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HI, can I request one with RFA+Saeran+V, like moments that they would have with their kid/kids? Maybe taking their kid/kids to work, coming home after a long day but even though they're tired, they still play with their kid/kids. These are just some examples and the kid/kids could be any age(as long as they count as a kids.) Thank you for all the Headcanons, some of these have helped me got through my depression and I am way better now because of you guys. *BIG HUGS FROM MY SIDE OF THE WORLD!*

So glad we could make you a little happier! *GIVES BIGGER HUG FROM OUR SIDE OF THE WORLD* Hope you enjoy these~


  • His daughter had been spending way too much time with Jumin’s son
  • So, Zen wanted some quality time with her, at least for one day
  • He wakes her up one morning and takes her out for breakfast at a little coffee shop
  • They have a cute little breakfast while they talk about life and school
  • Zen pulls out his phone and takes a bunch of selfies
  • His daughter may have picked up some traits from him and joined into his selfie shenanigans
  • They use so many filters, and her favorite one is the wolf one, since Zen makes so many jokes about him being one
  • It’s all going great until her friends from school happen to pass by
  • “You didn’t tell me your dad was so…hot.”
  • Thankfully, Zen had been paying for the  meal, so he didn’t hear, but his daughter was mortified
  • She hurried Zen out of there when he was done
  • For most of the day, they visited different shops and walked around town together
  • When they got home at night, they put on masks together and put on a movie–that Zen wasn’t in
  • Zen fell asleep in the middle of it, and his daughter took the advantage and took a bunch of pictures and selfies
  • Zen looked ridiculous with the mask on and his mouth hanging open
  • She sent several to her mother for both of their amusement


  • He had a day off and it was a rainy day
  • Thankfully, he had an entire playroom for his little boy
  • Yoosung had recently bought this huge foam blogs and several packs of them
  • So the two of them spent the entire afternoon transforming the room into the boy’s little house
  • There were walls that separated off a tiny living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom
  • He dragged Yoosung along in all the rooms
  • The first stop was the kitchen, complete with fake food and fake pots and pans
  • He made Yoosung a plastic omurice before serving him in the dining room
  • Yoosung plays along for the whole hour, even though his knees are killing him from being on the floor the whole time
  • The kid gets really excited and tries to run into another room
  • Unfortunately, his excitement causes him to run into one of the foam walls
  • A domino effect later, the whole foam house is on the ground and the kid is crying because he messed everything up
  • Yoosung tries to calm him down, “No, no! You’re just super strong. Like Spiderman!”
  • To cheer him up, Yoosung changes his son into a spiderman onesie
  • He then lifts him up in the air and lets his son pretend he’s flying
  • The kid is doing the spiderman thing with his fingers while Yoosung jumps from place to place around the house, the kid in his arms
  • Eventually, the kid gets tired and so does Yoosung, so they just take a nap together


  • It was bring your kid to work day at C&R
  • Jaehee really didn’t want to bring her seven year old daughter, but there was no school that day and she couldn’t find a babysitter
  • So she brought her along
  • Her daughter was in awe by the place and kept asking Jaehee questions about what she did
  • Jaehee didn’t want her to get bored while she was doing paperwork, so she gave her little tasks of her own
  • She took a big pile of junk paper and set beside the shredder, teaching her daughter how to use it
  • The girl was fascinated with watching the paper shred into little tiny pieces
  • “Mom, this is so cool!” 
  • “Yeah, honey, it is–No! Not that paper!”
  • After that, Jaehee gives her the job of putting stamps on envelopes to be mailed
  • It killed her pride, but Jaehee wanted to do something special for her daughter
  • So she asked Jumin to award the little girl with a certificate
  • She didn’t expect Jumin to give an entire speech in the conference room about how there has never been a better paper shredder in the company
  • What made it worse is that her daughter has this huge admiration for Jumin now


  • One of his business deals went through and the client gifted Jumin with this huge Lego Star Wars ship
  • It was an odd gift, but Jumin thought his ten year old would like it
  • So, he gave it to him that night and promised to build it with him as soon as he got home from work the next day
  • The son was so excited
  • He opened the set and separated the legos by color and type and waited patiently for Jumin by the coffee table
  • As soon as the keys jingle from the door, the son is darting forward to greet his dad
  • Jumin keeps his word and they get to work
  • He didn’t expect it to be so complicated…
  • Jumin is so confused by all the instructions…and why they are pictures instead of written words
  • “Hey, Dad! Look!”
  • Jumin slowly lowers the huge paper and sees his son one-fourth of the way done
  • Eventually, Jumin tries actual building, but his long fingers make it difficult to put the tiny pieces together
  • The kid crawls in his lap and helps his dad as they build certain parts together
  • Hours later and they finally finish
  • Jumin is so proud, since his son managed to figure out the foreign language of instructions and finish
  • He wants to take a picture, so his son stands on the couch and does a little peace sign next to their creation
  • Jumin goes out with his son and buys some more smaller lego sets
  • MC comes home with her living room full of Star Wars spaceships…


  • His eight year old daughter came home from school a little pouty
  • She tells him that she has a science fair soon and she needs to build something for it
  • He suggests a solar system, and she responds by pulling a disgusted face
  • “Space is boring though!” 
  • Seven gasps loudly and promises to show her she’s wrong
  • Knowing he can get a little extra when it comes to projects, so she emphasizes that she only needs the simplest thing
  • He tells her to go draw a picture of the solar system and he would help with coloring or something
  • She brings it back to him and he just spreads it across the table, “Great! This is the blueprint.”
  • Knowing she can’t stop him, she just goes along with whatever he has planned
  • They spend the day building with whatever equipment he has in his house
  • He gives her a bunch of space facts as they’re building the planets together and putting together the rods
  • When it comes time to a snack break, he takes her out to the store and buys some HBC and Dr. Pepper
  • “I use to live on this when I was younger,” he told her.
  • He sees sparkles in her eyes when she first tries them together and he’s so proud
  • They finish the project together throughout the week, and both end up really liking spending the quality time together
  • And she doesn’t hate space anymore, which was a plus
  • But then he gets a call from a teacher the next day voicing their concerns
  • Apparently, a solar system complete with lights, moon phases, and a robotic orbit implied that she might have cheated
  • Seven didn’t care that she got disqualified, and he took her out for ice cream to celebrate anyway


  • Unfortunately, Saeran’s six year old son had the same health tendencies as his father
  • That meant he got sick pretty often and had to stay home from school
  • Saeran saw he was getting pretty bummed out about it
  • So he decides to make that sick day as fun as possible
  • He brings a bunch of books to the bed and lets his son pick one out
  • He reads as many as he can, but in the middle of one, his son requests a puppet show
  • Saeran is hesitant, but he can’t resist his son when he looks so pale and tired
  • So he builds a little theatre and draws faces on some old socks
  • He begins reading from the book again, this time with the puppets talking
  • “And then the king said–”
  • “No, Daddy, you have to do the voices!”
  • “Oh…sorry…Ahem.” He proceeds in a higher pitched voice
  • He actually does finish the story–voices and all–and the kid is laughing by the time he’s done
  • Saeran will put on his son’s favorite movies and move him over to the couch
  • He melts a little when his son snuggles up to him for warmth


  • He takes his daughter to the playground since it’s a nice day
  • But she’s very shy so she ends up being alone on a swing at one end of the park
  • He feels bad, but he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable and push her at the other kids
  • So he joins her
  • First he takes to slides, but she’s too scared to go down the really long slides
  • So he sets her on his lap and goes down with her–even if he hits his head a few times
  • He plays that game where he pretends he’s in trouble as he’s lying backwards on the slide and holding out his hand while she pulls him up
  • After awhile, she’s not scared anymore so she tries to impress him by walking up the slide
  • But she ends up slipping and going straight to the ground, and he has to get wood chips out of her hair
  • The other kids are attracted to the fun the two seem to be having
  • V somehow ends up as a jungle gym with children climbing him and asking to play with them
  • By the time they leave, his daughter has made quite a few friends, but she looks up at V and grabs his hand, “I had the most fun with you, Daddy!”

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Clay Jensen° Apology Kisses

“Psst Jensen!” You turned your back to the occupied teacher and faced said boy, “Clay! Stop ignoring me you idiot.”

He was hunched over his work, although he wasn’t doing anything. “What do you want?” He hissed, tilting his head slightly in your direction.

You furrowed your eyebrows at his sudden outburst. You two had been close friends for quite a long time but a few weeks after Hannah’s death, he became much more hostile towards you.

“What the fuck Clay? Look I know you miss her, so do I, but you don’t have to be such a dick about it.” Shaking his head he turned back to face the front and you did the same, annoyed at him.

° ° °

The rest of the school day, Clay avoided you, even going as far as sitting with Tony instead of you at lunch. Angry and hurt, you texted him to meet you at Monet’s at six to study and talk.

Five to six, you arrived at the coffee shop and took a seat at a small table towards the back, ordering yourself a hot chocolate.

When fifteen minutes passed with no sign of Clay, you decided to get started on your English assignment without him.
Once the time reached half past, you sent him a text asking where he was and if he was coming.

No response and thirty minutes later, being sat at the table alone, you left bearing a heavy heart and teary eyes.

° ° °

The next day at school, you spotted Clay getting out of Tony’s Mustang and quickly ran up to meet him. “Hey Clay.”

Being pulled out of his thoughts, he sent you a small smile, “Hi (Y/n).”

“So… Where were you yesterday?”

Confused, he looked at you. Giving him an expectant look, he quickly put on an apologetic one. “I’m sorry, I don’t follow.”
Reaching his locker he put in the combination and started fussing about within it.

“We were supposed to meet at Monet’s to study! I can’t believe you.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot; I was with To-”

“With Tony, of course.” You cut him off angrily, “I thought we were friends Clay, friends don’t blow each other off to hang with other people!”

“I’m honestly really sorry (Y/n). To make up for it let me take you to the Crestmont to catch a film?” He put on his innocent face and smiled at you.

“Goddammit man, you know I can’t refuse when you do that.” The first bell rang in the background signalling the students to head to their homeroom.

“I know.” Clay laughed. “So meet me there at 7?”

Swivelling around to make your way to your classroom, you sent him a small wave, “See you there Jensen.”

° ° °

Arriving at the Crestmont, you spotted Clay fiddling at the counter. “Aloha Helmet boy.”

Spinning around, his doubts of you standing him up like he did to you disappeared. He gave you a small grin before speaking, “Oh, hey (Y/n).”

“Don’t look so frightened Clay, I was late because my mom asked me to do something before I left. I didn’t forget or anything.” Sending him a gentle smile, you purchased the tickets and went on into the screening room.

° ° °

Oh how badly you regret picking a horror movie. There wasn’t a lot of people in the theatre so yours and Clays ‘manly’ scream echoed all around.  A series of jumpscares later, your popcorn had been strewn everywhere and you were seconds away from losing your voice.

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief as the credits rolled on screen, you turned to Clay, “Holy shit, never again. Let’s get out of here.” Tired, you got up and turned to leave before a hand grabbed yours.

“Wait a second (Y/n).” His hand pulled you back quickly and before you knew what what going on you felt a pair of warm lips on yours. Eyes wide, you looked to Clay, who looked just as shocked as you did. Seconds passed before he hesitantly moved his lips across yours, his eyes fluttering closed.

You stood there, not moving while Clay carried on. Pulling away, he took note of your confused face, and began apologising, stuttering uncontrollably. “Oh my go- (Y/n), I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to- I should have asked. No wonder you didn’t kiss back. Oh god, I’m such an idiot.” Internally face-palming, his face heated up and he avoided eye contact.

“Clay, it’s fine, I was just shocked.” You interrupted his rambling and set your hands on his arms. “We can try again if you want?”

'What the actual fuck (Y/n)?’

“Oh shit, I didn’t mean that. What I meant to say was… We can… Y'know what, I’m just gonna shut up.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Laughing, he leant in and pressed his lips onto yours in a passionate and heated kiss. Clay’s arms wrapped around your waist whilst yours connected around his neck.

A few minutes and a make out session later, you both emerged breathing heavily and with swollen lips. He pressed his forehead onto yours and stared into your eyes. “Erm, I guess I’m supposed to walk you home now?”

Smiling at his awkwardness, you shook your head, “That would be ideal, yes.”

Clay intertwined your hands and lead you out of the cinema. “At least, this way we probably won’t be attack by any sadistic nun demons.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure they’re not gonna waste their precious time on a socially-awkward, skinny boy obsessed with Star Wars,” Clay swung your arms and rolled his cerulean orbs.

“Very funny, (Y/n).”

“, and a… I don’t even know what I am.”

“An amazing, beautiful and kind girl.”

“Very cheesy, Clay.”

Showing off a toothy grin, he replied, “You like it.”

“I know.” Leaning up you left a small kiss on his cheek and closed your eyes in pure bliss.

• • •

Yeahhh… I had no idea how to end that, sorry if it seemed a bit rushed :/
Sorry for all the time skips as well; I’m lazy

Got7 Scenario: Their girlfriend gets in a fight with his jealous ex and wins.

This is for @aegyoulzzangbtsexo, thanks for being so patient and sweet. I don’t know what I did to deserve a follower like you. 

I made this request more into a scenario instead of a reaction (actually I just wrote a lot by accident, oops!), plus I don’t really have a lot of scenarios. I also don’t condone violence so this scenario will be more of a verbal fight, I hope that’s okay and that you like it! 

P.S. Y/N means “You’re Name.”

