home care chemicals

Harsh chemicals…

I had to go down this aisle to get to the washing soda. I left with a headache. 😷

If I have to go to Meijer for anything (I hardly do anymore.), I try to avoid this aisle. It’s crazy how much we have transformed our home and how we use to trust all of these products without really knowing what’s in them.

Now, after a bit of research, we use completely natural, plant-based products. We either make them (laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, and more) and add oils that do the cleaning OR buy them from a better company that we trust and know exactly what’s going into the products. In addition, I don’t have as many bottles of stuff! We have one bottle to clean everything - a household cleaner that is multipurpose.

I enjoy not getting a headache or feeling gagged when I clean. 👌🏼