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Push Over(Jimin Smut)





Push Over:

There you were sitting there with your fingers drumming impatiently against the table you were waiting at. You were beyond pissed/ You were so lived that you felt as if your whole world was turning upside down. You couldn’t believe Jimin had actually stood you up. Here you were, in a short tight red velvet dress hair dolled up in a bun that was decorated with jewels. Eyes lined with a mixture of light and dark seductive makeup and lipstick decked out on your lips. You were past a dime piece tonight and you hated these kinds of places especially wearing tight dresses. You were more of a baggy sweats and tank top kind of woman. Fancy events didn’t excite you but because it was an anniversary you told yourself that it would be better this way. To at least make the male happy because he had done so much for you and he had made your lives better together. But now all these higher up people were looking at you with judgmental gazes. You knew what they were thinking. That you were stuck up, maybe waiting for a man, or for someone to notice you. And who were you to tell them that you weren’t? Because it was none of their fucking business what you were doing here but because it was a constant glare and a constant feeling of eyes on you. Your hand swiped out to pick up your phone, reading that it was 11 PM five hours after the set date with Jimin, you gripped at all you had throwing a hundred-dollar bill down on the table walking out of the door.

You were hurt. It stung deeply, telling yourself to just plant one foot in front of the other you could feel the burning in your reddened cheeks. Black heels piercing the tiled floor as you walked out one of the most upscale popular restaurants in Seoul, you reached a hand out to hail a cab and of course some blew you off because you were a female. Sighing softly, you waited patiently, the cold wind whipping against your cheeks.

“It’s cold out. Take my jacket bunny.” You imagined Jimin saying to you. Seeing an illusion of him standing beside you, dressed down in a black suit and a white tie. His pink hair combed back and gelled down. You were so intoxicated by his beauty, at first you didn’t notice the tears sliding down your cheeks, or the taxi cab that was honking at you until the fourth time the horn sounded. You snapped out of it quickly, opening the back door, you sat down bowing your head in apology to the indifferent driver wiping your cheeks quickly. Crying was never your forte, your mother had told you it was ok to let out a few tears every now and then but you had got caught up in a dangerous life. Drugs, sex, violence and everything in between so there was no room for crying, unless of course it was tears of pleasure. It had started years ago. You were young and naïve taking the bus home when you knew better, you knew you should have called your parents but you were a hard-headed girl. Getting off the bus you were snatched by gang members, who pointed a gun to your head and told you not to utter a word. Bringing you to an old abandoned building you were sat in a chair and talked down on like you were nothing more than garbage. But luckily for you, the leader of the gang had a son a few years older than you who wanted you the very moment he had set eyes on you. It was a match made in heaven or hell, however you look at it. Park Jimin was your everything. He had given you everything. Yes of course you weren’t into the whole gang love and you refused to give him the time or day. But he started undermining you, showing up to your house, barging in to meet your parents. He even picked you up from school offering you protection from bullies who teased you for being the smart goody girl. It didn’t take long to have you fallen for his charms or in his bed.

He was a wildfire that consumed your body and left nothing for the waking. But lately he wasn’t here. You assumed it was because of his business he was running, or running away from the cops themselves. But it seemed like now he was running from you. He came home and he was too tired to do anything, in the mornings he tried to have quickies but it wasn’t something you enjoyed anymore. He always fucked you rough he never took his time to enjoy you. And that was what you hated. You felt like you were just becoming another girl that he stringed along in his life and those promises forever and always. They seemed to fade in the distance like his voice. Those cheap thrill words he told you just to get you cumming so he could say he tired you out. There was no love, he didn’t hold you. He didn’t make you feel wanted. And he never talked to you. He just shut you out. Completely ignoring you. So when he asked for a date you were shocked thinking this was just what you both needed to get each other back on one accord. That it would solve all of your problems. And then he didn’t show up. A typical Jimin doing typical shit. And you were tired of having a typical man with typical charms.

Slamming the door once you got home, the taxi driver blew at you speeding off and you flipped him off screaming. It wasn’t his fault, you didn’t mean to take your anger out on him, it just sort of happened when you were worked up and it had been a few weeks since the last time you had even been touched. Opening the door to your house, you half expected to see Jimin there apologizing. But all you felt was the coldness of the air draft hitting your skin. The cold light switches off in the dark house showing that no one had been there since you left. Sliding down to the floor you shut the door behind you, a ball of tears and throbbing feet until you picked up the pieces of your heart and got your ass in your bed.


“Good morning.” Jimin’s soft voice rang out from the kitchen where he sat as you walked in through the doors wearing a full on T-shirt with a bra underneath it and sweatpants with panties. You never went to sleep with all your clothing on but ever since that night a month ago you vowed to never give into Jimin, to make a change and maybe leave. He had come home the next day apologizing and asking for a redo. You had simply walked off not even answering him. And that is how it has been for the past month. The tension growing thicker every time he tried to talk to you because you didn’t give a fuck about what he had to say anymore. He tried to help you wash dishes, you were drop them and move around, he would offer you to cook, you stopped it all together throwing the food out to get takeout instead. Jimin tried to help you undress because he thought you would let him bury himself balls deep into your pussy but he later had a rude awakening when you pushed him away and gave him a death glare. Not even saying a word now, you saw the coffee and breakfast he cooked for you but instead of taking it you grabbed a bottle of water opting out of eating at home today.

“Are you fucking kidding me Y/N! It’s been a month already!” Jimin shouted, his voice no longer soft nor sweet how he was trying to imitate it. You turned around to watch him, opening up the bottle of cold water you pressed it to your lips taking a swig of the coolness before you licked your lips not even responding to what he said. Walking off from him you made your way back up the stairs to your room blowing him off once again. While you were getting dressed you heard a lot of slamming things down stairs and things being broken. You smirked to yourself, proud that he was a pit of feels and not knowing what to do with himself. He wasn’t the one embarrassed, or the one that got stood up and left alone. He wasn’t the one who went weeks without being touched, and months without being loved. That was the fucked up part. You gave Park Jimin everything he wanted and you had made up your mind you would never get it back. Planning on leaving him, you had started to look for other places to live, working late at the dance studio to earn more money for a down payment. This was the final week of you dealing with his shit. And you’d leave for good.

Changing into jogging spandex pants and a red sports bra you decided to go jogging without a shirt today. Maybe if you were lucky someone would see you and want to sweep you off of your feet. You did your hair in a lose high ponytail, putting on your wireless beats earphones in your ear, you let your phone Bluetooth your music and walking down the stairs you looked around for Jimin. Of course he was gone and despite some part of you feeling happy about it, there was a tiny part of you wishing that it wouldn’t had been so. Grabbing at your keys to the house you put on your shoes and shut the door starting your jog.


The jog was something to help you take your mind off things. At first you hated running, but then you wanted to stay in shape for Jimin. Now you ran to burn out your anger and any other feelings that managed to seep through your bones. It had been a good two miles that you ran on the pavement of the backroads by the park outline. You didn’t want to run through the crowds of the people so this was a safe way for you to run and make sure that you got your exercise. Legs shaking, you could feel the beat of your heart against your ribcage, the sweat pouring down from your face and breast to your stomach and neck. Your legs shaking lightly, the burn felt so good, even your ass cheeks felt it. Smiling to yourself you were singing an upbeat song and then like that it was all gone.

A hand around your mouth you were about to scream until you saw nothing but blackness over your eyes. Trying to fight with what little strength you had your body was hauled up over someone’s shoulder and you were thrown into a vehicle. You knew so because you could feel your body sliding with every twist and turn it made. A hand reaching up to take off the black thing over your head, your arms were soon caught behind your back and you couldn’t move. You fought and struggled to get out of it before you blacked out from the lack of air a million thoughts running through your mind. And the biggest one itself was that Jimin wouldn’t even know nor care.

A yell from your lips sounded off as you woke up by the surprise of cold water pouring down on your body. You were soaking wet, eyes glaring around in a panic to see what happened you were shocked to see yourself in the old abandoned warehouse that was the location for Jimin’s gang and where you both first met. Looking around and then straight forward you saw him there, wearing a long black sleeved shirt and blue jeans that were ripped and fitting on his thighs. His hair wild and everywhere Jimin had a gun in his hand, it was just sitting there sleek and black. He waved it at two people and looking around as far as you could, you saw the men retreating leaving you there with just Jimin and his friend.

“I never thought I would have to do this to you. But it seems times just, cause for drastic measures. Now I’m going to offer you one chance to speak. Or I will force it out of you.” Jimin spoke to you slowly. And then it all came back to you. Glaring at him you didn’t quite know what he meant until you landed your eyes on the gun again and you gave him a snarl.

There was silence in the room for a bit, before Jimin sighed and he stood up walking towards you. “You know you really fucking piss me off sitting there like a fucking robot. Is that what you want to be treated like? Nothing.. A fucking rag doll? A piece of shit?” Jimin asked as he got right in your face, hands on his knees as he watched you. When you didn’t even mumble a word he rolled his eyes, unlocking the safety option he pressed the cold gun against your left temple and it caused you to gasp your body seeming to react as you whimpered slightly. “She’s alive!!” He rang out dramatically like a deranged person, the gun pushing so hard against your head it tilted it a bit. Your chest rising and falling with each harsh breath you took, your eyes looked up at him and fear gripped at your heart. Trying to move your hands so that you could slap him, but you were bound to the chair your ankles and wrist by rope.

“Oh yes, I thought of it all. See, I’m going to make you taught. I’m going to get a whole lot out of you today miss. I will make sure you say something.” Jimin purred gently. He let the gun slowly drift down your face towards your neck, over your collarbones and to your breast. The barrel running against each of your nipples before he moved the gun down the dip of your breast towards your stomach. He smirked watching you, watching how your breath became staggered your eyes opening wider in fear. He was enjoying this a bit too much. The barrel of the gun continued to slide until it was resting against your center. He rubbed it up and down your pussy and you wanted to jerk your hips away but you couldn’t move you couldn’t go anywhere. “Does my baby girl like that?” He teased you with a chuckle.