Disclaimer: Gifs belong to their respective owners, they are not mine. This post also contains profanity so proceed with caution if you strongly dislike profanity.


The two of you decided to go watch a movie but Bambam wanted popcorn so you stayed inside the theatre while he went to get some. After you sat down you began to feel like someone was staring at you and when you looked in the direction of the gaze you saw her, Bambam’s ex girlfriend. She was glaring daggers and stomping towards you, to then stand towering over you.

You relaxed in your chair and raised an eyebrow completely calm, “Can I help you?”

She scoffed and looked around as if indignant by your response before yelling “I’m Bambam’s girlfriend you whore!”

You remained unfazed, “You mean you’re that girl Bambam broke up with a year ago?” 

Now she looked weaker and she lowered her voice to a normal level, “W-we didn’t break up, we’re just giving each other some time and space. We only had a fight and we’re going to get back together soon.”

You scoffed and raised both of your brows in amusement “Really? Is that why you keep stalking him everywhere he goes? Does he even talk to you anymore?”

She blushed a beet red and ran out of the theatre. That’s when you noticed Bambam had been leaning against a wall the whole time eating his popcorn, “That was better than the movie.”


It was your birthday and Jackson promised that he’d take you on a shopping spree and buy you whatever you wanted. You held hands as you walked into the mall, “Jackson, you don’t have to do this.”

He smiled as he lightly squeezed your hand “C’mon I just want to buy my Jaji everything she wants for her birthday.”

You pouted up at him, “But it’s a lot of money…”

He chuckled, “I earned it so I get to waste it on whoever I want,” he tapped your nose and smiled, “And I want to waste it on you.” 

You could hear a woman’s laugh from in front of you so you both looked up. It was Jackson’s ex. She crossed her arms as she smiled wickedly, “So he’s going to waste his money on you? Hah! He’s wasted thousands of won on me, so what if he buys you all the shit you want that ain’t nothing special.”

You remained calm, “Yeah you’re right it isn’t anything special.” Jackson turns towards you shocked and you look up at him with a gentle smile, “But there is one thing that IS special. He gave me his heart for free before I knew it was safe to give him mine.”

Jackson smiles lovingly down at you before rubbing his thumb against your cheek. He then looks at his ex with a serious expression, “Keep the wons. Y/n let’s go eat something sweet, this chick is too salty.”


Jaebum had had a long day at practice and was really tired but you weren’t any different, it had been a long rough day at work. You were the first to get home so you texted him:

You: I’m so tiiiiiiiired

Jaebum: Me tooooooo

You: I don’t want to cook…

Jaebum: Takeout?


Jaebum: Be home in a few, love you.

You: Love you too MUAH!

You ordered from your favorite takeout restaurant and Jaebum got home only a few minutes before your food arrived. You were prepping the table and excited to finally eat but you heard something hit your window. You opened it to find a note tied around a rock, it was a threat from Jaebum’s crazy ex. You looked out into the darkness and could make out a shadow behind a car.

You yelled “You bitch! He doesn’t love you! Keep fucking with us and we’ll get the cops on your ass!” There was suddenly a lot of noise coming from the direction of the shadow that had disappeared. Running feet, knocked over trash cans, and barking dogs. You slammed the window and turned around to see Jaebum licking some sauce off of his face just looking at you.

“So uh what’s wrong?” he finally said. You slumped down next to him and passed him the note, now feeling too emotionally drained to even eat. He read the note before sighing “Forget about her Jaji.”

You leaned your head against his shoulder, “I want her to forget about you… should we call the cops”

He wrapped his arm around your waist and kissed your hair, “I think my little tiger scared her away.”


You had lost count of how many times you and Jinyoung have run into his ex girlfriend in his favorite anything. His favorite cafe, his favorite department store, his favorite grocery store, his favorite gym, and even his favorite park. You were both nice to her at first but now it was getting awkward and annoying so you just avoided her. Both of you were in the car contemplating whether or not you should go into the cafe.

“Jinyoung, this has to stop” you said as you could see her looking around in the cafe through the car’s windshield.

He sighed, “What am I supposed to do? We said that we’d just be friends after the breakup…”

“Clearly she’s not your friend, she’s your stalker,” you got out of the car and he followed before taking your hand in his. 

You walked inside and she quickly ran to you, “What a coincidence!”

You stared he down with a menacing expression, “It’s not a coincidence because you stalk Jinyoung and go to all of the places you know he’ll be, so just leave us alone while I’m telling you nicely.”

She looked at you with wide eyes full of terror before looking at Jinyoung for help. He shaked his head “I’m sorry but I can’t keep doing this anymore. My heart belongs to Y/N so please just keep a distance from us.”


There was a very fancy restaurant that you were dying to eat at. Since there were hundreds of amazing reviews online of the restaurant Mark agreed that the it was worth going to. He made the reservations but they had to be made one month in advance to the actual date, so you waited and finally the day came. After around forty five minutes of waiting you were taken to your table which you gladly sat at. You were wearing a beautiful salmon colored dress that Mark had helped you pick out to match with his jacket, and your hair was in an up-do. 

Out of the corner in your eye you saw the shadow of a person walk past your table before you’re splashed with a cold liquid. Mark’s ex girlfriend smirks down at you holding an empty wine glass, “Let’s see if he’ll want to keep being your boyfriend looking like that.”

You glance at the people around you who look at the three of you in shock. You sigh as you keep calm, “To everyone here I look like an innocent girl who was physically abused by her boyfriend’s psychotic ex girlfriend, who can’t comprehend that he broke up with her three years ago and that he’s moved on.”

Her eyes widen as she looks at all of the people around her before blushing a deep red. She storms out of the restaurant with the tail of her dress trailing behind her.

Mark looks at you with a worried expression, “Jaji…”

“Don’t worry,” you take your napkin and dry your face before smiling, “We came here to eat and eat we shall.”



You had told Youngjae on numerous occasions that you loved his voice and wished you could sing like him. He always laughed and sang even more so that he could see your beautiful smile. Everything changed when he accidentally caught you singing in the living room. He had just come back from practice and you had the music turned up so high that you didn’t hear him come in but he could clearly hear your beautiful voice. From that day forth he promised that he’d record your voice and put it online because he knew you’d become internet famous in no time. Presently, the two of you were at an electronics store getting the proper equipment for you to be able to sing at home.

“Should we really be buying all of this? I mean, is it all necessary?” You looked at the coiled wires and funny looking boxes in the cart that you didn’t even know what they did.

He chuckled, “Yes Y/N, all of these are important so that your beautiful voice can be heard at the best quality.”

“I bet she sounds like a cat giving birth,” you looked in the direction of the voice and see it’s Youngjae’s ex girlfriend, “How can you even stand talking to her? Her voice is so annoying!” 

You rolled your eyes, “Oh he can stand my voice just fine but I can’t stand your little whiny bitch voice, that might be one of the reasons why he left a bitch like you.”

She scoffed and shoved some boxes off of a nearby shelf before running away.

Youngjae helped you pick up the boxes, “Don’t listen to her Jaji you have one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I’m your number one fan.”


It was Yugyeom’s first weekend off in a long time and you were determined to have as much fun as you could. That morning you had made him a hearty breakfast with twice as many side dishes than you usually made. After that you went shopping for matching outfits which you quickly changed into once you got home. Then you went to a karaoke and danced as much as you could until you’re legs were too tired and you needed a break.

You sat down next to each other on the couch a sweating mess but giggling like idiots.

Yugyeom smiled widely, “Want to order something to drink?”

You nodded, “Yeah! A giant soda with extra ice.”

He laughed, “A giant soda?! What, a large isn’t enough for you?!”

“I need that ice Yugy!” You both giggled and he ordered your drinks. A man came in a few minutes delivering them but he had left your room’s door slightly open. Yugyeom had an arm wrapped around your waist and was drinking his soda with his free hand, as you leaned your head on his shoulder happily drinking your own soda.

“So you fuck him in the karaoke room, you sure are a slut,” you looked up to see Yugyeom’s ex girlfriend leaning against the doorframe misinterpreting your sweaty bodies.

“What we do in our spare time doesn’t matter to you because he already kicked you out of his life like I’m kicking you out of this room” you held up the karaoke remote that had a security button on it, so that she could see that you weren’t kidding.

She quickly ran out of the room slamming the door behind her. Yugyeom scoffed, “Who even let that crazy bitch in the building in the first place?”

Whooo! That was a lot to write but I’m back in the Kpop spirits! I missed writing about these dumdums. I hope you guys enjoyed this really long scenario! it’s always an interesting challenge to write reactions and scenarios but make up a separate scenario for each member. Here’s my Masterpost if any of you want to check it out where I have tons more of Got7 related content. See you guys around in Tumblr Land!

Would You Tell My Story?

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Warnings: mentions of shootings, death, angst

A/N: Y’all, I’m just not up for writing tonight. This is an,,,incredibly old,,,piece that i never got to upload. Hope it doesn’t suck, and i hope you enjoy!

It started out as a normal show.

The announcement by King George came on, informing everyone to turn off their cell phones. The lights darkened, the actors started their songs, the crowd listened with open ears. Mid show, though, things took an odd turn. When act two began, it was obvious Lin had swapped places with Javier, his understudy. Murmurs ran throughout the crowd. Where had Lin gone? Javier certainly wasn’t bad, but to switch actors mid-show was odd. The show continued like normal until the end. The curtain closed, the cast signed autographs, and life went on. Soon enough, though, everyone knew what had happened. 

“Woman involved in shooting in critical condition”

“A woman caught in crossfire earlier today has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Miss (Y/n) Miranda, age 29, was on her way to the Broadway theatre when she was caught in the crossfire of a fight. The suspects, now in custody, ran when they realized they had shot her. More to come as the story advances.”

Every Hamilfan knew that name; Lin’s (recently wed) wife. They had gotten married no more than two months ago. She was backstage after every show. If you looked hard enough, she could be found wandering the streets of New York. No wonder Lin had left!

The hospital waiting room had become overcrowded with reporters, all waiting to interview Lin and (Y/n). But (Y/n) was asleep and Lin could barely make coherent sentences, never mind finish an entire interview! He had more or less been by her side since he got word of the incident. The nurses had teared up at the sound of him quietly singing ‘Helpless’ to her. His voice was pained, upset. They would walk away singing it to themselves, and each patient who heard the song would brighten at the lyrics.

No one had the heart to move him that evening. They kept a guard at the door to make sure no one tried anything, and allowed the two to continue to sleep. After all, they had no idea how much longer she’d last. (Y/n) was awake by the time Lin got up in the morning. Weak, but awake. She was incredibly pale, could barely talk, couldn’t breathe on her own. The doctors had changed her dressings and placed an oxygen mask on her during the night. She laughed weakly when he peppered her face in kisses.

“Everything’s alright now. So long as I have you with me, everything’s alright.” He whispered into her shoulder. She intertwined her hand with his and placed a kiss to his lips.

“You have a show tonight.” She mumbled. “I wanna come.”

“You aren’t moving from this bed. Javier is filling in for me tonight, alright? I’m staying right here.” (Y/n) made no move to argue. She was too tired from just talking, and was about ready for some more sleep. The doctor informed Lin that it was normal, considering how much blood she had lost. They said it would help her get better. That she would heal faster:

She didn’t.

“Daveed, put me down!” Lin snarled, banging his fists on Daveed’s back. The bigger man angrily set his friend down and grabbed him by his shoulders.

“She’s gone, Lin! She’s gone. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing they can do.” Lin ripped away from his grip. He stormed past the curious press and into the streets, hailing a cab to god knows where.

“So, You write?”

“Yes. I’m in the process of writing a play, actually.” Lin stared at the girl across from her. Though she had been quite all night, she lit up like a lightbulb at this.

“Oh, wow! Do you act? I love the theatre, used to act when I was in high school.” She rambled. “You look liked you’d be a good actor.”

“I…never really thought about it.” He replied sheepishly. She took a sip from her glass and waved off the comment. Resting her head on her intertwined hands, she smiled brightly.

“Tell me more about this play you’re writing.”

Daveed stood for a while before calling multiple people, all friends of Lin. Lin, if left alone, could be harmful to himself. It was common knowledge that he needed someone there to comfort him.

Lin sighed as he scratched out another sentence. He had been at this all day, but refused to take a break. Something about loosing his 'creative flow’. (Y/n) watched from the doorway as he crinkled another piece of paper.

“Linny, I think it’s time for a break.” The man shook his head. “Dear-”

“I’ve almost got it!” He insisted. The girl moved behind him, glancing at the pages he already had. Ironic as it was, he was working on the opening song. It was the last one he had to turn in.

She snatched the paper under his hands. “Try…this.” She scribbled something down and handed it back to him. Her hips swayed as she walked away, leaving him to his sick beats. He nodded approvingly.

“Thank you!”

Rafa was the first to find him. There, sitting on the edge of the stage, was Lin. He wasn’t crying like they thought he’d be. On the contrary, he was singing to himself. Rafa watched him for a bit before joining him.

“Hey buddy, what’re ya singing?” The man quietly asked. A smile adorned his face as he took a seat. Lin shrugged and looked at his hands.

“Composing a song for (Y/n).” He replied. Rafa sighed. The poor guy was in denial. “It’ll be harder to do when funeral preparations start.”

“Where are you taking me, you loser?” (Y/n) laughed. She held her arms out protectively in front of her, not trusting Lin to guide her. She was suspicious the minute he took out the blindfold.

“Almost there, I promise. Don’t look quite yet!” He shouted when she attempted to remove the cloth. Civilians were startled by his random outburst. A minute or so later, they arrived. He let the blindfold fall around her neck. “Tada!”

