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These photos of my kitchen were taken a few years ago but not much has changed. There used to be some really obtrusive cabinets that I ripped out and I also took the doors off the other cabinets. It is so wonderful to have open cabinets! You can see everything! My kitchen is only 100 square feet so I had to maximize the space. The punched tin star thing on the wall is a spice cabinet. I have that, a rack below that and a whole drawer filled with spices.

Here’s a link to some of my kitchen altar images.

Iron Man & Mrs. King (20/20)

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Word Count: 1366
Warnings: Domestic Abuse, fluff, some swearing. JARVIS is still an AI, Bucky is part of the team.

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6 months later, Asgard

Y/N stood on a balcony overlooking a training courtyard that was filled with Sif’s warriors. Odin and Loki kept watch next to her as one of Sif’s latest trainees was sparing against a man covered in the day’s bruises. He was slightly skinnier and his face no longer held his signature sneer, but Wayne was still very recognizable.

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His coworkers definitely call him Dreamyzumi-kun behind his back.

I wasn't interested in you in the first place. || Harry Styles

I don’t know why this came to me but I got this idea from a man getting really mad at me for taking a photo of his roses for my grandma. It tweaked it a little but though. 


requests // asks

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When I first moved to London to pursue my dream of being a professional photographer for a magazine, I didn’t think I would have to walk the streets to fulfil one of the articles in the gardeners magazine that’s like the one my Grandma reads, but, I knew I had to take baby steps. 

After getting one of the highest grades in my class for my art GCSE, and being able to take photography in college and passing, I managed to get myself an internship a major magazine firm in London. But after doing so well as the lead photographers assistant, I was able to get the job as the lead photographer for the garden and home magazine that’s issued only a few stores around London. 

Only one problem about doing the garden and home magazine is that whatever idea the editors come up with for this week, I have to go and find photos out and about in London to fix the heading - and that wasn’t my favourite thing to do. 

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Raspberries | Junhui

For a first published fic that I’ve just had laying around for ages I’m real proud of this one.
Quick note?? This fic contains adult themes? But nothing nsfw (I don’t think)
Anyway, hope y’all enjoy!

Pairing: Junhui x female reader
Genre: Fluff (lil bit illegal at the end? if ur not chill with reading about bathtub shenanigans then don’t read this?)
Word Count: 5021

It was 1am by the time you got home. You had both seen a late movie together and it had gone for longer than you both thought. It ended up with having to walk home because the bus services had ended and you only had about 43 yuan between the two of you. In other words, not enough for a taxi. You walked together, swinging your interlinked hands between you both as you wandered in the direction of your apartment.

“Are you hungry?” Jun asks suddenly, looking over to you.

You had been feeling hungry since you went in to see the film, forgetting to buy snacks in your rush to not miss the start of the film. “Yeah, like, super hungry,” you answer, “But we have no food at home? Only like, two lemons and one slice of bread,” you continue, “We ate the last of our instant noodles last week because we agreed to cook real food and be healthy people.” You explain, recalling the first day you tried to teach Jun how to cook noodle soup.

“There’s a 24 hour store on the way home, we can get some instant noodles and ice cream,” he suggests squeezing your hand slightly.

“Oooh, I’m choosing the flavour this time because you got to last time and it was rubbish.” You state starting to swing your hands together.

“You still ate that ice cream though.” He chuckles at the memory of you sitting on the kitchen bench eating ice cream out of the container.

“Well someone had to,” you reply trying to make it sound like it was a chore.

Jun smiles and shakes his head, “You’re such a dork,” he sighs softly as you both continue wandering along the sidewalk. You’re both silent for a few minutes, just walking contently, hand in hand, on the cold early spring night.

“I love you so much,” it’s almost a whisper but you still catch it. Jun is looking off into the distance at the skyline of the small street.

You blush a little, “I love you too,” you whisper quietly back squeezing his hand a little.

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a life spent trying to do well

After Shikadai’s birth, Temari looks down at her tiny baby and remembers another small child, unloved and uncared for, and wonders if she can ever forgive herself for her brother’s childhood.

my first naruto fic in literally 7 years this is wild. Naturally it’s shikatema + sand sibs because FEELINGS

title from lullaby by sia

           It was spring in Konoha, and the rains were just coming to their end, heralding the arrival of bright blooms of flowers. It would be a relief for the small garden of the Nara residence where Shikamaru and Temari now lived; as a gift upon her marriage, her brother Gaara had given her several of his most beautiful specimens of cacti, which they had planted together behind the home. Cacti drown easily, and the spring showers had not been kind to them. Now that the skies had cleared, Shikamaru routinely found himself glancing out the back of the house, wondering if the delicate blossoms would ever return to the spiny plants.

