There is a paradoxical nature of the divine.
One who experiences the presence of the Eternal may call it deep stillness, the only true silence.
Yet another who dabbles in the holy, calls it the movement of all things. Vibration. An orchestrated noise.
Each one gives a perfect representation of the Greater, the more behind what is.
When you truly connect to the timeless energy, it is both loud, yet calmer than the dawn.


Guy With OCD recites a poem about a girl that left him. I know it’s old, but god. damn. This actually made me cry at the end. I’m not usually into reblogging videos or stuff that I feel breaks the style of my blog, but I feel like this is something that a lot of followers might possibly enjoy

Why is it seen as a bad thing to long for someone to hold you at the end of the day? Someone to wake up to a message from, a confidant, a partner in crime? It’s called being ‘thirsty’ these days, and I hate how popular culture has made this base human instinct so difficult to categorize. There are pop songs about being in love, about longing for past lovers, and about wanting a lover, yet you complain too much about it and you’re labeled thirsty, or insecure about yourself. People make fun of you for wanting someone to share yourself with. I don’t hate myself. I’m supremely confident in my looks, my athleticism, my writing… a lot of things about myself. I don’t want someone to help me feel better about myself. Don’t want someone to save myself. I simply want someone to share all of me with. 

I think it’s the silliest thing whenever someone tells you “just wait for someone, they’ll show up when you least expect it,” but its a natural urge in humans to seek intimacy with someone though. I try to keep from clogging your news feeds with too much thirstiness/lamenting, but tonight’s just one of those nights where I can’t think of anything else besides damn, I’m lonely.