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Shrunkyclunks au: Steve and Peggy were a confirmed couple prior to the Valkyrie. Peggy lived a full and ultimately happy life, outliving her husband Gabe and then reuniting with her old flame and good friend Angie Martinelli. She started exhibiting signs of dementia in the early aughts and her family convinced her (eventually) to hire a home nursing agency to help her with day to day things.

She can’t stand them. They are nosy or impersonal, patronizing or obtuse, or usually, just plain silly. One girl looks so much like Dottie Underwood she’s half convinced the Red Room has mastered cloning, and is attempting to use her mental state to gather information.

To say it doesn’t go well is an understatement.

Then in 2008, Tony shows up with one James Barnes, former Army Sargeant turned geriatric nurse. She finds the term ‘geriatric’ insulting, he tells her he read all of her briefings on Sokovia-Russo-US relations from the 50s and 60s, what did she think of the recent elections there?

Mr Barnes, she replies, the day Sokovia has free and fair elections is the day Tony settles down and marries someone. Tony gives an undignified squawk and makes up some national emergency as Peggy and James get on like a house on fire.

Bucky moves down to DC and works with Peggy, helping get during bad days and talking about anything and everything on better ones. It doesn’t stop the dementia from progressing; nothing does, but she does find some comfort in having her Sargeant nearby.

One day Bucky comes back from an errand and finds Peggy in near hysterics, yelling at the visitors she’d been happily entertaining not 30 minutes ago.

(He never stayed in the house when Lorraine or Nick visited)

I want to see him, she shouts (*shouts!*) at Lorraine.

He isn’t ready, she replies. He may never be ready.

It takes Bucky most of the day to calm her down, talking to her, telling stories. It’s a Bad Day now, she doesn’t recognize Bucky at all, calling him Michael or Jarvis or Daniel, once even calling him Steve (Steve fucking Rogers, seriously). She demands he take her on 'their date’ so he helps her up and plays some 40s tunes off Pandora, slow dancing with her in her sitting room, she in her nightgown and robe and he in scrubs.

They watch the Battle of New York on her television two weeks later. Bucky feels the rage build up inside his ribcage when he sees the schmuck in the ripoff Captain America suit running around Manhattan. No wonder Pegs was so upset. She doesn’t let him turn it off, orders him in a voice of steel to keep the tv on. Bucky scouts the perimeter and grabs the handgun from his truck, and doesn’t sleep for two days. He drives up to Brooklyn as soon as Stark sends Happy to stay with Peggy and helps his sister resettle.

A month later he’s back with Peggy and meets Steve (fucking) Rogers at her bedside.

“I met Mom when I was 14. I needed a new home so the agency set up a meeting. I’d been in many foster homes at that point. The caseworker knew that I was very shy, so she encouraged me to speak up during the meeting. But I didn’t know what to say. I’d been abused so much at that point, the only thing I could think to ask was: ‘Are you good?’”


“Thank you for watching!” #jga

Sakuma: Why are you watching at my place?

Yuki: I was told I didn’t need to come to see Fukumoto on the site this time. 

Sakuma: Please watch it at your place instead….

Yuki: More importantly, you kneel in your own home, such a military man through and through. Pay the penalty fine. 

Sakuma: If this is my home, then the D Agency rules don’t apply here.

Yuki: ……

Oikawa: I’ll enjoy every moment till the bitter end!!