Oh jesus chr- (I couldn’t find the creator of this squad base?? Like- Oops ;-; )

I remembered my friends saying.”Oh Hey Anon-Kun! You should draw the star Sans’ in this [Draw the squad Base] !Along with Cross or Nightmare on the bottom!”

Me: O k a y





anonymous asked:

Hello, if you don't mind me asking how do you sketch out bodies? I have trouble with keeping the anatomy right and making the pose not seem stiff but you seem to have a great grasp of interesting poses+anatomy!

Good question!! I actually have different approaches how to sketch bodies (or simply make sketches that compose the entire piece? hell yeah). I’m unable to go into details since it’s going to take a lot of time to make a tutorial for it (sorry!!), I will try the best I can to describe my technique.

1. Make several sketch layers!

  • That’s right, the more you’re trying to draw out of your comfort zone, the more sketches you have to make until it looks correctly. Experiment with your sketch attempts and compare them side by side. Look at this for example, both number 2 & 3 were drawn over from number 1. But they look so different right? EXPERIMENT!!!

2. Screw the rules bc I love SHAPES!!

  • Human bodies in the end are just shapes putting together into a pile a flesh mang, chill out! No one has to have the perfect body pin-up girl ratio. Sometimes I get drunk with drawing legs and forget to pay attention to other body parts. But most viewers pay attention to my highly rendered legs so sometimes… they didn’t notice my wonky drawn necks. aHem, practice makes perfect. Play around with body parts and then slowly learn to connect them together, NATURALLY!!

3. (for digital art) USE BLOBS!!

  • Ok idk if you have been looking at digital artists speed paint but I learnt from my tegakiE years about painting from PIECE OF BLOBS. They’re so GOOD, so easy to compose your painting + place colors too. Love me some blobs. Here’s a video where I use the blob thing. [VIDEO LINK]

4. Use reference holyshit

  • I cannot stress this enough, use reference mang, my meaty thighs taught me so much over the years. If you have a working camera or something that’s absolutely perfect too you gotta take all the reference photos RIGHT NOW.

Also I think that’s it for now, thank you for your ask! I hope these tips can be helpful somehow i dont know im really high on sugar rn

Tomorrow is Pocky Day in Japanese !! (*´▽`*) (11.11) Here’s an open collab that you could do with me! Feel free to draw any characters, oc, etc for Bonbon / Toy Fred’s partner :3

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★ Enjoy!! And eat pocky ♡