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D&D short quest or oneshot idea: your party meets a nervous-looking, human-looking person who claims to have created your entire world, and somehow gotten trapped here, away from their home dimension. They appear harmless, and can’t fight worth a damn or even cast spells, but they do know a terrifying amount: about you, about everyone you meet, about any monsters you encounter or lands you try to cross…

You must now help this omniscient but clearly not omnipotent deity find a way back to their home plane.


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I Walk The Line - Reddie [ 01 ]

Summary: Eddie Kaspbrak is finally enrolled into the Boarding School that he had been fighting for years just to get in. However, not all is what it seems between these walls, full of shadows and unsolved mysteries that dangle on loose threads. Derry Academy has a dark secret that is yet to be revealed and the more Eddie finds out about the unknown, more grains of sand fall to the depths of the hourglass.

Warning(s) For the Whole Series: Rape, self harm, sexual assault, depression and death.

A/N: Please ask in my inbox to be tagged in a taglist for this series if you wish :)

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Part 1 | 2 (Soon)

“And this is your room, Edward.”

“It’s uh, Eddie. My friends call me Eddie.”

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Friends - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: Friends
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Friends just sleep in another bed and friends don’t treat me like you do. I know that there’s a limit to everything but my friends won’t love me like you.
Word Count: 4.7k
WARNING: NSFW, 18+, includes smut and swearing
A/N: yet another collab with nat aka @peterfuckinparker​, oops? also, listen to friends by ed sheeran before/whilst you read, ok????

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There are steady poundings on his door at midnight, so Cassian has every reason to put on his jacket and fixing his gesture when he stands to open it. It could be anyone from the High Command, requesting an emergency service.

(It’s way past Jyn’s sleepless hour, and she just return from a full week of Pathfinder’s mission. She also has a training schedule on the evening for new recruits and send her reports afterwards. Not that he’s been checking.)

And yet it’s her, wrapped tight in his blue parka that she ‘borrowed’ ever since the emergency relocation to Hoth 3 months and 13 days ago.

(Again, not that he’s been keeping track).

“Can I come in?” Jyn asks calmly. She was backing the source of light but Cassian thinks he can see her lips shivering.

“Sure,” he steps away from the door, and she literally hops in. It takes her less than 10 seconds to throw the parka onto his desk, kicking her boots away and bundled herself inside his blanket, curling like a sleeping tooka.

(He takes the time to properly hang the parka on the backrest of his chair, and he can smell her scent radiating out of it. It takes all of his self-control not to press the parka to his nose and breathe her in.)

“What are you doing up there? Please, make yourself comfortable in your own bed,” Jyn added with a shaky chuckle. Suspicious, Cassian kneels on the bed instead to hover above her and bring one of his hand to her forehead. She’s burning up.

“Force, Jyn, you caught a fever!”

“Yeah, I’m aware,” she moves away slowly from his touch and curls even more.

“You should go to med—“

“I have.”

“Did they give—“


“And have you drink—“

I have. Calm down, Cassian, I won’t purposely make this fever lasts longer.”

(Blaster burns, vibroblade cut, broken bones, concussion, that he knows how to take care of. But fever? Moreover, his small-but-strong Jyn who can take down 10 Troopers alone, now brought down by a fever? Not that he doesn’t think of wrapping his arms around her.)

“It’s so cold, I hate this planet.” She shivers visibly now, and Cassian let one of his self-restrain go. Tentatively he strips down and change into sleeping clothes before lowering himself to the bed in a safe distance. He takes another seconds to weigh on how it is best to keep her warm, should he just rub her back or hold her entirely—

“You really going to make me say it, don’t you?”

A chuckle escapes his mouth along with a breath he doesn’t realize he was holding. Shifting forward, Cassian finally let go of the last doubt he’s been carrying and let his instinct take over. Slipping inside Jyn’s bundle, he holds her body flush to his, letting himself overwhelmed by how they fit into each other before nuzzling his nose to her nape and breathe her in.

“I just want to make sure if I’m going to die because of this, at least someone will know promptly, not after I decomposed and—“

“You’re not going to die simply because of a fever, Jyn.”

(He nuzzles some more into her neck, and it’s either that or the cold, but she also shivers some more.)

“I’m kidding. Just—“

“You have me. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

They both know promises have no value there, but Jyn is too sick to think about the raging war and his words eventually make her body relaxes and stops her toes from fidgeting. Cassian takes the hint to tightens his arm around her torso and, with the same newfound bravery, plant a lingering kiss on her burning cheek—long enough he can feel it stir from her smile.

“I know.”

I think about a lesbian remake of the little mermaid all the time. Like the sea witch says she needs true loves first kiss to keep her a mermaid so she’s like “alright gotta kiss that prince” bc compulsory heterosexuality still exists in the mermaid world so she gets onto land with legs and meets the prince, who takes her back to his castle, where she meets the prince’s sister. so for a good while the little mermaid is trying to get the prince, but she slowly realizes she’s enjoying his friendship and doesn’t really want to kiss him but she’s gotta bc he’s her tru love?? all the while the princess and little mermaid are sharing clothes, having sleepovers, and the princess is telling the little mermaid all her secrets about how she doesn’t want to marry a prince and move away from home, she just wants to stay here and be happy and the little mermaid understands bc sometimes she misses home too. also the princess is super pretty and kind and all of that. so one day they’re sitting on the princess’s bed and sure enough, the princess winds up kissing the little mermaid, and it feels like magic. and it turns out it is magic bc the princess was her true love all along (the sea witch said TRUE LOVE bc she doesn’t subscribe to heterosexist norms) and her legs feel all tingly and her heart is fluttering and then she says “wow” bc her voice is back and the princess is like!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway gay little mermaid

Hey y’all! So this is the first post of what I’m calling my Studyblr University Orientation Week. For the next week I’ll be making a post a day filled with all sorts of university advice, similar to what you may get from your university’s orientation week but minus all of the glam and attempts to impress you with how amazing your new school is. The subjects will range from what to expect out of dorm life, to how to cope with mental illness, to how to deal with your first day of class. 

