home and garden week

His coworkers definitely call him Dreamyzumi-kun behind his back.


I came home for a week and helped my mom with her garden. We went to the garden from 8am-9am and I came home exhausted everyday. A big shoutout to all Hmong parents who are dedicating and doing farmer’s market. Most of the garden is done by hand (95%) while only a small percentage is done by machinery. Imagine if we used machines to do most of our labor. It’s interesting to note how my parents’ farming methods have changed. They use to plant sporadically but now they utilize most of the land and plant in uniform lines to produce higher yield. We are no longer producing for ourselves but are producing for others. That’s quite amazing. 

P.S. I transplanted some sunflowers and lined them up by the shelter. Hopefully they’ll survive and provide shade and be able to break the strong wind. 

a life spent trying to do well

After Shikadai’s birth, Temari looks down at her tiny baby and remembers another small child, unloved and uncared for, and wonders if she can ever forgive herself for her brother’s childhood.

my first naruto fic in literally 7 years this is wild. Naturally it’s shikatema + sand sibs because FEELINGS

title from lullaby by sia

           It was spring in Konoha, and the rains were just coming to their end, heralding the arrival of bright blooms of flowers. It would be a relief for the small garden of the Nara residence where Shikamaru and Temari now lived; as a gift upon her marriage, her brother Gaara had given her several of his most beautiful specimens of cacti, which they had planted together behind the home. Cacti drown easily, and the spring showers had not been kind to them. Now that the skies had cleared, Shikamaru routinely found himself glancing out the back of the house, wondering if the delicate blossoms would ever return to the spiny plants.

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hey so yeah i kind of disappeared off the face of the internet for a while!! :D;; here’s some things that have been going on:

- started working working full time back in march

- got Breath of the Wild and got HOOKED (my wife and i usually play games together, but this is one of the rare instances where we both have our own save files so we have to take turns :(((( )

- binged the entirety of The Adventure Zone (LOVE IT), now working my way through mbmbam

- been working on a lot of little gardening and home improvement projects in between

and for weeks i’ve been telling myself i’m gonna line some stuff up in the old tumblr queue and then i just keep not doing it! so i’m gonna do it now! and then hopefully instate a policy of just posting/reblogging the moment i see something cool, and not until i have a 10 page backlog of likes D:

also i kind of want to keep having a blog somewhere, but lj is maybe all the way dead now? is anyone on dw? :/

Where Do the Flowers Go Chapter Eleven

Chapter Ten

Summary: You and Bucky go undercover in Lenox Hill
Warnings: language, it’s hella long (4.3k)

Confusion edged into your tired thoughts as a cold bed pulled you from your dreams. “Nicky?” you murmured, sleepily throwing your arm across the bed, your confusion growing when you didn’t connect with Bucky’s warm chest. “Nic?” you called again, your voice louder than before.

Fumbling with the blankets that had wrapped around your legs throughout the night, you didn’t notice Bucky’s figure appear in the doorway. “No, no, pisoi,” he said, smiling as he meandered across the room and took your hands in his, setting them by your sides. “Stay in bed.”

“Why?” you asked, winding your fingers through his and pulling him down onto the bed next to you. “It’s cold without you. I don’t like it.” You wrapped your arms around his waist and nuzzled into his shoulder.

“Just a moment longer,” he promised. “I will be right back, soare.” Bucky pressed a kiss to your forehead and stood up, leaving you alone in the room again. You gathered the blanket around your shoulders and burrowed into the bed, reaching for the remote on the nightstand, indulging Bucky and staying where you were.

“I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.”

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Since 2011, I’ve been attending Historic Garden Week in Virginia. It’s such an amazing annual event. If you have ever tried to arrange flowers, you realize it’s harder than it looks. Here are a few arrangements designed by the gardening club members in Richmond Virginia from last years - 2015 - tour.  

