homage to the people of the bronx

jawshow  asked:

Why is it cultural appropriation when dumb white chicks try to rap but 9 black guys from New York can call themselves "Wu-Tang Clan" and steal Chinese culture for 30 years?

The Wu-Tang Clan sampled exported fictional Chinese movies and based their lives on the films and what they meant. They also added their own mythology to the mix. They are known all over the world… Yes, even China. The name was inspired by the movie “Shaolin and the Wu-Tang”.

The Wu-Tang Clan never pretended to be Chinese nor do they willingly mock the culture. They imitated the films and stated many times that the films inspired them and even made movies and marketed the original films to pay homage.

Iggy, on the other hand, is from Australia, who moved to the USA, yet talks like she’s a Black girl from the Bronx and spend part of her career faking her way.

In her defense (and the only thing she got going for her) is that most people in Hip Hop are not “real”. But some are willing to be upfront about it more than others.

The problem is not her rapping. The problem is she is doing the least, yet being promoted the most. She’s a medicore rapper with very little skills, and yet, was nominated for awards (thankful, she didn’t won any). She cannot move an audience and as a desperate tactic, she’s pressuring herself to freestyle.

Freestyling is a difficult skill and something that separates the hardcore rappers from the beginners. Some rappers may slur a word or two when they freestyle, but can still do better than Iggy’s attempts.

She doesn’t need to freestyle as not every rapper can pull it off, and yet she does. She’s HORRIBLE at it. Let me tell you… a Fox news anchor can freestyle better than Iggy. (I’ll put up a clip later to prove my point)

And now, she’s got proxies to talk on her behalf, which makes her more of a product than a star.

If you think that Hip Hop as a community is upset with Iggy because she’s rapping, than you probably never heard of Aesop Rock , the Beastie Boys or Brother Ali, all who acknowledged and pay homage while at the same time, being themselves.

Iggy is a “star” that her label is trying to milk. She’s the White William Hung, except people actually like William Hung and he acknowledged that he “tried my best and I had no training”.

That’s the difference between her and the Wu-Tang Clan…

… This was an interesting question, but at the same time, kind of a reach.