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  • Yang: Weiss! What are you doing here? I thought you were at home in Atlas!
  • Weiss: I was but I escaped. My father tried to keep me locked inside but I had to get out of there after he slapped me and this was-
  • Taiyang: HE DID WHAT?
  • Weiss: Oh, you must be Mr Xiao Long. I hope you don't mind my sudden arrival but I really had no where else to go-
  • Taiyang: Oh you precious little snowflake, it's okay! You'll be safe here. Now, why don't you head inside with Yang and catch up while I run a quick errand?
  • *Taiyang waits for Weiss and Yang to walk inside the house before walking to his car, driving to the airships, taking the airship to Atlas, before smashing through Jacques Schnee's office window.*
  • Jacques: WHAT THE-!
  • *Taiyang punches him in the jaw*
  • Taiyang: I got a flat tire, my flight was delayed by an hour, a baby was sick on me on the plane and I nearly died by a stray pigeon climbing up your building BUT THAT WAS WORTH IT!

a quick doodle as I re-watch atla for like the 10th time lmao

Imagine what a chaos would be if someone pissed off Emma Bloom and Azula at the same time though

Something’s Wrong With My Daughter

Author: Eldautor

Source: Click here

My wife and children are asleep right now - I think, at least - so I finally have the chance to write all of this down. Things have been hectic around the house lately and if Clio knew I was writing all of this stuff down, she would honestly kill me. (No, I don’t actually think she would kill me. This isn’t that kind of post. My wife and I have a wonderful relationship.) She’s trying to keep all of this a secret, claiming that Layla is just “sick” and “going through a phase,” but the school is starting to realize that we’re hiding something from them. Things are starting to get pretty bad, so I decided that maybe you guys could help me out. NoSleep seems to be full of people pretty accustomed to this type of crazy stuff.

So, let me give you a bit of background. My name’s Atlas. I’m 32 and I married my wife, Clio, two years ago. The moment we discovered that gay marriage was legalized, we began planning our wedding. It was short, simple, and absolutely perfect. Married life has treated both of us well and I’ve never been more in love with someone. I don’t believe in soulmates, but I think she’s someone I was truly destined to be around. Maybe I’m contradicting myself. I don’t know. I’m not here to talk about Clio.

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I laid an atlas out in front
of you and said “pick a city.”
You smiled at me
and the ink bled into your hands
where you touched it.

What I didn’t say was,
pick a city where I can hold
those hands.
Where we can walk the streets
and people will only stare
because your fingers are
the land and mine are
the sea and they’re
finally coming together.
Where people won’t look twice,
simply because you are a girl
and I am a girl and didn’t
Aristophanes once say that humans
are two halves of a whole?

No one should call us wrong
for being brave enough to
let our hearts wander and
return to a person
who feels like home.

—  Maddie C, atlas hands, wandering hearts
Jack of Hearts (Chapter 1)

Fandom: Now You See Me

Imagine/Prompt/Chapter: Imagine meeting the Horsemen and liking Jack.

Warning: None

Word Count: 1670

(This is pretty lame, but I just had to get something out as chapter one. I have more ideas based off of this, so stay tuned! Its only chapter one!)

Ever since Jack Wilder faked his death and the other three Horsemen vanished into thin air, the four had laid low. Henely actually left the group, saying that she was going stir crazy living in hiding like they were. So, she moved to some remote country and restarted her life. After that, Dylan wanted to search for someone to replace her. Daniel insisted that they didn’t need anyone, that the group was fine how it was, but Dylan fought back and said that the group had to be complete.  And the only way to do that was to find a fourth Horseman.

The faux FBI agent, Dan, and Merritt spread out across the country in search of their next big thing. Merritt found you at a show in New York City. You had taken one of the stages with a death defying escape act that left even him impressed. He found you backstage and asked if you wanted to join a magician group called The Horsemen. You had given him a confused look and said you had no idea who the Horsemen were. This kind of ticked Merritt off, so he put you to sleep and took you off to the apartment.

“Merritt, what were you thinking?!” Dylan angrily snapped when Merritt got back to the apartment and Skyped the other two. “You kidnapped an escape artist! You’re an idiot! If she finds out about Jack, she could get out and expose us!”

“I know that you’re worried about that, but once she knows who we are, I’m sure that she will stick around. And I know your underlying problem with this. She’s an escape artist and your dad couldn’t escape his last trick. It hits a bad nerve in you. But dude, that was years ago. Let loose. We’ll be here once you’re home.” Merritt clicked the call closed and woke you up from your deep sleep on the couch. “Alright. How do you not know us kid? Everyone knows us.”

“The Horsemen?” You asked with a small chuckle. “I know all about you guys. I’ve studied your tricks. I just wanted to see what you would do if I said I didn’t. Looks like I got a free ride and an invite into the group.” You flashed him a bright smile and stood up to stretch.