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Where Do the Flowers Go Chapter Eleven

Chapter Ten

Summary: You and Bucky go undercover in Lenox Hill
Warnings: language, it’s hella long (4.3k)

Confusion edged into your tired thoughts as a cold bed pulled you from your dreams. “Nicky?” you murmured, sleepily throwing your arm across the bed, your confusion growing when you didn’t connect with Bucky’s warm chest. “Nic?” you called again, your voice louder than before.

Fumbling with the blankets that had wrapped around your legs throughout the night, you didn’t notice Bucky’s figure appear in the doorway. “No, no, pisoi,” he said, smiling as he meandered across the room and took your hands in his, setting them by your sides. “Stay in bed.”

“Why?” you asked, winding your fingers through his and pulling him down onto the bed next to you. “It’s cold without you. I don’t like it.” You wrapped your arms around his waist and nuzzled into his shoulder.

“Just a moment longer,” he promised. “I will be right back, soare.” Bucky pressed a kiss to your forehead and stood up, leaving you alone in the room again. You gathered the blanket around your shoulders and burrowed into the bed, reaching for the remote on the nightstand, indulging Bucky and staying where you were.

“I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.”

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Soft GF Clarke

-Likes sweet things: pastries, tarts, cakes, chocolate, doughnuts?

 -Is so flustered easily with the way Lexa treats her because she has never known someone that respects her so much, is so considerate of her gifts and their dates; gentle with the way they hold hands and lexa always opening doors and gently putting her hand on the small of her back, and always asking for permission during sexy times and even to wear each other’s clothes (Even though they’ve been tgtr for like 4 months). 

- sends sexy pics of herself in black lingerie bcos its simple and brings out her complexion and the natural hue of her eyes and hair color. She texts lexa w pics and asks what she likes and Lexa is always polite and calls her shortly after just to make sure Clarke’s OK cos lexas heartrate is going way up during meetings. 

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SSMonth 2014, Day 14: Falling, Part One.

Title: Falling, Part One
Summary: His fall for her is a slow one.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.
Prompt: His Side of the Story
Rating: T
Warning(s): Lots of cheese.
Comments: Mistakes are all mine, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Just wanted to get this out there, asap.

“Otou-chan.” His son sounds too awake, too restless, beside him on that summer evening as they lay, stomachs to the skies, in the setting sun.

“Hm?” Sasuke lazily replies without peeping his resting eyes open.

“Can I ask you a question?”

Knowing his inquisitive nature, much like his mother’s, “You’re going to ask it anyway.”

A thoughtful silence overcame the boy before he followed, “How did you and Okaa-san fall in love?”

Immediately dragged from his mental equilibrium, Sasuke peered over at his child, who looked right back at him with wide, brown eyes full of curiosity. It had been a good day, and oddly enough, Sasuke was in the mood to be humored. Mulling over the question which potentially had about a thousand answers, Sasuke settled on the one most accurate.

He exhaled softly with a lick of his lips, opening his mouth to speak.



“You’re leaving?”

To any normal person, such a question would have appeared to have been just that- a question. But as Sasuke stared at up Haruno Sakura with a seemingly nonchalant gaze, they both understood what this really was- an admission. And admission to the fact that when she stood up from his living room floor, that he wondered where she was going; that he cared whether she stayed or went; that he didn’t actually wish to see her go.

With a knowing smile, she touched his face, before continuing out the door.

And as long as the two had known each other, had been connected in one way or another, this was how it all began.



In the beginning, Sasuke made all sorts of excuses.

Upon seeing her mother at the market, he would help her bring the groceries home. At the slightest pain in his eyes, he would make a precautionary trip to the hospital. Succumbing to Naruto’s requests, he would attend team dinners, and sometimes, even host mahjong.

But occasionally, the excuses ran out, and Sasuke was left to his own creativity.

“You- want to start a garden?” Sakura clarified incredulously.

“Aa,” he replied with unflinching earnestness. “So, you’ll help?”

The confusion in her face shifted into pleasant surprise. “Why not.”

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