home grown crystals

i’m trying to finally condense/cut down my rock collection and safely organize it in a super compact way

now that i finally have a system i like it’s going really well (and i’m finding stuff to sell which will help w $$) but a part of organizing & labeling them means that i’m digging up the listings i purchased them from and finding the locality and etc, which has been mostly straightforward…… except for some of the rocks i got from these god damn metaphysical shops online

i’m going back thru the listings from this one shop i bought from a lot and i’m just embarrassed i didn’t know enough back then (over a year ago) to like…. triple check what these listings were saying

one stone i got that wasn’t too cheap for a simple tumbled stone turned out to be just serpentine (it was supposedly mixed with a second mineral….. that does not even exist…. they made up a fake fuckin name) which is fine it’s a pretty stone and all (the serpentine family is very pretty) but falling for trade name serpentine under the guise of it being something fancier is such a classic scam!!!! that’s literally what healerite is and ppl have been rolling their eyes about it for years

another stone from the same shop was labeled “garnierite” but garnierite is typically in the serpentine group and nickel-based, whereas this stone has the look and feel of quartz. it can’t be nickel in quartz because that’s chrysoprase (i love chrysoprase) and it looks pretty much nothing like this… i don’t think the name “garnierite” is too terribly far off what the stone could be and it could certainly still be in a quartzite matrix but it’s frustrating bc if this wasn’t a bulk lot of generic tumbled stones and this were sold by a better seller with an actual knowledge of mineralogy i would know exactly what it was, where it came from, and i wouldn’t have wasted a half hour finding 200 things it could possibly ACTUALLY be since the listing was vague and inaccurate

and the thing that gets me is they make the listings seem so legit like they sound so knowledgeable and self-assured but then i google it and i’m like…. Wait A Fucking Minute

i stopped being keen on this shop after they sold alum crystal as quartz (alum crystals deteriorate over time and are virtually worthless, they have nowhere near the value of quartz and are completely man made and EXTREMELY fragile) which is another mistake i’ve made before when purchasing from a shop irl, but to see it just go unchecked online is kind of annoying lmao… people pay $100+ for what is literally home grown crystals you can make for arts and crafts and that start drying out after 6 months under the guise that it’s quartz, which is an actual mineral

ANYWAY…… i need to make an updated list of shops i like and a new buying guide sometime soon

my tastes have shifted a lot over the years, i’ve been really into specimen pieces and larger statement pieces instead of tumbled stones and aura quartz…. not that there’s anything wrong with those!!! i still love them. i think my tastes are just matúring

also collecting specimens can be a total fuckin rich man’s hobby but as long as you’re not looking for massive museum quality pieces it’s actually been more exciting and much less expensive than buying tumbled stones and stuff. most specimens i have are much less than 1 inch in size but still incredibly lovely

Anyone on witchblr tried making & using home-grown salt crystals in their craft?

I like the idea of nurturing your very own salty children over time and watching them grow & flourish.

And since they are your salt babies, you can infuse them with your own intent & energy, and/or add colour (food colouring!) to evoke a specific feeling. 

Thinking of giving this a shot tomorrow!