Stunning Home Encapsulated in a Cliff with a Seaside View

Located in Casa Brutale, a home is found enclosed by a cliffoverlooking the Aegean Sea. Metaphorically and physically beautiful, the home represents the romantic idea of living life on the edge. Created by OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) its contemporary, minimalist and sleek design is covered by nearly the entire space within rock. The only visible areas of the home are its swimming pool, its steps and glass wall. The large glass surface reveals a stunning view of the calming sea water. Along with the glass wall, the skylight are is also the home’s sources of natural light. 

In addition to its location, concept and view, the beauty of the home is intensified by its materials, which contain an earthy quality. The surfaces in the home are made from concrete and aged wood. The house seamlessly blends with its surrounding natural elements. It does not behave as a foreign structure in sight. 

Recycled Bicycle Parts Chandelier

Create a one of a kind lighting effect in your home when you flick the switch and light up the recycled bicycle parts chandelier. These recycled bike parts prove they’re far from retired as they come together to form a one a kind lighting fixture.

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Super Mario Bros Wall Graphics

Relive some of Mario’s greatest 8-bit adventures as you transform your home into the Mushroom Kingdom with the Super Mario Bros wall graphics. Every 8-bit character from the classic Nintendo game is present – from the Mario brothers to the Goombas.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

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