“Hey hey hey, there is no official invitation until everyone else is here. Dylan is the leader of us all, Dan Atlas is after that. And neither of them are here. So just slow yourself down Fancy Pants.”

“Hey Merritt, when are-” You turned around, and there stood Jack Wilder. Oh wow….. He was even hotter in person.“Who’s this?”

“Y/N. Soon to be fourth Horseman.” You smiled and shook his hand. He smiled and shook your hand. “Nice to finally meet you. I’ve been wanting to meet you since the accident.”

“Wait, how did you know I made it out of the accident?” Jack asked, giving Merritt a ‘what the crap dude who is this?’ look. “I mean, before just now obviously.”

“I’m an escape artist. It wasn’t hard to figure out that you didn’t die.”

“Escape artist? I wouldn’t mind testing those skills.”

“Calm yourself down Jack of Hearts. I just got here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get a good look around this place.” You flounced off, leaving both the boys just standing there and watching you move about the apartment. It was nice. Two bedrooms, bath and a half, living room, nice kitchen. Hmmmm…. Staying with them might get interesting, but you could make it work. If nothing else, the couch was pretty comfortable. You could handle that. And, not to stereotype the guys, but you doubted their cooking abilities. You could make your way around the kitchen pretty well. You’d all eat well with you around. It was a cozy place. Definitely somewhere you could get used to living. It could be a lot of fun.

You wandered back into the living room where the two guys still were. Merritt was leaning against the back of the couch while Jack was screwing with a deck of cards in one of the armchairs. He riffled through the cards, then one send one up in the air, only to catch it and stick it back in. Merritt was on the phone with someone. His conversation was hushed with whoever was on the other end. Probably Dylan. Or Atlas. The time read 5:17. Food. Food was a good idea.

“Anyone want to eat?” You asked, your words more directed at the master of cards than the hypnotist. He was still preoccupied by the phone call.

“Yeah actually. Take out Chinese sounds awesome right now.” Jack smiled. “Kung pao chicken and white rice.”

“Um, you’ve got this all wrong. You’re ordering. I’ll go pick up. You can’t be seen in public and I’m not going to do everything around here. Boneless spare ribs and fried rice.” You winked at him and went to investigate the drink situation in the kitchen. What you didn’t see behind you was the interaction behind you. Merritt looked over at Jack, and a wild smile turning up the card slinger’s lips. He pulled his phone out from his pocket and dialed take out by memory.

“Dyl and Atlas be home in time to eat?” Merritt nodded. Jack put the phone to his ear and placed their typical order, but with your order added this time.

You went out the door once he hung up and ventured down the streets to collect dinner. New York was a beautiful city. Why in the world famous magicians trying to lay low lived in one of the nation’s biggest cities, you had no idea. But it worked, so you weren’t going to question it. You had only made one wrong turn on the way to the right Chinese restaurant, which was quite an accomplishment. The order was ready when you got there, being handed off to you when you handed that college aged boy behind the counter the money. It took you a shorter time to get to the apartment this time. No turns were missed so it was easy.

The living room was fuller when you walked in. A lanky, long haired man was sprawled across the couch and a man with curly hair and a very obvious pacing problem occupied the room. J. Daniel Atlas and Dylan Rhodes. Daniel was spinning coins in his fingers when you walked in.

“New girl went out and got dinner? I like her already.” You set the bag down on the coffee table and watched as they all dug through like they hadn’t eaten in days. Ugh, men. You rolled your eyes, sat on the couch beside Jack, and just waited for them all to finish. But, Jack took you container out and handed it over to you. You smiled and thanked him, then grabbed a fork and dug in. Oh man……. It was the best Chinese take out you had ever had. Sooooooo good…..

“Merritt says you’re an escape artist.” Dylan said, leaning against the arm of the couch. Would you mind getting in a straight jacket? After you eat of course.”

“I don’t mind at all. But yes, food first.”

You and the other Horsemen chatted like normal people, about normal things. The guys got to know you, and you got to know them. Favorite things, like movies, books, foods, and music. At some point, Jack scooted closer to you so Dylan could sit. Was it necessary for their legs to be touching? No. But, was it still nice? Oh yeah. A noodle ended up being thrown at Daniel, who in turn pelted Merritt in the face with a (sauceless) piece of sweet and sour chicken. Things escalated from there. Everyone was covered in various Chinese take out foods in a matter of no time. Nothing like professional magicians and an FBI agent pelting food at one another.

By the end of it, you had rice sticking in your hair and splotches of beef and broccoli sauce all over your shirt. It had been fun though. Merritt and Atlas started cleaning things up while you and Jack threw away empty containers. Dylan disappeared off to who knows- oh there he is! With something white in his hands…. He holds it out to you and you realize what it is. A straight jacket.