(Y/n) gasped. There, in Bold letters, were the words 'In The Heights’ featuring a picture of Lin and his crew as the characters. He had done it. He had actually done it!

“Do you like it? Your name is in the playbill as my shoutout. And I bought you a first-row ticket for tonight-” She engulfed him in a bone crushing hug, littering his face with kisses and leaving red lipstick marks.

“Congratulations! Oh my god, you’re going to be famous. Don’t let it get to your head alright? But don’t be too modest. Oh, I’m so proud of you!” She said quickly. Though it came out more as a jumble of words than a coherent sentence. Lin laughed. With a quick, smooth motion, he picked her up bridal style.

“Relax, alright? I’ve got you to keep me modest. So, about tonight-”

“Oh my god, we have to go home! I’ll barely have time to get ready. Lin, we gotta go!”

“The show isn’t for five hours, though!”


“Yeah, man?”

“I need a favor.”

“Whatever you say, sir!” The bigger man joked. Lin cracked a minuscule smile at the attempt of a joke. “What’s up?”

“Will you help me tell her story?” Rafa was shocked. Him? He and the entire cast had met Lin’s wife many times, but he never thought Lin would ask him something like this.

“I’d be honored.”

“Why Hamilton?” (Y/n) asked. “I mean, why not Washington or Nixon?”

“'Cause the book was about him.” Lin mused. His pencil scratched against the paper of his journal, lyrics and thoughts and notes flowing onto the page. A strange man, indeed. He had thought of it while the two were on vacation. He practically threw himself out of his hammock to grab a pen and paper. (Y/n) had no doubt he could write this play. As long as he had the support he needed, he could do anything. And she would be there to back him up the entire way.

“I’ll leave you to it.” Lin’s head shot up and stared at her.

“Would you mind if I borrowed that phrase?”


The whole cast had turned up when they heard of Lin’s whereabouts. They listened to him singing and crossing out ideas, helping him where he needed it. Daveed took the liberty of informing (Y/n)’s family of her death. He didn’t think Lin could bear to do it.

For the most part, the cast were silent. They only spoke when spoken to. They had a show in two hours anyways, might as well save their voices.

“Can someone tell Javier I’ll be here tonight? Thanks.” He muttered before returning to his writing. No one wanted to object. That is, no one wanted to have him alone that evening, and none of them could take off. Daveed typed a quick text to the double.

Tonight would only be more painful, wouldn’t it?

“Boy, you got me helpless! Oh, look at those eyes, woah-oh…” (Y/n) sang quietly. Lin watched her from the kitchen, never once informing her of his presence. How she had learned that song, he wasn’t sure. He had only finished it two days ago! She would make a perfect Eliza. However, he knew she’d never do it. Despite having acted in high school, she had developed a bad case of stage fright. She’d never perform if you payed her.

“Eliza, I don’t have a dollar to my name, an acre of land, a troop to command, a dollop of fame…” he sang, wrapping arms around her waist. The (h/c) girl jumped in surprise. That didn’t stop her from continuing her song, though.

“You would make an amazing Eliza.”

“Not happening, my love.” She replied.

“I know. Doesn’t mean I can’t say it, though.”

The show that evening was more emotional than usual. At 'Helpless’, everyone in the theatre teared up. Lin stuck through the whole show, though, and even stayed for autographs. He thanked every fan for coming. He was patient, he was kind. Every fan got their turn. The ones that apologized for his loss really got to him. By the end of the night, he just wanted to go home. But he waited until he got to the last fan.

“Hey, thanks for coming tonight! Who should I sign this to?” He started with his usual greeting. The young lady smiled at him.

“Vanessa, Vanessa Nadal. Trust me, I’d come every night if I could.”

“Well, I’m glad you like it that much! It’s always nice to hear good things.”

“How could anyone say bad things? It’s the show of the year! You don’t get to be show of the year by not being good.”

“I suppose you’re right. It’s been nice meeting you, Vanessa. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime?” Lin replied. Vanessa shook his hand, a grin on her lips.

“Maybe you will.” She whispered as he walked away.

Notes on flower shops

For anyone wanting to write about a flower shop, there is a lot of more or less easy to find info about how a flower shop ought to be run versus how it actually is run, the symbolism of different flowers and colours etc. 

This post is mostly about the retail side of things.

Selling flowers in a temperate region

In temperate regions, where people can see things growing in their gardens all the year around, they won’t spend much on flowers because they don’t see why they should. Many are genuinely surprised that there are commercial flower growers and assume a florist just has a good garden. These customers will also assume that things like greenery and baby’s breath are free.

Because their gardens are full of flowers, people will also call the shop out of the blue wanting you to buy some crap from their garden (usually cuttings after they’ve been pruning the magnolia tree, but sometimes flowers). These people can be belligerent if you decline because apparently them inviting you to buy their garden clippings is them doing you a massive favour and you should be grateful.

When people really spend big

In my country, Valentine’s Day isn’t as big a deal as it appears to be in some other countries. Most people will do nothing. Maybe you do something with your partner, but gift giving is limited. And, it’s a rare person who does anything for their friend or child. It is still the biggest day on the floristry calendar, but at least half the customers don’t actually care, they just don’t want their partners to yell at them. So, the budgets are maybe a bit smaller, most people going with a single rose rather than a dozen. 

Mother’s Day was when people got really mushy. Big budgets, lovey-dovey messages and, more importantly perhaps, customers were actually happy to be there. No one bought flowers for their mum with a scowl and an ‘I guess I better or I’ll get in trouble.’ Mother’s Day was usually a day to sell a lot of potted plants as well (particularly Chrysanthemums and Cyclamens).

One odd thing I noticed was that the (few) people who bought flowers for the passing of a dog would spend far more than a person buying flowers for the passing of a human. I once received an order for a massive bouquet in pinks and blues, with seven foil balloons in amongst it (four blue ‘it’s a boy’ and three pink ‘it’s a girl’), for someone whose dog had had puppies.

Having a shop near a hospital

If a shop is next to a hospital it’s going to have very different clientele than a shop in a mall- more of the customers are going to be in a hurry and stressed as they are on the way to see someone who is hurt, or sick, etc. And, a major hospital is going to bring more problems than a small hospital.

My shop was next door to a major hospital (and a short drive from two private hospitals and two birthing centres), so I was next to a brain injury recovery clinic, maternity ward and newborn intensive care unit, a psychiatric facility, and an emergency department with a helicopter bringing in patients from around the wider region, and all the other standard hospital stuff.

Most days, it was just a day. But other days…

People would run in with tears in their eyes, wanting flowers in a hurry because someone was dying, but refuse to take one of the pre-made bouquets or have something delivered. Then, they would be freaking out because they were missing out on their loved one’s final moments. These customers would sometimes try to ‘help’ you be done faster by making the bow for you, but they didn’t know how to, so all they actually did was snatch a length of ribbon of the counter and mash it up while you’re working on the flowers, and then you had to make a fresh one anyway.

Sometimes people would come in with food from the shop around the corner, and we didn’t have to heart to tell them not too because you could tell they had been up at the hospital all night, and they had only now thought of eating. We also had people come in with no shoes, or in their pyjamas (which actually wasn’t that big of a deal, as in my country ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service’ is really only for restaurants and movie theatres, not shops).

Patients from the mental health ward would visit my shop. Some were fine, they would just wander in for a chat and leave if you looked busy. Some would come to buy themselves something to pretty-up their room (one young guy casually said he wanted something for his room in the unit, then realised what he had just said and desperately tried to assure me he wasn’t crazy. I told him that I understood, sometimes people just need a holiday, which seemed to make him feel better). One tried to sell me pine cones he had picked up in the street, claiming that they were hand made in Turkey. So, mostly it was okay, but a couple of times we ended up having to call the hospital to come and remove a patient from our shop – not because they were bad people, but because they were having a bad moment and we weren’t equipped to help them.

Sometimes being next to the maternity ward meant stepping over a poorly cleaned up puddle from where a woman’s water had broken in the carpark. It was men shuffling into the shop moments after we opened, looking dazed, and buying pink or blue teddy bears and balloons. Women would come in, bouncing on the spot as they told you they had just become a grandma and spend ridiculous amounts on flowers and all the rest. Sometimes it was a tired and angry man complaining that the midwife had waited too long to summon the doctor and now his wife and baby were both in ICU.

Once, it was witnessing a very young pregnant woman crying while her family fought over who was going to have custody of her baby.

It could mean a single white rose for the top of a baby’s coffin. Maybe a balloon. Sometimes it was a small tissue lined box or a kete (a flax basket), purchased by a couple of quiet and sad looking women (I’m not sure how to communicate precisely who these women are … powerful, older female relatives who come to take care of things during difficult times … we just call them The Aunties). They were the ones who would come to find something to carry a stillborn baby home in.

Between August and October, it was almost impossible to overstock in pink and blue stuff, there would be that many births. Finally, we realised it was 8-10 months after the Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Helping customers with disabilities

I once had a blind man come to have something sent to his sighted partner’s work. This was the first blind person I had ever meet and I wasn’t sure how to proceed, was there any point in discussing colour, or would that appear ignorant/thoughtless? I needn’t have worried; he knew she liked pink. I gave him two teddy bears to hold so he could choose between them himself. I told him that his service dog was beautiful, and he said I could pet her!! That was a good day.

With a single step up into the shop from the street, the shop wasn’t fully wheelchair accessible, which would have been bad anywhere but was worse so close to the hospital. I once had to go outside to help a woman in a wheelchair over the step, which she had to talk me through because her chair was one of those low-backed ones that don’t have an obvious handle-part. Unfortunately, people using electric chairs couldn’t make it in at all, so I would go outside with a pen and notepad and sit on the step to talk them and hope they were paying with cash.

A lily by any other name

Maybe it’s just because people in my country don’t buy a lot of flowers, but I found that a lot of customers didn’t know what a lily actually was and would call any number of other flowers lilies. The most common one was people saying lilies when they meant calla lilies, it’s not surprising that they shortened it but it was confusing because the two flowers are very different and most people don’t know that they are shortening it, making it difficult to clarify which flower they are talking about. The best way to clarify was to out-right explain the problem and say something like, “When you think of lilies, do you think of a flower with five petals or one petal sort of curling around itself?”

It was important to clarify because, since their use in Princess Diana’s funeral, some people associate whatever flower they think lilies are with funerals, and then get really upset by you sending ‘death flowers’ to someone in the hospital after they had said no lilies.

People also confused cana lilies & calla lilies, orchids & lilies, and orchids & alstroemeria.


As I’m sure happens with any business that delivers, some customers seemed to think I had the Flash on staff. They would come in at 2 o’clock in the wanting flowers delivered that afternoon, to a town a good hour’s drive away (which I might have been able to organise by calling a florist who is closer and getting them to do it), but then they would also want the card they had hand written to go with it, so it had to come from our shop, oh, and it’s going to a school, so it has to be there before 3 o’clock. These customers would then be extremely angry that we couldn’t deliver it on time along with their card, and just couldn’t understand why there’s a problem because “Your website says you deliver there!”

Sometimes, people don’t know the delivery address. I once received an online order with the address, “Such-and-Such Road, flash house with red roof.” Such-and-Such Road is 20 kilometres long!  Fortunately, the flower delivery guy had already been out to a house on Such-and-Such Road with flowers from another shop and was able to confirm it was the same place by checking the name on the cards. 

Odd requests

I once had to send an order on to a town further north, with the request for a bouquet and 21 condoms. The florist I sent it to asked if they were to be inflated or in packages, I asked the customer, and they changed their mind about the condoms. We florists were dispositioned.

One customer wanted a packet of cigarettes sent with the flowers going up to the cardiac unit at the hospital. I explained that I couldn’t do that because,

 a. the hospital was a smoke-free zone and,

 b. I wasn’t licenced to sell tobacco products

She said, couldn’t I just hide the cigarettes in the flowers? And, I wouldn’t be selling her cigarettes, I would just be buying them and sending them for her, and then she would pay me. I tried to explain that wasn’t how it worked but she wouldn’t believe me. Fortunately, her credit card was declined anyway, so that was the end of that.

Carnations suck

You can’t sell carnations in bud; people think they are dead and complain. You can’t just explain that this way their flowers will last longer because the customer ‘knows what dead flowers look like!’

Brides who choose carnations make the florist look bad for using old lady funeral flowers.

Carnations also break super easily so are kind of a pig to work with. (My apologies to all the good little piggies for such a rude comparison).

Difficult customers

 The worst customers to deal with were flower growers, floral artists, and Rich People.

-  Flower growers will handle your flowers because ‘they know what they are doing’ which sucks, because as a general rule the more a flower is handled the faster it will die and they touch more than they buy. These customers will often be furious that they have to pay retail prices for flowers, even if they are not your supplier, because they know how much they would be paid for that many individual flowers. They ignore basic concepts around the added costs of middlemen between themselves and the florist, the florist’s right to make a profit, and the fact that not all flowers have cost the florist the same amount to get in.

-  Floral artists think they are better than florists because they are artists, not lowly tradespersons, and so bring in a shit-ton of attitude. They are the ones who use the Latin names of the flowers, which no one else ever uses, so they catch you out not being able to remember what a certain flower is called in Latin and act even more superior.