“GO TO HELL!” You shouted at him, tears driving down your cheeks as you gritted your teeth watching him. Jimin didn’t like that. Gripping at the gun he pressed it under your chin making your eyes lock with his as he responded to you.

“I’m taking a first class trip there and I’m fucking taking you with me.” He snarled in your face before he pulled back. Jimin moved behind you and all you could hear was steps. Your hands tried to jerk harder at the chair but it was no use, it was not moving in your favor. You saw the back of him as he sat up the camera turning it on. Your eyes moving to look at the single mattress that was on the floor. You didn’t know how you didn’t see it but the toys, so many toys. You felt your stomach tighten because you knew what was coming.

Jimin moved once he had everything set up he walked towards you, quickly undoing your arms, and when he bent down to undo your legs you lounged at him, knocking him down you both wrestled for quite some time because he had taught you how to fight. It took a few more minutes, of your hands slapping across his face and you almost elbowing him in the groin for Jimin to punch you in your stomach, not enough to hurt you just enough to make you lose your breath. He gripped at your leg pulling you towards the mattress and you fought at him, trying to get free.

“LET ME GO!” You shouted at him and he shook his head looking back at you.

“You don’t get to talk to me now.” He said with a icy stare until he had you on the bed. Jimin made quick work of undressing you and leaving you naked, your arms bound behind your back once again he had you on your knees looking up at him waiting. “Fuck you look so good like this bunny.” He said that one word, that one fucking word that you longed to hear him call you. It was a different pet name and it always made you wet, even right now despite you wanting to beat the hell out of him and run away to never be seen again. Jimin chuckled, his eyes were hot on you glued with lust, he wanted to devour you right then and there. He walked behind you before he pushed you forwards with your ass in the air slapping at your cheeks he groaned. He spread your ass cheeks apart licking a strip from your pussy all the way up to your tight anal entrance circling his tongue around you. You gasped out in pleasure, before your teeth clamped down on your bottom lip and you told yourself not to moan no matter what he did to you. Jimin seeing this, reached beside the bed grabbing at the baby oil he managed to bring with him. Letting both of your cheeks go he poured the oil on your ass. Making it a wet mess, rubbing in the oil and leaving it to not soak in your skin, he lifted his hand landing a harsh slap to your left ass cheek. He did it over and over again on both cheeks, until the skin was reddened and bruised with his hands prints in your skin. Jimin was letting his sadistic side come out to play.

Grabbing at some warming lube, he rubbed the substance on his fingers, trailing them to your slit he used two to rub harshly up and down your wet throbbing slit smirking as he felt how wet you were by all that was happening to you. Your hips responded so well despite your words of not wanting it. Jimin knew your secrets well so he knew you loved every moment of this fantasy. Moving to grip at a small silver bullet attached to a remote Jimin tapped the bullet against your clit using the remote to turn the settings on the medium one, watching your head roll back as you tried to stop a cry of pleasure from leaving your lips. He moved to stand in front of you, pulling you up by your hair he pressed your face to his clothed crouch. He moaned feeling your face against the hardened bulge that was aching to feel you after so long. He rutted his hips against your face, until you bit at his member harshly a cry of pleasure falling from his lips as he tore you away from his throbbing member with a glare down at you. The grip on your hair made you whimper, the murderous look in his eyes did nothing but aid you into your first orgasm of the night and a short cry feel from your lips.

“I never told you to cum you fucking bitch, and I never told you to bite me. But since you want to do what you think is best. How about we see how many times I can make you cum?” He asked rhetorically. Reaching down to grab the remote he turned it on higher causing the bullet to go to work on your clit making it pulse and causing your pussy to slip out more juices that landed on the mattress. Jimin pulled back to take off his clothes bit by bit until he was naked and his dick was pressing against the bottom of his stomach leaking and red.

He moved to grip at your hair again. “Open your mouth.” He commanded pressing your head against his shaft. When you didn’t obey he only chuckled in response. “It’s time to break you again.” He leaned down grabbing at the gun pressing it against your forehead, it caused an immediate reaction from you. “Open. Your fucking mouth.” Jimin commanded, and since he had never used a gun on you before you were indeed a little worked up. And wondering why the hell it still made you wet. You opened your mouth for him, and he slid the gun into your mouth against your tongue as he watched you. “My sweet sweet bunny. Don’t make me use this. I’m going to fuck this pretty little face of yours ok? And if you even graze your teeth too hard against my shaft. I will fucking end you right here. Don’t play with me, you know how I can get when I don’t get what I want.” Jimin pouted moving the gun from your parted lips that stayed open. He guided his cock into your wet warm mouth a low groan falling from his lips. He watched you through hooded eyes, his hips snapping forward gently to bury his cock deeper into your mouth each time.

He was so thick, it had been a while since he face fucked you, and here you were trying not to choke every time he reached the back of your throat. Jimin pulled back to press the gun on the mattress by him so that he could reach it if he needed to. Both hands gripping at your hair he fist it, gripping on the strands so tight you knew you’d have a headache later. He started to face fuck you harder, his cock brushing to bury itself down your throat he didn’t care that your eyes were burning with tears as he stretched out your mouth. Your throat burned and your body convulsed again as your second orgasm rippled through you. Crying out it only vibrated around him as he watched you. Spit dripping down your parted lips onto your chin and your breast he snarled. “You’re such a fucking dirty little slut aren’t you? Look how fucked your face is because you can’t handle my cock. It’s been so long you’re making a fucking mess. That little pussy hurts yet hmm? Does it feel good to be overstimulated my little bunny? My dirty little fucking whore, you’re going to be in for a good surprise from daddy tonight. You are just so-“ He let out a string of curses, fucking your face harder his balls slapping on your chin getting wet by your spit he continued to bury your mouth on his shaft. One hand letting you go so that he could pinch your nose and cut off your air he slowed his hips down, watching you he would slide his cock all the way down your throat, hold it there and pull away when he heard you choke and gag.

He kept it up, and your heart was racing in your chest, body rocking and hips rutting against the bullet lulling against your clit you felt like a ruined slut and it felt so fucking good to have Jimin treating you like this. You watched him with more tears streaming down your eyes, full on sobbing at the moment you took more for him. He moved to slide his cock all the way down your throat, cutting off your air completely you choked again, eyes shutting for a moment as the air left your body and your hips jerked harshly forward signaling your third orgasm. Jimin pulled back releasing his hold from your nose to grip at his cock watching you lose yourself. He jerked off his wet shaft, pumping his hardened cock until strings of thick white cum was painting your face in a mess. He cursed out loud watching as he gave you a facial at a perfect angle for the camera to catch it all. When he was done he let you go, watching your body fall forward he smirked proud at how you were ruined. His cock twitching again and he was still hard.

Jimin moved behind you, spreading your legs wide he leaned down to push his tongue into your tight little asshole tongue fucking you impatiently he tried to stretch you out as much as possible. Your hips were moving, and you were still sobbing against the mattress the feeling of his wet tongue buried in your ass only made you lose your breath, looking up at the camera you groaned shuddering in uttermost pleasure. Jimin pulled back and aligned himself with your asshole, pushing himself into your ass quickly to get the pain over with. He held your hips, spreading your legs wide he reached over your body to grab at a black whip. He poured some oil on your back, as he pulled back and slipped back inside of you he started to whip your back causing you to shudder under him crying out at the mixture of both the pleasure and the pain. You could feel his hips connecting with yours, balls hitting your pussy he was fucking you into the mattress with all he had. The whipping on your back didn’t hurt you, it just caused little shocks to run through your body and you couldn’t handle it along with the vibrations on your clit. Your hips was rutting again and you knew from how your body was betraying you that you would come again. Jimin dropped the whip, reaching to grip at your head, he used two fingers from each of his hands, lifting a leg up to plant his foot into the mattress he fucked harder into you snapping his hips forward and his kept your mouth spread wide open to hear your cries of pleasure, the position being both humiliating to you and a quite turn on.

“Do you like this slut? You like feeling me buried in this tight little asshole of yours? Maybe I should have fucked this more often. It grips my cock so nice and tight and you take me so fucking good inside of here. Look at how you cry for me, begging for more. Wanting me to fill you all the way up don’t you because you’re my little cum slut that’s what you are. Look at this ass bouncing on my hips. You fucking love every second of this.” He egged you on loving to see the way your body arched when you were close to another orgasm. He kept pounding into you, to feel the vice like grip off your asshole around him while he was pounding into you until you were cumming again body going limb in his hold.

“No more! Please Jimin no more!” You cried out as you felt another orgasm ripple through you. It was painful, and you knew without a doubt you had never cum so much. Pretty soon there would be nothing left. Jimin pulled out of you after letting you ride out your orgasm, He flipped you on your stomach spreading your legs wide he removed the vibrator from your clit turning the bullet off. You thought he was done and you felt instant relief until he was pushing his cock until your drenched wet walls.

“N-no Jimin please please please- I can’t cum anymore.” You begged him, eyes half hooded and lips parted you took deep breaths trying to calm yourself down. Jimin was not listening to anything you had to say. Gripping at your hips he started to pull out of you only to push in deeper inside of you.

His eyes remained on yours, his hips circling as he concentrated on how tight your pussy was, he missed it. All of it. He hands gently rubbed at your hips in a comforting manner, basking in your little tiny whimpers Jimin took his time pounding inside of you. Your pussy could feel all of him, the outline of his cock, his hard veins grazing at your walls. How thick he was, how he was throbbing just by being inside of you. It felt so good, and though you were sore you welcomed all that he gave you. You watched him, as he ground his hips deep into you, barely pulling back he drove himself as deep as he could inside of you.

