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So this girl I like works at a gym I go to and I made the mistake today of trying to keep up with her. My legs, man... My legs are burnin. I can't walk right now without looking like I have a gimp. She wants to work out again tomorrow. I'm going to die.

OH MY GOD LMFAO I’VE DONE THAT BEFORE. when i was in college there was this G O R G E O U S holyyy hell angel that used to work out at my gym. i was a trainer so i was there like ALL the time anyway but she usually came when i was finishing up. BUT YOU KNOW MY TOTALLY USELESS GAY ASS stayed later and worked out AGAIN just to have eye candy. i was in insane shape…because i was thirsty. she was honestly so hot and i think about her to this day


Fell!Palette x Fell!Goth

Fell!Goth P.O.V.

I didn’t know being sex-buddies is so painful. Of course he promise he will not be so rough and this will be fun and nice but he lied. But this isn’t hurt only in that way

No feelings,  jealousy or anything like that. Just sex.

It’s not good. Especially if you have feelings for your sex-friend.

Although this more look like he use me as his sex doll. This will didn’t bother me that much if he wouldn’t hit me and act like i’m a slut. I have wounds everywhere on my body, just like the ones i’m healing now.

Everyday it’s getting worse and i don’t know why.

Yesterday was awful and it didn’t look like today will be better.

Just in the moment i end healing myself i heard door open with a bang and someone slammed them. I think Palette is angry. I’m fucked up.

I look out the door to see Palette walking in circle. He was really pissed off because of something. As soon as he notice me with a gesture he showed me to come to him.

I slowly stepped towards him. Before i was in front of him, he said:

- On your knees.

I wasn’t even going to oppose. I tried once. It didn’t end well.

I did what he wanted. Whe i look up first thing i saw was his member. I know pretty well what i have to do but i don’t want to. When he saw that i’m hesitating he grab back of my skull and forced his cock into my mouth. I don’t want to pissed him off more so i started deep throating. I heard some grunts and moans from him.

After some time he climax in my mouth and i swallowed it all.

He throw me on to the couch and ripped my clothes in pieces.

After a while i felt that Palette slamed his whole lenght into me and start thrusting. It was so painful. Twarz forced i my eyes a d fall down like waterfalls but i wasn’t gonna beg him to stop or wait a little. He will definitly ignore me and went harder.

Every second he was thrusting more roughly making me scream in pain.

- W..Who you belongs to, huh?~ W
.. Who is your master, you dirty piece of garbage?~ ngh… Answer m..me! - He said

- Y..You ~ You a..are! - i hate when he call me like that but what i can do?

Passed a long and painful moment before he climax deep in me which caused me to climax. Sperm went on me, him and a little on couch…

When he pull out of me, he notice cum all over him and kick me in the stomach. I bowed in half(?). Palette only look at me .. But… Different than before. Like he felt guilt for what he did…

I tried to get up but fail miserably. Ii hissed in pain and lay on the couch again.

Then Palette picked me up and go with me to my room.

I look at him with gratidute and smile a little. He just glanced at me briefly and put me in the bed.

I think i heard a “goodnight” from him…

I smiled more and fall asleep.

- Next day -

I wake up wih pain in my ass and nausea. I didn’t even make a step forward bathroom and puked on the floor.

“ Meh.. I will clean this later” - i think

I ran to the bathroom and puke again and again until i notice something.

In my belly… There was small soul.

Oh no…
What should i do?!

I know Palette wouldn’t want that child and maybe kill me or it so… I think… i have to ran away.

I don’t want to but i have to.