Donmar Warehouse to build temporary theatre for all-female Shakespeare trilogy
Season comprising Julius Caesar, Henry IV and The Tempest to be staged at 420-seat venue next to King’s Cross station
By Mark Brown

The Donmar Warehouse is building a temporary theatre for an all-female Shakespeare trilogy that will see, on some days, Dame Harriet Walter performing the demanding roles of Brutus, Henry IV and Prospero back to back.

The artistic director, Josie Rourke, on Wednesday announced that the Donmar was breaking out beyond its compact Covent Garden home in London for a 13-week season of Julius Caesar, Henry IV and The Tempest in a new, purpose-built, 420-seat space next to King’s Cross station.

In her darkest hour

TITLE: In her darkest hour


AUTHOR: Rebecca

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being withdrawn because you are going through a rough patch. You lock yourself inside your room and hardly eat anything. Finally your friend Loki visits you, finding you sobbing. Wordlessly, he holds you until you fall asleep.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Possible trigger warning: depression

She was never one to socialize much. Her absence never went unnoticed, but never really came as a surprise.

If she wasn’t at the table for dinner people just assumed she was in her chambers finishing a good book, or perhaps just decided to take a stroll in the gardens alone, as she often did.

In general she was a kind person and a joy to be around. She treated others with the utmost respect despite being so close to royalty. She had never been one to view herself as someone of higher order. She spoke to strangers as if they were old friends and treated her hand maids although they were family.

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SSMonth 2014, Day 14: Falling, Part One.

Title: Falling, Part One
Summary: His fall for her is a slow one.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.
Prompt: His Side of the Story
Rating: T
Warning(s): Lots of cheese.
Comments: Mistakes are all mine, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Just wanted to get this out there, asap.

“Otou-chan.” His son sounds too awake, too restless, beside him on that summer evening as they lay, stomachs to the skies, in the setting sun.

“Hm?” Sasuke lazily replies without peeping his resting eyes open.

“Can I ask you a question?”

Knowing his inquisitive nature, much like his mother’s, “You’re going to ask it anyway.”

A thoughtful silence overcame the boy before he followed, “How did you and Okaa-san fall in love?”

Immediately dragged from his mental equilibrium, Sasuke peered over at his child, who looked right back at him with wide, brown eyes full of curiosity. It had been a good day, and oddly enough, Sasuke was in the mood to be humored. Mulling over the question which potentially had about a thousand answers, Sasuke settled on the one most accurate.

He exhaled softly with a lick of his lips, opening his mouth to speak.



“You’re leaving?”

To any normal person, such a question would have appeared to have been just that- a question. But as Sasuke stared at up Haruno Sakura with a seemingly nonchalant gaze, they both understood what this really was- an admission. And admission to the fact that when she stood up from his living room floor, that he wondered where she was going; that he cared whether she stayed or went; that he didn’t actually wish to see her go.

With a knowing smile, she touched his face, before continuing out the door.

And as long as the two had known each other, had been connected in one way or another, this was how it all began.



In the beginning, Sasuke made all sorts of excuses.

Upon seeing her mother at the market, he would help her bring the groceries home. At the slightest pain in his eyes, he would make a precautionary trip to the hospital. Succumbing to Naruto’s requests, he would attend team dinners, and sometimes, even host mahjong.

But occasionally, the excuses ran out, and Sasuke was left to his own creativity.

“You- want to start a garden?” Sakura clarified incredulously.

“Aa,” he replied with unflinching earnestness. “So, you’ll help?”

The confusion in her face shifted into pleasant surprise. “Why not.”

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Here’s how this should all go okay

Scott: (kills Theo)

Scott: man i’m so sad my red eyes are gone

Stiles: (cheering on the sidelines, wearing a ‘SCOTT ROX′ crop top and booty shorts w/ #11 tattooed on his lower back and holding red pom poms) Nah dude they’re still red

Scott: ????????? wtf

True Alpha gods: yah theo was a fake bitch anyway so ur more worthy than ever tbh so…

Derek: (from mexico) YYYYYAAAAAAAASSSSS

Then Kira comes in and and kisses Scott passionately with electricity and fire and shit and they all go to Olive Garden then home to sleep for six weeks.