-  Rich People have an attitude. A Rich Person is someone who cares about money and wants you to know that they have it but doesn’t want to spend it. This is different from a rich person who has money but doesn’t care what you think of them and is happy to spend it on the people they care about. To stereotype a little, a Rich Person is a guy who parks his brand new BMW on the sidewalk, walks into the shop in a suit and on his cell phone, and then buys two $40 bouquets, one for each girlfriend. This Rich Person will often be followed by a rich person, a guy who wanders in with a friendly smile and spends $120 on flowers for ‘the nice lady from next door’ who he heard had a heart attack yesterday. Okay, so that’s not a situation unique to floristry, that’s just retail in general.

Fixing floppy flowers

Sometimes super fresh flowers will become soft really fast because of the weather, and you have to give them a spa treatment.

With gerberas and roses and some other things: wrap each flower in a tube of cellophane to give support. Cut about 2cm off the bottom of the stem, plunge cut end into really hot water. Little bubbles will come out of the stem. Wait until bubbles are gone, then place in a vase of lukewarm or cold water. Leave for at least a few hours, and hey presto, the stems will be firm and straight.

Anthuriums: submerge in cold water, preferably overnight.

Sunflowers: A bit of wire up the back can help, but it’s pretty visible and once the head drops the petals are going to curl and fall off. But, if you pluck out the petals the remaining head still looks pretty cool, and with a bit of wire, is totally usable. 

Sometimes, around Valentine’s day, in particular, your fresh from the supplier roses aren’t actually that fresh (suppliers might be stockpiling a bit to keep the flowers for when the price peaks because they are greedy bastards). So, to unscrew yourself and still have flowers to sell, use decorative wire to wrap around the stem, up and around the bud and back down. This looks cool and interesting to the happy customer, but also gives the flower extra support and stops that petals falling off for an extra couple of days.

A pox on weddings

Every woman you have ever meet will try to get you to do her wedding flowers at cost, or free, as a wedding present.

We’ve all heard Bridezilla stories, but a bride’s mother can be pretty rude too. I was the senior florist, so if someone wanted wedding flowers they needed to speak to me, but I have always looked young for my age. The bride would come in and we would go through everything and she would be happy. Then, she would bring in her mother who would walk straight passed me to talk to my business partner, who had 30 years on me but none of it spent as a florist. When pointed in my direction, the mother’s face would fall; a florist ‘younger’ than her daughter, oh hell no! I would then have to go back over everything, only this time it was while being asked condescending questions like, would I be removing the pollen from the lilies so the dress didn’t get marked? (Of bloody course I was! See the row of framed certificates on the wall with my name on them??).

Sometimes, people would walk in off the street wanting full and detailed quotes for wedding flowers done right then and there. One woman wanted me to “quickly knock up some free samples” while she just nipped out to the car.

People try to order wedding flower only a day or two in advance. I once had someone order “A bunch of 24 pink roses” That’s all he said, so I put together a massive bouquet to really show them off, as is normal, then when he arrived to pick them up a couple of hours later he just kinda frowned and asked “It that normal for a bride’s bouquet?” (No it isn’t, you bloody bastard!) So, I had to undo everything and remake it as a bridal bouquet while he waited, somehow squeezing almost an hours work into about twelve minutes, and then he didn’t see why it should cost more than the other version if it was the same flowers (never mind the wrapping that had now been thrown out, and the incorporation of wire and ribbons, or the double dose of labour).

Rasicim?! Really? Really!!?!?!

I once had a customer manage to be racist about flowers. This person rang me to complain that the flower in the middle of the bouquet her son had given her was too smelly, so much so that everyone in the house was being made sick by the smell. I apologised and suggested that for right now, she should remove the offending flower by pulling it straight up and out of the bunch to address the immediate problem. But no! She couldn’t do that because it would ruin the design. She continued to complain; what kind of stupid and irresponsible florist would sell such awful stinking flowers???!????!?!? This had gone on for a while, when it occurred to me that there were no strongly fragranced flowers in my shop that day, so I very politely asked her to describe the offending flower to me.

Based on what she described, it sounded like an Oriental lily, which we almost never stocked (because, yes, they are fragrant and that wasn’t ideal for flowers going up to the hospital like most of ours did). I explained this to her and very, very politely asked if she was certain the flowers were from my store.

“What did you say it was called?” she asked.

“An Oriental Lily.”

“Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given how much it fucking reeks!”

(Oh my freaking god!!)

In the end, it turned out that she didn’t know where her son had bought the flowers (with no sticker with the shops name attached to the flowers, my pick is it was from a supermarket), so she was systematically working her way through the phonebook, complaining to every florist in the city.

 Story time

A story to reward anyone who has actually read this far…

A florist I used to know was working in her shop one day, and it wasn’t busy so she was day dreaming about Mr Right, wondering what he might be like and wishing he would show up already. The bell above the door rang, and she looked up to see a well-dressed man walking into her shop. She swore her first thought on seeing him was,

“Thank you, Jesus!”

He had a smile that could melt granite. He voice was honey. He looked at her like she was the only woman in the world. So, she took a steadying breath, and told herself not to get her hopes up, he was probably there to buy flowers for his incredibly beautiful and smart and talented wife. But, no! He was getting them for his mother. And yes! Now he was closer she could see he didn’t wear a wedding ring. Her little heart betrayed her, beating faster at the possibility of possibilities.

She asked for his name to go with the order and he said,

“Father [fucking] Chris.”

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How do you think Shawn would propose to his girlfriend and after how long? Will he be like super nervous?

Okay first of all, Shawn would be so fucking nervous. Like he would literally almost be sick to his stomach. His hands would shake, his voice would stutter, his palms would be sweaty and his body would feel heavy and numb. Like even though, he knew, you loved him more than anything and he was aware you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him, he would honestly be so nervous for you either saying no or your family not being thrilled about it or that he may fuck up the proposal, omg.   

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Dance With Me - College!AU

Originally posted by httpsung

[ dowoon ]

*not requested 

word count; 1.9k

genre; fluff

summary - A college!au in which Dowoon, a music student, crosses paths with a fashion major and they immediately get along, despite their opposite personalities. Dowoon is encouraged to dance at a gig in a local venue, instead of shying away and standing reluctantly by the sidelines. 

Going back to college was never something I dreaded. I was just about to begin my third year at the country’s most prestigious arts school. There was never a tedious, boring day being a fashion major; the subject was something I was passionate and inspired about. Third year would be just as fun and interesting as the previous two years, however it would be tougher with more detailed assignments and numerous of deadlines to meet. Last year I was fortunate to study abroad, appreciating my adoration for fashion even more.

After packing up and saying goodbye to my family for another few weeks, I got on the train, ready for a three hour journey back to campus. After I arrived, I followed the routine which I had grown accustomed to; dropping my bags off at my student apartment (which I shared with four other students) and greeting the students that had already arrived before leaving to collect this terms curriculum and timetable. I was delighted to see that for this term I had mostly morning classes, finishing early afternoon most days. I liked this since it meant no night classes, plus the campus and library were usually more quiet and less packed in the mornings. After I collected my information from the students office, I turned around to see the campus swarming with students, old and new. Something that I loved about attending an arts school was the fact that it was far from ordinary. The place was bustling with students chatting amongst each other, holding large portfolios, boxes of art supplies or cases for musical instruments such as guitars, violins, cellos et cetera. A sigh of contentment escaped my lips as I smiled, I was happy to be back and let another year begin.

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Mr. Lester

summary: ‘He’s tall, sweet, great with kids, and he can sing. What’s better than that?’ Dan’s son is in choir, and his teacher is a lot more than he was expecting. 
genre: Fluff
word count: 2.8k
TW: swearing, mentions of death (teeny tiny) 
excerpt: ‘Hey, Dan. Like I said before, you’re probably sick of seeing notes being sent home, but I hope you’ll like this one XD. 0345 527 586, Call me <3 -Mr. Lester’
AO3 link 

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Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition.  Part 4

Word Count: 3487

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 ongoing…

I woke up too early in the morning.

The sun was still shining weakly, but at the same time, it was the brightest time of the day. The rays of sunshine have a different sparkle in them when it’s so early in the morning. They bring happiness everywhere they go and I also felt like my life had never been brighter.

I almost forgot everything that had happened the previous day, but the memories flooded my mind when I looked out of the window and saw Sehun’s car.

I remembered our drive back home from that party. Tears had been streaming down my face and I couldn’t stop them until Sehun parked his car next to our house and I ran for my room. It was embarrassing. I was embarrassed, but I convinced myself that it was okay to let my emotions take over control for once.

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Cheating Fic - Zen Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Another day, another night your fiancé was working late. It seemed to be happening more and more and you were starting to get pissed about it. Why was the director making Zen stay for so long? He was leaving early in the morning and not coming home until after you feel asleep. You had barely seen him for months. Tired of eating alone every night, you decided you were going down there to surprise him. He hadn’t really said anything about it, but you imagined he was pretty stressed about rehearsing so much. You went to your shared bedroom and opened the wardrobe. If you were going to surprise him you were going to really surprise him. Pulling out your tightest jeans and lowest cut top you knew he couldn’t resist and would drag you away to his dressing room. At least, you hoped he would. With you always being asleep by the time he got home you hadn’t been intimate lately. You were starting to get to a point where you needed his touch. Once dressed you skipped out the door, feeling excited about actually seeing Zen.

It wasn’t long until you arrived at the theatre where his rehearsals were. As you were wandering around inside looking for where he would be you ran into what appeared to be a janitor. “Oh, hello! Is there any chance you could point me in the direction of the rehearsals?” you pleaded, having been lost in the countless halls for a good 15 minutes. “Rehearsals? They finished hours ago. Nobody works after 6.” He must be wrong. If they weren’t working past 6 then where the hell had Zen been all these nights? “Are you sure? My fiancé rehearses here and doesn’t come home until late at night,” you smiled as you said it but saw the life empty from his face. He pointed out where you needed to go and watched walk away with a solemn look on his face. How strange you thought as you headed off to find Zen. It wasn’t long until you came across the dressing room for him. It had a picture of him on the door and his name in huge bold letters. You felt nothing but pride at seeing it, how far he had come. You could hear music coming from inside so he was definitely in there. Springing the door open you were met with an unexpected sight. There was a huge sofa next to his dressing table, and on the sofa lay Zen. Naked. With another girl. You recognised her instantly as his co-star, the girl he had whined about to you when he first got the role. Yet here he was, doing something with her he should only be doing with you. They were tangled up in each other, clearly enjoying being so close and intimate. Everything around you became meaningless, worthless. Your whole world felt like it was crumbling. Your mind felt like it was shattering into tiny pieces. He had always promised you were his everything, his princess, his life. And yet here he was, with some girl who wasn’t you. With some girl he hadn’t promised his life too. He’d insisted you were enough for him, even going as far to say you were more than he ever deserved. It was clear to you now that you weren’t enough. That you would never be enough. They were grunting and moaning loudly, and the music was still playing from the speakers on his dressing table, so neither of them heard you open the door. The sound of her breathlessly calling out his name like you had hundreds of times before her felt like a punch through your heart. But nothing could prepare you for what he would say. “Say it again, princess,” he purred in his husky voice. Princess. His pet name for you was on his lips for another woman. Now your heart felt like it was being ripped out of your chest. You were pretty sure that would hurt less. Suddenly the woman opened her eyes and looked at you, realising who you were she immediately pulled away from him, never breaking eye contact. Zen’s head whipped around to look at what she was staring at, and upon seeing you stood in the doorway the color all but drained from his face. His mouth opened to say something but nothing came out, and you turned around and ran. You ran out of that building as fast as you could. You wanted to cry but it just wasn’t coming. You were still in a state of shock. He would be running after you as soon as he was dressed. Or maybe he wouldn’t, he didn’t care about you so why would he. Whether he was going to chase after you or not you had to get out of there. You couldn’t go home, everything was tainted now. Every memory you had in that basement apartment was ruined. There was only one person you could be around right now, so you got in cab and headed to Jaehee’s.

