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One of the biggest TRANSFORMERS products of 2017 was just revealed at the Beijing and Guangzhou Midnight Sales Event—the OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 figure, the latest figure from the MASTERPIECE MOVIE SERIES line!


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: Summer 2017)

Get in the action with the latest figure from the MASTERPIECE MOVIE SERIES, the OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 figure! Co-created by Hasbro and Tomy, the figure is inspired by the iconic OPTIMUS PRIME character in the original 2007 TRANSFORMERS film and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise.

Pay homage to the great AUTOBOT leader with all the detail you expect from a MASTERPIECE product, including die cast parts! The OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 figure converts from robot to classic truck mode and showcases Earth’s greatest protector with eye-catching detail, articulated fingers and an interchangeable mask – perfect for fans and collectors alike. The sleek, signature flame design is emblematic of his inextinguishable drive to fight for freedom.

Converts in 43 steps and comes with a Matrix of Leadership accessory and other exciting weapon accessories.

Men’s Lives Have Meaning, Part 7: Conclusion

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A Dance with Dragons begins, appropriately enough, from the point of view of a dragon. 

Before Mance, Varamyr Sixskins had been a lord of sorts. He lived alone in a hall of moss and mud and hewn logs that had once been Haggon’s, attended by his beasts. A dozen villages did him homage in bread and salt and cider, offering him fruit from their orchards and vegetables from their gardens. His meat he got himself. Whenever he desired a woman he sent his shadowcat to stalk her, and whatever girl he’d cast his eye upon would follow meekly to his bed. Some came weeping, aye, but still they came. Varamyr gave them his seed, took a hank of their hair to remember them by, and sent them back. From time to time, some village hero would come with spear in hand to slay the beastling and save a sister or a lover or a daughter. Those he killed, but he never harmed the women. 

That’s what Varamyr was: an archetypal monster-in-a-cave, the classic village dragon that every RPG needs. The Sixskins preyed on all life within a prowl’s reach, his entire life a tribute to domination of others on every possible plane, breaking every border that another being might think to set around themselves. He began feeding on those unlucky “dozen villages” after killing his mentor and eating his fuckin’ heart, and they’ve been living with the monster in the woods ever since. It’s not something anyone ever has to talk about. It’s something that everyone simply knows, out here in this particular stretch of the wild. A fact of life, a splinter in your mind, a fire behind a shadowcat’s eyes, and the fire whispers walk with me…

Varamyr thus combines the ruthless exploitation of your average feudal lord with supervillain powers and a serial killer’s personal life; even the Boltons would have to doff their caps at the pain-racket the skinchanger had going north of the Wall. Mance shoulda killed him and threw his head at the villagers’ feet, but the temptation to use him as a weapon proved too strong. After all, who needs the real Horn of Winter when you have an apocalypse that walks like a man, the closest approximation we get to the nuclear-fired cthuloid maw of a Euron Crowseye POV? Varamyr was It, Pennywise the goddamn dancing clown, for a generation of wildlings across a dozen villages. He was the darkness at the edge of town, feeding off of them and among them at will. He’s there to…what’s the phrase…ah yes: “to give the heroes something to fight.”

It was only natural, then, that they started showing up at his doorstep. Never quite as tall as they thought they were, these heroes, the dragon would sigh every time as he uncoiled and moved towards the door. Never so strong, nor so quick. They must have thought it would feel differently than this, he mused as he approached them. They thought they would be able to hear the songs to be written of their triumph in their ears, rather than their own heart drumming a nervous beat and the shrieks of their companions (those that had made it this far). They thought the gods would guide their hand to strike the beast true, or some such rot, never realizing until it was too late that the gods weren’t home and it was just them and the nightmares. They are (the dragon would always pause to think in the heartbeat before he began bathing in their blood) doing what they think they’re supposed to do, the best thing they know how to do, as far as their cattle brains are concerned. Scared, maybe–certainly–but they were there. They were going to save their lovers, avenge their families, slay the feared and hated Sixskins, or die trying. They were ready, in the name of Story, to dance with dragons. 

The dragon was only too happy to oblige. He killed them as they came, one by one, ultimately putting about as much effort into it as you or I might put into scrubbing dead skin away in the shower. Like the Wild Hares, their songs and screams waft together, blurred, intertwined, one amidst the brittle branches, before slipping up, out, and away, caught on the stiff morning breeze. In a tossed-off paragraph, Varamyr offers us a glimpse of dozens of Hero’s Journeys that he personally short-circuited.

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Demon Notes: Beleth

Rank: King
Color: Yellow
Incense: Frankincense
Metal: Gold
Planet: Sun
Element: Earth
Enn: Lirach tasa vefa wehlc Beleth
Date: July 22- August 1 (day) 1-10 degrees Leo
Tarot: Five of Wands
Original purpose: Bleth is described as terrifying said it is said the magician must keep a hazel wand at the ready to keep Beleth’s fury and flaming breath at bay.  Causes love and desire.