Hope you like it senpai! And i’m soooo sorry for my terrible English ;w;


Season 1 Internal Monologue
  • Hannibal: holyyy shitt Will is hot
  • Hannibal: I'll just lowkey make him breakfast that's normal right bros make bros breakfast??
  • Hannibal: omg Will just like ttly gets me omfg
  • Hannibal: yassss my murders ARE art yass Will YASSSSS
  • Hannibal: ...
  • Hannibal: um like not to be like rude but i have a 24 hour cancellation policy
  • Hannibal: so like next time u feel like abandoning me phone 24 hrs ahead k thanks
  • Hannibal: *smells Will*
  • Hannibal: awhh yea that was hell subtle
  • Hannibal: *hi fives himself with Miriam Lass's hand*

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Idk if you've done this one before, but could I request headcannons of RFA + V in a typical coffee shop au situation where MC is the super cute barista and they're the customers that just keep coming back because they're crushing hard? Its fine if you already have, I just wasn't sure~

i live for this holyyy…also i added saeran bc the emo boi is my love 


-omg tho, like he’d just show up in his fancy ass suit, and sit down with a computer to work, and like everyone would be like???? wtf???

-will 100% sue every god dang rude customer

-also takes his coffee black

-honestly is very blunt??

-i mean it takes a while for him to build up the courage to ask you out but when he does he’ll just walk up to the counter and be like

-“i’d like to go out with you, please consider my request, before you answer, i’ll be waiting”

-ya and then one day you come to work and half the fckn shop is filled with gifts like?? pls chill omfg??

-zen will do anything to sabotage him tho like

-on his way to the counter

-nyooom there comes zen ordering yet another god damn pumpkin spice latte


-at this point his instagram is just filled with selfies of him at the cafe

-when he became a regular so did 30 others girls

-flirting at all times. like he’ll hang out at the counter and try and talk flirt with you in between customers

-your co-workers are obv starry eyed, and so will take on your work to allow him to flirt with you

-brings huuuge bouquets in all the time, chocolate, so many gifts

-invites you out every single day, man

-pays sooo close attention to every little thing you say like

-will probably fckn serenade you.


-half of why she keeps coming back is bc she not only has a crush on you, but also on the cafe

-will ask questions about everything while complimenting your great service

-like what gives her away is her cute blushy cheeks

-it would take her such a long time to cinfess her true feelings

-she’ll start out by ask8ng you to be her friend, and maybe to go to the theathre together?

-after a couple of weeks of that, it’ll just k8nda slip out???

-also comes there bc zen comes there a lot, probs feel guilty for ‘stealing his crushes affections’

-ofc zen is a total babe and super supportive


-bby probs stopped by with that coffee club he was apart of for a couple of weeks

-and boom, you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen, and that smile was what knocked him out.

-it takes him forever to order due to him being a lil anxious blushy stuttering mess

-which doesent escape sevens nose, he’ll tease him about ut relentlessy, poor boi

-quiet cute crushy boi, he’ll just dreamily stare at you like wow that person is real

-super happy puppy when you engage in conversation with him



-straight up sits in a corner and destroys peoples lifes from there

-which also makes it easier for him, bc if someone traces him, they still wont knpw who tf he is

-prankster, will make up the absolute weirdest orders, to strectch out his time with you

-it’s all jokes and laughs, but if ya look a little closer you just might catch the fondness in his eyes

-teases everyone and has nicknames for everyone as well

-zen is ‘pretti boi’

-yoosung is 'eagle 2’ 😂

-jumin is obv if i had to pick a dude cat mom

-jaehee is 'boss ass bitch’

-v is 'dat boi`

-and his bro is obv 'emo’


-takes a photo of you before even introducing himself

-profusely apologizes right after, while slipping in a comment about how you’re art and the most beautiful piece he has ever seen

-and then proceeds to ask you out for dinner to make it up to you

-will invite you on natury dates at all times, and will take lots of pictures of you


-was dragged along by seven obv.

-stopped complaining as soon as he saw you tho

-which does not go unnoticed by seven

-seven teasing him and pushing him in your direction as well as making terrible cringey emo love jokes

-saeran regrets all of his life choices

-when he does get your number he has no idea how to text you

-prefers talking face to face, because he can see your reactions