well, i decided to make this follow forever bc everyone of you are so amazing, here are my favorites blogs. i’m sorry if you’re not here, i still love you ♡.

jade urls:

jademixs, holathirlwall, jadesbowtyes, holyjadesy, jadesnerds, jdaethirlwall, jadescannonball, thirlzy, thugwall, thirlwallrs, thirllsy, thirles

perrie urls:

edwads, perriebabes, pearey, perrieaw, bluperrie, okayperrie, oroperrie, ofperrys, perrieok, perrIie, acaiperrie, perrily, gotperrie, edwardszap, owsperrie, perrey

jesy urls

jseynelson, jesyneson, jesynation, jesus-jesy, toxicjesy, bangjesy, jesypassion, jesyed, teacupjesy, jesythirls

leigh urls:

leighsmile, leigheyes, pinneck, pinnocksguy, leighplz, tattooedleigh, partypinnock

little mix urls / other urls:

diormix, lil-mixer-muffins, mariandiamandis, cas3closed, lerriesistible, lovedrnk, souhtshields, mixhouse, cannonwall, bohoomix, fourmixes