Daemonolatry Goetia (S Connolly)
While Beleth can be invoked as a lust Daemon, his purpose is better suited to actual work where you are seeking a soul mate or long-term companion or stable relationship.  He can also give counsel in matter of the heart and help bring rational thinking too highly emotional matter regarding loved ones.  Seek Beleth after death of a loved one to find stability and comfort.

Crowley’s Goetia

the Thirteenth Spirit is called Beleth (or Bileth, or Bilet). He is a terrible and Mighty King. He rides upon a pale horse.  Trumpets and other kinds of musical instruments play before him. He is very furious at his first appearance, that is, while the Exorcist lays his courage; for to do this he must hold a Hazel Wand in his hand, striking it out towards the South and East Quarters, make a Triangle, without the Circle, and then command him into it by the Bonds and Charges of Spirits. And if he does not enter into the Triangle, at your threats, rehearse the Bonds and Charms before him, and then he will yield obedience and come into it, and do what he is commanded by the Exorcist.  Yet the Magician must receive him courteously because he is a Great King, and do homage unto him, as the Kings and Princes do that attend upon him. And you must have always a Silver Ring on the middle finger of your left hand held against your face as is done before AMAYMON, to be protected from the flaming breath of the enraged Spirit. This Great King Beleth causes all the love that maybe, both of men and of women, until the Master Exorcist has had his desire fulfilled. He is of the Order Of Powers, and he Governs 85 Legions of Spirits.

Luciferian Goetia (Michael Ford)
Beleth/Bileth or Bilet is a King whom appears Mighty and Terrible. Beleth is summoned and manifests upon a pale horse with musical instruments like horns playing near him.  He does appear in flames and very angry, the magician even if working with the black mirror will want to silently create a triangle in the South and East Quarters, and command the spirit to take a calm form. When the flames cease, he appears as a King like older man with a long beard. Being of the Order of Powers, he does govern 85 Legions of spirits. Beleth is a useful Love Spell Spirit, whom you would will your desire to become flesh.

As Always

Naturally, the fiery hot takes came rolling in almost immediately, as music writers attempted to reframe the former boy-bander in this new solo context: The Guardian threw some neutral shade at Styles’s plethora of influences, while Rolling Stone crowned him a “true rock and roll prince” and the New Statesman argued that he’s been a rock star all along.

These attempts to label Styles as something go hand in hand with a need to reject the “former boy-bander” label. Referring to him as a “rock star” is somewhat condescending, implying what he’s pursuing is performative rather than artistic. It also extends the false notion that to be considered as an artist, rather than a performer, one must be divorced from “pop” and married to what’s (incorrectly) perceived as a more legitimate genre: rock.

But perhaps Styles wasn’t trying to be anything with this album. Perceiving the record as his frantic attempt to shed his “pop” image disregards what Harry Styles is: a musical homage to what made him Harry Styles, a flamboyant, honest tribute to influences — from Elton John to the Rolling Stones — famous for their own flamboyancy and honesty.

Ironically, that sense of liberation from labels evokes another sort of label, one that may seem comical at first, but makes a strange sort of sense in the context of Styles’s album: Harry Styles is kind of punk.

Remember last year when people made fun of the artwork for Kanye’s Yeezus album? It was an homage to Peter Saville’s artwork for New Order’s “Crystal” single. Kanye also tapped Saville to design a logo for him.

Peter Saville did all of the visuals and artwork for Factory Records and is currently one of the most famous graphic designers in the UK.

Left: Kanye West, Yeezus [2013], right New Order, “Crystal” [single, 2001]

anonymous asked:

Can I request the RFA boys comforting MC because her father died please?


  • Oh…
  • Oh gosh…
  • He has no idea what to do
  • You’re just…crying
  • He doesn’t do well when people he loves cry in front of him
  • He feels so bad
  • He doesn’t know how to make you feel better
  • He very much wishes he could though
  • “MC…w-what can I do?”
  • You just bury your face into his arm and cry more
  • He understands
  • And hold you close and lets you cry
  • He wishes he could do more


  • This boy tries his hardest to help you
  • He sings to you until you fall asleep
  • And when you wake up he holds you close
  • He hands you tissues and just overall cares for you
  • Makes sure you eat because “Your dad would still want you to take care of yourself.”
  • Tries to get you to let out this emotion in other ways
  • Gets your mind off it for awhile with your favorite movie
  • Makes your favorite foods
  • Lets you sleep as long as you want to
  • Sometimes you can hear him crying in the bathroom because he can’t help you anymore