“I’m sorry.” He moaned out watching you and you shook your head no, not wanting to forgive him at a time like this. “I’m sorry for all the hurt I did to you.” He moaned as he started to move faster. “I’m sorry for not being around.” He mumbled out letting his hips gently graze against your spot. “I’m sorry for making you feel like shit.” He paused his hips, staying connected to you, he reached his arms down to wrap around your lower back, lifting you up so that you were straddling him as he started to grip your hips tighter dropping you down on him reaching your depth a bit better. “I’m sorry for making your cry.” He continued leaning up to latch his lips onto your nipples sucking on each of them, he bounced you harder on him, his hands soon reaching to grip at your plump ass as he ran his tongue up and down your hardened nipples humming. “I’m sorry for not opening up or saying I love you enough.” He continued to moan against your skin. You were swimming with emotions, and the tears sliding down your face were all from different reasons. “I’m sorry you felt you didn’t matter. And I’m sorry for standing you up.” He paused your hips holding you in the air Jimin harshly snapped his hips up pounding against your spot he fucked you in the air causing you to cry out. “Say you forgive me.” He urged as you shook your head no. It felt so good, he was fucking your spot right and you were going to cum so soon. Your stomach convulsing you rolled your head back but Jimin stopped slowing down you shouted out looking at him. Knowing what he wanted by the look in his eyes you gave in because, some part of you knew he deserved to hear those words.

“I’m sorry for giving you the silent treatment. It was childish! I love you Jimin, fuck I love you so much ok? But if you don’t let me cum I’m leaving your ass for good.” You threatened him. That was all it took to have a crooked smile pressed against his lips. He let his hips surge upwards burying himself to the hilt he fucked you hard and fast, the only sounds being heard were the wet sounds of your pussy combined with the pants and moans from both of you. It didn’t take him long to have you cumming on his cock, your stomach clenching as your eyes screwed shut and lips fell open. Jimin watched the look of pain and pleasure wash through your face. It had taken everything he had not to cum before you did, but here and now he was meeting his end with you letting his white load bury deep into your walls. Jimin continued to bounce you on his cock until you were both satisfied. He pulled out of you slowly resting you on his chest he undid your wrist freeing you finally. Silence echoed throughout the room as his hands rubbed up and down your back.

“You remembered.” You said simply talking about the force fantasy you’ve always had for some time now.

“How could I forget? I was so against doing it. I had never seen you so upset for telling me a secret. I vowed to myself I would save it, for a drastic measurement. And this was that.” Jimin started with a sheepish laugh, his voice still husky due to the intense moment you both just had. “I saw the house listings when you didn’t log out of the computer..” Jimin said after sometime looking up at the ceiling. “God, it had just been us for so long. I just thought you’d never leave no matter what I did. I didn’t apologize. Because I was just being stupid. Angry around here and taking it out on you. It didn’t hit me I’d lose you until I saw that. I was scared… For the first time since I lost my father you made me scared.” Jimin admitted looking down at you. Your eyes locked with his and you couldn’t help but kiss him, because that was something you both hadn’t shared yet today. A long deep passionate kiss with tongues gliding against each other until no one had any breath.

“I was going to leave you. But part of me keep holding onto you. Even when I thought this was real. That I’d actually get kidnapped. All I wanted was you Jimin. I kept asking myself, would you know or care? And it worried me to think, that I was being childish instead of talking to you about it. I’ll never let it happen again.” You said with a sincere smile.

“Good, because I don’t think I can ever pull a gun on you again. I don’t want you to ever fear me. I’m here to make your life a whole lot of things. But have fear is not one.” Jimin reassured you before he wiggled his eyes rolling you over. “I know I said one more but. I’m not satisfied yet. And I owe you lots of makeup sex.” He teased kissing down your body eliciting groans from your lips, but you made no move to leave the beasts presence.


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Pairing: Zach x fem!reader

Request:  178, 179 UH ZACH DEMPSEY😂

178 - “As you wish”

179 - “First one to make a noise loses”

Warning: sin

Word count: 1130

I felt spicy and wrote the rest of it lol. I hope this is good, I’m still new to writing smut. :)

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Caught ***NSFW

Prompt: Yixing comes home after being away on tour for a long time and catches you masturbating

Genre: Smutty smut smut

Word Count: 938

Edited by: @shineeexobts

“What are you doing?”

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Prompt: "You made that way more sexual than it needed to be."

The first thing you noticed when you woke up was how hot it was. It was really fucking hot. The second thing you noticed is the heat that was emanating from the human furnace you called your boyfriend. You tried to roll over and get away from him to try and cool off, but Harry always slept with an iron grip on your hips and a leg slotted between yours.

“Harry, get off me it’s like 90 degrees!” You said throwing the fluffy white sheets off your body.

“Wanna cuddle with you though. I messed you.” Your sleepy boy said sweetly. His attempts to pull you closer failed when you got out of bed and stripped yourself of clothing down to your bra and underwear. You exited the bedroom to turn on the air in yours and Harry’s large shared home.

“Harry the air isn’t working! Come fix it it’s hot as balls!” You hear Harry’s laugh boom from down the hall and you see him, in all his shirtless glory, make his way to where you are starting to get frustrated with the fancy air system Harry insisted on having.

Harry fiddled with it for a moment before he sighed and said,

“Looks like it’s broken babe. I’ll call a guy.” You groaned, dreading the heat of the day that was only going to get worse.

You’re sitting by the pool in your bikini, eating a grape flavored popsicle when Harry joins you.

“Hey was looking everywhere for you. Wanted to see if you wanted to go get some ice cream, but it looks like you’ve got something to cool you off.”

When he bent down to kiss your cheek, you looked him dead in the eye and licked up the side of the sweet treat, then took the very top part in your mouth, moaning around it like you would his cock. You saw Harry’s jaw harden.

“You made that way more sexual than it needed to be.” He said to you.

“Are you going to punish me, daddy?” You said looking up at him. You could tell he was about to give you an answer you most definitely wanted to hear, but the doorbell rang.

“That’s the guy to fix the air. You got lucky, but when he’s gone, I’m going to wreck you. Understood?”

“Can’t wait.”

My First My Last

Not a love story but my love thoughts moments and chances.
Her eyes said it all even when she didn’t speak. Von watched her studiedly her walk smile and habits. Von couldn’t quite read her as well as he read all women. Sassy was sort of a loner but popular not by choice it just was. As much as Von watched Sassy knew but totally ignored him as she’s done with all the other hounds. Sassy couldn’t be into such a cocky football player of course. But one thing for certain that Von honeyyyy that Von was a fine specimen. Tall thick built chocolate skinned luscious lip hazel eyed GAWD. One evening outside my dorm by my car his cocky fine ass jus had to approach with his game, Aye Sass what’s on your agenda this evening. “Nothing” she replied why? You should finally say “Yes” to a night out with me. Sassy looks around its dead outside she looks up at him and was like ok gimme an hour. Von smirks and gets close to Sass , sure you have an hour. Sass all lost in his cologne, mumbled “Cool.
Throwing clothes thongs bras and wigs around Sassy was rushn cause lord knows she been ready to say YES! So she and Von jumped in his BMW. The night was good who knew they were so compatible from similar backgrounds. Von says can I show u something? Sass is like show me what? They detour off to this gorgeous cottage 3miles away from school. Von says come lil kitten Sassy jus smiled took his hand and followed him in.
Upon walking in to this beautiful home he brags, this is where I live. Sass is like you don’t stay on campus? Noooo Von drags out. Sassy smart mouth ass done had a few drinks and that makes it worse. Laughn she says so this is your Birds nest? Von not laughing any bit grabs Sassy chin for your info lil kitten nobody not even my friends know I live here. Sassy all shocked, well why do I? Sass quit playing I want you, this cat and mouse game is done. Cat and mouse Sass replies. Von jus grabs her pussy kisses her neck and Sass obliges by grabbing the back of his head. Von tongues her all the way to his room well doorway. Naked in a blink of an eye he’s kissing pussy tasting so vigorously and tonguing its drips and flow suckn her juices telln her , Sass you taste so good. Sassy can’t take it nomore she explodes and just sucks and sucks. Face soaked he looks at Sass , feeling his thick stick on her thigh Sass strokes dick kisses that head then takes all that dick in mouth.. Thrusting that meat slobbing stroking holding balls in hand she feels him getn harder. Vons moans turns Sassy into a savage she grips and licks them balls as he strokes his dick. Shits getn real he tells Sassy put that pussy on face once again she obliges and bounces juicy pussy on them luscious lips she loves. Taking that dick back in mouth he asks do you want to taste all of me she moans "yes”…. He cums soooo hard in her mouth and she swallows as much as she can before proceeding to finish pulling that dick. Von says let me inside you lil kitten, hesitantly Sassy says I never been fucked Von says Im not about to fuck you lil kitten Im about to “Make Love” to you. Deep breath Von goes in slowly and Sassy moans so loud and sexy. He tongues her licks her lips and just strokes her pussy whispering in her ear Oh My God Lil kitten you feel so tight but gushy. Sassy is taken this dick like she been getting dick her whole life.
Von is indulging in knowing this pussy only been on his dick. He pulls out and sucks on her clit. Sassy explodes again Von goes back in pussy and pounds his lil kittens pussy so good. A constant steady stroke till she feels his dick pulsating in her pussy. She’s about to cum again moaning crazy Von whispers cum on daddy’s dick Imma cum with my lil kitten. They came so good and hard.
Come Monday Sassy shootn her usual sees Von. As usual he watches she ignores but this time Von runs up on Sassy. Aye lil kitten Sassy smiles and says hey Daddy. Von kisses his lil kitten and whispers see you at 8 Sassy smirks no 7. Since that Monday that dick hasn’t strayed away from his LIL KITTEN.

anonymous asked:

Can i have a yoongi smut? But just love making?

Slow Love, Yoongi (Suga)

Originally posted by hugbin


Yoongi Love

It’s 9pm and you’re at home lying in your bed. You haven’t hung out with your boyfriend Yoongi in 4 days because he’s composing a new song. Deciding to check on him you grab your phone and send a quick text asking how it’s going. Seconds after you sent it your phone starts vibrating showing the caller ID that Yoongi is calling. Picking it up quickly you smile as you greet him, “Hi Yoongi!”

“Y/N where are you? I need you for something”, Yoongi asks you through the phone.

“I’m at home, why? What do you need? Should I come over?” you ask as you lay on your bed smiling at thought of spending time with him again.

“Yes if you could!” Yoongi asks.

“I’ll be over in 10min”, you say as you get up and grab your keys off of your desk.

