Good As New: It’s a 300-years-old barn made into a family home for the designers Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon and their family.

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Fire House Kitchen Island by Vintage Industrial Furniture


Minimalist & Contemporary Slice Firewood Lamps

LA-based designer Paul Frecklier from Split Grain is known for constructing stunning lights from California cypress trees. With the use of foraged firewood, Foeckler incorporates the idea of warmth and illumination which the wood is usually used for.

By carefully slicing pieces of wood, the artist choreographs each slice into a psychedelic and contemporary light fixture. The abstract shape of the lamps creates a minimalistic aesthetic, which allow light to peer through each crevice. Find the lamps in his Etsy shop.

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Geraldine Cleary’s home in Brisbane

Known as the “D House”, it was designed by Brisbane-based firm Donovan Hill Architects and won the 2001 Robin Boyd Award, Australia’s most prestigious residential architecture prize. One of its remarkable aspects is the continuity between the interior and exterior thanks to the use of the same floor level and few of the same materials, as well as placing skylights above several indoor spaces.