  • !!!
  • He knows how upset he would be if his dad died
  • He does everything he can to make you feel better
  • He makes food for you
  • Offers to hire a psychologist for you
  • Or take you to some sort of group therapy
  • You aren’t entirely sure about either of those things
  • He understands
  • He does find out how your dad died though
  • And donates to an organization that helps with this stuff (i.e if it was a heart attack, he donates to a heart organization)


  • He’s!! So!! Bad!! With!! Feelings!!
  • He genuinely tries though
  • He listens and lets you cry and sleep and eat all you want
  • But he also gathers up every photograph and video you have of your dad
  • And makes a sort of homage to him in form of video
  • You cry watching it, like he expected
  • He hopes he didn’t overstep his boundaries
  • But he didn’t want you to lose your memories of your dad
  • He’s always there to comfort you and listen
  • Even if he doesn’t quite know what to do to help you
  • He tries
  • Because he loves you

Alright, Kale and Caulifla - these two Saiyan girls from Universe 6 have now got my full and undivided attention. Broly was my favourite movie villain, so I’m really glad they’re paying homage to him through Kale. And Caulifla is certainly no slouch, going SS2 so soon after first mastering SS1:

I can’t wait to see the true extent of their abilities once the Tournament of Power finally gets underway. They’re making Super Saiyans relevant again :)

“Really, Sheldon? You got me a sword?”

Amy was looking sternly at the object sitting on her lap. She was really excited upon receiving an engagement gift from him but it was proving to be a disappointment as the night passed by.

“Now now, Amy. That isn’t just any other gift. Look at the hilt.” Sheldon leaned closer while moving his hand towards the golden handle. “It’s hand-crafted to look like an exact replica of Oathkeeper. Took the craftsman five painstaking days that he could have just 3D molded, to be honest.”

“I don’t understand. I don’t see why I would be needing a sword. I work in a laboratory, and it is not efficient to dissect brains with this as I have a scalpel for it.”

She lifted the sword while still in its box, placed it on their cleared coffee table and proceeded to the fridge.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I got you that so we can have matching swords.”

She rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s veiled thoughtfulness. “Just because you love that show doesn’t mean I have to participate in it.”

“Oh, they’re not just any swords. Let me tell you something about the history of Oathkeeper and my sword, Widow’s Wail.”

“Do tell,” she breathed sarcastically as she touched each water bottle to check which is the coldest.

“Tywin Lannister got a hold of Ned Stark–you know, Sean Bean who always get killed in almost every series or movie? Anyway, he got a hold of Ned Stark’s ancient valyrian sword called Ice. Now, the sword is big enough to be reforged into two new ones– Oathkeeper and Widow’s Wail. Tywin gave the first sword to his son, Jaime–”

“ The guy with the missing hand?” She hasn’t seen much of the show and only got glimpses of it whenever her boyfriend would re-watch it.

“Yes, his hand got cut off saving Brienne from getting raped. Going back, Jaime is actually one of the best swordsmen in Westeros but without his sword hand, he’s now just a rich cripple with three bastards with his sister.”

She walked back to their couch and plopped heavily. “That’s not exactly endearing.”

“No, I’m not done yet.”

She sighed and caught his equally annoyed attention. She raised her eyebrows, ushering him to continue.

“Note that valyrian swords are rare there, he instead gave it to Brienne. Named it Oathkeeper as homage to him having killed the mad king and now determined to keep his oath to Ned Stark’s wife and keep their daughters safe.”

Uncapping the bottle, she asked before taking a sip “So what is the significance to all of this?”

“You’re my Oathkeeper.”

Upon hearing the words, she choked a bit on her drink. “I’m your what?”

“My Oathkeeper. In one interview that I came across with, the actor who played Jaime said that in the scene wherein Brienne was returning Oathkeeper back to him, he refused and said, ‘It’s yours. It’s always been yours.’ He explained that Jaime was referring to his heart.”

Having recovered from her drink, she tried to process what he’s getting at. “So are you saying,” she narrowed her eyes at him, “like Jaime, the sword is a representation of your heart and that it’s mine and always be mine?”

“Well, duh! I originally thought it will be too dramatic but hey, it’s from Game of Thrones. It’s more violence and sex and that I always have to cover my eyes from it. Plus, I have the twin of your sword. We’re from the same steel.”

To some, they might find it annoying that he’s making things up as an excuse to keep the swords. But Amy knows her fiance– oh gosh, she can’t believe she can finally call him that– doesn’t like lying and the meaning did come from his heart.

“Thank you, Sheldon. I appreciate the gesture.” She reached for him and gave him a hug.

“So, are you ready for your next gift?”

“What do you mean next gift?”

“Come on, take those clothes off because I need to ravish you.”

The story behind the tweet: taylorswift said that in the early hours of the morning she wrote the chorus of ‘This Love’ she only meant for it to be a short poem but it quickly became clear she wanted to make it into a song. She asked Nathan Chapman to produce the song for her and she said 'It was like a homage to him and the past four albums, like saying goodbye to the past’ EMOTIONAL.