“Before you leave are you wearing one of your sexy bras?” Yoongi asks as you look down your loose fitted shirt.

“Yes, why?” You ask as you feel yourself growing hotter thinking of the one thing he could be suggesting.

“You know how the song I’m producing is about sweet and gentle love making right? Well I’m stuck and I’m horny. Plus I want to use your moans for the song”, as he says this you begin to feel moisture form between your legs and an ache of need from not being touched for so long. 

“I’m coming bye”, you say to end the call. At that moment you are glad that your apartments are only a quick walk away from each other as you start walking the short distance. The fresh breeze nipping at your exposed skin. Your leggings, crop top, and sweatshirt doing little to protect you from the wind. Unlocking the door to the apartment building you climb the stairs to the second floor and know on his door.

Seconds later the door opens and you peer into the dimly lit room. Yoongi is quick to wrap you in his strong arms. Hugging him you press your nose against his neck, breathing in his smell. A faint smell of citrus fruit tickles your nose. 

“I’ve missed you”, Yoongi murmurs against your neck planting a sweet kiss there. 

“I’ve missed you too”, you reply nuzzling yourself closer enjoying the warmth his body gives off. 

“You want to hear what I have so far?” Yoongi asks you excitedly. 

“Yes show me please”, you reply as he leads the way to his studio. You notice crumbled and torn up papers litter the floor on your way. The paper bin is overfilled with lyrics. Kicking a few papers out of your way you reach his office. 

Once you step inside Yoongi turns on the recording device and pulls you down on his lap. Starting the music he massages your shoulders so you relax. The song starts slow and Yoongi starts to kiss your neck, his hot breath on your skin making you hold your breath.

“Remember Y/N, there are supposed to be moans in this song”, Yoongi whispers in your ear as his hands massage their way down to your hips rubbing slow circles on your bare skin.

“Didn’t they give you ones to work with?” you ask as your body is on fire where he touches.

“They didn’t sound like you”, Yoongi replies as he unzips your jacket pulling you out of it turning you so you’re straddling him. “You look beautiful.”

You blush and hide your face in your hands. Covering your hands with his he removes them from your face and places a kiss on them. “Don’t hide your face from me Y/N.” He places a soft kiss on your lips as his warm hands travel up your waist to your covered breast. Running his hands along the bra to the back he slowly unclasps it pulling your bra and shirt off. Meeting your eyes you see love and as he cups your breasts running his thumb over the nipple he doesn’t break contact. Lowering his mouth he gently sucks on your nipple playing with the other with his hands. Your core is heated at the feeling of his wet tongue and a low moan escapes your lips. You feel his erection poking you through his sweats and you begin to slowly grind your hips in a circle causing him to moan out. His hands travel down to your waist guiding you on him but then he moves his hands to your butt squeezing a bit. He moans your name as you slowly grind and tease him as your hands are on his shoulders holding you up. The song is long done playing but you both are too distracted by each other to notice. Your moans and groans are music now as they mix and mingle as they’ve been pent up for too long.

Getting up Yoongi carries you out of his room and to his bedroom. The room is dimly lit with candles and the curtains are drawn closed. He places you on the bed and takes off his shirt climbing on top of you.

“I love you Yoongi”, you say as you are both out of breath and he stares into your eyes.

“I love you too Y/N”, he says sincerely and then he starts to grind slowly on you.

You could feel his erection as he deliberately slowly grinded it on you causing you to groan from sexual tension. His mouth is barely on your skin as he murmurs sweet nothings as his hand is on your boob massaging it. Dragging his hands down he fingers your waistband as he pushes it down and off of your body and taking off his own. Biting his lips as he stares down at you he rubs your clit with his fingers. Slowly putting one in he draws a moan out of your mouth as he watches your every move to see which one sets you off more. Slowly adding another he drags them out and into you arching his fingers into you to hit your g-spot. Making you gasp in sweet bliss as he hits it over again building you up making a knot in your stomach. Positioning himself at your entrance he slowly pushes in all the way and sits there making you marvel at how he fills you completely. Once you are situated he slowly pulls out before pushing all the way in again. The only music to your ears is the sound of skin meeting and the moans that are emitting from your mouths. Your head held in place as Yoongi kisses your lips as he builds you up with every stroke hitting its mark. Your moans get louder as he speeds up and you meet his every stroke. Your walls tighten as both you and Yoongi scream out each other’s names and lose yourself in the white hot bliss. Kissing you Yoongi pulls out and wraps you in his arms. The candles have long gone out and you fall asleep together.

I hope you enjoy! :) care to share what songs you listen to?


~Admin Kirsten

Ten Times Hotter [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Hey i know you’re kinda swamped with requests but could you do a readerxevil!barry where barry reacts to the reader getting mad at him and vice versa

a/n: im just stressed haha

You have had it with Barry. For the past few nights, he hasn’t even come home. Maybe an hour or so, but that’s it. With hopeful thinking, you made some pasta for dinner, leaving a bowl out, just in case he comes home. By nine, you wrap the bowl, sticking it in the fridge, along with the other leftovers.

Deciding to take a long, hot, shower, you strip off your clothes, leaving you in your sports bra and underwear. There’s a low wolf-whistle. “Wow, babydoll, you are smoking hot!” Barry grins, following you into the bathroom. You completely ignore him, turning the shower knob and crossing your arms. “What’s with the cold shoulder?” he laughs.

When he goes to engulf your body, you shove him backwards, face remaining neutral. His eyebrows furrow and he frowns at you. “Babydoll.” he scolds in a stern tone, fingernails digging in your upper bicep. “What’s going on with you?” he mumbles, using his deep ‘villain’ voice, hazel eyes appearing more brown.

“Let’s see, you’ve been out the past four nights, doing god knows what, while I’m here, alone, wondering where the hell you are!” you fume, jabbing at his chest through his gray v-neck. He peers down, squinting at your finger. “I’m sick of it!” you yell, hitting him more forcefully than he expected.

His long fingers wrap around your wrist, holding your hand in place. He looks generally impressed, “You’re ten times hotter when you’re mad, by the way.” he says, smug. You scoff, rolling your eyes and turning to the running water. His hand lets go of your wrist, grabbing your waist instead, digging his nails into the skin. “Now, you don’t want to make me angry, do you?” he grunts.

Gritting your teeth together, you glance back at him, “Fuck you.” you seeth, peeling your bra off your body and tossing it behind. After, you tug your underwear from your legs, the soft material dragging down, pooling at your ankles.

Barry catches your black sports bra on his fingers, smirking at you. “Well, if you insist…” you glare at him, “Kidding.” he holds his hands up, shrugging his black blazer off, “If you must know, babydoll, I was stealing your birthday present.” he scowls, simming out of his dark gray skinny jeans. “Happy now?”

“No.” you spit, water clouding your vision. “What do you think you’re doing?” you ask, voice dripping with venom. Barry drops his boxers, ripping his shirt from his torso, abs in view.

He steps in, “Taking a shower.” he says in a sarcastic voice, picking up the shampoo. “Now fucking let me wash your hair, damn it!”

The Project | C.H Part 2

Requested: Could you do a part 2 for the project where like one of your friends don’t approve you dating Calum because he’s a nerd.

Warnings: SMUT

Part 1

Everyone was surprised when you showed up to school, hand in hand with Calum. People were muttering as you walked down the hall towards your locker. You ignored their voices, instead focusing on Calum. You could tell he felt intimidated by all the eyes on him, you squeezed his hand in reassurance. He looked up at you, smiling gratefully. 

A week later and you still get judgmental looks every day, but every day you ignore them and focus on whatever you are discussing with Calum. He became more confident as the week went on, now no longer looking at the floor as he walked, instead focusing on you.

It still amazed Calum that you actually wanted to be seen with him. He thought that after all the judgmental stares and comments you would avoid him in public. He wouldn’t mind, he was still ecstatic that you agreed to go out with him in the first place.

Neither of you were huge fans of PDA so you kept to hand holding. However you would be lying if you said that there weren’t times in the day when you just wanted to kiss his perfect lips.

You got to school on Friday morning and parted ways as you didn’t have a lesson together until after lunch. You went to your morning lessons. You hadn’t spent much time with your friends that week, you spoke to them in class but you spent most of your time with Calum and his friends. 

You had invited Calum to come and sit with your friends but Calum felt intimidated by them. You were unaware of the glares that they shot Calum when you weren’t looking. Calum kept his distance from them, but you didn’t mind, his friends were nice and you enjoyed spending time with Calum, Michael and Luke.

You walk out of your class with your friend and head towards the lunch hall. “Are you actually going to sit with us today?” Beth asked, not looking at you. “No I’m going to go sit with Calum, but I’ll talk to you later.” You smile as you take a step to walk away, only to be stopped by her grabbing your wrist. You turn and give her a questioning look. 

“Okay, Y/N cut the shit. You’ve done your bit for charity now so come back and spend time with your actual friends” she says as she drops your wrist.

“Excuse me?” you say in disbelief, “what do you mean but ‘bit for charity’?”

“The whole dating Calum thing. I think it’s cute that you gave the nerd a chance, but he’s not good for you. You deserve someone way better than him.” 

Your eyes widen as you look at her in utter disbelief, completely shocked that she had the audacity to say something like that.

“You know what Beth?” you give her a false smile. “I couldn’t give less of a shit about what you think. Calum is a great guy but you wouldn’t know that as you spend most of your time with your head up the arse of the entire football team or any other guy you consider ‘on par with your popularity status’.”

At this point the lunch hall had gone silent. Beth was already as red as a tomato, but you weren’t done. Calum was sat at a table with his friends, listening to your every word. He was intrigued as he realised the conversation was about him.

“I like Calum, he’s funny, he’s smart, he provides a decent conversation that isn’t about football or your beauty regime” you pause for a second. Calum smiles at your words, he loved talking to you and making you laugh. He couldn’t believe you were saying all this in front of what was almost your entire year group.

