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When Dany and Jorah reunite, I need some kind of callback to “What do you pray for, Ser Jorah?” “Home.”

Think about it, Dany has finally arrived at her ancestral home, the place she has longed for since the start of this show. However, clearly something is missing, and we can tell that her physical home has not brought her the fulfillment and wholeness that she has been expecting.

Similarly, Jorah spent the first season longing in vain for his own ancestral home until he found a greater purpose, a true home, in Dany. Now, he has no desire to return to ancestral lands and instead only desires to dedicate the remainder of his life to his Khaleesi. When Jorah returns from near-imminent death, I hope Dany will realize there’s no value in lands or fortesses unless you are with the person who is your home.

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Football Games

Grayson Dolan x Reader 

Summary - You were always the shy girl in the back of the class with a couple of close friends. What happens when you fall for one of the most popular guys in school?

A/N - Thank you @queenwildone for the great idea boo !! It was originally based off Bad Liar by Selena Gomez so if you haven’t go check that out! Sorry if it’s a bit on the shorter side.

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   It wasn’t that you didn’t like school - there was no point since you had to deal with it anyways. It was your predicament that wasn’t helping you in any of your classes. You had to be stuck with the most gorgeous guy in school for every single fucking class? “Y/n! Pay attention! This is the third time today!” The old strict teacher yelled lividly from the front of the classroom. Everyone snickered as you came back to the real world. ‘God dammit! I need to get a grip! I don’t even have a chance with Grayson!’ You scolded yourself and tried to pay attention to the boring lecture about world history. Grayson sat straight in front of you and boy did he look good today.. ‘Stop!’ Shaking your head you attempted at ignoring Grayson until third period was over. Putting your notebook in your backpack you zoomed as quickly out of that class as possible to lunch which you had with your friends. Walking down the steps to the lunch hall you went and sat in the usual spot and began eating the lunch you had packed for yourself - a feat in it’s own. “Y/n! How was class with lover-boy?” Your friends sat down across from you and began giggling. You groaned. “I don’t even like him anymore.” They looked at each other then back at you in a skeptical way. “Whatever you want to tell yourself Y/n.” One of your friends said and the other one agreed. Lunch went by too quickly and before you know it you were heading to English - which you also had with Gray. It was truly your luck to get stuck with him for every single class. How is that even remotely possible in a schedule?

   You made it to the class on time and sat in the back listening to the teacher talk about how wonderful her weekend was with her husband and daughters. The door to the classroom squeaked open and everyone turned their heads to see who just walked in. It was Grayson holding some kind of pass. “Sorry Mrs.Fidelli, I was helping clean up in the lunch room.” She nodded taking the yellow sheet of paper and pointed him to the desk next to yours. “Go sit next to Y/n. But anyways, as I was saying..” Grayson walked over and grinned at you as he sat down. “Hey Y/n.” He whispered and your eyes widened. He had never said hi to you ever - and you had every single class together! “O-oh u-uh hi Grayson!” You mumbled out, the butterflies in your stomach erupting and you turned away abruptly. The whole class consisted of Grayson staring at you while the teacher talked and you stared down at your hands. That was until the teacher stopped talking and said we were almost out of time so we could move around and your table was basically turned over by all the jocks going to say hey and talk to Grayson. You sighed and put your backpack over your shoulder ready to leave for math. The bell rang for a different class and you made your ways down the hall to the dreaded class. You made it early and sat in the back - as you always do. Grayson then came in a second later and sauntered right up to you and sat down in the seat right next to you. “Y/n! I was-” He was cut off by his twin brother Ethan walking over and putting his arm around his neck. “What’s up Y/n? Talking to my brother I see.” Ethan winked and sat down on the opposite side of you. Was this a joke? Grayson awkwardly laughed and then turned back to you. “So Y/n. I was wondering if you’re going to the football game tonight? I am going to be playing in it.” He asked and you stared intently into his hazel eyes. “Oh.. well not really. I don’t usually do those things.” You mumbled and he just shook his head seeing what you meant. “Well Y/n I think you should come tonight. It’s really important! I’ll message you the time on Instagram.” You were in total shock. You just made a barely audible ‘Yes’. 

   The class was decent and before you knew it the day had flown by. You had tried to convince yourself it was a silly prank the twins were doing but you were curious now. Why had Grayson invited you of all people to the football game? You made your way to your car when your phone buzzed in your hand. ‘ GraysonDolan : Home game tonight at 7. Be there early if you want snacks or such. Feel free to bring friends.’  You hopped in the car and made your way home to where your mom yelled a hi from the kitchen and you trekked up the stairs to your bedroom. Getting on your phone you messaged your friends to see if they would be up to the football game tonight and they both responded quickly saying that they couldn’t. Time had gone by fast and it was already 5. ‘Shit!’ You thought and got up grabbing a cute outfit and rushing to the shower. After you got dressed you put on some makeup and grabbed shoes out of your bedroom. Why you were even going was questionable enough, but you had convinced yourself that if Grayson had invited you that you could not decline the invitation. Grabbing your keys and phone you made your way downstairs to be met by the face of your mother. “Hey mom I am going out to the football game.” She smiled and hugged you. “Be back early enough though!” She told you as you made your way to the car. You gave her a thumbs up and drove all the way back to the school. You walked through the open gates onto the football field and bought a ticket at one of the stands. Walking down the pavement you saw the boys bunched together talking in their football attire and Ethan noticed you and started pointing and hitting Grayson. His head turned and met your eyes. He widely smiled and waved and you did the same except giving him a thumbs up - like you did to your mother a couple minutes ago. 

