Oh my GOD I love being unnecessarily dramatic! To commemorate that it’s been 27 years (yesterday, d’uh) since they killed Laura Palmer the same way they killed Sheryl Lee’s chance to refuel her carreer by starring in my favourite show ever I’m making this FOLLOW FOREVER?. The ? is there because my experience tells me some of y’all will end up breaking our mutual and I’ll actually have to unfollow you back. Sad. 

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Bold means we may have talked some time and I love you as a person/friend and @ everyone else You are all rad and amazing.


I didn’t know if this was a Christmas Follow Forever, a 2kFollowers Follow Forever or an Everyone-is-doing-these Follow Forever so here is my Whatever Reason Follow Forever! With most of the amazing people I follow (If you’re not here you are still rad tho!)

So umm.. yeah!

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I didn’t do the bold thing because I didn’t wanna leave anyone out but I honestly like some of y’all like, a lot ( ♡‿♡)

Since everyone is doing Follow Forever’s I decided to do mine because you all make my dash cooler and my life less boring. If you’re not here I probably like you too but but

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If you’re not following any of these blogs you should probably follow them. Bye!