“Do you really just keep these hanging up on coat racks?” You teased just a little, but stood up and slid your arms in. “Jack? Want to give me a hand.’

“Uh, yeah sure.” He agreed with a smile. The straps were all fastened tightly, leaving you standing there basically hugging yourself.

“You have two minutes. Starting….. now.” Dylan hit the 'start’ button on his timer on his phone and watched you struggle to get out. Straight jackets were nothing. Honestly, it felt more like an insult to your abilities than anything. You were capable of a lot more. But, it was understandable that there was only so much you could do in this little apartment. The jacket was off in 1 minute and 17 seconds. Plenty of time to spare.

“Now, since I’ve proved that a few straps can’t hold me back, do yourself a favor and look up my real stuff on YouTube. I’ll be in the shower.” Not giving him a chance to argue, you turned on your heels and went to the bathroom to shower off. Dylan did just that while you showered, watching videos while Jack helped the other two clean up. He kept sneaking glances to the bathroom door, his mind not leaving you. There was a certain kind of spunk you had that he really liked. The others noticed, but didn’t say anything. And they wouldn’t until they were sure that you both had feelings for each other.

where they are just and loyal || hufflepuff || listen 

i. gold rays // vinyl pinups ii. alone together // fall out boy iii. let’s dance to joy division // the wombats iv. she’s a riot // the jungle giants v. tongue tied // grouplove vi. san francisco // the mowgli’s vii. don’t stop // foster the people viii. laughter lines // bastille ix. different colours // walk the moon x. roman holiday // halsey xi. all this and heaven too // florence + the machine xii. smells like summer // early hours xiii. trouble // imagine dragons xiv. say it, just say it // the mowgli’s xv. i will wait for you // mumford & sons xvi. weight of living pt. ii // bastille xvii. cry baby // melanie martinez xviii. when did your heart go missing // rooney xviv. favorite record // fall out boy xv. crystals // of monsters and men xvi. jackie and wilson // hozier xvii. welcome home // radical face xviii. atlas hands // benjamin francis leftwich xix. be good // max brodie ft. tom rosenthal xx. sunshine lullaby // pebaluna xxi. someone new // hozier xxii. after the storm // mumford & sons

watercolours: a playlist for a warrior and her queen — listen

my love — sia | carry me — eurielle | watercolours — machineheart | the evergreen — mree | horizon — luna blake | to build a home — the cinematic orchestra | atlas hands — benjamin francis leftwich | king and lionheart — of monsters and men | cosmic love — florence + the machine | start of time — gabrielle aplin

Poison in your mouth
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pairing: Jet/Zuko
27: rough, biting, scratch
a/n: MY BOYS….it’s been so long but i couldn’t get away with not including them in this challenge at least once

Jet always goes on and on about how much he hates fire.

Jet insists that he hates fire, but there’s so much heat burning in his eyes that it might as well just be just that—it might as well just be fire and flame that he’s spitting at him with his eyebrows pressed and his teeth grinding and ugly, ugly words ripping themselves out of his throat. His voice breaks, several times, and Zuko just stands there, staring back at him.

He’s fire, Jet is, and it’s so obvious to Zuko that he is—with every flash of his eyes it’s obvious—Zuko could tell a long time ago, that Jet was fire, when the sun hit his brown eyes and there was just a flash of gold in them, Zuko could tell, when he got so incensed about the stupidest things, that was fire; when Jet was quick and reactive and cunning, that was fire, too.

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This is what my Saturday consisted of.

I took the train to the city to catch another to finally meet my friend Jazzy, her husband Kevin and her beautiful, radical baby boy Atlas Bowie.

The weather was absolute shit. Which is why I traveled to them at their hotel and not the city like we planned. Jazzy had caught some sinus cold and being outside in the rain woulda made her worse.

We got lunch at Giordano’s pizza. We each got our own personal deep dish. It was insanely cute. I’ve only ever got a huge pizza to share with people.

Being with them, in their car, at the restaurant and at target was just awesome. I felt so comfortable. I’ve known jazzy for 13+ years. This was the first time we’ve met in person.

I absolutely adore them. They mean so much to me.

On my way home it started to rain. Stefano wanted photos of the “bean” so I walked to it, snapped like 6 photos of it, you can see the rain on it.

Went to get my train ticket home and chilled at the Starbucks inside the station as I normally do and tried this “pink drink” that jazzy told me about.

It’s the refresher I always get but instead of the water or lemonade they use, put coconut milk. It’s fucking DELICIOUS. The barista said it’s been popular here for like 6 months. I’m like “I had a friend who came here today all the way from Buffalo tell me about it because she’s obsessed with it and nobody knows it over there”. The baristas at her Starbucks see her and automatically say “the pink drink”.

So I’m obsessed and never going back to my regular drink.

I enjoyed my Saturday and miss them already.