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louis is just……… rly in love with harry. like nothing happened i was just thinking about it and he’s really in love with his boy & i think that’s nice i support their happiness, and their big family home with 2 dogs and a cat thank u

also you know what else. harry rly loves louis & that’s so cute bc everything they do is for their happiness, and for each other and that’s so gross uhh i love crying over them and their love please join me i’m [snoop dogg voice] having a blast

the first thought after discovering the solarpunk : that’s so nice! i want to live like that!!

second thought, that came immediately after seeing solarpunk city concept art : ANTS!!!! GETTING!!!! FUCKING!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!!!

It’s been a rough few weeks but I wanted to say a huge thank you to @pigeoncomics for brightening my day with this. These are stylistically some of the most beautiful diamond dove illustrations I’ve ever seen, and the color accuracy is extra special. Of course I love the giant chubby Miu too. @pigeoncomics is taking commissions and they’re well worth the price! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this ❤️

And the other option for a world in which Kel “fails” her probationary year, of course, is that the very moment Wyldon expels Keladry, Alanna gallops into the scene, grabs Kel by the collar of her page uniform, tosses her on the back of her horse, and thunders off into the sunset, shouting, “If you won’t teach her then I goddamn will.”

And Kel and Alanna travel the world, saving people in distress and adopting stray dogs and slaying legendary monsters and sending useful intel home to George.

They sail to the Yamani Islands to meet up with Kel’s family, and to Pirate’s Swoop to see Alanna’s kids, and they refuse to set foot in the Tortallan capital again until both Jon and Wyldon write formal letters of apology (they don’t, but Thayet sends Alanna earrings and toys for the kids). They see a lot of the backwoods of Tortall, though, and hang out with Raoul and Buri, because there is always evil that needs killing and people who need defending.

They show up on the front during the war with Scanra. When Kel goes after the refugees, into Scanran territory, it is not the first time she has been there. She is defying no orders, and she has the Lioness at her back. She has always had the Lioness at her back. She has walked the realm– and its neighbors, in the years that Alanna had been angrier or twitchier. She has made her own nightmares and she has lived through them.

She has a shield. She painted it herself, gave it to herself years into this life, high in a rock quarry in Maren while Alanna snored beside her– paired blue and cream rings– a distaff border, the mark of a lady knight.


                                     ~ updated picture of my desk ~

 I am happy to report that I now live in a forrest of plant babies. I am officialy back at university so I’ve been spending lots of time here.