“And Jesus Christ, the things he can do with his fingers. That boy provides me with more pleasure than I thought was humanly possible” you pretended to swoon, biting your lip for emphasis. Calum’s eyes widen, but he can’t help the smirk on his lips. Several students look over towards him at the new found information. Calum blushes and looks down at the table to avoid their gaze.

“So no Beth I’m not going to break up with Calum, in fact it’s you that I’m done with” you fake a smile.

Beth was speechless, her entire face was red in embarrassment. She walks away, leaving the lunch room. You look over to the table where Calum and his friends were sat. Silence still filled the room. You ignored everyone and sat down next to Calum. 

“Hey” you smiled. 

“I can’t believe you said all that” Calum said, looking up at you, a small smile on his face.

“She compared dating you to charity work, bitch had it coming” you shrug.

“I can’t wait until schools finished” Calum says, a small smile tugging at his lips.

“Why?” you ask. 

“So I can provide you with more pleasure than you thought was humanly possible” he smirks.

“Oh shut up” you say shoving him gently.


Eventually school finishes for the week and you end up at Calum’s house. The two of you had planned to spend the weekend together as Calum’s parents were out with his sister, leaving the two of you with the house to yourselves.

Calum opens the front door, walking in and kicking his shoes off. You do the same before grabbing him and shoving him against the wall. Calum is taken by surprise, as your lips press against his. The kiss was hard and desperate. You sucked on his bottom lip before pulling away. “I’ve been dying to kiss you all day” you offer in explanation as you take a step back from him.

“Yeah?” he inquires cockily. His eyes darken as lust takes over his body. He has been dying to get you home since lunch. “Go to my room, I want you naked on the bed by the time I get there” he says in a stern voice.

You had no idea where this sudden dominance had come from, but you couldn’t deny that you liked it. The thought of Calum having his way with you for the night, or even the weekend was soaking your underwear. 

You run up the stairs, almost tripping in your desperation to get to his room. You quickly pull off all of your clothes, discarding them in a heap on the floor. You take of your bra and panties and lie on the bed, opting to lie on your side so that you could see Calum when he made his appearance. 

The wait was agonising, you pressed your thighs together to try and get some much needed friction. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, Calum walks in. He was completely naked. You bit your lip at the glorious sight in front of you. Sure, you had seen Calum naked before, but you had never seen him stood in all his glory. The sight made you crave him more than ever.

Calum smiles at the sight of you naked on his bed. The lust filled look you were giving him went straight to his cock. He was already desperate for you and the look in your eyes that said ‘do bad things to me’ was not helping with his composure.

He saunters towards you, never breaking eye contact. He gently pushed your shoulder so that you’re lying on your back. He spreads your legs, settling between them so he kneels at the foot of the bed. 

“So you like my fingers?” he smirks as he recalls your admission at lunch. You can feel the blood rushing to your cheeks at the memory. 

Calum smirks at your embarrassment. You loved how confident Calum had become with you. He was still shy around everyone else, but when the two of you were alone, he felt that he could be himself without worrying about you thinking he was a loser.

Calum trails his hands up your thighs teasingly, he stopped before he got to where you needed him most. “You didn’t answer my question” he states as he strokes you thighs.

“Yes Calum I love your fingers” you groan in frustration.

Calum smiles and trails two fingers through your folds. You were thankful for finally getting some form of contact. He stops when he gets to your clit, pressing gently so that you squirm in pleasure. “Do you want my fingers baby?” he questions as he circles your clit teasingly. “Or would you rather have my tongue?” he smirks at you. 

He wraps his arms around your thighs and pulls your body so that your core is only centimetres from his face. He looks up at you before flicking his tongue against your clit.

You moan in pleasure, your hands instantly tangling themselves in his hair. You tug gently on it, making him groan against you. The vibrations making your head roll back in pleasure.

You look down at Calum, his dark eyes locked with yours. You couldn’t even describe how hot he looked in that moment. The look in his eyes was so innocent despite his actions being anything but. 

He moves one of his hands from your thighs and quickly thrusts two fingers into you. You moan as he curls them inside you. He sucks on your clit as he pounds his digits into you mercilessly.

“You gonna cum for me baby?” he whispers against you. You clench around him in response. You could feel Calum’s smirk against you. “Come on baby, I want to taste you” he whispers hotly. His words send you over the edge. You let go around his fingers. Calum moves his tongue to your entrance, wanting to desperately taste all you had to offer.

He looks up at you. His dark eyes lock with yours as he sensually crawls up your body so that his lips hover above yours. You lean up and kiss him, tasting yourself on his tongue. He reaches over towards his nightstand to grab a condom, his lips not leaving yours. 

He can’t quite reach so he pulls away slightly so that he can grab the foil packet. He leans back from you so that he is sat on his heels. He rolls the condom onto his length. 

“Hands and knees baby” he smirks at you. Calum had never taken you from behind before and the thought made you bite your lip in anticipation. You did as you were told. 

Calum smiled as you positioned yourself in front of him. He moved towards you, running the tip of his cock through your folds. He teased you, pushing into you so that only the tip was inside. 

You got fed up of his teasing and pushed your body back the rest of the way so that he was inside you fully. You both groaned at the feel of each other.

Calum grips your hips as he begins to thrust into you. The room was filled with moans and the sound of skin slapping against skin. He gripped your hips tightly as he moved your body against his. 

He wraps one arm around your shoulders and pulls your body so that your back is pressed against his chest. His hands caress your body, determined to touch every part of you. He moves his head to your shoulder, kissing and sucking on the skin as he continued to move in and out of you.

One hand moves down to rub your clit, he was determined to make you come undone. His other hand grips one of your breasts. He continues his assault on your neck, kissing and biting the skin, determined to leave his mark on you. 

Your head tilts to the side, giving him more access. The feeling that Calum was giving you was indescribable. You could feel yourself on the brink of orgasm. You could hear Calum’s low grunts as he tried to hold back his own release. 

You tipped over the edge, clenching around him as your body quivered uncontrollably. Calum finally let go, stilling inside you and releasing into the condom. He held you against him until you both come down from your highs.

Calum slowly pulls out and disposes of the condom. You collapse on his bed, breathless. Calum lied down next to you so that you were facing each other. You pushed away a strand of hair that was sticking to his sweaty forehead. 

“That was the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had” you sigh happily. Calum tried to brush it off but he couldn’t help the large grin that appeared on his face at your admission. 

“Well catch your breath baby, we’ve got the whole weekend to try and beat it” he smirks.

“You horny little shit” you smile at him.

“Can you blame me?” he looks at you innocently. “I finally have the girl of my dreams in my bed. I am going to take you on every surface in this room” he adds darkly. The thought was already making you wet again, but you were still tired from your previous activities. 

“While I love the sound of you fucking me against the wall…” you begin, biting your bottom lip. Calum looks at you darkly, wanting nothing more than to pin you against the wall. “Can we order pizza first? I’m starving” you ask innocently. Calum chuckles, his lustful expression replaced with his adorable smile.

That’s what you loved about Calum. He could bring you to your knees with an earth shattering orgasm, but he was still that adorable boy that you had admired for so long.


luke comes home to find you asleep on the couch in a sports bra and a pair of his sweatpants, and he’s always found it super hot when you wore his clothes, and this time was no different, and it was only amplified by the fact that you only had on a sports bra with it. he walks over to where you are laying and saw that the ends of the pants go way past your feet so he pulls on the loose ends of the pants and they slide right off without even waking you up. when he notices you’re not wearing any underwear he groans and then proceeds to kiss up your legs until he reaches your center and takes one long, slow, lick, causing you to wake up just in time to see him smirking up at you, “so now you’re not only stealing my sweatpants, but going commando in them as well,” he paused before speaking again, “guess we’re just going to have to punish you for that.”

The Culinary Arts

Request: 008 please where Remus tries to cook for his girlfriend (the reader of course) and he totally sucks and yeah?


Remus John Lupin, being the amazing boyfriend that he was, always knew whenever you were feeling down. He would go out of his way to cheer you up, in fact once he had even gotten you a puppy (which the two of you had dubbed as Salad), even though he was more of a cat person, but for him it was all worth it to see you smile. 

But sometimes he had no clue where to draw the line and just stop.

Remus Lupin was many things; a boyfriend, a werewolf, a Marauder, insanely smart, a great artist, a lover of books, the biggest dork on the planet, but by no means was he a cook. 

He knew that work was stressing you out, having come home everyday only to plop yourself in bed, too tired to even take off your bra. And after an hour or so, when you could actually do stuff, the two of you normally had to go to Order meetings. You always had a one hour window of free time together, which you spent walking Salad and eating the leftover takeout in your fridge, all while watching the next episode of Buffy or Firefly, (Joss Whedon had wormed his way into both of your hearts), sometimes watching other shows. (You guys definitely did not watch binge-watch all of Avatar: Last Airbender, and definitely did not dress up as Katara and Aang, with Sirius being Zuko and James being Sokka).  

So, Remus being the amazing boyfriend that he was, decided to do one of the most domestic things ever (cause let’s face it, this boy is a sucker for the domestic parts of a relationship), cook. He knew that Friday there was no Order meeting, and neither of you had to get up early the next day, so he decided to go all out; roses, scented candles, fancy tablecloth, soft romantic music, and weirdly folded napkins, which were a declaration of love, apparently. 

So far, everything was alright; the table looked nice, the music was dance-able (not that Remus would know, because he definitely was not dancing as he cooked), and he had managed to not overcook the pasta he was making. He set the pot in the center of the table, looking around the cabinets for wineglasses and a bottle of wine or champagne. As he found the wineglasses and a bottle of sparkling cider, deciding it was good enough, and put it on the table, he started to smell burning.

In that instance, Remus realized that he fucked up. He slowly turned around to face the oven, to see bellows of smoke exiting it. He immediately unfroze, and, swore loudly, opening the oven up, reaching in, before realizing that he forgot the ovenmitts, and started running around the kitchen trying to figure out where the hell he had left them. The commotion in the kitchen, made Salad run in, running after Remus, thinking it was a game and jumping all over the place, once he managed to find the oven mits pulling out the charred lasagna, but apparently, too late because the sprinklers went off, causing Salad to jump up more, once shaking the table too much that the pot of pasta fell down, the pieces of tortellini falling to the ground.

