holygreek reblogged your post:Are fat tails very personable geckos? Do they recognize their owner and greet you when you come back from where ever? Respond to names/sounds/cues? Are they really friendly if properly handled? My leopard gecko is all of these. I want to know because if something happens to her, I might try one of these because boy are they pretty. Wow.

Interesting that you have the opposite experience. I happen to own fat-tail in the past and she actually is the most…

I guess it’s just a difference in experience? I’ve looked into owning fattails before but have been apprehensive because of what some breeders and forums have said. Also because one gave me a really nasty bite a couple months ago. But that certainly doesn’t mean they’re all like that of course!

holygreek said: This is the another reason of why I don’t allow myself to switch MSN to Skype.

I had MSN on my old mac computer but it wasn’t a program really designed for the mac, and when some of my other friends were meeting for a project on skype, I decided to get that. Now all my contacts on are skype so it doesn’t really make sense in my case to switch back to MSN even though I’m on a pc now.