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omo could you please do dating taehyung ;;-;; i'll be eternally grateful

of course you can boo!! no need to be grateful

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Dating TaeBae

  • taebae
  • small child
  • he wouldn’t actually be aware of his own feelings for a bit i think
  • like all the other boys can tell he’s totally smitten with you but he is oblivious to the fact like he doesn’t know at all
  • and seokjin and hoseok are trying to help by dropping some hints like “hey buddy,, don’t you wish you could like,, kiss their face whenever you want,,”
  • and taehyung just smiles all wide like “um yah that sounds good! i love when you’re that close to your friends!!”
  • and you just hear yoongi screaming in the background
  • and it goes on like this for a while where tae says some not friend like things about you like “man man wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to her face every morning?? man i would die”
  • or “god that is a nice ass butt where do i sign up for some of that”
  • and the boys are tired of him being oblivious af
  • so they devise a plan and they bribe jin with food to go and ask you out
  • and tae finds out and he loses it he flips completely out because wait no she’s not allowed to like anyonE ELSE WHAT IS THIS
  • and so he like physically pushes jin over //gets his butt whooped for it later” and appears in front of you all out of breath and red in the face
  • and he looks so so stressed and you’re kinda worried like “um tae you doing okay you look like you might explode??”
  • and the other boys have gathered to watch this go down bcuz finally the otp is gonna get together alright jeongguk you owe me twenty bucks
  • and tae is just “yes i am going to explode hOW DID YOU KNOW???”
  • and you kinda laugh and you’re blushing cause you’ve liked this oblivious child forever now
  • and he smiles that cute boxy smile and he puts his hand on the back of his neck cause oh wow he probably should’ve planned this??
  • but he just goes for it “well you see i’m gonna explode cause i’ve liked you forever now and i’m so sorry it took me so long to realize it i’m sorry that it took jin hyung asking you out for me to realize i like you more than a friend here how about a date for me to make it up for you?”
  • and you nod and hug him and he hugs back so tight and he probably spins you around too and the other boys are all clapping and cheering (except jin who is still bitter tae pushed him and namjoon has to buy him some ice cream to cheer him up)
  • and the first date is to go see a play
  • tae acts and i think he would want to show you kinda of the stuff he is involved in and it’s a dinner theatre and a murder mystery and it’s so!!
  • like you’re both dressed up not like suits and dresses but he has a nice like button down and vest and slacks and you have a cute skirt and blouse and you did your hair up all nice
  • and he’s holding your hand the entire time “just in case you get scared”
  • and he ends up getting more dessert than he’s supposed to and you guys laugh and giggle in the back of the room like five year olds because this is your seventh piece of cake
  • and he takes you home after the date and he seems a little distracted and you’re kinda??
  • and he smiles sheepishly like “can i sleep over? JuST TO MAKE SURE NO MURDERERS COME FOR YOU”
  • and you laugh and usher him inside and he’s so grateful and he won’t let your out of his sight for the rest of your life okay
  • dates with him are never the same
  • like some days it’s going to the local cafe and trying the most obscure drink on the menu you two can find
  • some days he’s like wow guess what i heard about this new trampoline park i get the recommended age is seven to thirteen but that’s only recommended
  • and one time he takes you to a pet cafe and you two just chill on the floor and pet all the doggies and he names them all after you, every single one gets named after you
  • he would love taking you to shows though
  • and his practices!! //if the director doesn’t kick your butt out//
  • he loves when you help him with his lines
  • and just cause acting he’s always dramatic at home
  • like you’re cutting tomatoes for dinner??
  • in burst tae sobbing and clutching his hand to his heart “docTOR CAN YOU SAVE HIM WILL HE LIVE, DON’T TELL ME THE TERRIBLE NEWS DOCTOR”
  • “taehyung do you want your dinner”
  • “well duh I do”
  • and then other times like you’re sitting on the couch for group movie niGHT??
  • and he’s whispering into your ear kinda loudly “dracula is paler up close than any one of us would have imagined. he seems unaware of his surroundings, distracted by the cackling witch to his left. no scientist before has ever gotten this close. should we-”
  • “tae, that’s yoongi and hoseok”
  • “why do you spoil all my fuN”
  • pet names pet names
  • i think he would have a lot of fun with pet names so they would always be changing
  • his faves would be “jagi, pumpkin, donut, babe, princess”
  • probably calls you a lot of random food names and you still dont know why??
  • “PineaPplE timE FOr MoviE NIGhT”
  • okay but you think it’s movie night
  • it’s never movie night
  • it’s anime night
  • haha your butt is gonna be watching like psycho pass or attack on titan or something boyish
  • and one day jeongguk is like yall need to watch future diary that’s like the best anime to watch with your girlfriend
  • you guys don’t invite him over for dinner for like seventeen years
  • skin ship with tae is like a twenty five eight thing
  • he’s always peppering your face with kisses and he likes to miss your mouth on purpose to get you riled up
  • his fave beside lip kissing would be nose kissing!! and kissing the top of your head cause tall and yes
  • and he is always grabbing your butt i mean have you seen how this boy looks at butts he would grabbing yours every five seconds
  • and then yoongi and namjoon would gag and hack and tae would get all embarrassed and shy and bury his face in the crook of your neck
  • in public i think he would be a bit more reserved and not be as touchy cause he doesn’t want to embarrass you or anything
  • he would like to hold hands so he can swing your arms back and forth!!
  • and he would kinda be oblivious when guys hit on you
  • like if some guy was talking to you in a flirty way he probably wouldn’t even notice really he’s too busy being whipped over you
  • but when he realizes he would probably deal with his jealousy head on
  • like he would go up to the guy and kinda “hi Im taehyung!! Don’t know if you realize this lovely person is taken by me, thanks!!”
  • and he’s smiling so it’s kinda unnerving
  • and then he would drag you home so he can have make up snuggles
  • he’s so for snuggling
  • like he always wants to sit on your lap??
  • and you’re kinda tae you’re huge please don’t
  • and so he settles for you sitting on his lap instead
  • and he loves to lay and have his head on your chest boob pillow
  • and that’s usually how you guys end up sleeping
  • like his head on your chest and he’s curled up in a ball and he look so so precious
  • but sometimes he’s like spooning okay and he’s the big spoon
  • he likes his face in the crook of your neck too he likes being that close to you
  • and he would probably like to stay up until like two in the morning theorizing with you
  • “what if armin isn’t dead though maybe that was his evil twin legout”
  • “pretty sure armin is dead babe”
  • but then he would like to talk about your future together too
  • “how many dogs are we gonna have when we’re married huh?”
  • you guys basically run a farm up in your apartment
  • like there’s six dogs
  • and seventeen fish (four didn’t make it long though)
  • and two cats
  • and taehyung comes home from practice one day and he’s hiding his back from you and you hey babe??
  • and behold he is holding a baby kitten and you’re about to unload but he uses the pout and the puppy eyes
  • and that is how leo joined the family
  • although tae is really kinda childish sometimes and bright and innocent he would easily tell when you’re upset
  • and he would listen to you first before trying to solve anything right away
  • and then he would make you some hot chocolate//tea whatever you like and sit down with you and try to talk you through the issue
  • he’s a lot more insightful than people want to believe
  • and he doesn’t really seem like the super clingy type but when they’re away that all changes like he calls you every single time he gets a break and makes sure you’re eating and sleeping enough
  • he’s always showing you off to his family too like “pumpkin pose my grandma wants an updated picture of you thankS”
  • he would introduce you to the family right off the back
  • and they all love you and ask when the wedding is gonna be and tae is like um once im old enough so maybe like next year!
  • and you kinDA WHAT
  • he wouldn’t rush you into anything though he’s so respectful and precious
  • and we ignore the leash incident on this post to keep things calm cool and collected
  • like you’re his number one priority and he spoils you so much
  • like always buying you things
  • like hey i bought you some cupcakes on the way home
  • here’s that new cellphONE  CASE NOW WE CAN MATCH
  • and you’re like boy save your money rigHT nOW
  • you have matching shirts and sweatshirts and phone cases and bracelets and one day he’s like tattOOS and you just shut that one down right then and there
  • but he’s so precious protect him and love him thanks
Across the room

Request: sorry none I just had a rush of inspiration after reading @manuelmiranduh‘s fic “Cool” and thought I’d do something with a kinda similar premise (sorry Sabrina yours is awesome I love it) so this happened

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader (my first attempt be nice)

Warnings: Karaoke?

Word count: 2,244

A/N: I swear 90% of the amazing writers in this part of the fandom write lin x reader and they are my idols so here goes nothing! also lara and aria are my ocs excuse their presence ^-^ (and “sobrino” means nephew) This hasn’t been proofread.

askbox || masterlist

“Go on, Y/N,” your friend Lara pleaded, “I know you’d be great.”

You shook your head resolutely. The open mic night had been a fun event to attend, sure, but you had no plans to actually take the stage. Lara, your temporary roommate, thought otherwise.

“What about that song you’ve been singing all week?” She continued, undeterred, “Helpless or something?”

You’d only come to visit Lara at college- she was an art major at NYU. The two of you had met online and, after three years, finally managed a visit that coincided with your move to New York. Tonight was your last night and she’d grabbed you to a popular bar on campus and spent the evening trying to persuade you to sing.

You scoffed. “I couldn’t sing that!” Lara raised an eyebrow, doubtless thinking of your constant singing in the past week. “I couldn’t sing all the parts myself,” You hastily amended.

“Okay- I’ll sing Alexander and Aria will be Angelica,” she suggested. Aria was one of her flatmates- a theatre major with a lovely voice and a Hamilton obsession to match yours. Before you could tell her no, she was out of her seat and heading towards where Aria was sitting. You sighed and resigned yourself to embarrassment. At least you were going home tomorrow to get your stuff.

Aria was, unsurprisingly, onboard. “You’re the perfect Eliza,” she gushed as they dragged you up towards the edge of the stage. “This will be amazing!”

The organiser looked a little unsure about there being three of you but scribbled down your names and song anyway. You were on after a guy singing a twenty one pilots song. You sat at the side, fidgeting.

Lara hummed the tune under her breath, which relaxed you a little. No one of consequence would be in this dingy bar on a Thursday night, you reasoned as the performer before you finished. 

Suddenly someone was handing the three of you microphones and shoving you onto the stage. You stood in the centre, willing your hands to stop shaking. You tapped the microphone and it squealed. “I guess that works,” Lara muttered, and a couple of people laughed.

You looked to them and they nodded. With a deep breath, you imagined yourself as Eliza. You imagined you were on the stage at the Richard Rogers rather than in a tiny bar, and that Lin was waiting for Renee to guide him over to meet you.

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Parts: 1/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Summary: Alexander Hamilton spent the last decade of his life perfecting Miranda, a musical surrounding the life of Lin-Manuel Miranda, that will be hitting Broadway in just a week. Everything is perfect; or so Alexander thinks. One actor is proving to be a bit of a handful and Alexander can’t figure out how to deal with him.

Warnings: Mild cussing

Word Count: 3247

Dedication: @burrn because her story got me inspired to start writing again and @ass-gardiann for being the beta of this story!

A/N: Get ready for a very long slow-burn fic with Feelings™.

His panic grew. And it grew. It was a black blob that was consuming him. It dripped down his throat and filled his lungs. He couldn’t get a breath in against the sludge that he was drowning in. It spread around his legs and he was sinking deeper, being strangled by it all the while. When he tried to escape it only latched on harder and dragged him deeper.

It was pointless. There was no way that he could possibly escape from this. As he went limp and allowed the mess to consume him, he reached out a hand, like a last effort. He reached as far as he could reach, staring at the last source of life before the blackness encased his vision, and even then, he continued reaching.

Alexander Hamilton opened his eyes and was met with the low ceiling of his apartment. He blinked slowly, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes without actually touching his face. His arm was slung over his head at an awkward angle and when he tried to move it, it felt heavy and numb. Alexander let out a quiet groan as he realized that it had fallen asleep. He reached with his other hand and pulled it back and dropped it onto his chest. The limb bounced against his chest, knocking the air out of his lungs and jolting him even more awake.

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This Is How Our Love Began - Epilogue

Short: After your mother Passed away, your father thought it would be a good Idea to move since your house was too big for the both of you. His best friend said you could live with them and their family. You had no idea that the playboy from school that keeps on teasing you, was their son

A/N: Sorry this took so long!! I hope it was worth the wait ;-;

Genre: Extreme Fluff / Semi-Smut

Warnings: mentions of the diddly dangly ding dong
Mature content ahead

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |
| Epilogue |

3 years, 51 weeks, and 6 days.

Your relationship with Jimin had to be the best relationship you have ever been in. He kept his promise and changed his ways. He wasn’t a playboy anymore. He dedicated himself to you and only you. He was nice, caring, basically everything you could ever want in a boyfriend.
You two were sophomores at a performing arts university. He was into dance and you went into singing. You made your choice to sing after Jimin and many people around you told you how good of a singer you were. Your dad didn’t really mind your career choice, he just wanted you to be happy while doing what you wanted to do.

Yes, you still lived with each other. Yes, your dad and Jimin’s parents knew about your relationship, how could they not? Trying to hide 3 years together while living in the same house is hard. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t try…

It went smoothly for the first few months or so, but his parents noticed how close the two of you were getting and how at some points when they came home from work, they caught you two sharing a kiss before you and Jimin ran away to your rooms. Plus, Jimin’s mom was a professional at finding things out by body language.

They easily let it slide. Jimin’s mom was the happiest out of the three parents. She secretly really wanted the two of you to be together, constantly reminding you how cute the two of you are together, making you blush and hide your face in Jimin’s chest.
The only rules they had were:
- No overdone public displays of affection
- No staying up to do things after everyone was asleep
- No sex in the house (Because no one wants to clean up after the two of you)
- No going out of the house past 11 (Unless it was an emergency)

You and Jimin could agree to that easily. The first year went by fast. Sure there were times you wanted Jimin and times that he wanted you. But you blamed the “teenage hormones” about it. 2nd year went by pretty well too. No fights, no anger, no one walking out of the room. It was all make out sessions, close cuddling, and lots of hugs.

Then the third year came by and everything was getting a little too hard to do. Homework was soon piling up again because of university, late night visits to each other’s rooms became less frequent as you usually fell asleep on your desk with your book open. But no matter what, you always woke up in bed, tucked in perfectly, a warm sensation tingling on your forehead. Jimin still took care of you. He still loved you dearly, and no matter how tired he was, he would always have just enough energy to carry you from your desk, into your bed, planting a kiss on your forehead before he left to go back to his room and flop onto his bed. He couldn’t deny the fact that there were times he really wanted to sleep with you because you looked so cute and cuddly to him. There were also times that he hated you because you moaned his name in your sleep, which was an indicator that you wanted him there, and he couldn’t stay. Which also accidentally or non-accidentally caused a little problem in his sweats, fighting himself not to tackle you right there and then, and to go to his own room to.. take care of things.

But tomorrow was your anniversary. Tomorrow is the day that you and Jimin confessed your feelings for each other on the night of prom. It was the best day of your life. Tomorrow is your fourth year being together and you knew exactly how to spend it. All day with him.

You didn’t go to school on Fridays, which evidently was your anniversary date, meaning, you had the day to yourselves.
You and Jimin were beyond comfortable at this point. You did everything together. You didn’t care about the way you ate because of his presence. Your eating habits stayed the same, fast and messy. But he didn’t care. He only cared about if you were getting food into your system.