“SHIT!” You heard, Remus swear loudly from the kitchen as you entered your shared flat, taking off your shoes and your coat before walking into the kitchen to see the sprinklers going off, a table with candles and a bottle of something fancy, Remus holding a charred object, which resembled coal to you, little pieces of tortellini on the floor, and Salad looking innocent jumping up and down, yipping happily when she saw you, before running up and jumping up on you.

You started laughing, causing, Remus to look up at you, a sheepish smile on his face. “What happened?” You asked, entering the room, while Remus placed the burned tray in the trash (there was no way you were going to be able to save it anyway).

He looked back at you, rubbing his neck, before talking. “I, um, I knew work was stressing you out, so, um, I tried to cook you dinner?” He said, his voice squeaking at the end, as he smiled awkwardly and shrugged his shoulders, while extending his arms to either side of him, motioning at the mess.

You started laughing at your poor boyfriend, because he looked so goddamn adorable, and because this was a situation that was just so like Remus. You were laughing as you cupped his cheeks, pulling him down to look at you, “I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck,” before pulling him into a kiss, still laughing. He started to laugh into the kiss as well, your happiness being infectious.

And so, the two of you enjoyed your fancy dinner of take-out, curled up on the couch watching reruns with Salad sitting inbetween the two of you, stealing food from the both of you.

Love Thy Neighbor | Calum Hood

  A/N: I just wanted to include a little something, I’m not writing this series to exclude any body type, shape, or size because everyone’s bodies should be accepted and celebrated. So I am very sorry if this in any way excludes anyone, that is not my intention. If there’s anything you’d like to read please leave a request in my asks and I will try my best to do it justice. I’m sorry this took so long. I’ve rewritten this like five times and I’ve had a rough couple of weeks but I hope you guys like it! This is the first of my plus size series.

Summary: Calum shows Y/N some neighborly hospitality despite her more than embarrassing first impression.

Warning: Smut and swearing.

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Show Me - Jin X Reader

@iateyourcookiexd asked:
Hi! ^ω^ I love your page and I was wondering if you could do a scenario where Jin is really adorable and sweet in public but is actually rough and sexy in private when it’s just Y/N and him.. Thank chu <3 X

A/N: Hi! So I actually really loved your request asdfghjkl but the reason it took so long was because I had no idea how to write this ;-; So hopefully you like it ^^

Genre: Romance / Fluff / Semi-Smut

Word Count: 1683

“Jin?” you called out to the empty hallway when you heard a click of the door. It was roughly around 2am. You were supposed to be sleeping, but you always wanted to make sure Jin came home safe, making sure he had enough to eat before going to bed. He opened up the door as quietly as he could, only to turn around and jump at the sight of you standing there, “Y/N! JEEZ YOU SCARED ME!”
You laughed to yourself as you waited for him to take off his jacket and his shoes, “And what are you doing up? You’re supposed to be sleeping” He frowned at you. Jin always took care of you, in return for being so caring towards him. He made sure you were getting enough sleep, meeting your daily nutrition, and getting regular amounts of exercise, or, just going outside of the house in general. The last thing he wanted was for you to get sick while he was away on tour, because that would mean he would have to endure the pain of not being able to be in your presence to take care of you.
“I was waiting for you” You smile cheekily. He sighs before pulling you into a hug, “You know you don’t have too, right? I was going to just jump into bed with you and hold you tightly there, you didn’t have to stay up for me, princess”
You only snuggle into him more, “Of course I did, but I have to admit, I was just about to doze off before you opened the door”
“Dammit. I’m sorry, I should have waited a bit before coming inside” he kissed you lightly on the forehead. The both of you walked as he hugged you, taking penguin-like steps into the bedroom. He lifted you up in a bridal style and laid you down on the bed, pulling the blanket over you as you snuggled into the soft pillow. He planted a kiss on your forehead before heading into the bathroom to change and wash up. He joined you after a few minutes, pulling you into his embrace, “Princess?”
you hummed in response as you hid your head into the groove of his neck. “I have the day off tomorrow; we can finally go out on an actual date” You smiled consensually as he stroked your hair.


Jin woke you up with sweet kisses all over your face, hands, body, and basically every visible piece of skin he could find. You moaned awake in response, “Jin? What are you doing?” You smile, trying to push him off. You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, but he only pulled you in closer. He left rough kisses on your neck, making you moan in pleasure.
“If you do that princess, I won’t be able to stop myself” he smirked. You had missed this side of Jin, his rough side. He had always been too tired from practice to initiate anything, and coming home at extremely late times did not help.
You moaned again, Jin smiled at you, knowing that this was what you wanted. He gave quick kisses around your neck and working his way down as his hand trailed up your shirt, “No bra?” he smiled. You only nodded, impatient for him to continue. He continued his hot trail of kisses down your chest and onto your stomach, which was where he stopped. He giggled to himself and you looked at him confused, “Someone’s hungry” he smiled, getting off of you. You whine at the loss, but he only smiles, holding out his hand to help you up. You stare at his hand for a while before placing yours on top, pouting.
“You’re so cute” He smiled, squishing your face and kissing your cheeks, “Don’t fret princess, we can continue as soon as you get some food into your system. What do you want to eat?”
“Hmm…” You walked up to him, leaning close in and rubbing slow circles on his chest. He swallowed at your actions, you’ve never been like this before, “Where did this attitude come from? You never teased me before” he took your hand in his, “oh, I don’t know. I may have picked up a few things while you were away” You whisper hotly into his ear, making him mewl. You slid your hand off his chest and you walked out of the room, glancing over at him. He looked straight into your eyes, following you like a lost puppy.
“I’m in the mood for anything, Jin” you smile as you take out a pan and a few ingredients in the fridge. He walks up behind you and moves you out of the way, taking your place, “Let me cook, princess. I haven’t been here to cook for you for the longest time. I haven’t been able to cook at the dorm for a while, I’m afraid I might have lost my touch” he chuckles to himself. You embrace him from behind, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, “I don’t think you could ever lose your touch in cooking. You’re a natural”
“Thank you”
He whipped up something quick, French toast. You munched it all down as Jin watched you, only smiling, “You’re a foodie and I love that about you” he points out. You look up at him and blush, “Is that the only reason why?” You ask, knowing his answer
“Of course not. You’re beautiful, talented, and everything I could have ever wanted”
You only smile, “So, where are we going today?” It’s been a while since you last asked him that. He was away for far too long, but you loved how those words just rolled off of your tongue.
“Well, we can go anywhere you want. I don’t really have anything planned except for..” He took a moment to clear his throat, “at night” he smirked at you as crimson rose to your cheeks. You quickly hid your face, getting up to put the dishes away. He follows with a “you’re so cute” as he stands up to clean the dirty plates and utensils.


You and Jin were wandering outside, strolling through town hand in hand. You stopped to window shop at several places, dragging Jin with you as he let out an exasperated sigh almost every time.
Jin sat outside of the store on a nearby bench as he waited for you. Not wanting to go into a lingerie shop with you. It’s not that he was embarrassed, he just didn’t want to go to far as to choose what you should wear. He tapped his foot on the ground as if listening to the beat of music. He bobbed his head and sang to himself a bit. Several young ladies, and older ones noticed him, whispering about how handsome he is, but Jin didn’t seem to notice. A Mother sat down beside him, baby in her arms. He looked at the baby and found it staring at him. He made faces, trying to make the baby smile and laugh, and it worked. The mother noticed his doing and smiled at the man sitting beside her, “She has been crying all day” the mother spoke. Jin looked away from the baby to look at the voice that he presumed was talking to him, “You’re the first person that has made her laugh today” she said as she bounced the baby up and down, pressing her finger into the child’s cheek and kissing it. Jin smiled, “well, she’s beautiful when she smiles. Even without the teeth” he said, making the both of them chuckle.
You came out of the store, purchase in hand as you walked towards Jin. He was talking to someone. You approached him from behind, covering his eyes with your hands, “guess who”
“Princess, please, your voice isn’t something I can forget” he smiled. You giggled as you let go.
“Who is this?” The lady asked, her baby now asleep, “This is y/n, my girlfriend” Jin spoke before you could open your mouth. He stood up beside you and grabbed your hand, kissing it. The lady smiled at you two, “You’re very beautiful” she says, directing her attention to you
“T-Thank you”
“You’re such a cute couple, still in the lovebird mode. How long have you guys been dating?”
You and Jin look at each other before speaking, “Roughly 2 years” you said in unison, only to look at each other again and laugh.
“Well, I hope you have the best life, he’s definitely a keeper” she winked at you. You only smiled back, “I Know”
“And you” she said, looking back at Jin, “Take care of your woman. Don’t leave her stranded there with her kid, okay? Basically, don’t be my husband” She laughed. Evidently, her husband came back, “June!” The man came rushing towards her, “Are you okay? Is the baby okay? Do you need anything? I’m sorry for taking so long”
You poked Jin and whispered to him, “That’ll totally be you as a dad" you giggled as Jin playfully hit your arm, “so that means I’ll be a dad, huh? We’re moving quite fast here princess” he smiles and you can only blush.
“Well, we have to go” June interrupted, “Thank you so much for helping me”
“Of course” Jin spoke. You watched the family go off, holding hands and still smiling at each other as if they were still 18 on the inside, feeling that “true love” vibe from them. You rested your head on Jin’s shoulder, “They seem nice” you say, his grip tightening on your hand, “Yeah, I hope we’ll be able to have a family like that soon” he faced you, taking your other hand in his so he would be holding both, “And I hope we’ll be just as happy as they are, still looking at each other as if we had just met for the first time and it was love at first sight”
“You’re so cheesy”
“But you love it”
“True, I love you”
“I Love you too princess”

~Admin Luna

I Use A Bra? - Teen Wolf (Lydia Martin)

Anonymous said: Female reader getting stuck in Lydia’s closet while hiding from Lydia’s parents, who don’t know about female reader and Lydia dating. Bonus: Jackson is stuck under the bed.

