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Thank you Craig McCracken for these awesome shows and the ones that will come in the future ! 

The first time I heard and watched WOY, I had no idea Mr McCracken was behind it, if I knew that it was his new show I wouldn’t have underestimated it so much because

boi do I love PPG and Foster’s Home !

It was on TV when I was a kid and I loved them so much (actually Foster’s Home was on tv when I got back from school so I used to watch it every day but PPG aired only in the week-end so couldn’t watch it that much) 

I’m a huge fan, seriously these shows are my absolute perfect ispirations, the simple YET SO APPEALING designs and good writing of these are what proves cartoons are for everyone as long as they are smart and

made with passion

As a kid I loved them and my love only grows over time, because when I rewatch these shows I’m able get so many more jokes and lessons that I just did not get as a kid (plus, now I’m able to watch them in their original language and appreciate all the backgrounds, animation and design work behing it) 

I’m so glad I get to live in a world where Mr McCracken exists and even though I would love to see the rest of Wander’s story, I’m still excited to see what wonderful new shows he’s going to amaze us with ! 

Thank you 


for being so passionate about your job, you truly are a game changer in the animated world and I wish you the best of luck for your upcoming projects, I’ll be there to watch and support them ! 


(I wish I could have done a better picture but sadly I have no time for that :/)

Trending 27th for March

Dear Craig:

Thank you for creating our favorite cartoon characters.

Thank you for those useful life lessons conveyed by them.

Thank you for making my childhood a better one because of PPG.

And thank you for giving me a second one because of WOY.

I remember once you said that you were brought up by a single mother,  that really made me feel less lonely because I was suffering from terrible family issues due to my father’s affair at that time. Also thank you very much for telling me that.

I wish one day in the future you can have the chance to finish telling the story of Wander’s adventure.  Please @disneyxd make this dream come true.

And now I’m very, very looking forward to your new project, whatever it is.

The only thing I can make for you is this little GIF of my favorite characters from the shows you made, to say “thank you” and to say”Happy birthday” in advance.

Good luck to you,my favorite animator of all time!


i have my final road test tomorrow. having postponed it twice last year, and having started practice driving when i was 16, it feels… surreal, to say the least, to think i could actually finally get my driver’s license for real.

For this 27th trending WOY, to share love with one of the greatest creators of art. Thank you @crackmccraigen for the stories you shared with us that made me enjoy the loneliest times of my childhood. (>Edit: actually my hole life until now. So thank you, You’re the best). And probably get into animation and with Wander over Yonder my love for cartoon style is renewed like when you feel after you get over a fever!)

-Art in progress-

~Trending 27th Something nice for Craig~
Here’s a little gift for @crackmccraigen, the greatest in the galaxy. Even though WoY is still cancelled, we know we can still bring it back, and we still look back on his old work and admire how he’s making people smile through the years. He is my inspiration and hero. Hope you have a great birthday Craig!

A show that I like much is “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”, the characters are varied and funny, I love Bloo, he’s so cool😀. Well when I found out that Wander Over Yonder is the same creator of Foster’s, really it made me very happy.

I made this little gif about Bloo with much love. I hope that Mr. Mccracken and his crew have a good time with their future show. I know that I will love it too. 😊😊😊😊😀.

Save woy’s petition : https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3

@crackmccraigen @disneyxd


Thanks for all your wonderful and hard work making beautiful shows that will carry on forever in our hearts! I’d like to say a few things about each of your series. I used to watch The Powerpuff Girls with my older cousin, that’s pretty much the only thing she ever did with me so it was definitely some of my best memories of her, and an overall great time! Fosters was always so beautiful and I couldn’t help watching whenever it was on. Sadly it aired at a time in my life when I wasn’t really watching tv so I haven’t seen too much of it (a terrible crime that I must fix!!). Wander Over Yonder is one of my favorite, if not absolute favorite, shows ever. I have so many good things to say, I love the art, the music, the characters, the stories, pretty much the everything! Not to mention I have so many wonderful memories watching and reciting (closest word I could think of) the show with my girlfriend. I’d love to see Wander continue, as I’m sure many of us do, but I’m happy to see anything you make next! Thank you again for your magic and best of luck with your next show! :D

March Trending 27th:Appreciating Craig McCracken

Can all of you WOY fans, Foster’s fans, PPG fans, and animation-in-general fans out there take a moment to appreciate the creative genius that is Craig McCracken? It astounds me how a grown man can have so much imagonation, and have the ability to come up with a world completely different from our own and make it feel real to us. His designs are extraordinary, his characters are so fun and likeable, and there is no cartoonist out there who could replicate McCracken’s style, humor, writing, or designs. He is a big part of my childhood, and it saddens me to know that a project that he has put so much love and effort into was cancelled before it’s time. Let’s help him out a little. We can support him with his new show. We can bring back Wander Over Yonder. We can be there for him like he’s been there for us! What do you say? #SaveWOY @disneyxd @crackmccraigen

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sorry for the stream of posts, i just wanted to put my portfolio out there so i can be done lookin’ at it. plus, it might help someone else when the time comes!

i’ll be posting the score sheet as soon as i get it. personally, even though i cant stop crying (living up to my nickname in high school, lol), im really proud of myself and how far i’ve come, and i think my portfolio is still great. i’m thinking of maybe going for illustration at ACAD or somethin’, don’t know yet, but after 2 rejections for sheridan’s animation program, maybe it’s not the right path for me?

anyways, sorry for the rant, thanks to whoever looked at my portfolio and following me for my art, it means a lot! (especially now!)

he can’t help the tinge of homesickness as he finds himself at the door, shaking his head in a way that’s supposed to shake away the thoughts – or rather that feeling. he only needed to grab his shit and go; take speedster and take him back to his new home – back with mom and dad all the way ‘cross twilight town. there’s no reason to get all upset or try to stay, ‘cause he was kicked out and that was that.

a sigh leaves his lips as he moves to knock on the door: once, twice, one more time to a good measure before he places his hand ‘pon his hip to wait.

“c’mon, it’s me. open up!”