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Rainy Days and Teacups [Tom Holland Smut]

Requests: “Tom smut, where reader (or whoever) breaks up with her BF and runs over to Tom’s apartment so he can comfort her since they’ve been friends for years. Tom comforts her in more ways than possible after they confess their feelings for each other ;)” Anonymous
“694 + Tom Holland ;) literally cannot get enough.” Anonymous (from this drabble list)

Word Count: 2.4k+ ( I have no control)

Rating: M (explicit)

Trigger Warnings: Angst, unsafe sex, smut, break up??

A/N: I hope it is oke that i joyned these two requests, if any of you want me to do it separately I can totally write another one. Also this is a lot of plot, idk why i wasted so much time into this but the real smut is under a break.

You hesitated. Your fist a few inches away from Tom’s door. You took a deep breath and knocked.

“Coming” You heard his voice from the inside. You hoped the droplets of rain on your face would hide the tears on your eyes.

The door opened to reveal your best friend on a hoodie and loose sweat pants.

“Hey.” He said. “Victoria, you alright?” Tom looked worried as soon as you pulled the hood of your jacket back from your head, revealing your face swollen by crying.

You shook your head. “Can I come in?” You asked, your voice a mere whisper.

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Supreme Edgelord: A Discussion

(Ok, so Tumblr is being stupid. I still don’t know why we all congregate on such a useless, broken site that @staff doesn’t even bother to try to fix in any way that is actually helpful—no, we don’t need freakin’ gradients to tell us that your site is slow and isn’t loading the image up!!! Ok, I’m calm again.

Anyway, a person sent me this mutli-part ask on anonymous, and I tried to answer, but Tumblr wasn’t having it. So here it is in text post form!)

I’m just wanna throw a piece of my mind out here right now. Disclaimer: I am NOT trying to tell you how to write your stories, I just want to get something off of my chest. With the last chapter of Hall of Mirrors and several other stories, I’m honestly a bit disappointed at how Dark is being treated. For the longest time, I too had thought of him as that “supreme evil” that deserves what he gets, but it’s getting kinda out of hand at this point. Yeah, he did take over Mark’s body in HoM… ¼

but they had made a deal, one that Mark knew the consequences of, and still went through with, only for Dark to get stabbed in the back. The other egos also treat him like trash, which is understandable, to a point. He is not a good person, that is true, and he is trying to take over Mark’s channel by force, but, and hear me out with this, it’s not really his fault. Mark at first created him to be scary, a little jump scare in his videos, nothing major, until the fanbase got a hold of him. 2/4

His popularity skyrocketed before eventually dying off again. He came back in Mark’s milestone video, less scary, more violent and edgy. Again, the fans had a field day. THEN came A Date with Markiplier, that’s when it hit the fan. Dark became an actual threat, a manipulative, evil, and angry man hell-bent on taking Mark’s channel for himself. I highly doubt that such a drastic change in character came out of thin air by Dark’s own design. I strongly believe that it was Mark who wanted to… ¾

add some new flair to his channel that caused Dark to turn into the god awful person we know. So, to conclude, it’s Mark’s fault that Dark is like this and only Mark can solve the problem. The thing is, he doesn’t want to. He needs Dark to be the evil character that everyone is so obsessed with, because keeping his fans happy is a priority. So yeah, rant over. Love your work. Stay classy. 4/4

I think you’re mostly right. Of course, let’s all keep in mind that these are fictional characters (except for Mark and Amy, but technically it’s a fictional version of themselves that we’re dealing with here) acting in fictional situations, and they aren’t even mine. So I’m not the final word on any of this except for my own stories.

You’re right. By Mark’s own explanation, he’s the one that has changed Dark’s character from some violent, emo kid to a truly manipulative and scary person. So, in essence, yes, Mark is the one to blame for who Dark is as a character. But at the same time, Dark is unrepentant. He’s not fighting his new nature, or asking to be changed back. He’s fully and completely accepted this as his role. And I think that’s an important detail.

