homage cover

The Second Son of Gaster

A fancomic by Sansybones

Part One: You’re Blue Now 

Part Two: Cool Dude

Part Three: The Skeleton Brothers

Translations:  Korean (thanks @riverj17!) Complete!!

Spanish (thanks @foxqik !)

Polish (part 3) (thanks @sansaytoyou)


Not really excited for anything about Marvel Legacy, the homage covers looks pretty cool

Marvel Legacy Animated Homage Covers

The Incredible Hulk: Jose Ladrönn’s Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #94 (2006) by Mike Deodato Jr. and Marcelo Maiolo

Iceman: Gil Kane & Dan Adkins’ Champions Vol. 1 #1 (1975) by Michael Ryan

Black Panther: Todd McFarlane’s Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 #340 (1988) by unknown

Daredevil: John Byrne’s Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #135 (1980) by Juan Cabal

The Falcon: Ron Wilson’s Iron Man Vol. 1 #71 (1974) by Elizabeth Torque

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #49 (1966) by Felipe Smith

Old Man Logan: John Buscema’s Wolverine Vol. 2 #2 (1988) by Cameron Stewart

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man - Al Milgrom’s Captain America Vol. 1 #260 (1981) by Paolo Siqueira

Spirits of Vengeance: Dave Cockrum’s Giant-Size X-Men Vol. 1 #1 (1975) by Ken Lashley

Marvel Two-In-One: The Thing and the Human Torch - Rich Buckler’s Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #159 (1975) by Edgar Delgado