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I can’t believe Noctyx is a thing… Noctnyx? Nyxnoct? Caelric? Ulricaelum?


….my friend ordered HYYH pt 2 and …by some miracle…got Taehyung’s photocard. and as my luck would come, most of my friends’ biases are /not/ my bias and even more so luckily, her bias is the one i alwayssssss get the photocard of (aka sunshine aka hobi hobi) so when i told her hey yo i got hobi for that album, she EMS express shipped Taehyung over to Korea LOL in a nice “tae’s protection box” ;;A;; i have such great friends /cry


Five and a half weeks after the album was released (and nearly 10 weeks after I ordered it), my order of ‘Harry Styles’ (ltd edition CD and white vinyl) has finally arrived….

I think the receptionist was even more excited than I was, since she knows I won’t be moping around the mail area looking dejectedly at other people’s deliveries anymore :)

A huge thank you to everyone who offered advice and tips on where to order the limited editions after I had (almost) given up hope of this ever arriving. And extra special thanks to the two lovely, lovely people who offered to send me their extra copies. You know who you are and I appreciated it so much!! I’m glad I held out and don’t have to take you up on your kind offer…

And the best thing is…I got this for free, as Sandbag refunded me when it was clear the package had gone missing (it was sent from Switzerland??!)

Even though I like Fates kind of better as a game, Awakening had this really comfy homely aura that no other FE game has had, for me