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Just a few days ago, I bought my own bag of 49th Parallel Beans from Pikolo Cafe. And this morning, I opened the bag to release heaven in my house. Guys, this coffee smells amazing. From Starbucks beans to 49th Parallel… what a huge difference. The bag was a bit expensive (20$) but honestly, worth every sip.

Camila Cabello & MGK interview

@ 23:00

Camila: “….I get really shy around…. (Huge ass gap that gave me enough time to run to the grocery then back home to brew coffee, and Netflix and chill)…. BOYS I like….”

Hearing that, reminds me of all those times she’s more shy and controlled when it comes to Lauren, but with Dinah and mani she’s like licking their elbows, cheeks, legs, and basically attached to them on four limbs.

Yeah, delusional. Byeeee.

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“TW Adults Only” Preference #5 – Telling Him You’re Pregnant

You were beyond excited. You had taken the test last night and another again this morning just to be sure. It had been over a year ago that you had bought his gift and now you were finally able to pull it out of its hidden spot in a shoe box in the very back of your closet and unwrap it. 

It’s a plain white coffee mug. Parrish is big on his coffee on weekend mornings. He’s one of those human beings who can’t function without it. Playing the sweet wife, you carefully pour him some of your home brewed coffee into the mug, covering up the message “I’m pregnant” engraved at the bottom of the cup, when you hear him to start to shamble down the stairs.

You greet him at the bottom, coffee in hand and a smile on your face, trying desperately not to look to suspicious. He eyes you carefully, knowing something’s up though. You hand him the cup.

“Good morning, honey.” You keep your voice even and attempt to remove the too-wide smile from your lips. It’s more difficult to do than you thought it would be. “I know you had a long night at work. Thought I’d be nice this morning,” you explain as he takes his first sip, still looking at you like you’ve grown two heads. The taste of the coffee seems to soothe his suspicions and he looks sweetly at you.

“That’s nice of you,” he says, voice still scratchy with sleep. “Thanks, baby.” He kisses your cheek before moving to sit in his chair and watch the news peacefully.

It takes him 15 long minutes to drink his coffee, during which you can’t sit still. Your body’s buzzing with anticipation and you start cleaning old dishes just to keep yourself moving and out of his site. You hear him get up from his chair, getting up to poor another cup. A part of you sinks. You thought he would have noticed by now.

He smiles at you as he puts the mug on the counter and grabs the full pot of coffee. He looks down, directly at the bottom of the mug, to watch where he’s pouring and starts filling the cup. It takes him a moment. He fills it about a quarter of the way full before doing a double take, like his brain finally caught up to what his eyes saw. He stops and dumps the coffee into the sink next to you. He stares at the message and then at you.

“Are you really?” he asks. His voice has cleared some but it’s still it still manages to crack.  The big goofy smile returns to you face and you nod. “Oh my god.” It’s still taking his brain a minute to process. “Oh my god!” He puts the mug on the counter and rushes to wrap his arms around you. “We’re going to have a baby?”

You return the hug and whisper to him, “We’re going to have a baby.”

“Aren’t you done yet?” he knocks on the door impatiently. “How long does it take to pee on a stick?” he mutters to himself. You open the door to see him leaning against the wall next to the door frame. You hold the test up in front of you. “And?”

“We have to wait three minutes for the results.” You can tell his words practically kill him. He wants to know now. He was actually the one to suggest you take a test. It was a little earlier than you would have normally took a test, but he had been sure you smelled differently, that something in your body chemistry had shook up.

“Why aren’t these things instantaneous yet?” he pouts as you put the test on the kitchen counter while you set a timer on your phone. You have to laugh at him.

“Don’t stare at it,” you tell him, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling his attention to you. “You’ll drive yourself crazy.” He closes his eyes and sighs heavily, placing his forehead on yours. “You’ll be a good father,” you muse after a little while.

“I don’t have the best track record,” he says a little sadly. “I could screw it up.”

“You’ve got me,” you remind him. “I’ll push you back into place if you step out of line.” His eyes are still closed, but there’s a small smile on his lips.

“I don’t even know what to do with a kid,” he says. He’s been back and forth on his feelings, so excited and terrified at the same time.

“Well you better figure it out,” you tell him, glancing your eyes to the side. “I’m pregnant.” His eyes snap open and he lifts his head off yours.

“It hasn’t been three minutes!” he complains, confused at how you know. You laugh and nod your head to the test, already showing a second pink line. 

“I peaked,” you admit. He stares at the test for a moment before the relief and excitement wash over him. He hoists you up by your waist and pulls your legs around his hips. He kisses you passionately while you both start laughing.

“Well here goes nothing,” he chuckles.

You hadn’t been trying. You had been careful about protection most of the time. In retrospect, the fact that you have to add in “most of the time” to that statement negates it entirely. You hadn’t really been careful obviously. So staring at the two pink lines shouldn’t have been that shocking, but it was. It was terrifying. And now you had to tell him.