You met Lydia’s shocked eyes as you both heard the front door open and close and her mother coming into the house downstairs. 

«Shit.» Lydia cursed under her breath.

You both bolted up from your position on the bed, you helping Lydia find her clothes as you made your way over to the closet, your own clothes in hand, your bra being showed under the bed in the process. 

You heard Lydia’s mom down in the kitchen, rummaging through the cupboards, as the door to Lydia’s room opened, Jackson silently closing it behind him, just as you pulled your sweater over your head.

 «I thought you said she wouldn’t be home for another hour?!» Jackson whisper yelled at Lydia.

«Yeah, I thought so. But here she is.» She whisper yelled back, only to freeze at the end of her sentence, as you all heard Lydia’s mom coming up the stairs.

«Lydia? Honey? You there?» Lydia’s mom called out. 

You quickly slipped into the closet, as you saw jackson slip under the bed. 

Lydia’s mom came into the room, seeing her daughter sitting on her bed, reading a book. 

«Hi, honey. Want anything to eat? I just bought some fresh fruit.» Her mother cheered, as she took a step into the room. 

«Yeah mom, that sounds amazing.» Lydia replied back, her voice slightly high pitched. 

Her mother was about to turn and walk out of the room when she stopped dead in her tracks. She was eyeing Lydia’s closet where you were hiding. 

You held your breath, not moving an inch. She walked closer to the closet, watching is closely. 

Just as she was about to reach out for the closet and open it, Jackson made a sound from under the bed. On purpose of course. It was better for him to be seen than you, since her parents didn’t know about you and Lydia’s relationship yet. Her mother quickly spun around, first looking at Lydia, then to under her bed where she could see Jackson’s arm slightly. 

Lydia bit her lip, knowing her mother would at least figure out one of you. 

«Who’s under your bed, Lydia?» Her mother asked, looking sternly at Lydia. 

«I’m afraid that would be me, Mrs Martin.» Jackson’s head came into view under the bed, a grin plastered on his face. He pushed himself out from under the bed, standing in front of Lydia’s bed in a second. 

«I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been here at this hour. It’s time for me to go home.» Jackson quickly said, starting to walk towards the door, Lydia’s mom still looking down towards under the bed. 

All of a sudden her brows furrowed as she bent down to pick up something from the floor. 

«Where did this one come from, Lydia?» Her mom asked, looking over at her daughter, holding up your bra. Mother and daughter were very close, and yes, her mother did know which bra was her daughter’s. And which size she wore, as yours was a bit larger.

 «Ehm…» Lydia trailed off, not knowing what to say. Her mother raised a brow at Lydia, then looking over at Jackson who stood there with a cheeky smile on his face, obviously having a solution to the situation, as he said. 

«I use a bra?» 


cat and mouse | naruto

prompt: AU. Punk Naruto is frequently in trouble and the police are familiar with him. Hinata’s parents are cops. But he really likes her so …

pairing: Naruto | Hinata

notes: Sorry I haven’t been writing too many fics lately, I’m on kind of a hiatus. School work is drowning me, so here’s a present. (Okay, so I didn’t do exactly what the prompt was suggesting, can’t win ‘em all.)

notess: There’s also a small amount of touchy-feely in this one. Just a warning. 

He always ran from him. As fast as he could. As long as he could. And somehow he always managed to get away from Hiashi Hyuuga’s grasp. The old man was always two steps behind, never close enough or just too late. It was almost like a game of cat and mouse. But the cheese he was stealing was far better. It was the finest brand he had ever tasted. 

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Fic Prompt: Start cuddling with the intention of going further, but someone falls asleep on accident and the other person doesn’t have the heart to wake them.

“This day couldn’t have been any longer,” Felicity says as she drops her heels beside the bedroom door and pads over to the bed. Oliver lays there, shirtless as always, his eyes looking up from whatever he’s writing in his journal. He smiles at her, warmth radiating from his gaze. It’s not long before she drops into bed beside him, face first into the comforter.

The journal gets put aside on the nightstand as Oliver rolls onto his side to face her. “Tired?” he asks, voice husky with exhaustion as well.

It hasn’t been a good day for either of them. The constant battle with the Palmer Tech board of directors keeps Felicity busy most days while Oliver’s battle with the criminals keeps him occupied most nights. They have precious time together ever since their return to Star City, and while they try to make the most of it, sometimes they’re just too tired.

“Yeah,” Felicity mumbles from the covers. She’s too tired to even lift her head at this point, but she tries anyway, managing to move it just enough so she can see Oliver through one lens of her glasses.

“C'mere,” he whispers, opening his arms.

“No, you c'mere,” she grumbles. “Too tired.”

His breathy chuckle is all she hears as he moves closer, the bed dipping deeper against her side until she feels his arms slide around her. Drawn into the warmth of his embrace, Felicity sighs deeply. She loves cuddling with Oliver, loves it when he wraps himself around her. His arms feel like home, no matter where they are.

When his fingers start to rub up and down her spine, she moans. “Feels so good,” Felicity murmurs, her nose nuzzling the crook of his neck. If she wasn’t so tired, her clothes would be coming off right now. Fortunately, she has a fantastic boyfriend who knows almost instinctively what she needs. And when Oliver’s fingers tug the hem of her shirt out of the black trousers she wore to work that day, her body relaxes into him.

They glide up her spine, deft fingers unhooking her bra before sliding back down to grab the cotton material and lift it over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up. “You’re too good to me,” Felicity sighs when he rolls her onto her back and begins to work on her pants.

Oliver rarely gets the opportunity to undress his girlfriend anymore. Those days of ripping each other’s clothes off in the middle of a hotel room or a rented villa are all but gone. Now things are much gentler. With Felicity looking a little worse for wear than he does that evening, he goes slow, taking his time easing her shirt over her head and letting it fall to the floor on his side of the bed.

When he sees her bare, warm skin glow in the single lamp lighting up the room from his nightstand, he can’t help himself. His lips descend upon her neck, peppering it with feather-light kisses. Felicity sighs deeply, her eyes fluttering shut as her hands reach up into his hair. Taking it as a sign to continue, Oliver’s lips travel down the soft, pale column of flesh until he reaches her clavicle. It, too, gets the delicate kiss treatment before he goes even lower.

When his lips wrap around one of her nipples, Felicity hums her approval. He suckles it for a few moments before switching to the other one while his hands wander lower, reaching the hem of her pants. They pop the button open before sliding the zipper down. She’s wearing simple cotton panties beneath. Oliver can feel them as his mouth continues down her abdomen, kissing a path to her belly button. He stops to pull her pants and underwear down her supple legs before continuing down his path until he reaches her apex.

Oliver gazes up at his girlfriend just as his lips press against the inside of her thighs where he knows she enjoys feeling his scruff scrape over the tender skin. Her hand has gone slack in his hair, resting on top of his head, and he can see why. Her eyes are shut, mouth open slightly, chest rising and falling slowly in deep slumber.

Sighing in defeat, Oliver sits up, grabbing the comforter and gently throwing it over her naked body. He doesn’t have the heart to continue no matter how badly he wants to. His hand will get him through the night, so he heads to the bathroom to take care of the situation in his sweats before returning to their bed.

As he slides in beside Felicity, he hears her let out a gentle snore and smiles. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. His arms wrap around her, pulling into the expanse of his chest before he nestles his face into the crook of her neck. It doesn’t matter that she was too tired to make love that night. This, cuddling up beside her and sleeping in her comforting arms, this is all Oliver needs.

His hand slides down her arm, fingers twining with hers before he, too, falls into a deep sleep.

dating calum would include... [sexual version!]

warning: smut


- you both are sexual af but you both are good at hiding it
- him squeezing your butt in public so everyone knows that it’s his
- you sneakily putting your hand on his thigh and inching closer to his dick every few minutes
- him grabbing your hand when you got a little too close
- “baby please don’t do this right now, we’re in public”
“this is what you get for squeezing my butt earlier”
“it’s not my fault your ass looks great in those jeans”
- him always putting his hand in your back pocket whenever you guys would walk together
- you both coming home and calum kissing you hard
- your make out sessions always turn out heated
- you both know where each other’s sweet spot is
- “you’re mine, and i want people to know that”
“cal, i have work tomorrow”
- he never let go of your body unless it was to take your clothes off, he always wants you close
- “is that a new bra?”
“yeah, i just got it a few days ago”
“it looks great, but it’d look better on the floor”
- deeP MOANS
- “fuck, babygirl”
- you trying to keep quiet because the neighbors
- “it’s okay baby, scream for me, i want the neighbors to know my name”
- you gripping at his hair which you know he likes
- calum lowkey has a pain kink
- he always lets you come first
- always cuddling when you both finish

Austin Carlile: Eager Eyes

Request: Hai I would like to request an Austin carlile smut imagine where he comes home and you are just walking/dancing around in your underwear and bra and then he can’t take it so he just rips your undergarments off and then just fluff at the end please and thank you


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Touch Me Here- Jack Gilinsky



           “You’re such a pussy,” Jack said to me as he walked into the family holding my coffee, finding me laid out on his couch while watching my favorite movie.

           “What, because I’m not feeling well?” I asked him as I sat up somewhat, giving him room to sit down and gladly accepting the coffee he made me.

           “Yeah,” Jack answered nonchalantly  and throwing his arm around me. “What’re we watching?”

           I felt somewhat bad that I had forced him to stick with me while I had a massive headache so I gave him the remote, “You can pick,” I told him and brought my knees to my chest while sipping the coffee.

           “What were you watching?” Jack asked then looked at the tv to see what I was watching, “But it’s your favorite movie,”

           “But you’re letting me crash here, so you might as well pick what were watching,” I told him and shrugged.

           “Y/N, it’s not like getting high with the guys is big plans, I can sit here and watch it with you.” Jack stated and placed remote on the coffee table next to the couch, he pulled the lever that allowed the feet to come up on the couch and he got comfortable before pulling my back into his side, “Might as well cuddle while we’re at it, right?”

