’ he rested his hand on the small of your back leading you along the road to a neatly hidden restaurant.

'This place is so cute’ you admired stepping inside 'I never even knew it was here’

'I didn’t either Jim told me about it… You know Jim right?’

'I’ve met him a couple of times’ you nodded.

‘So you met all my friends before you met me’ Joe chuckled.

‘I guess I was saving the best for last’ you winked back playfully causing a hint of a blush to creep upon Joe’s cheeks.

You and Joe continued to chat throughout lunch. You were grateful to have the time to get to know him without Zoe and Alfie around. Joe was so easy to talk to and the two of you had a lot in common. You got so caught up in spending time with Joe that you completely forgot you were only supposed to be on your lunch break.

‘Is that the time?’ you looked at your watch in a panic and saw Joe’s face drop. ‘I’m sorry Joe I need to get back to work’

‘It’s okay’ Joe assured you paying the bill. He walked you out of the restaurant and back over to your office building. ‘I won’t come up and embarrass you this time’ he smiled as the two of you came to a stop outside the glass doors.

‘Thanks for lunch and thanks for the flowers, actually just thanks’ you rambled causing Joe to laugh to himself.

‘Maybe tomorrow I can take you out on a proper date?’ he suggested.

‘I’d like that a lot’ you agreed pulling him into a hug as you said your goodbyes.

You walked back up to your office alone wearing the grin that Joe had left on your face. You couldn’t wait for tomorrow night to hurry up.