4 Years, 0 weeks, 0 days

Your anniversary.
How do you spend it?

“Jagi~” He called out at the empty house, “Where are you?” He giggled as he opened doors to random rooms.
The two of you were doing the most adult-like thing you could ever think of.

Playing hide and seek.

The house was a mansion, Jimin could never find you, but you could always find him. Mostly because he hid in the same spot.


Sometimes he would change and it would surprise you. But he always stayed in the upper floor of the house. Most of the time, in your room.
You liked this one spot in the basement. It was a mini theatre room with the comfiest chairs in the world. You hid under the chair, or beside it. It was big enough to cover your whole body. You sat there as you heard thumping around the house. You tried not to laugh at how childish Jimin actually was. Tugging on the hem of your shirt or on your hand when he wanted something. That child-like sparkle in his eyes whenever you got Jimin something he loved. He looks so much different on the outside than the true Jimin on the inside.

You wanted to surprise him. You made a mini video of all the greatest times you had together. It included silly pictures of you guys, cute videos your friends took of you hugging or kissing, catchy titles and mini captions and dates of your favourite days together. It was basically anything you could imagine. You hooked your laptop to the projector and put it on auto replay, hoping Jimin would find you soon enough to catch it from the very beginning

“Jagi~ I think I found you” He says as he opens up the door to the theatre, “Who left the projector on?” He questioned as he noticed the bright changing lights in the theatre. It faded into darkness
‘perfect’ you thought to yourself. The video restarted and he walked inside. He watched the video playout as slides from prom and grad showed up. At some points, he questioned how or who took the picture. But for the most part, he was enjoying what he was seeing. He was enjoying it so much that he was going to cry. His voice wavered, “j-Jagi, where are you? Are you in here? Because I really need to hold you if you are…”
He walked down the mini stairs to the front of the theatre, revealing you from you hiding spot.
“You found me” you smile sweetly
“Aish. Come here” he picked you up into his arms and gave you the biggest hug ever, “Did you make this?”
You nod shyly.
“I love it” he smiles at you before giving you a sweet kiss on the lips. “I’m glad you do” He held you in his embrace, “Happy anniversary” you smile
“Hmm, four years together, huh? What should I do for my baby girl?” he teased, kissing your forehead
You pulled him in by his shirt and kissed him roughly. He loved this side of you. He loved that fact that you looked so innocent, but you weren’t even close to that. This is who he fell in love with. You parted the kiss and his eyes were dark, hooded over with lust and greed. He had been so patient with you and his family, but his time was cutting short. He didn’t want to pleasure himself anymore. He wanted you and he had wanted you for so long. Sure you were his, if you were talking about a relationship in general, but in short, he won’t be able to control himself much longer if he doesn’t fuck your brains out soon. He hated the fact he felt like this. He hated that he was so needy. He hated that his parents wouldn’t allow it, and he hated it the most when you wore something a little too revealing, causing his mind and thoughts to go wild, forcing himself to stop before he does something he doesn’t want to do.
He even thought about bending the rules a little bit. Not by much, just a little. Just enough that he doesn’t have to use his own hands for pleasure anymore.

“I don’t know” You said, out of breath from the intense passionate kiss you had just shared. You looked at him seductively and he immediately took your hand and dragged you to his car, “Where are we going?”
“Thanks” you answer back with a tone of sarcasm.
“I don’t know if you feel the same, but I.. I-I really REALLY Need you baby. It’s driving me to the point of pure insaneness.”
“..Oh” that was all that managed to come out of your mouth, “B-But Jimin! What about the rule??”
“Fuck the rule. If you continue teasing me like this, then I won’t even be able to keep my hands off of you anymore.”
“Teasing you? What are you talking about??”
“Every day. Every. Single. Fucking. Day”
you swallowed harshly at his serious tone. You can’t deny the fact that you haven’t thought about this before. You probably wanted Jimin as much as he wanted you. You wouldn’t go to the extremes of pleasuring yourself, but you have thought about it quite a few times. Especially when you accidentally walk in on him as he’s half naked.

“O-Okay… But still, the rule…”
He pulled out of the driveway, making sure to shoulder check, “Technically, the rule says No sex In the house. So, doesn’t that mean we can have it somewhere else?”
“I swear to god Jimin if you fuck me in this car I’ll-”
“Woah woah woah. No, of course not. Not for our first time at least…” he mumbled. You smacked him on the back of his head, making him wince.
“I’m taking you to a hotel. I know a buddy there”
“You know buddies everywhere”
you take his hand in your as he drives, “Anyways, I’m excited” you smile at him, leaning over to peck him on the cheek.

“Don’t rile me up now, Just wait and see what I have in store for later tonight baby girl”  

Did You like the ending?? it’s bad ;-;;;-; i’m sorry ;;-;-;;-;
~Admin Luna

VOX: "It's Only Rock'n'Role Reversal", Jun'97 Interview with Brian Molko

He reckons he’s sexier that Jesus Christ, and who can blame him? Because in less that 12 month, the small but perfectly formed BRIAN MOLKO has become a bona-fide rock star. But how upfront will PLACEBO’s gender-straddling frontman be when asked to reveal the secrets of his murky past?

“Bollocks! Avoid alcoholic drink!” mutters Brian Molko, cradling two white pills in the palm of a purple nail-varnished hand. At lunchtime in a London pub, the 24-year-old underworld elf is attempting to deal with the pain in his life by more conventional means than those usually associated with chart-slaying teen-angst figurines.

The ache from the bruised ribs which he acquired when someone threw him across the room at a party is being mollified by emergency-couriered painkillers instead of the bruised riffed exorcism of a Placebo song.

There’s no need to scribble out a revenge tune about being beaten up for being a heterosexual-taunting little guy with a big mouth, because Brian’s already done that - ‘Brick Shithouse’ - and, anyway, he has more pressing matters to consider. Like following through on the Top Five placing of Placebo’s 'Nancy Boy’ single, and running down the street in platform boots and feather boas for his first proper movie role in hipster director Tod Haines’ Velvet Goldmine (reputedly based around Bowie’s Ziggy period).

The presence in the  charts of disaffected bisexual libertines may not exactly be a novel pop phenomenon, but Placebo have done better than spring randomly off a latex trampoline. Their timing has been impeccable. When 'Bruise Pristine’ follows through on their run of benchmark achievements - the labels scrum to sign them, a critically adored debut album, Bowie support slots - they will have confirmed their place at the head of this year’s revisionist movement. The NME tagging Placebo, Mansun and Marion as New Gravers might be a little flippant, but there’s no question that the beaming face of Britpop has been thoroughly defaced by Brian’s eyeliner

So how did the American-born son of a Luxembourg banker, raised in a culturally tepid Eurotown, and relapsed on a London Goldsmiths drama course turn a Swedish/Swiss/Amerilux glower trio into the national alienation party? And is all that perfumed gloom and androgyny down to not getting picked for school sport teams, or was it a calculated career investment?
Over a brunch bowl of aubergine genies, Brian Molko confronts the deep, dark mirror of as much murky truth as we can get out of him.

Do you ever wish you were in a completely different sort of band?
“Sometimes, yeah. It hits me particularly on tour. It’s got a lot to do with roadies and crew and being in a band with guys, and you get kind of tired sometimes of just talking about farting and genitals and the 'Oo er, I’d give her one’ kind of vibe. It really makes you crave for being on tour with girls. I’m sure that girls are just as dirty, if not more dirty, but you just get a bit tired of the whole male point of view, being surrounded by men constantly. So sometimes I really wish that I was in a band with a few girls.”

The Spice Girls, perhaps?
“Maybe. I’d probably be Dikey Spice though.”

Are you at all worried about what you look like in photos these days?
“What I look like in photos is basically what I look like when I go out, what I look like when I’m not completely chilling out at home. I wear girls clothes because they fit me and they’re usually more interesting as well. But what does bother me is  that, these days, it tends to be 90 per cent about the image and 10 per cent about the music, which gets on my tits because it should be the other way round.”

What’s your domestic environment like?
“My flat is really tiny. I’m not staying there for very long. It’s a one-room studio with a very tall ceiling, and they’ve built a bed which basically goes from one end of the room to another, and you have to go up a step ladder to get there. It’s actually very nice because you’re sleeping in the sky, but it’s bad when you’re a bit pissed and you try to go to the toilet at two in the morning. There’s been a few accidents down the old step ladder.”

Do you become a different person when you leave your private space?
“It’s not so much becoming a different person, it’s just that when I’m at home I’m usually very quiet and this shy person inside of me presents itself. Going out, is almost like getting ready to go on stage, the application of the make-up, the jeans come off and good clothes come on, and then you feel up to it.”

Do you make much use of your acting background?
“No, I only use my training in The Method on stage, because that allows me to open up emotional doors when I’m playing, so that I can get lost in the emotion of the song and get lost in the music. I’ve started to use my acting background more now that I’ve got my first feature film, and that’s something that I want to pursue more, definitely. But for me it’s not a sort of Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, different character-per-concept album kind of vibe, it’s very much who I am. I’m not about to cut all my hair off. I’m not sure I’m allowed to.”

You don’t want to confuse the fans, after all.
“The fans want their Brian to be girly. If I went masculine they’d be disappointed.”

What were you like when you turned up at Goldsmiths?
“It was October 1990. I was very shy, I was very closed in, I was very American as well, I had a much stronger American accent, so I spent the time at Goldsmiths sort of softening it up.
"Having grown up in a continental atmosphere in Luxembourg, being surrounded by people of all European nationalities in a Francophile country, I found myself faced with the English reserve. I was putting my foot in the mouth a lot and I had to teach myself to be a bit more diplomatic and less brash and maybe not say exactly what I thought all the time to people. It’s kind of gone full circle. Now I have the power to say exactly what I think all the time to people and they can like it or lump it.”

What were your actorly strengths?
“I was ridiculously bad at writing essays, taking exams. I basically flunked all my academic stuff, and scored top marks on all my practical work, which evened it out for a straight 2.2, which is what I got. But we were quite adventurous. There was a small group of people who came together, we did a lot of absurd theatre, did re-working of Shakespeare, and a lot of directing as well. I went in my third year to making small films on Super 8, and working them into performances… [the aubergines arrive]… It’s alright. I can talk with my mouth full. It’s the Italian blood in me.”

You have Italian blood?
“Yeah, my grandmother’s Italian. And my mother’s Scottish and my grandfather was French. Hence my love of good living.”

British people tend to be suspicious of bon viveurs.
“I hope so. If it sticks a fist up the ass of the British musical heritage and the splendid isolation of this island of yours, that’s great.”

Was there a mad phase for you when you first came to London?
“Completely. A lot of my mindless drug-hoover reputation is based on a lot of things that I got out of my system at college - what I liked, what’s good for me, what I can handle and what I can’t. I’m turning into a bit of a workaholic there days. I don’t have time to abuse my body as much as I used to, and I have too many responsibilities and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I let things get in the way, the trappings of rock'n'roll. But hell, I can still party as good as the next guy.”

So why did you chose the band instead of acting?
“Well, drama students are possibly the most competitive and bitchy people you’ll ever come across in the world, and I was quite apart from them when I was there…”

You mean you weren’t competitive and bitchy?
“I wasn’t interested in being competitive and bitchy with them. I was just interested in collaboration and the exchange of ideas. My focus changed a lot when I was at college. After getting involved in making films I was searching for something more instant, something that seemed like a hell of a lot less hard work, which of course was wrong, and something that suited my hedonistic tendencies more. And the band seemed ideal for that.”

Was a lot of it ego-driven - wanting all the attention yourself?
“Well, that’s part of being an actor anyway, it’s part of what I’ve been trained in. I always kind of figured that my place would be on stage in one way or another.”

Were you attention-seeking when you were living in Luxembourg?
“No. I was a very lonely kid and I was very quiet and I didn’t have many friends and I kept myself to myself, wrote a lot, and just basically dreamt of getting the fuck out. I used to get on a train and go to Holland as often as possible. It was very unstimulating, very rich, like a little Switzerland. Lots of good places to eat, but very boring.”

Was it an 'unhappy childhood’?
“Erm… yeah. My brother’s ten years older than me, so I spent my formative years as a teenager feeling much like an only child. There was a lot of loneliness involved and a lot of alienation, and I was surrounded by a lot of people who were trying to make me into themselves, and what it ended up doing was making me go: 'Fuck you, I’m going to forge my own’s identity’ at a very early age.”

Was that family pressure to make you fit in?
“Family pressures, religious pressures, things like that.”

Your parents splitting up must have affected you a lot.
“Yeah it does: it was very confusing, but in the long run what it’s ended up doing is to make me quite distanced in general from my family, apart from my brother who’s my best friend. That ten-year gap, once I got to a certain age, meant that there wasn’t going to be any competition between us, which was great, and once I got to a certain age we could start partying together. He works in a bank. He takes care of all my money. And I know he’s not going to rip me off, so it’s cool.”

Were you affected by your mother being a born-again Christian?
“Yeah, that’s something I spent a lot of time running away from, and had to write a lot of songs about it, a lot of really bad songs, before I could get it out of my system and write some decent music. I did write a lot of songs about 'shedding the spectre of Jesus’. But I’m over that now.”

Jesus is a kind of a rock'n'roll figure though.
“The ultimate rebel perhaps.”

Who’s sexier, you or Jesus Christ?
“Oh, me definitely. Jesus was hairy!”