           I hid my smile behind the rim of the cup before relaxing against him, shivering when his cold fingertips came in contact with the back of my hand that was holding my cup up to my face. “Might as well,” I agreed and felt my cheeks heat up when he leaned down to press a comforting kiss to my shoulder. And that’s how we stayed for the rest of the movie, my back pressed to his side, his arm around my shoulders, a hand moving from touching my arm to running across my nearly bare chest when I rested my head back against the crook in his neck. This was normal for us, I’ve been best friends with Jack for 8 years; the type of friendship where he knew me like the back of his hand, others convinced we were long lost siblings because it was like he had a sixth sense for when something was wrong with me.

           The only problem was, is that I’m completely in love with him.

           It was so cliché and typical; girl falls for her hot best friend but girl is sure he doesn’t see her like that. I hated cliché, probably because I read so many romance books that when it happens in my life I feel like I’m a walking cliché that deserves to be written about. Plus why would my life end up being a real life book? Stuff like that didn’t happen to me, I never got the guy, and I was sure that Jack didn’t feel the same about me.

           I brought my head up to take the last sip of my coffee and leaned across Jack to place the cup on the table, his hand coming down to rest on the side of my bum but then coming up so I could get comfortable again, I rested my head back on the crook of his neck and brought my legs up again. The only problem with this is that his fingers became lighter on my chest and I could feel my nipples tightening, plus I only had a thin bra on and a flimsy v-neck so Jack had a clear view on what his fingertips were doing to me. I felt Jack take a deep breath next to me and he tensed slightly, and right then I knew he saw what he had done because his fingers also stopped their dance against my skin, he moved slightly and out of the corner of my eye I saw his phone screen light up with a text from Madison, a girl I knew he was hanging around with but he hadn’t told me if he hooked up with her yet.

           Without making it obvious I moved my eyes slightly to see her text, expecting it to ask to see him, but instead it said something like ‘Did you do it?’

           Ignoring my confusion I rolled my head to look at him, “You never told me if you were hooking up with Madison,”

           “Because I’m not,” Jack answered swiftly and closed his phone, taking his brown eyes and looking at me.

           “Why not? She’s pretty,” I said to him, believe it or not I’m kind of like his wing girl even though it killed me seeing him with other girls.

           “Just because,” Jack answered, moving his shoulders.

           “Because why?” I asked him, moving so I could look at him better.

           “Y/N,” Jack said slowly, his warning for my to shut my trap.

           “Ok,” I said then got up, “I’m going to head to bed,”

           Jack’s head dipped back, “Come on, Y/N,”

           “I’m tired, Jack. This headache kills right now,”

           “You’re not leaving because I wont tell you?” Jack asked carefully.

           “Yeah, it sucks that my best friend won’t give me a real reason, but you don’t have too.” I told him then turned around and headed for the spare bedroom, where I slept when I crashed at his place. His parents weren’t home, and nor were his sisters so I peeled my shirt and bra off, I doubt Jack would come in and check on me anyways, he rarely did.

Jack’s POV-

           Three hours after Y/N went up to bed I got off of the bed and grabbed her used cup and brought it into the kitchen, I still hadn’t texted Madison back and I knew she would be pissed with my answer, but I didn’t care. I shut off the lights in the kitchen and flicked the lock on the door before I headed upstairs, moving towards the spare bedroom, which should just be Y/N’s room because she came here so often, she began leaving clothes in that room 3 years ago and it made me smile when I found a sweatshirt of mine stashed in there with her perfume all over it. I opened the door slowly and nearly banged my head against the doorframe when I found Y/N naked  in the bed, knees bent, nipples hard and hand reaching down between her legs, her wet pussy staring at me.

           “Yes,” Y/N breathed, her eyes closed but her chest rising and falling quickly. She was still asleep, but she was having a sex dream.

           I couldn’t move, my legs wouldn’t work. I should walk away, I should turn around and let Y/N be, the dream probably wasn’t even meant for me. I mean, Jack had been flirting with her lately, but then again I remembered the way her nipples hardened under my fingertips from just brushing along her skin. At that thought my eyes left her dreaming face down to her nipples, which were hard and asking for me to bite into them.

           “Jack,” She moaned and I watched in amazement and shock as her fingers went to the wet skin of her pussy, I nearly moaned at the sight of one of her fingers disappearing into her slit, the heel of her palm rubbing against her clit. She moaned again as she pulled her finger out of her slit, but then adding another finger. Her back bowed off the bed as her dream continued.

           “Shit,” I whispered, my hand going to my hard dick. I gripped it through my jeans and squeezed, I needed to leave but the sight of Y/N getting off, moaning my name and dreaming about me made my legs lock in place. Y/N continued to finger fuck her and I decided to take off my shirt, and pull off my jeans, I might as well help her get off. While she was still dreaming I slowly got onto the bed and pushed her hand away, I laid on my stomach and licked from her slit to her clit. I moaned against her as her juices slid against my tongue and into my mouth, she tasted just like I fucking dreamed.

           “Jack, please,” She moaned as my tongue flicked against her clit, I watched as her eyes fluttered open and she stared down at me in shock. “Jack!” She gasped and leaned up on her elbows, sleeping still in her face, she tried to pull away but I wrapped my arm around her waist to hold her down on the bed and then sucked on her clit. I watched as she relaxed, her mouth dropping open. I sucked harder, causing her arms to buckle and her to slam her back into the bed.

           She moaned out, her fingers running through my hair and latching on, causing me to groan against her sweet pussy. I kept my eyes on her and felt my dick twitch at the sight of her boobs bouncing up and down at the rapid breaths she was taking, I took one of my hands and grabbed onto her boob, my thumb brushing against her hardened nipple before rolling it between my fingers.

           “I’m so close,” She breathed and I ran my tongue around her slit before dipping it inside her hole and taking a couple licks. Her back arched off the bed and I began to suck on her clit again, hard. I sucked her clit through her high and moaned when she gripped my hair harder. “Fuuck, Jack!” She nearly yelled.

           When she finished I gave her a couple more licks, feeling her thighs jump next to my ears. As I moved up her body I pulled off my boxers and laid on top of her, she wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled my lips down to hers, her tongue brushed along my lips before she sucked my tongue into her mouth, tasting herself on me. Without me realizing it, she had raised she legs up my waist and rolled us over so she was straddling me, she let my lips go and she sat up, her hands on my chest.

           “You gon’ ride me, baby?” I asked her, slapping her ass and then squeezing the spot I just smacked.

           Y/N rolled her perfect hips, getting my dick slick her with juices. I moaned and watched as she reached down and brushed my tip against her slit, the good thing about knowing her like the back of my hand was the fact I knew she took birth control. Y/N sank down on my length and we both moaned when her clit touched my pelvic bone, “Shit, Y/N,” I groaned as she brought herself up then sank back down again, more quickly this time.

           Y/N did it again and then leaned down, bringing her lips to just brush against mine, “Aren’t you gonna ask me what I was dreaming about?” She whispered into my mouth as my hips thrust up into her, meeting her own rhythm.

           “Tell me, baby girl.” I groaned and squeezed her round ass.

           “You wrapped your fingers into my hair as I wrapped my lips around your dick, sucking so hard.” She said, and I swear I stopped breathing. “You fucked my mouth, just like you told me how you wanted too when you were drunk,” She moved her lips to my ear as she moved her hips quickly. “It was so hot, I began to finger myself. You couldn’t control yourself, I sucked until you were nearly coming inside my mouth, wanna know what happened next?” She asked and then sucked on my neck. I couldn’t stop my hips from moving up and down, meeting her thrusts, she was killing me.

           “Tell me, baby.” I moaned, I was close. Her walls were clenching down on me, her clit brushing against my skin, causing her to let out a yelp.

           Her hands reached up and gripped my hair, pulling my head back so she could suck on my neck, I loved this side of her. I loved her.

           “You pushed me into the wall, turned me around and took me from behind. Hard,” She explained.

           I wanted this to last so I rolled her over and got off of her, “Turn around and stick that pretty ass up, baby.”

           I watched as Y/N smirked and got on her knees, spreading her legs and pressing her top half into the bed, cheek up. I took both my hands and slapped her cheeks, listening to her yelp out in surprise, but then moaning when I parted her cheeks and gave her clit and quick suck. I slammed into her and gave a couple hard thrusts before I wrapped my hand in her hair and brought her up until her back was pressed to my chest, the sound of skin slapping and her quick gasps made my stomach churn with the release I had been seeking since I first walked in on her changing 5 years ago.

           “How’s this, baby-girl? Does this feel good?” I said into her ear, gripping her hair a bit tighter.

           “Fuck, yes, Jack.” She moaned, her hand reaching around to dig her nails into my ass.

           “Yeah? You close?” I moaned and then brought my free hand down to rub fast and harsh circles on her clit.

           She let out a cry and felt her clench around me, before her walls began to spasm around me, pulling me into my own release. I fucked her faster through our orgasms and continued to rub fast circles on her clit, even after her orgasm until I finished. The second I released her hair she fell forward onto the bed, I fell next to her, an arm around her waist.

           We didn’t talk for a couple minutes, my body was still shaking slightly from the orgasm she had just gave me, we were both breathing quickly and trying to breath normally again. “Jesus Christ,” I heard Y/N mumble and I smiled.

           Y/N moved to look at me slowly and I brushed a piece of hair out of her face, “I wasn’t too harsh on you, was I?” I asked her quietly and she shook her head. I smiled and leaned in to capture her lips, “I think I love you, Y/N,” I whispered to her after I pulled away.

           “Don’t mix up lust with love, Jack,” Y/N said and reached to pull the covers over her, I could hear doubt in her voice so I sat up and kissed her back.

           “I know the difference between lust and love, Y/N, and I’ve been in love with you for 6 years.” I whispered against her skin, smiling at the goose bumps that rose on her skin.

           She turned her head and I smiled, pressing a kiss to the corner of her mouth. “Tell me you feel it too, Y/N,” I whispered.

           “Jack,” Y/N whispered, her hand touching my arm that was keeping her face in place.

           I brought us to lay back in my, her on her back my arm around her shoulders as I leaned over her. “I love you,” I mumbled and bite onto her bottom lip.