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White-Turner House, Bastrop Texas (1890) by Bob Holler
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John and Martha White built this Victorian home in 1890 and lived there until 1894. Several families owned the home until 1901 when Nash Turner, an internationally recognized horse trainer, purchased for his mother, Kate. The house remained in the Turner family until 1937,


RebelCaptain AU || Guardians of the Galaxy

Cassian is an agent for the Nova Corps who has infiltrated Thanos’s Circle and has just been made aware that the power-hungry Kree, Krennic the Accuser, is on the hunt for a destructive item. Jyn is a carefree terran, casually scavenging the cosmos and avoiding her extremist mentor, Saw Gerra. After the ‘macguffin’ ends up in her hands, the two become entangled and find that they’ll have to go on the path of saving the galaxy…and each other.

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