John Byrne, I see what you did there… part 1.

Fantastic Four #1 by Jack Kirby & George Klein & Stan Goldberg. 1961.

Amazing Heroes #1 by John Byrne. 1981.

What If #36 by John Byrne & Terry Austin. 1982.

Marvel Age #14 by John Byrne. 1983.

Fantastic Four #264 by John Byrne. 1984.

Avengers West Coast #54 by John Byrne. 1990.

Danger Unlimited #4 by John Byrne & Gary Cody. 1994.

X-Men: The Hidden Years #20 by John Byrne. 2001.

Side question for those that may know: Finding credit for the cover colorist is often difficult. In making these posts I want to include their names and not just the penciler and inker. Is it ever ok to assume the person credited for interior colors also did the cover?

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John Byrne, I see what you did there… part 4.

Amazing Heroes #67 by Sal Buscema. 1985.

Secret Wars II #1 by John Byrne & Terry Austin. 1985.

John shared this story about Secret Wars II #1 on his forum:

Story behind that cover: Sal Buscema drew it, originally, but Shooter found fault with his version and called me in to do a “better one”. I took one look at Sal’s and drew exactly the same thing, just in my own style. This one Shooter declared “perfect!”

I’m sure it had nothing to do with my name on a book then being a guarantee of bigger sales than what Sal was pulling in.

(Some of those characters I have only ever drawn then, too, I think?)

That original cover by Sal was used for Amazing Heroes and came out one month before John’s cover.

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