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I’m beginning to warm up to the idea that a home is ever changing and it’s a feeling you create. Home is where the people you love are. I travel to meet my loved ones in foreign countries, I am home. I see someone I haven’t seen in years in a store, we catch up, I am home. A home is not complete if the place you are in is not filled with love.


i’m really proud of this video! it’s very aesthetic and very spirk 

i was in a very good place while editing it since star trek makes me feel very good about life in general, it’s so pure ?? hope u liek !! !

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At fourteen, I’d been left on my own.  Literally. When the authorities made the choice to detain my parents, no one bothers to check that a young girl, a minor, a citizen of this country, would be left without a family.  Without a home.  Without a way forward.

In the Country We Love, Diane Guerrero

What Happens to a Child After a Parent is Deported?

Reading this memoir by Diane Guererro has been difficult.  Not because I didn’t know that adults were deported everyday, but because I had never heard the story from a child’s perspective.  This book is eye-opening and I really think, as educators, everyone should read it.  A lot of our students are dealing with the fear of deportation, but that fear means that they do not want to talk about the situation. It is our job to open those lines of communication.

A man is a leader and Imam in his home. Upon him are similar responsibilities to that of the ruler of a country. He teaches the people of his home, orders them with what Allah has obligated upon them as well as looking after their condition and providing them with what they need.

Likewise the good and just leader listens to the concerns of those under his care and even though he is the final say and that is the right given to him by Allah, the just ruler is diplomatic and if there is a way to achieve the ultimate goal of pleasing Allah while keeping those under his care happy then he should do so.

The role of a husband is not light nor is it a license for a man to do as he pleases and not worry about how this affects his family. The du'a of the oppressed is answers and if a man whether he has one or four wives thinks Allah will not punish him for his oppression then that is sufficient to say he is a fool.

May Allah make us upright men upon the Quran and Sunnah

My dear beloved immigrants;

If you have a moment, I would love to hear your responses to the following questions. Take your time with the questions, and if you don’t feel comfortable answering a questions, simply go on to the next.

Email your responses to: leviolynn@gmail.com

The Questions:

Before you even left, to this new country, you probably had a vision, a dream, or an idea what your life was going to be like there, what was yours?

Has your vision/dream changed?

Has your view of your home country changed, since moving?

Where is home to you? And how would you define home?

What has been the biggest challenge for you as an immigrant?

What has being an immigrant taught you?

Recently, there has been fear of immigrants entering countries like Canada, US and the UK. How do you make sense of this fear?

In one sentence or one word, define what being an immigrant means to you?

anonymous asked:

Why do white Latino think because they speak Spanish they are not white

Probably because they can be victims of xenophobia, (which is often racialized even when they themselves aren’t racialized in the same way as the black and Brown folks of their home countries are) and they equate xenophobia to racism.

And also #mestizo where everyone believes themselves to be mixed, and while some white/white passing might very well be mixed, their experience may be surrounded by the privilege of whiteness.

TBH? the events of the TOS movies are 1000x better when you remember that Kirk dragged Bones’ ass out of retirement. I feel like 85% of the time his inner monologue is “you know what i dont even give a fuck any more”
star trek IV: we’re gonna go back in time to pick up some fucking whales? why the fuck not. while we’re at it lemme potentially change the timeline of all recorded history by helping a lady. i’m here on borrowed time.
star trek VI: instead of worrying when jim is getting his ass kicked on rura penthe i’m just gonna cheer him on. this is all great, just how I wanted to spend my golden years. boy do i love me some assassination attempts. having a good time. what the fuc