Yes, you can say that Dark doesn’t want to change because Mark made him this way. That’s an understandable thing to believe, but I like to think that Dark always has a choice, even if Mark dictates that he should think a certain way. But Dark wants power. Why? Because he doesn’t want to fade, and that’s something that I believe he’s dealt with as a character since the beginning. It’s why his character is the most dynamic, why he’ll adapt to whatever we want in order to stick around. He’s willing to become the ultimate evil if it means that he draws us in.

As for why they put Dark in the mirror at the end of HoM, it’s less to do with Mark’s deal and more to do with what Dark has done over the course of the longer story in general. His forcing Mark to accept this deal—because he knows Mark will do anything to save Amy—is merely the last straw in a long line of last straws. Dark has kidnapped Mark and Amy, hurt the other Egos in countless ways, stolen Mark’s memories and given them to Wilford, and now this. They aren’t trying to be mean to Dark; they’re trying to protect themselves because he’s a dangerous person who does dangerous, evil things that hurt others. And he’s never once been genuinely repentant about it.

With all that said, this is, again, only my humble opinion, and I offer it with no hard feeling towards another person’s own perceptions of these characters. Stay gold, cutie pie, and thanks for letting me rant about this subject. It’s something that I’ve put a lot of thought into.

anonymous asked:

Ahhhhhh you made more HoM art! I LOVE AUNTIE LORNA AND THE BABIES! Keep making more of them, please?

Hehee I’m so happy you love ‘em!

Here’s a quick thingy. I just salvaged some old sketches from my tablet to ink and color. Hope you like. ^-^

One of these days hopefully I’ll find time to draw them with Grampneto! :)

House of Memes (gmotd.tumblr.com)

This is similar to the December 7  HOM, and in fact the portion with Hillary is recycled from it.  David Petraeus was in that one.  He was passed over for State in favor of Rex Tillerson, who may be the worst possible choice.  Tillerson is the CEO of  ExxonMobil, and a Friend of Vladimir with enormous financial conflicts of interest for the position.

Former general Michael Flynn, pictured here, is another FOV, having been paid by the official Russian news agency to give speeches.  Flynn, who made his HOM debut on November 24, is also an Islamophobe who follows, or at least has followed, white nationalist accounts on Twitter.  He himself has tweeted links to fake news smearing Hillary Clinton (see https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/12/05/did-michael-flynn-really-tweet-something-about-pizzagate-not-exactly/).  

The National Security Advisor need not be confirmed by the Senate, which is good news for Il Douche.  This loathsome thug may have been too vile enough for even them to confirm.  

on a different note: bro took me with him to an aircraft museum and i thought itd be cool to check out but it wasnt just airplanes in there

it was full of mannequins

that fucking bastard took me to an aircraft museum full of life sized puppets

Stockholm in England

He wasn’t a good man, he never was, he saw life more as a staircase than an experience a way to climb up in life to a higher status in.

In primary school he sucked up to the teachers, brought them apples, did extra tasks for them, got the bedt grades and didnt keep many friend, in higher school he was in every activity and on honor roll and slept with his Math teacher for a higher grade at Cambridge University he was still sleeping with teachers and of course mingling with the right sort of people.

After Cambridge he married his Literature professor (twice his age) and got a job working in corporate making him well them well off in a posh London townhome. A few years later theybwere still in their townhome, she was blissful, him well only made hom blissful not even their newborn daughter and toddler.

Ddi he love them? No. And it frightened him what if he was an unfeeling sociopath? All thowe people he slept with he didnt feel anything it was only personal gain…
But one day leaving work he was on the tube and he saw her, judging by her private school uniform too young but with the legs of a grown woman and hair more red than he has ever seen and he went to Scotland on a business trip once.

Something inside of him came alive something inside of him roared and screamed and reached out for her something inside of him was claimining her….

He noticed her slender fingers turning pages of a book, he had to speak with her had to have her he must initiate conversation. “What has you so interestrd on that page?”