This first post is partially inspired by a post that @academicsapphic made about a month or so ago called “Things I Would Tell My Freshman Self.” 

So to all you little university freshmen, here’s some things to expect from your first year or so of university (based on my own experiences as a History major) 

  • The debate over written vs typed notes will be overdone and drive you up a wall. Different things work for different people in different majors or in different courses. You will get tired of people telling you that you are taking notes wrong and will want to break your laptop over their head or shove your notebook down their throat. You won’t though. Good job. 

  • You will have a class that you absolutely hate. It could be because of a terrible professor or boring material or annoying classmates, whatever: you hate this class. You never want to go to it and you suffer through your coursework for it. Depending on how bitter and petty you are, you will either do the minimal amount of work required and just pass the course, or you will work crazy hard and get a 90% just to spite them all. 

  • You will have a class that you absolutely adore. It could be that the professor so clearly loves the material that it makes you love it or it could be that it’s an elective that you weren’t expecting to love this much. You will find the work easy and interesting and be able to get it done on time without a problem. 

  • You will stay up until 3 in the morning working on a research paper in tears, hating it, your professor, yourself, anyone that comes to mind. You will be running solely on panic and will be anxiously chugging water and shoving junk food in your mouth just to stay awake. 

  • The library will send someone to talk to your class about research for your papers. They’ve sent the same guy to every single one of your other classes. You’ve seen him fifteen times in the past year and he’s said the same thing every single time. You still don’t know how to do good research. 

  • You will get sick and miss two weeks of class because you feel like you’re dying. Catching up on work will be hell and you will question why you’re doing this. 

  • You will miss class because of period cramps. You’ll think to yourself that it’s a stupid reason to miss class; your friends all push through and go. It’s not a stupid reason. Some people have worse cramps than others. 

  • You will miss class for an actually stupid reason. You’ll know that it’s a stupid reason while you do it. Keep these to a minimum. 

  • You will begin to notice that some people don’t care about class but still show up. They typically sit in the back and talk all class. You will wonder why they bother to show up if they’re not going to pay attention. Ignore them. They will disappear after first year (mostly). 

  • You will hate everyone who sits in a left-handed desk with a laptop. 

  • You will get way too into a television show/book/movie series/podcast/etc during finals. 

  • You will be excluded. You will feel like you don’t belong and like you’re all alone here miles and miles away from home. 

  • You will be included. You will feel like you’ve come home and found a second family even if you have to be separated from your first one. 

  • You will hate the science students who take arts courses because they have to but spend the entire semester bashing on how stupid the professor is and how useless the course is. You will want to turn around and yell at them. You won’t. 

  • You will love the science students who take arts courses and take it seriously. You will love them even more when they think you’re a genius because you understand the course and they don’t. 

  • You will be the arts student in a science course and remember why you did not take science. It’s the math. Maybe that’s why the science students are so cocky: they have conquered the great evil and know how powerful they truly are. 

  • You will have friends from all sorts of different majors and be amazed by how smart they all are. They are all doing things that you could never do. You will not know this, but they are thinking the same thing about you. 

  • You will learn that different people really do have trouble with different things and it wasn’t just that you were stupid in high school. The zoology major that you thought was so smart for knowing how to balance an equation will ask you for help with their essay and you will find out that they’re struggling solely because they didn’t do any research before beginning. 

  • You will have a professor that you absolutely love and adore but the rest of the class hates. You will wonder why the entire semester, only to find out afterwards that it was because they were too stupid to listen to what she was saying. 

  • You will have a professor that you absolutely hate but that everyone else adores. You will never understand it. 

  • You will wonder if the boys notice that they only ever hate the female professors. 

  • You will have a TA that is the bane of your existence and who will take off marks from you for no reason other than that he didn’t like you. You will think about how much you dislike him often. 

  • You will have a TA that puts all other TAs to shame. You will miss them after the semester’s over and you’re stuck with the TA from hell. 

  • You will learn that the Freshman Fifteen is real and it will happen to you and that’s okay. Eating healthy is good, and your body will thank you when you put an apple into it after eating nothing but fries for two days, but it’s also okay to go and grab chicken fingers from the dining hall at ten at night because you’re stressed about your paper that’s due tomorrow. 

  • You will meet amazing people from all different walks of life and learn more about yourself and the world than you could ever believe possible. 

  • You will think that you are the stupidest person in the world. You will think that there is no way that you can do this, that you should just quit and go home now. 

  • You will think that you are the smartest person in the world. You will look at a mark that you worked hard for and think that of course you can do this, you were silly for ever doubting yourself. 

  • You will fail a course. It’s okay. Buy a bunch of junk food, cry and feel sorry for yourself for a bit. But then it’s time to keep going because 

  • You will do this. I believe in you.