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Akira made him take a nice “complete-the-heart” photo ^^

First kinda sorta sneak peek at what’s to come when Matsuricon comes around. I’m so excited to cosplay Akechi alongside Lynn’s Akira! 

Akechi: Me
Akira: @youcant-escapefate

Are You Serious? - Tyler Seguin (#16)

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I looovveeeeee me some Tyler! Who doesn’t! Also this gif makes me so so so happy. I’m literally awful at writing about fights but I think this one turned out alright!  Let me know what you think guyssss!  Much love! <3

Word count: 891

Warnings: swearing, couple’s fighting

Request: “Can you do an imagine of tsegs like getting into a fight with his girl but then regretting it then acting all super nice and everything u kno u kno? ahhaha” - @boston-hooligan


“Hey babe” you looked over in Tyler’s direction as he stomped into the house and slammed the front door.  Tyler had just gotten home from practice and to say it went poorly was an understatement.  The Stars had lost a huge game at home, 5-1 and you never wanted to blame your boyfriend for anything but he took a couple really dumb penalties that led to some cheesy goals.  You knew he had more than likely had a strip ripped off him at the morning skate so he was less than thrilled.  “How was practice?” you asked meekly, not really sure if you wanted to hear the response.

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The Right Reasons

Request: Could you do a Dean Winchester x Reader, and the reader is his daughter? Like she’s the daughter of him and Cassie? So like Cassie dies,  and she meets Dean and Sam for the first time? Maybe Dean finds her in Cassie’s room during the wake sobbing?

A/N: This is my first request so hopefully I did it some justice!

Y/N’s age-15

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You sat on the edge of your mom’s bed sobbing, you couldn’t do it anymore, you had held it in for so long but it was all too much to handle. Your mom was gone, she passed away in a car accident. Not only had you lost your mother but she was also your best friend, the one who provided for you, and the only family you had left in this world. Your gran had died a few years earlier and your dad hadn’t been around since him and your mom ‘had their night in the sheets’ as your gran referred to it. Your grandpa had died before you were born; that was the reason your dad saw your mom in the first place. He was investigating the murder of your grandfather and his friends.

So there you sat, the daughter of Cassie Robinson, scared and alone.

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Biscuit Reviews: Persona 5 (Minor Spoilers)

WARNING: This review will contain minor spoilers regarding Persona 5’s final dungeon. I will not be discussing the story reasons of the final dungeon, only how the game treats elements that lead up to the final dungeon. I will place another warning label within the review when I get ready to discuss this portion of the game.

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