Level 4- Chad Carter:

Most improvisors are fairly intelligent, Chad stands out in even this environment as a genius.

This was the first level where I actually started out confident. Since I didn’t recognize most, I just assumed I was going to be the competent, aggressive player. Turns out, this class was packed with talent, including future SFA teammate Nick Mandernach.

Chad was always decent, but had no patience for bad improv. You could tell how boring your scene was by how fast his knee bounced. I quit wasting time in scenes, and I did learn how to be aggressive. My confidence ebbed and flowed.

I also learned how to tie ideas together, I think that might be one of his strengths. His approach in making connections, I believe, helps everyone’s neurons fire quicker, by understanding how to direct your thoughts along a more narrow path.

As an analytical mind myself, I really dug this class.