I made some SBURB main menu and options windows, inspired by the album art for the song SBURBan Prelude [Main Menu] from the SBURB ost. The main menu/options menu is meant to be one of those screens that’s like on a pivot or cylinder so they just slide off to the side or into the background and you can still partially see them there. uvu


EDIT: Creds to the guys who made the song and album art!!
rundoublerun made the album art for both the Main Menu and Options theme from the SBURB fanost–his art blog can be found here!!

Aidan/Alex aka Soberlex made the song that was used in the flash! His blog can be found here~

The clouds used were from the MSPA Wiki background here.



This time I went with full pokemon! My (once upon a time) team! (before black and white came out I believe.)

I’m really happy with the results of a majority of these (mainly togekiss, gallade, and ampharos)!! I hope you guys enjoy too, can’t wait to do my next one uvu

oh right the names of my pokemon!!

Ampharos - Spur

Staraptor - Kamikaze

Flygon - Dragonov (yes I know it’s spelled wrong it’s a pun)

Togekiss - Joy (I may be incorrect on the name whoops, it may have actually been something silly like Happy)

Gallade - HERO

Empoleon - Deep BLUE

challenge here 


MARCELINE VS HUNSON ABADEER! Live at the Nightosphere!

Featuring your favorite songs by Marceline the Vampire Queen! Watch as the Father and Daughter fight live at the Nightosphere! Get the poster for the event here!!

yeah okay, this took about 9 hours?? (with subtle distractions here and there) Vectors based off of the cover of the comic featuring Marceline and PB. The outfit was based off of a piece of fanart by mariyei on dA.

The pen tool is the best tool and vectors are fun!!



HQ: Black

HQ: Maroon

HQ: Red

HQ: Blue

HQ: Orange 

This is something that’s been long overdue for about two years or so now.
Heroes of B t-shirt designs!! (Maybe even a hoodie if you want to pay that much.)

Like wow, I am def a-okay with these designs okay. But!! There is an issue! I don’t know which color I like most out of all of these??

So I’ll let HofB and you guys decide. (Hell why not just use all of them eh?)