Don't (Uncensored)
Ed Sheeran
Don't (Uncensored)

An uncensored version of “Don’t”.

I did not manually add “fuck” to spite Ed for choosing to censor the album version of the song, I did it because I think the break in the song ruins the emotion and fluidity (and basically the point of the song). Ed originally wrote the song with ‘fuck’ in it and there’s live, acoustic versions of this song with him saying 'fuck’, so here’s a (sort of) studio version of it. 

Can I Drive You Home? (One Shot)

Ed is a bartender at a club Stuart owns. One night, when you’re too drunk to drive yourself home, he takes you home. (Explicit).

Ed is sure he’s seen you around here before.

Wasn’t there once a time you and your friends came to the club, all dolled up and ready to party? He isn’t too sure, but there’s an inkling of familiarity. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. The point is you’re passed out at the bar, face pressed into the glass, and Ed can’t tell if you’re breathing or not.

It’s late and he’s ready to go home. Stuart left him the keys to lock up, something he usually makes Jensen do, but Jensen apparently called in sick early morning which Ed finds odd considering the guy went to some big birthday bash and uploaded twenty something pictures on Instagram. He won’t mention that to Stuart though, he doesn’t think it’s that important, and besides, Stuart promised to pay Ed extra considering he had to work the night shift with two newbies — who mind you, couldn’t mix a drink to save their lives. 

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anonymous asked:

hello i like your blog but i saw you have smuts and i was like 'okay i've never read Ed smut before so i will read one' and now i cant read it bc i cant imagine. i mean i love Ed and i think he is really hot but i cant imagine him doing that. what should i do to read them without felling strange? i dont really know his "dark" side i just see one adorable person. what should i do? help me xx

you only cant read it/imagine it because ed is always super cute and sweet guy (i mean,im pretty sure he likes simple sex ,no rough)

you say you’ve never read ed smut before? go here->







they’re great writers,maybe you can imagine Ed while reading their stuff?


Because I have reached my first hundred followers, I thought I would make a follow forever!!! I love each and every single one of you, and if I forgot to include someone, just send me a message if you think I made a mistake I know I have

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So a year ago today, on February 8, I changed my url to edsheerans-iguanabeanybaby and it honestly changed my life! Over the past year I’ve learned to not only love Ed more, but love his fans more! I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with all of you and it’s been lovely to in a community of people who will laugh and cry and obsess over Ed with me! So thank you all my 1,727 followers for putting up with my blog!

I’m also doing a follow forever for some of my favorite people I’ve met or hope to talk to more:(in no order and I’m sorry if I forget someone!)

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I’ve been meaning to do this forever, but I’m a little shit and always put it off, so hopefully I’ll finish it now.

Firstly, I would like to thank some people personally. 

Amanda, you have a lovely voice and an even lovelier heart. You are such a great friend to Javs and I, we’re incredibly lucky to have you as our friend. Thank you. 

Fitra, I’m in love with your cats and I’m still waiting for my kitten. You are so funny, whenever we’re talking, I’m probably laughing my ass off. Meeting you was amazing. Thank you.

Javioli, please love Bucky and please stop with your weird Ns. That’s all I have to say to you. No, really, I know I twinvorced you a while back, but I wasn’t serious, you’re still my Venezuelan twin and I love that. Thank you.

Lizzy Lizard, you created the new definition for filler friend and I couldn’t be happier to have you as mine. Thank you. 

Mer, I’m so glad I asked you to marry me and got to know you after that. I love talking to you and YOU ARE SO TINY AND SO CUTE I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU FOREVER! I’m very lucky to have you as a friend. Thank you. 

Vasi, you know I am your number one fan even though your little sister is my favourite. Our brainstorming sessions are the best thing ever and I still don’t know how you put up with me, but you have to bc I’m still not over your drawings and I need more. You’re too good to me. Thank you. 

Favourites are bolded. 

#-B: 16met18, 1991ltomlinson, adaggerandarose, adidadlou, adidasfic, adidhaz, afteryouharry. alarryafworld, almightyniall, alrightcurlyboy, angstlarry, apaynefulove, apocketsizedlouis, askylessstar, azurehaz, babybluelou, babypixielouis, badlounds, baldzaynvevo, beautilouis, bellhaz, bigspoonlou, blacklaceharry, blowjobtomlinson, bluebharry, blueyesandimples, blueygreenybluelou, bookwormdemonlarrie, bottomlinsons, boytoytomlinson, braidedstyless, bullshipperx, bundlesofharry, buttplugau.

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M-N: malabamiboyz, malikstylinson, maniacharry, marievizuete, memorablemidnights, mermaidharryau, merrylarrys, mexicanlarries, microscopiclou, millionairelouis, miniature-lou, miracleoflarry, monetommo, mullingarmunchkin, niallthedarklarrie, no-nottoday, noahfencelouis, notcuddling, notjustlarryaf, nsfwtommo, nyclarry.

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Thank you all!

Okay so I recently hit 10k followers and I’m so freaking happy,thank you all so much! And I decided to make a follow forever,so here are my favorite blogs aka all the blogs that I follow aka this is a blogroll basically haha. 

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Thank you so so much for helping me reach my first thousand followers. I love and appreciate each and every one of you, whether you’ve supported me since the very beginning or just happened to stumble upon me now. You guys make my life worth living and I’ve made so many loving and wonderful friends on here. Here’s to a brighter and happier new year!!! -Jasmine

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And last but not least, my favorite ladies…

taylorswift & tree-paine

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You're My Sweetness (One Shot)

Ed craves a little more than snacks. 

holysheerios gonna tag olivia in this bc you my punny little pervert 

“Ed, what are you doing?”

You’re relaxing on the couch, remote in hand as you prepare to turn the channel to a good movie when your messy haired boyfriend takes a seat on the floor in front of you. He’s facing in between your legs with a cheeky grin on his face, a look that arouses suspicion. “Ed,” you asked again, “what are you doing?”

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