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everyone posting im following 500 days of summer posting 500 days of summer GIF’s or pictures? makes me gloomy but i love it haha, hung out with peeps today, the meeting was alright, jim is funny as always and kurt invited us to norms… wow, felt weird i mean i wanted to pay my tab but he insisted, ill get him some lunch. and speaking of getting him lunch, ima make some pupusas for my fellow co worker buds, and munch with em later around 4 when i go in to work the closing shift. and speaking of giving and such, ima start holiday shopping early, ima get people i love gifts and neato stuff.. let the brainstorming ensue. 

So, guys, I was at HomeDepot the other day and you know how you can test out the pens and stuff on pads of paper well there were so many Sherlock and Doctor Who references like someone wrote “Believe In Sherlock” and then there was “Moriarty is real” and on another piece of paper someone wrote “Bad Wolf” and “Are You My Mummy?” And I was freaking out because Wholock and my mom was looking at me like I was crazy but guise there are WHOVIANS AND SHERLOCKIANS AND MY NIGHT WAS MADE.

At work a customer told me that I should know every product and every price in the store.

I told him I was sorry for the wait but I need my Head Cashier to go get the barcode/SKU for me, and that this is just the protocol we have to go through. 

BUT…just so everyone knows. 

If you don’t grab a product with a barcode/SKU on it, how the fuck am I suppose to sell it to you? So excuse me for having to have my Head Cashier go look up the SKU number for the product. 

Even when you tell me that the price is “$22.99” I can’t just type that in the computer and be like “okay here is your big bag of screws have a nice day”

AND no way in hell am I going to know ever SKU or UPC for every product in  home depot, that is freaking crazy. 

ALSO… I am just a cashier, I will not know every answer to every question so don’t get mad if I go and get an associate who actually works in plumbing, tools, electrical, lumber, flooring, paint ect I am just trying to get you the best information…