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daryl and jesus 29? :)

 things you said in the backyard at night

“Hey baby,” Paul murmured, walking up to Daryl. 

Daryl glanced at him briefly, nodding, before pocketing the cigarette he was about to smoke. He had stopped trying to get Paul to come up with different nicknames for him–it varied between baby and angel, and compared to the vomit worthy nicknames Paul had come up with, those weren’t so bad. 

Paul had called him lover for a while, which induced way too much teasing from Rick to make it stick. 

That’s where they were now–outside Rick’s house in  Alexandria. Daryl was sitting on the grass, up against the fence, one leg up with his arm hanging off it lamely. He didn’t speak, and was unsurprised, when Paul lowered himself, fixing Daryl’s body so he could fit nicely between his legs, his back leaning against Daryl’s chest, his head laying on Daryl’s shoulder. Daryl still kept one leg up, but rested one hand on Paul’s thigh. 

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[get to know me meme: seiyuu edition] || {02/05} favourite seiyuu of all time: midorikawa hikaru

jesus counting every freckle, birthmark and scar on daryl’s body while he’s sleeping next to him. he’ll lean over softly without waking him and kiss everyone of them frowning after learning all of the scars and kissing daryl gently on the head before wrapping him in his arms and promising to never hurt him and always be there to protect him.

Searching adventure!

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Haru had been in the park for a very long while as she looking for something. One of the neighbors had a cat that somehow got outside and ran off. She offered to help look for it, and in a wide open place full of tall trees and flowers, surely a cat would come here and think it paradise? That was her thought anyways. “Toraaa? Where are you? Come out for Haru so she can bring you home-desu. Toraaaa?”

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Only hours away, after 9 long months, these two gorgeous cinnamon rolls are going to be together on screen. I hope we get a couple of scenes with them together, but let’s face it, I will be ELATED even if they only share one scene…those two have kick ass chemistry with even the smallest of looks..I can’t wait for Jesus to bring Daryl home💗💗💗

prediction for the final episode of sakamoto desu ga

sakamoto, having finished terrorizing and enriching the lives of all his classmates and teachers, says “i have to go now, my planet needs me” and just ascends off screen and it cuts to a hand drawn message saying “note: sakamoto died on the way back to his home planet”