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chim chim you should confess... if you don't do it now you'll live the rest of your life regretting it and wondering what would've happen if you had. never hesitate to tell someone you love them baby ✨💕

Jimin: I don’t think it’s the right time to confess yet…

this scene….never fails to make me cry. mal sings the story of his mom n her journey right from meeting n falling in love with lucious, a story that leads everyone she’s connected with back to a man that she loves, supports, hates, despises. the fact that lucious went to her house with the sole intention of ruining her night but leaves n takes boo boo kitty with him only makes u realize that he still loves cookie n he is the only one that knows her past n recognizes how much she has sacrificed for him n her family. whenever they flashback to them growing up together as lovers, the way lucious looks @ her from the first day he saw her….I’m so fucking….emo