home is where the hat hangs

{Imagine} Autumn with Baekhyun

Cold Autumn days where you go out in thick coats, wellies and woolly hats, grasping onto each other’s hand for warmth. The ground scattered with golden leaves as you trudge along the pathways, passing glittering spider webs and lit lanterns that hang elegantly from trees. Baekhyun pointing at every calved pumpkin and rating them as he goes, telling you that he wants to do one once you finally return home together were you can cuddle and drink tea to warm you chilly bodies after the afternoon Autumn walk… 

(Just something I thought I’d try, should I do more of these? let me know! ♥ I was inspired because Autumn is my favorite month and I can’t believe it’s basically over~ Mami)

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I discovered my love of cross stitch in a home economics in high school. I learned the proper way to cross stitch and had access to all the string and designs I could have needed. I kept up with it after school. One big issue, who the hell knows what to do with a cross stitch piece once it’s complete? I don’t need dozens of cross stitch pieces hanging on my walls. 

Light bulb! The mesh on trucker hats is mostly a grid (it’s a bit skewed). In a world where personalized hats are becoming a big thing, especially in the festival community, my hats would definitely be appreciated. I started with a basic star and gained enough confidence to stitch a robot by the conclusion of the hat. 

These hats take months to complete. This is a tedious hobby but it makes me feel productive as I vegetate in front of the TV most evenings.

DISCLAIMER: There is a Nirvana Poster in the background of the first picture. That is NOT my poster, NOT my room, and was NOT a good choice in boyfriend.