People who’ve had a religious influence on their life often replace that influence with something else spiritual. Have you done that?
“Well, it’s very important to me that I live according to my own rules and that I let my life be dictated by my own madness. One of the things that is negative about religion is that it replaces choice with a book of rules. It takes away doubt and questioning, and it gives you something to follow willy-nilly without thinking about it. It takes away thought, it takes away confusion, and all of those are things that I’m particularly interested in. So, you know, music is a very spiritual thing, but it’s also a very sexual thing.”

Sex can be spiritual, too.
“Sure, if you can get enough of it, and if you’re in love, otherwise it can be a very empty thing.”

Do you think sex, music, God and drugs are all interconnected?
“Well, yeah. That’s what Prince would tell you.”

A bright man.
“Also a very short man!”

But is there anything that you’re interested in at all as a code?
“Well, within the band we just talk about karma, not in a religious way, more in a philosophical way. We just say: 'Don’t fuck with your karma’, and if you want to tie that to some sort of Judaeo-Christian ethos then it would be: 'Do unto others as you would have done unto you’. And if you have one principle to live by, then live by that because it will keep you in good karma, and I think that the fact that we’re here at this point so early in our careers must mean that there’s a lot of good karma surrounding us. But I don’t actually believe in it as an out-of-body force.”

So what were the cultural eye openers for you - literature, movies, paintings?
“Mmm, well every kid when they hit about 15, they think it’s cool to read Kerouac and then they find out that Kerouac’s boring and they move on to Burroughs, and he’s one of my favourite writers. I discovered the writing of Dennis Cooper while I was at college, who’s like the modern Marquis de Sade, and I’m hoping to interview him quite soon actually. But it was a real musical discovery over here, more than anything else.”

What posters did you have on your wall?
“Sonic Youth, from the 'Daydream Nation’ record and it’s them standing on the street looking really tall and completely blurred. I think Sonic Youth are aesthetically satisfying as kind of like geek-rock gone dissonant. They’re very sexy! They are. Kim Gordon is absolutely sexy.”

Lee Ranaldo’s a bit too cerebral.
“Well, the real sex organ is between the ears, not between the legs. It doesn’t matter how small your dick is as long as your brain is big.”

Was your androgyny present when you were a kid?
“When I was really young, I used to have really long hair, much longer that it is now, and yeah, I remember walking around Dundee with my mum and we were going to visit my grandmother and her bumping into people that she knew from years ago and they’d say: 'So who’s your little girl then?’ So it started at that point, when I was about three. When I arrived in London, I let my hair grow again and I started being mistaken for a girl a lot of the time. And I’d worn make-up in theatre since I was 11, so I was kind of used to it. And I decided to play it up a bit. I just started making up to see if people’d be confused even more, and when the band came along I started putting more on. Nail polish is great if you play guitar because it looks really good on the fretboard as your fingers slide up and down.”

Do you think your sexuality was altered by the way you chose to look?
“Possibly. I mean it was always something that was very much there. When I was a teenager I never ruled out the possibility of falling in love with another man, even though I had quite a healthy attraction towards the opposite sex. It’s one of the things I had a very big problem with the church about, and one of the things  I continue to have arguments with my mother about. As a teenager, I just made sure that I didn’t close off opportunities. When desire manifests itself you have no control over it because it’s there. It’s your choice over whether you repress it or explore it, and I chose the more adventurous path and decided to explore. And I still do.”

Was your initial learning process about your sexuality problematic?
“Not really problematic. I lost my virginity when I was really young and then didn’t have sex for a while. As a lot of men do. They get over it with and then become friends with their right hand. i guess I’ve always been quite a lonely person and loneliness breeds a certain frustration and relationships have always been quite complicated for me and never seemed to have lasted very long, because I guess I can get too analytical about things and we all struggle with some kind of ideal within ourselves and we all want a relationship that’s going to blow your head off, and it’s hard to find.”

Can you imagine a long-term relationship with a man?
“Yeah, I don’t see why not.”

Does the gay scene culture interest you at all?
“I don’t really appreciate it because of the music. And I’ve never been into classic camp.”

But you’d look good in hot pants and a vest.
“You reckon I’d look good with really short hair, a moustache, a white vest and a pair of jeans? Maybe. No, the gay scene’s very crusey and the music is very cheesy and there’s more mystery and ambiguity in the in-between spaces, those interest me, more than things which are steadfast.”

Do the other members of the band resent the amount of attention that your persona gets?
“Absolutely not. No. Within the band we represent all facets of sexuality. I think it was a problem with Robert [ex-drummer], but not now.”

One point of view is that androgynous pop stars are no big deal anyway, so what’s all the fuss about?
“Well, I’m not fucking Julian Clary! Er, let me rephrase that, I’m not Julian Clary, for fuck’s sake! Even though we did go to the same college.”

But it is something that’s been around for a good while.
“It’s been around since Little Richard, basically. It’s been on Manics’ T-shirts since their first album - 'All rock'n'roll is homosexual’ - and good rock'n'roll has always had a gay undercurrent to it. So it  really is no big deal. I’m not the one who places so much emphasis on it, it’s people like you.”

Do you feel less alienated these days?
“There is a lot more satisfaction in my life. I’m an artist and I’m being paid to be creative. I still can’t hold a relationship together, though. And maybe all the things that made it impossible to hold one together in the past have been replaced by my job.
People think that when you get a record deal and you’re successful and people know who you are  that all the voids in your existence are filled up. Some of them are, but most of them stay. Often they’re replaced with a whole set of new voids. It can be a struggle… but without the struggle, it wouldn’t be worthwhile.”

And if the devil came to you in the middle of the night and said: 'Brian, I’ll give you a Number One album in America, but in order to do it I have to take away Liam Gallagher’s voice’, would you agree?
“Would I have to sell my soul though?”

No. Just agree to the silencing of Liam.
“I’d say 'Satan… let’s go for a drink!’”

Big Screens and Red Starbursts

Just a lil something I’ve been working on during the holidays. Happy New Year! Only people in the cinema AU. Hope you enjoy. 

They say that people go to the cinema to escape from the harsh world outside and to immerse themselves in the different worlds and characters in front of them. They say a good film is supposed to make you forget about all your troubles and worries for a little while. 

Maybe that’s why Maya likes going in the dead of night after work to the late night re-runs of old movies. 

She comes home to her crummy apartment with the wind bashing against the windows and the stars twinkling brightly above her in her stupid constricting outfit that she’s not sure why she has to wear. The far too small for her feet black boots she’s wearing are crushing her toes and there’s definitely going to be a bruise on her pinky toe tomorrow. Her untamed hair is sticking to the sweat on the back of her neck and she cannot wait to curl up on the tattered old leather seats and have the theatre all to herself. 

She hates the fact that going to the cinema by herself is what she looks forward to every day. She hates the fact that the paint on her walls of her tiny room is peeling off and she hates the fact that she can see little ants crawling in the crack where the unit in her kitchen ends. She hates the fact that her shower doesn’t work half the time and she hates that her heating rarely ever is brought to life and most of all she hates that this is her damn shitty life.

Her muscles loosen as she removes her blouse and heavy tweed blazer she found in the dollar store, the kink in her shoulder blade straightens out as she slips on her worn Captain America onesie. She ties her hair into a loose bun, takes her contacts out and puts on her brown rimmed glasses that take up half her face. She grabs a packet of Starbursts that are inside her cupboard with the rest of her stash (the only place the ants can’t get to) and she’s pretty sure she looks like a piece of shit but she’s too tired to care. 

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Style Five on a movie date with their girlfriend and she's sleepy by the end of it so they give her a piggy back ride home! Good luck with the blog! (^-^)

*heavy sobbing* it’s so beautiful! Using female pronouns, as requested. Thank you for the request! 

Haru: The movie had ran for longer than either of them had planned. Being as calm and collected as usual, Haru hadn’t been bothered by the changing of his evening schedule. After all, he was going to end up at home anyway. Why should he be bothered by something when it didn’t really affect him at all? 

However, for his girlfriend, the extra time spent in the cinema had put a strain on her energy levels. School had already been rather stressful that week and exams had upped the tension and anxious energy in her mind as she studied every night for hours on end. 

Her movie date with Haru was meant to be a moment of relief from the harsh week that had plagued her mind and for the most part, it was just that. A massive weight was lifted off her shoulders just by being with Haru, just by spending a couple of hours in comfortable silence and holding his hand, knowing that he was here and always would be there.

However, she never realised that she would end up being so very tired after the fact. So goddamn exhausted. The walk back home was practically a trek up a mountainside for her, with every step making her feel as if she had shoes made of concrete. She didn’t complain however, as she knew that Haru probably wouldn’t do anything to help her. As good a boyfriend as he was, Haru was not the kind of person to voluntarily the carry someone home. Even if they asked politely for it…

Haru said nothing in regards to his girlfriend slowing down beside him during the walk home. However, he tried his best to make it a little easier for her. He slowed down to meet her pace, holding her hand tight in the hopes that she wouldn’t completely drop off before they got back home. 

Although he was still his calm, wordless self, Haru watched his girlfriend struggle out of the corner of his eye. It was almost cute to watch her; how she stumbled every so often, muttered obscenities under her breath and then went back to her dazed, half-conscious self before repeating the cycle in earnest.  

But at one point or another, Haru had the bright idea of helping his adorable girlfriend out. Which he, admittedly, probably should’ve considered earlier.

“Do you want me to carry you?” he asked bluntly, not even missing a beat as he paused in the middle of the sidewalk to face her. 

A sigh of relief escaped his girlfriend’s lips and eagerly, she nodded. “Yes, please. Thank you, Haru.“ 

With a small chuckle and a hidden smile, Haru offered his back to his girlfriend. She climbed on and almost immediately fell asleep, the strain of her week and constant late nights catching up to her as Haru carried her home. 

“I think I owe you mackerel for this, Haru-chan,” she muttered with her chin resting on his shoulder. She was on the verge of sleep at that moment, her eyes half-lidded and her speech slurring slightly with every sentence. 

Drop the chan,” he snapped, his tone perpetually monotonous. “And you don’t owe me anything for helping you. You’re tired. You wouldn’t have made it home without the help. You should have asked me to carry you before we left. Would’ve saved me the trouble of doing it now…“ 

The soft sounds of his girlfriend’s even breathing against his neck were as much as response as he received after that. Her sleeping form clung limply to his shoulders and he walked her home with the hopes of putting her to bed. Perhaps he could even join her in bed for the time being…

Makoto: “Are you sure you don’t need me to help you?” Makoto asked for what felt like the six-thousandth time.

Having the sweet angel child of the Iwatobi team for a boyfriend was, for the most part, the best thing that have ever happened to his girlfriend. He was always sweet and attentive. He always seemed to know when she wasn’t feeling the best or when she just needed to be near him, to breathe in his scent and know that everything would be alright. He was best boyfriend she’d ever had and she doubted that she’d ever find anyone else who knew her as well as he did. 

But amongst all of those good qualities…Makoto had a habit of making a mountain out of a mole-hill. Or at least, that’s what she felt like he was doing when he offered to give her a piggyback ride home from the movies that weekend. 

The long week of school had caught up to her by the end of the movie, a romantic-comedy that the both of them were absolute suckers for. She’d made the stupid decision of agreeing to a horrendously late session time of the movie, although admittedly it wasn’t a decision she could’ve backed out of.

Time with Makoto was precious to her, especially with the last few months of school closing in. Much to her own disgust, she hadn’t really spoken to him properly all week because of university entrance exams and the countless hours of study she had to do in order to possibly get into her first university preference. 

In between all of that, she had to make time for her family and spending dinners with them to actually connect with them as normal human beings. That had been her main thought process behind agreeing to a late session time. She would be able to have dinner with her family for the first time that week and then, later on that night, she’d be able to spend time with Makoto, time she had missed out on during school. 

However, she quickly realised her mistake when dinner with her family had finally finished. Despite her best efforts to keep it down, she simply couldn’t stop yawning for the rest of the evening. Her eyelids felt heavy as they entered the cinema, Makoto chatting away beside her, and her limbs felt like lead throughout the entire movie. She tried her best to hide her exhaustion but with each yawn, she could feel Makoto becoming more and more suspicious of her.

And then finally, when she didn’t reply to a question that she hadn’t quite heard, Makoto addressed the fact that his girlfriend was even more exhausted than she made herself out to be. 

“____-chan, you look like you’re about to fall asleep standing up,” he stated, pausing just outside the movie theatre. “Are you sure you don’t want me to carry you home?“ 

Being the stubborn and independent girl that she was, she declined. “I’m fine thanks, Mako. Just a little tired, that’s all. School’s worn me out a little an-“ 

A yawn interrupted her mid-sentence. She brought her hand up to cover her open mouth, her eyes closing shut and her body tensing with the new intake of oxygen. The interruption had happened at the most inconvenient of times, completely obliterating the point she was trying to make. 

Makoto narrowed his gaze at her, a concerned frown creasing his brow. “Are you still sure you’re okay to walk home?“ 

“Yes, Makoto. I’m perfectly fine.” His girlfriend ran her fingers through her hair and sighed, resisting the urge to rub the sleep and exhaustion from her eyes. 

“You don’t look fine,” Makoto continued. “Are you positive I can’t help you?“ 

Weighing up her options, his girlfriend hugged her jacket tighter around her body. While she liked being independent and hated admitting when she needed help, the offer to be carried home was so very, very tempting. As much as she didn’t want to do it, giving in sounded like a relatively good plan just as her legs suddenly began to feel uncomfortably numb.