  You were intently watching the game like the others around you. It was the last couple minutes and Grayson’s team is winning by 10. The buzzer rings showing that the play was out of time and that Gray’s team officially won. You jumped up and cheered along with basically the whole school population. You made your way down the stairs and to the pavement and wire fence where it separated people from the field for the most part. “Y/n!” Grayson ran over to you out of breath and took off his helmet, making him absolutely shine. “Great job out there Gray!” He then proceeded to hop the fence and stand next to you in all of his glory. “Thanks Y/n. But there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.. That’s really the reason I asked you to come here tonight.” He started stuttering a bit and his face turned a bit more pink than it already was from running so hard. “Yes..?” You twiddled your thumbs as you looked up at Grayson. “I-I really like you Y/n. I probably am not your type and all but.. Ok I am stuttering. The point is I think you’re really cute.” He looks down at his feet as you attempt to process this information into your head. ‘Grayson Dolan likes me? GRAYSON DOLAN LIKES ME?!’ Instead of getting caught up in being shy you went with your heart and grabbed his cheek and pulled him into a kiss. It startled him at first but he soon leaned into it and began kissing back, much to your pleasure. It was probably the most cliché thing you’ve ever done but the cutest at the same time. “Wow Y/n. You aren’t half bad at kissing. I doubt you would be half bad as my girlfriend also..” He winks and your face turns red and you look away slightly. “Well I accept the full-time job if you’re hiring.” You laugh slightly and he pulls you into his sweat filled embrace. “You got the job, your application was impeccable!” Oh boy did you have to fill in your friends tomorrow…

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Can you imagine Renee running out of the arena just to catch a plane back to Las Vegas because she wants to get her picture taken before Dean passes out drunk. You know there was alcohol involved like always whenever Creepy and dean hangout.

Let’s think about this I mean Smackdown ended at what 7 pm pst then there was 205 Live. She needed to get to the airport thru security and on the plane. Then it is over a two hour plane ride to Vegas depending on what time the flight of of Seattle left. Then there is getting to her car and home. The Game started at 7 pm and there was over time. But still she would have to have been hauling ass. Even if the gang went out after the game the fact she changed into a Knights jersey is comical as well. 

The Curse of the Biebino

June 9, 1993: the Montreal Canadiens win game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals to close out the Los Angeles Kings and claim their 24th Stanley Cup. This is the last time a team from Canada has won the Stanley Cup.

March 1, 1994: Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is born in London, Ontario.

June 14, 1994: the Vancouver Canucks lose game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the New York Rangers. 

June 7, 2004: the Calgary Flames lose game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

June 19, 2006: the Edmonton Oilers lose game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Carolina Hurricanes. 

June 6, 2007: the Ottawa Senators lose game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Anaheim Ducks, giving Anaheim a 4-1 series victory. 

June 15, 2011: the Vancouver Canucks lose game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins.


So I did one of those Hunger Games simulator things and I just really liked these bits :3c

Marco Reus Interview by Kicker Part III of VI

You can find part I here, part II here and part VI here

Would you have difficulty thriving in Madrid, Munich or Barcelona?

It doesn’t do any good to speculate how things would turn out. I don’t think about it. I made the decision because Borussia is the best for me. Dortmund is my hometown, my family lives here, I have my friends here. By the way, there is still a life after football. 

Nuri Sahin, Shinji Kagawa and in a way also Robert Lewandowski ran into difficulties after their transfer. Did that influence your decision?

That didn’t play any role in my thought process. Everybody is responsible for his own career and what he makes of it.

To win the league title with BVB once - still your biggest dream?

Of course, who doesn’t want that? It is and will be a big goal. I want to experience what happens in the city then. For that, I’ll give my all. And I have the strong feeling that we will achieve it someday. 

After you extended your contract, your colleagues greeted you with applause. Did you urge İlkay Gündoğan to follow your lead?

Making such a decision takes time. The commitment is for several years therefore requires careful consideration. People have to respect that and shouldn’t rush to judgment and fall for every rumor. I think I showed that with my decision.

You yourself talked about a “decision for life”. Will you never leave Dortmund ever?

I wouldn’t have extended to 2019 otherwise. From my current perspective, there is no real reason to think otherwise.

In 2019 you are only 30 and still have a few years ahead of you.

A lot can happen in that time. I wanted to make the situation in the next few years clear. What happens after that, we will see.

Schalke 04 will come to Signal Iduna Park this Saturday. BVB’s own stadium hasn’t been a strong fortress for the classic Revier-Derby for a long time. In the last 7 home games against Schalke, Borussia only won once, on Nov, 26th, 2011, 2:0 thanks to two goals from Lewandowski and Felipe Santana.