Diane's Theme
Diane's Theme

Something to keep fans occupied till the next update. This is “Diane’s Theme” for the blog The Clone That Got Away, written and composed by a good friend of mine Pennoink (Go check out his work here: http://pennoink.tumblr.com/).

Originally I was saving this for a possible Clone dub series, but seeing as how that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon I’d figure I would post it now.

The theme was inspired by the work of the late James Horner, known for composing many favorite movies but the ones in particular I cited for Penn to get an idea of what I wanted were An American Tail, Land Before Time and most notably the 1995 live action adaption of Casper (in fact you may notice several similarities between this piece of music and the track “Casper’s Lullaby”). I specifically mentioned him because I wanted Diane’s theme to have a similar tone to the early Don Bluth films, one that acknowledges that the character goes through a lot of sadness and heartbreak on their journey, but still has a feeling of optimism and that everything will be okay in the end.

With this month marking the second anniversary of his death it seemed like another appropriate reason to post this homage to him. Thank you for the many years of wonderful music James Horner. Hope Casper is keeping you company.


20th June 2017 - my grandfather has passed away. I have been thinking a lot about death lately because some of my relatives are old and sick, and the thought of them dying has been constantly in my mind. But, to be honest, nothing can prepare you for this and nothing can take the pain away. I can’t say goodbye and I can’t make him come back, but this is my little homage to him. I will miss his white soft hair, his shaky hands and the way his laughter barely made a sound. I will miss him a lot.

DAY 3275

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Mar 15/16,  2017                    Wed/Thu 12:37 am

Birthday - EF - Kalpana Kakade … Thu, March 16 .. and for her we all get together to wish her the very best birthday ever .. all love and wishes ..

Back in the tube, for a while to check a few points of issue .. nothing substantial discovered .. a few ifs and buts and then breathing fresh air and out .. need to do this on and off .. 

But the deed of the day an evening to launch an App., for Breast Cancer detection information and cure .. somewhat satisfying .. much like my other campaigns for Polio, TB, HepB, Diabetes and so , this shall also be given my voluntary service for the betterment of the disease and its detection and cure ..

Yes I did .. I did send out a Tweet earlier today .. I have been narrated and have read more than 15+ films scripts and have asked the Lord God Almighty to change the 365 to 465, for I wish to work in all of them .. they are so good and enlightening, and needing to be done and all of them altogether for my attention and connection .. 

I seek opinion from the staff .. I seek how it can be done and do not find suitable answers .. and I do know that it shall be an uphill task .. but there is desire to climb .. 

If Poorna, the 13 year old Adivasi tribal girl from the interiors of India can climb the highest peak in the world - Mount Everest - then surely there is hope ..

More of this later .. a film has been made and soon it shall have my patronage and talk .. it is a remarkable feat and one that has been most emotional !!

The many facets of the face as we await the moment of the launch for the mobile App., for Breast Cancer .. will try and work towards it with the diligence hopefully that was shown for all the other campaigns that I do - TB, Hep B, Polio, Diabetes and Cancer …

The event for the launch of this event is held at the JW Marriott Hotel, magnificent in its enormity and luxury .. BUT .. not in the usual venues in the vast spaces of the Hotel, but one of the smaller unknown rooms, tucked away somewhere in the corner of the Hotel .. with barely anyone from the outside world .. just the media ..

Understandable ..

Breast Cancer does not stand a chance in front of a trailer release or an event that shall be a award show a fashion recognition show .. a show of celebration on success of film .. no none of that .. the concern for a medical cause shall be relegated to the back rooms with not much interest .. the number of guests and the like was barely visible .. its the way the wind blows in life ..

BUT that shall not stop us from building support for the cause .. to educate to build awareness, and to save lives .. 

Shivaji in the glory of the horizon .. Shiv Jayanti .. warrior extraordinaire .. administrator excellence .. keeper of his realm and a visionary for the future of the country .. a symbol of strength and valor .. never succumbing to the invasions and the forces of external power ..

Our homage to him in all his glory ..

Amitabh Bachchan



please watch this video of Johnny Weir skating to Poker Face it’s honestly some fantastic skating he’s absolutely marvelous, and it’s seriously worth it 

Daddy’s Home

Summary: Negan comes home to his dogs??? (Idk, I suck at summaries, haha.)
POV: Negan
Word Count: 1520
Warnings: Cursing, overload of cuteness
Authors note: Someone at @negans-network said “so uh, I can’t stop imagining Negan with a bunch of pittbulls/other dogs at his home base and just bubber-fluffing a big dog and laughing” and although it sucks,  I just had to write something.
Parts: 1/1 - Completed


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