You walk out of the bathroom solemnly, carrying the test in your hand. No time like the present you figure. He’s standing in the kitchen and the second he sees you, he knows something’s wrong. He looks worriedly at you and comes to put his hands on your shoulders.

“Are you alright?” he asks. You shake your head and hold out the positive pregnancy test to him. It wasn’t even a faint, hard-to-see, might not actually be there line. It was a dark, glaring, obviously positive line. “Oh,” he says breathlessly. He takes a step away from you. “Oh.” He keeps staring at it. 

“I,” you try to start. “I know this isn’t… what you wanted.” He looks up pointedly at you.

“What do you mean?” You shrug and try to look away, fearful you may actually start crying.

“Well you already had your family,” you say. “You had your child.” He looks away sadly at the mention of Alison. You try not to talk about her too often, about the family he had previously. It had been enough loss to break a regular man and you didn’t like making him remember it. He places a hand on your cheek and makes you look at him.

“Doesn’t mean I can’t have another one.” You can feel you heart swell with hope when you hear the sincerity and sweetness on his tongue.

“Really?” you ask, too nervous to trust the hope filling you. He nods with a smile and shrugs.

“Sure, I’m a little older than I would have liked, but yeah.” He nods again more firmly, smile starting to spread across his face and reach his eyes. It’s contagious and your own lips start to tilt up.

“I can’t believe we’re going to be a family.” It comes out in a slight laugh of disbelief. Chris leans down and presses a kiss to your lips.

“We’ve always been a family.” He reaches down and gingerly brushing his knuckles along your stomach. “It’s just growing now.

It might have been cliché, but you couldn’t help it. The day you got the positive test, you went out and bought a onesie to give him. Honestly, you expected to get something small and plain, probably a neutral color with no words or pictures on it. Maybe a pair of little shoes to go with it. But as you were searching, your fingers danced across the perfect one. So you paid the overpriced amount of money for it and practically skipped back to your car.

You folded it into a plain, white box so the front of it showed when it was opened and put the cleaned off pregnancy test in with it before covering it with tissue paper and closing it up. Derek came home only about a half hour after you placed it on the coffee table for him.

You greet him as normal and when you pull away from the kiss, tell him, “Oh I bought you something while I was out today.” You walk him over to the couch where you both sit down and he picks up the box.

“I’ve told you to stop buying me things,” he says, trying to put on a tough demeanor. You knew he secretly liked when you bought him random gifts though. You just nudge him with your shoulder and prompt him to open it.

He unfolds the tissue paper and you watch his face as it lights up with excitement. His eyes take in the pink test and the white onesie, the word “Daddy’s Little Monster” printed in bold font above a black and white picture of a howling wolf head. His jaw hangs open as he slowly picks it up and unfolds it, admiring it in all its small glory.

“I’m pregnant,” you announce, as if he couldn’t have figured that out by himself. You both laugh at how stupid it sounds.

“Well if you aren’t, this is a crap gift,” he laughs before pulling you into a deep kiss.

Aww week, no - Hawkeye inspired get-through-the-week spell

As yours truly is Hawkeye trash, this couldn’t be avoided.

Purpose: If Clint futzing Barton can make it through a week, so can you. It’s part self care, part pick me up, part kick-under-your-ass to get you through the week (or day). It’s not a very lovely sweet and soft self care spell, so if harsher self care’s not your thing, then this might not be for you.

You’ll need:

  • coffee, home brewed, preferably
  • (really strong, bitter coffee, even better)
  • pen, preferably purple
  • paper
  • plaster/bandaid
  • optional: an arrow

How to:

Begin by brewing your coffee, enough for a mug or two.

Taste your coffee. It should make you go “futz this”, because it will be bad coffee.

Ground or meditate over the coffee, whatever you feel comfortable with. Whatever you choose to call it, make yourself calm, putting energy in the coffee.

Write a sigil on the upper part of the plaster. Below is the one I used. A chevron, an arrow, and “Aww week, no” in there. You can also design your own sigil.

Dab a tiny bit of the coffee on the actual plaster part of the plaster.

I put the plaster around an arrow, but as not everybody has those lying around, you can also stick it on yourself. (Or craft an arrow of sorts.)

Again, “meditate” over the plaster. For me this was a lot of “if futzing Clint Barton can make it through a week, so can you, you fucktruck tirefire. I know you’ve got a lot in common, but come on.”.

Like I said, tough love.

Put away the arrow somewhere you’ll see it often.

Finish drinking your coffee.

You’ve got until you’ve finished your coffee to feel sorry for yourself, and lament things a little.

This spell is not so much a traditional “this is associated with this, and that with that, and this needs to be done during this phase of the moon, and at this time of day”, but more a sort of haphazardly thrown together spell, which for me fits well with both Hawkeyes.

I can’t recommend any substitutions, as these are all things I very much associate with Hawkeye/Clint Barton.

If you did this spell, or enjoyed it, I would appreciate any and all feedback, as this is my first homemade spell.