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anyone else think pirate radio was like the turning point for amity park teens regarding their attitude towards ghosts?

in the prior episode the casper high students were still p freaked out by the giant ghost mosquito (and who could blame them) but the regular ghost attacks after pirate radio shows a mostly diminished reaction from the students. for the most part, they’re more annoyed and inconvenienced than terrified of overt and aggressive ghosts.

maybe by this point the attacks are so common that they normalized it to their daily lives. or they realized that ghosts can be defeated - by them or by Phantom. maybe ghosts fell from “immortal, unstoppable sources of misfortune and destruction” to “fallible, random nuisance” in the eyes of the teens.

maybe jumpsuits weren’t the only thing that the pirate radio rescue team took home with them. maybe there’s a bunch of casper high students armed with fentonworks weapons, ready and waiting.

excerpt of a longer piece I’m working on, thought it could also sort of function as a tiny ficlet on its own:

He loves the way Shisui undresses him. Starting with his sandals, heavy on his gait after a long day, then his shin guards. The way he unbuckles them so dutifully, the same way some girls like to envision themselves greeting their husband every night someday, kneading a thumb gently around his calf muscle. 

Perhaps it’s just the sight of the other boy on his knees, head level with his thigh, that he relishes in. Itachi brushes that thought aside, staving off lewder images before they hue his cheeks with red (Not yet, he scolds himself; he’d rather enjoy the thoughtfulness of the moment). 

He loves it when Shisui removes his arm guards for him, pressing a kiss to each wrist before he undoes the clasp there and slides it off. Leaving his limbs with a sense of bareness in their wake. It makes him wonder if Shisui feels his pulse quicken through his lips; if the other can feel him melt.

fynneyseas  asked:

Hi! You reblogged my picture of Tater with kittens, and tagged it with GIVE TATER A CAT, and other such beautiful things. I wanted to thank you, because honestly that was the purest addition to that post I've seen yet. Tater definitely has a cat that will play fetch and will attack ankles for affection, I completely agree. Incredible.

Okay so I’ve been keeping this in my asks, hoping I’d have time to fic it because the world NEEDS fic of Tater and his cat, but I simply do not have the time.

Instead, have a list of other awesome/cute things about Tater and his cat.

  • Whenever Tater’s putting food in his dish on the counter, he will climb up his legs–pants or no.
  • Whenever Tater gets back home, he runs around his feet/ankles in search of attention, tripping him up.
  • Tater’s biggest fear in these moments is stepping on his cat (he’s too big and the cat is too small!!!)
  • Tater has indeed tripped and fallen because of this and he has done it in front of some of the team. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” and comments about David and Goliath are chirps Tater has had to get used to.
  • His cat is a rescue; an abandoned, feral runt of the litter that was picked up by someone and brought in.
  • His cat has a very particular diet because of digestive issues.  It was one of the reasons he had not been adopted before.  It’s a good thing Tater has a big paycheck.
  • When Tater is away on roadies, he has a cat sitter come by daily–a vet student he pays really well to just be there and give attention to his cat and study.  It’s a super sweet gig.
  • When Tater is home, he and his cat are always cuddling together.
  • A little cat curled up in the small of his back when Tater is on his stomach or sprawled out, pressed against his leg when Tater’s chilling on the couch.  When he spreads his legs out along it, the cat sleeps between his legs or between his legs and the back of the sofa.  In bed, he crawls under the covers and presses against Tater’s side.
  • Tater has cat hair on everything.
  • When angry at him, his cat pees on his hockey bag.  Tater has been through so many hockey bags.
  • One time, his cat curled up in his hockey bag and he didnt’ know until he was at the rink.  Falcs Twitter blew up when they featured the little guy with the rest of the team.
  • The cat plays goalie with his cat toys.  The team does a competition between Snowy and Tater’s cat.  Tater’s cat wins and Snowy throws a fit.
  • Teeth marks on all of Tater’s gear at home because oh goodness does this cat love to chew on things.  RIP any of Tater’s pucks.
  • Tater copying his cat when he bleps.
  • Tater and his cat meowing back and forth at each other.
  • Tater tucking the cat into his sweats and walking around with a warm furry lump down by his ankle.
  • Leash-trained cats get to go on walks.

Just…Tater with a cat.  So good.  So soft.


Amazon Echo Look

If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’re glad to bring you up to date with this cool new gadget. The Amazon Echo Look is like Amazon’s Alexa that will help you look better- essentially it’s a hands-free camera and style assistant in one. So, what features does it have?