With much reluctance, she agreed to let Makoto carry her home. And almost immediately, she was extremely grateful for the choice she had made.

Makoto helped her onto his back, holding her legs tight as she loosely slung her arms around his neck and nuzzled into the space between his shoulder blades. She sighed with relief, breathing in her boyfriend’s scent as her eyes began to close. 

“Thanks for the lift, Mako-chan,” she mumbled, her tone drowsy and her muscles weak. “I’m just really tired…" 

“It’s okay, ____. You deserve a rest after this week.“ 

Sighing in content, Makoto’s girlfriend closed her eyes and peacefully drifted off to sleep to the steady, even rhythm of his heartbeat.

Nagisa: It was hard for Nagisa’s girlfriend not to feel like the least energetic person in the world whenever she was around her boyfriend during the weekend. 

He was bubbly and bouncing, chatting away like there was no tomorrow. He smiled wider than any other and laughed louder than anyone she had ever known. He made her day brighter, with his innocence and his bright personality. Even when she was feeling down, she could always count on Nagisa to make her feel better by the day’s end. 

However, as happy and excited a person as he was, he could not replenish the energy that his girlfriend just simply did not have by the end of their movie date. 

Going into the movie theatre, she had been perfectly fine and almost as excited as Nagisa had been, if that were even possible. She’d bounced up and down on her toes, chattered away in time with him and giggled and laughed as her boyfriend’s infectious excitement polluted her very being. 

They were possibly the loudest couple in the cinema, speaking in voices two decibels too high and resting their feet up on the seats in front of them. They’d bought nearly everything at the candy bar, holding up the entire line of people behind them as they tried their best to carry all of their food into the cinema without dropping anything. It was a nearly impossible task, which they somehow managed to pull off. All whilst scoring the best seats in the entire movie theatre, according to Nagisa. 

Their excitement could be heard by nearly everyone in the cinema and Nagisa’s girlfriend was almost positive that half of those people would gladly kill them in order to get some peace and quiet. However they toned down their initial excitement by the time the movie had started, speaking only in rushed whispers to each other before turning their attention back to movie playing on screen. 

Nagisa watched with enthusiasm, his wide grin never once faltering. However, around halfway through the movie, his girlfriend found that the lack of loud, noticeable excitement had left her feeling somewhat…drained. Her energy levels had fallen with the level of noise and she was worn out by the end of the movie, to say the very least.

She was so worn out, in fact, that by the time the credits rolled, she was almost half-asleep. Her eyelids felt as if they weighed much more than they originally had and her chair felt just that extra bit more comfortable than it had when she first sat down. Leaving the cinema itself had taken effort. Effort that she had not been particularly happy to make as she leaned against the wall outside the cinema, silently begging for her warm bed back home.

Nagisa bounced on his toes beside her, still hyped from the excitement of the film. “That was so good, ____-chan! We have to come and see movies like that every week!”

His girlfriend yawned, rubbing her eyes as she replied, “They won’t always have movies like that, Nagisa. We have to…have to wait-” Another yawn cut in halfway through her sentence. 

Nagisa narrowed his gaze and then, loudly announced, “____-chan, do you want me to carry you home?” 

Nearly jumping out of her own skin with fright from her boyfriend’s loud proclamation, Nagisa’s girlfriend looked to him and with another open-mouthed yawn, nodded to him. “Yes please, Nagisa-kun. I’m just so tired…” 

“Awww, ____-chan. You look exhausted! Let me give you a piggyback ride, please, please, please, pleeease?

His girlfriend barely responded, giving a tiny nod of acknowledgment and rubbing her red eyes free of sleep. She was honestly too tired to really care, her yawning becoming almost as common as blinking. All she really wanted was sleep; she didn’t particularly care how she got to that stage.

With great delight, Nagisa carried her home, chattering all the while and practically skipping all the way to his girlfriend’s house. It was amazing to her that he could even carry her, given his smaller frame, but he did it without struggle and without any complaint along the way.

His girlfriend was grateful for it, her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders as he bounded up toward her doorstep. For a time, she didn’t want him to leave. She found his light, bubbly energy enough to calm her and help her drift off into a light sleep state that she would gladly have stayed in forever. 

Just as long as Nagisa got to stay with her.

Rei:  Debates over certain topics usually went on for hours whenever Rei’s girlfriend decided to contradict him on difficult matters. 

Usually, the issues that sparked Rei’s attention the most involved a lot of theory. The sciences, mathematics, even the proper method of constructing a topographic chart is enough of a topic to push Rei into an argument. 

And as annoying as it was to his girlfriend, he always seemed to win, no matter how many times she presented logical points in favour of her opinion. He always managed to out-do her, always managed to make even the most ridiculous of statements seem logical. It was almost magic how he did it, pulling a theoretical rabbit out a hat during every argument they got twisted up in.

However when it came to practicality, Rei’s girlfriend was often the one to put her foot down and make decisions that he would otherwise spend hours theorising over. One prime example of this was the argument over movie session times, which his girlfriend ultimately won. 

“Logically speaking, the earlier session would be more convenient,” he pointed out during lunch that day. “With the movie being shown earlier in the evening, our minds would be fresh and ready to take in the information on screen.“ 

“First of all,” his girlfriend interjected with an eye roll, “that information that you’re talking about is called a movie. A sad, historical movie with plot devices involving many facts, yes, but still a movie nonetheless. It is not a documentary and I’m not being tested on it, so I am going to enjoy it. I’m honestly not going to care if I can understand it or not. I’ll just be looking at the sad scenes and crying, regardless of what the story actually is.“ 

“That is not a good enough reason as to why we should go to the later session, _____-san.”

Sighing loudly, she decided to indulge her incredibly literal boyfriend. “You want reasons? Okay, I’ll give you reasons. Number one: we both have practice this afternoon, both of which run at different times and for different amounts of time. Unless you want to be waiting around for me to finish up after gymnastics, we’re going to be in trouble. Number two: I have an English exam to study for and I want to get at least half an hour’s worth of study time before I go to the movies. I know you have a Geography exam that you’re going to be anal about, so I’m assuming you’ll want to study as well. Going in at a later time gives us more time for study and to get ready afterward.“ 

Rei frowned, his eyes glazing over as he sorted through the variables presented to him. After about ten minutes of rudimentary silence, he looked up. And oh how he did not look impressed with being beaten. 

Despite the fact that defeat was imminent, Rei still tried to put his point across in what his girlfriend considered to be the most futile way possible. “But ____, you’ll only be more exhausted by the time the movie is over. Won’t that sway your-“ 

Rei,“ she hissed. "We’re going to the later session. It’s final. No ‘if’s, no ‘but’s, no fancy debating club rebuttal techniques. Are we settled on this?" 

With much reluctance, Rei nodded and they agreed that they would attend the later movie rather than the earlier session. At the time, she had thought that she’d gotten out of that argument because she was simply a little more practical than Rei. A little more thoughtful of outside factors and more considerate of time. How annoying it had been when Rei had ended up being right all along…

"Are you going to stop guarding your wounded pride and let me carry you yet?" 

"No. Why would I ever do that?" 

"You’re sitting down on the concrete ’resting’ after walking for five minutes from the movie theatre. I think I’ve been proven right in my theory that you’d be too tired after the movie ended." 

"Stop making this about you, you theory freak." 

"I may be a theory freak but I’m the theory freak who’s correct in saying that you don’t want to walk the next twenty minutes to your house." 

Running her fingers through her hair, Rei’s girlfriend looked up at him with bleary eyes and a seemingly pounding headache. The late night session, whilst good for practicality, had not been the best option for her exhausted self after so many uneven hours of sleep. 

The movie itself had been good and for once, she and Rei had agreed on that much if not anything else. Her energy levels were holding up relatively fine throughout the entirety of the experience, right up until they’d stepped out into the night air and her headache had crawled back in full swing. Suddenly, the walk home had seemed like it was the most impossible task ever. And in doing so, it overtook even godforsaken senior chemistry. 

And so, she sat down on the sidewalk three-quarters of the distance from home, head pounding and eyelids heavy. "Rei, I need some statistics,” she announced. “What is the probability that I’ll fall asleep before I make it home?" 

"I’m afraid the truth will only prove me in the right, ____-san,” Rei replied, sounding thoroughly pleased with himself. 

“Well, aren’t you helpful at all, now are you…” she mumbled to herself. 

Briefly, Rei’s girlfriend considered her options. The humiliation of giving in to Rei’s stupid game of ‘who’s-right-and-who’s-wrong’ was almost unbearable to think on as she considered letting him carry her home. Although, the sound of a wounded pride seemed many times more appealing than having to walk home with what felt like a sledgehammer slamming against the base of her skull…

Reluctantly, she turned toward her boyfriend and put on the best smile she could muster as she said, “Rei-chan, would you mind carrying me home?” 

Rei, true to form, grinned like the know-it-all he is and proceeded to carry his girlfriend home, all whilst stating the six hundred separate reasons as to why his logic to attending an earlier session of the movie was more sound than hers.

Should’ve known… she thought, her mind clouded and drowsy. She nuzzled into Rei’s  shoulder and let him have his little rant as she dozed off into sleep, all whilst not listening to a single word he said. It was a shame that she hadn’t. 

Maybe then she would have realised that Rei’s rant soon drifted off into a speech about how beautiful she looked as she slept.

Rin: Going out to see the latest action movie every Friday evening had simply become a ritual for Rin and his girlfriend.

Whether the movie was good or bad, ridiculous or the closest you could get to realistic, they went out every Friday night and watched an action movie, never knowing what they were to expect or how badly their brain cells were going to be destroyed. It was just a thing they did, something they did to retain their sanity after the week’s worth of a mess that was school. 

Usually, it was Rin that picked the movie. He had a particular talent for finding the worst possible movie out there and then proceeding to make the two of them pay decent money to watch at all hours of the night. His girlfriend didn’t mind. She enjoyed the terrible movies, in fact. Especially on the occasions that the movie was so bad that all they could do was laugh continually at the ridiculousness . 

She enjoyed spending time with Rin, most of all, and when that time involved popcorn and trashy green-screen effects, she was practically in ‘ideal-date’ heaven as far as she was concerned. That night had been no different than the others; Rin met her at the cinema ten minutes late as swimming training had ran over time, they argued half-heartedly for an extra fifteen minutes whilst rushing into the cinema and then laughed and smiled at their behaviour as they just made it into the theatre on time.

They kissed briefly in the darkness of the cinema, Rin mumbling his apologies for being late, and then sat back, prepared for the abundance of horrible one-liners and ridiculous amounts of CGI explosions. She’d felt fine to begin with, laughing at the main actor’s attempts to being serious and getting shushed for giggling at a terribly written romance scene that had both Rin and herself in stitches. 

However as the night went on, her mind began to become more and more fuzzy and her limbs felt as if they were being weighed down, keeping her glued to her chair. Her laughing dwindled into little, childish giggles and she sank down in her chair even more, leaning her head against Rin’s shoulder with a sigh. She was slowly growing tired, more and more sleepy as every explosion filled second of the movie went by.

At some point or another, she must have zoned out quite severely. As the last thing she could consciously remember was sitting in the cinema, watching the end of the horrible movie. However, leaving the theatre and making it outside had been an entirely different matter. 

Oi. ____!” Rin called out to her, waving his hand in front of her face as if to make sure she was paying attention to him. Which, incidentally, she was not.

She blinked when she heard his voice, pulling her out of her daze with brutal force as she turned to look at him. “Sorry,” she apologised. “I was just…thinking. Yeah, let’s put it like that.” 

“Sure didn’t look like thinking,” Rin replied, crossing his arms over his chest. “You actually looked like you were off with the fairies.” 

“Off with the fairies? What is that, a phrase you picked up in Australia?” 

“One of many, that’s one way to put it.” Rin cocked his head to the side, stepped forward and reached out, brushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “You feeling okay? You’re not sick or anything, are you?” 

His girlfriend shook her head. “No, I’m just tired I think. Probably from all the shit going on at school. I should be fine to walk home…” 

“No, no you’re not,” Rin said, his tone full of veiled worry. “You need me to walk you home?” 

“Not unless you’re willing to carry me,” she joked with a weak smile. 

“I’d be willing to do that if you wanted me to.” 

“I…was joking, Rin. You don’t have to-HEY!” 

All of a sudden, Rin reached out and hauled her up over his shoulder without even so much as hesitating, a cheeky smile plastered on his smug-ass face. He began walking away from the cinema, with his girlfriend kicking and yelling on his shoulder. A fact that he seemed willing to ignore.

“Hey, asswipe!” she cried, driving her elbow in between his shoulder blades. “Put me down!” 

 “Why?” Rin replied, obviously holding in his laughter. “You said you wanted to be carried home.” 

“Not like this, you jerk. Put me down!” 

With a soft, inaudible chuckle, Rin stopped dead in the centre of the sidewalk and let her down, which gave his girlfriend the opportunity to lay down a flurry of half-hearted punches to her boyfriend’s chest. “Don’t do that, you prick! Way to give me a heart attack.” 

“Wow, you are finding all the ways to insult me tonight, aren’t you?” His girlfriend pouted at his reply, crossing her arms over her chest. “Still want that piggyback ride?” he asked. 

“That’s what I wanted originally, you dickhead.” 

“Is that any way to speak to your ride home?” 

With an eye roll and another round of largely insulting banter, Rin finally managed to get his girlfriend on his back. She rested her chin on his shoulder and spoke softly to him most of the way home, even asking so much as to whether or not he wanted to stay over for the night.

Of course, it was not Rin’s place to decline such an adorable request…