Lisa Lawrence’s Archetypes and Symbols List

Archetypes and Symbols


1. The Quest – This motif describes the search for someone or some talisman which, when found and brought back, will restore fertility to a wasted land, the desolation of which is mirrored by a leader’s illness and disability.

2. The Task – This refers to a possibly superhuman feat that must be accomplished in order to fulfill the ultimate goal.

3. The Journey – The journey sends the hero in search for some truth of information necessary to restore fertility, justice, and/or harmony to the kingdom. The journey includes the series of trials and tribulations the hero faces along the way. Usually the hero descends into a real or psychological hell and is forced to discover the blackest truths, quite often concerning his faults. Once the hero is at this lowest level, he must accept personal responsibility to return to the world of the living.

4. The Initiation – This situation refers to a moment, usually psychological, in which an individual comes into maturity. He or she gains a new awareness into the nature of circumstances and problems and understands his or her responsibility for trying to resolve the dilemma. Typically, a hero receives a calling, a message or signal that he or she must make sacrifices and become responsible for getting involved in the problem. Often a hero will deny and question the calling and ultimately, in the initiation, will accept responsibility.

5. The Ritual – Not to be confused with the initiation, the ritual refers to an organized ceremony that involves honored members of a given community and an Initiate. This situation officially brings the young man or woman into the realm of the community’s adult world.

6. The Fall – Not to be confused with the awareness in the initiation, this archetype describes a descent in action from a higher to a lower state of being, an experience which might involve defilement, moral imperfection, and/or loss of innocence. This fall is often accompanied by expulsion from a kind of paradise as penalty for disobedience and/or moral transgression.

7. Death and Rebirth – The most common of all situational archetypes, this motif grows out of the parallel between the cycle of nature and the cycle of life. It refers to those situations in which someone or something, concrete and/or metaphysical dies, yet is accompanied by some sign of birth or rebirth.

8. Nature vs. Mechanistic World – Expressed in its simplest form, this refers to situations which suggest that nature is good whereas the forces of technology are bad.

9. Battle Between Good and Evil – These situations pit obvious forces which represent good and evil against one another; typically, good ultimately triumphs over evil despite great odds.

10. The Unhealable Wound – This wound, physical or psychological, cannot be healed fully. This would also indicate a loss of innocence or purity. Often the wounds’ pain drives the sufferer to desperate measures of madness.

11. The Magic Weapon – Sometimes connected with the task, this refers to a skilled individual hero’s ability to use a piece of technology in order to combat evil, continue a journey, or to prove his or her identity as a chosen individual.

12. Father-Son Conflict – Tension often results from separation during childhood or from an external source when the individuals meet as men and where the mentor often has a higher place in the affections of the hero than the natural parent. Sometimes the conflict is resolved in atonement.

13. Innate Wisdom vs. Educated Stupidity – Some characters exhibit wisdom and understanding intuitively as opposed to those supposedly in charge.


1. Light vs. Darkness – Light usually suggests hope, renewal, OR intellectual illumination; darkness implies the unknown, ignorance, or despair.

2. Water vs. Desert – Because water is necessary to life and growth, it commonly appears as a birth or rebirth symbol. Water is used in baptism services, which solemnizes spiritual births. Similarly, the appearance of rain in a work of literature can suggest a character’s spiritual birth.

3. Heaven vs. Hell – Humanity has traditionally associated parts of the universe not accessible to it with the dwelling places of the primordial forces that govern its world. The skies and mountaintops house its gods; the bowels of the earth contain the diabolic forces that inhabit its universe.

4. Haven vs. Wilderness – Places of safety contrast sharply against the dangerous wilderness. Heroes are often sheltered for a time to regain health and resources.

5. Supernatural Intervention – The gods intervene on the side of the hero or sometimes against him.

6. Fire vs. Ice – Fire represents knowledge, light, life, and rebirth while ice like desert represents ignorance, darkness, sterility, and death.

7. Colors

A. Black (darkness) – chaos, mystery, the unknown, before existence, death, the unconscious, evil

B. Red – blood, sacrifice; violent passion, disorder, sunrise, birth, fire, emotion, wounds, death, sentiment, mother, Mars, the note C, anger, excitement, heat, physical stimulation

C. Green – hope, growth, envy, Earth, fertility, sensation, vegetation, death, water, nature, sympathy, adaptability, growth, Jupiter and Venus, the note G, envy

D. White (light) – purity, peace, innocence, goodness, Spirit, morality, creative force, the direction East, spiritual thought

E. Orange – fire, pride, ambition, egoism, Venus, the note D

F. Blue – clear sky, the day, the sea, height, depth, heaven, religious feeling, devotion, innocence, truth, spirituality, Jupiter, the note F, physical soothing and cooling

G. Violet – water, nostalgia, memory, advanced spirituality, Neptune, the note B

H. Gold – Majesty, sun, wealth, corn (life dependency), truth

I. Silver – Moon, wealth

8. Numbers:

A. Three – the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost); Mind, Body, Spirit, Birth, Life, Death

B. Four – Mankind (four limbs), four elements, four seasons

C. Six – devil, evil

D. Seven – Divinity (3) + Mankind (4) = relationship between man and God, seven deadly sins, seven days of week, seven days to create the world, seven stages of civilization, seven colors of the rainbow, seven gifts of Holy Spirit.

9. Shapes:

A. Oval – woman, passivity

B. Triangle – communication, between heaven and earth, fire, the number 3, trinity, aspiration, movement upward, return to origins, sight, light

C. Square – pluralism, earth, firmness, stability, construction, material solidity, the number four

D. Rectangle – the most rational, most secure

E. Cross – the Tree of life, axis of the world, struggle, martyrdom, orientation in space

F. Circle – Heaven, intellect, thought, sun, the number two, unity, perfection, eternity, oneness, celestial realm, hearing, sound

G. Spiral – the evolution of the universe, orbit, growth, deepening, cosmic motion, relationship between unity and multiplicity, macrocosm, breath, spirit, water

10. Nature:

A. Air – activity, creativity, breath, light, freedom (liberty), movement

B. Ascent – height, transcendence, inward journey, increasing intensity

C. Center – thought, unity, timelessness, spacelessness, paradise, creator, infinity,

D. Descent – unconscious, potentialities of being, animal nature

E. Duality – Yin-Yang, opposites, complements, positive-negative, male-female, life-death

F. Earth – passive, feminine, receptive, solid

G. Fire – the ability to transform, love, life, health, control, sun, God, passion, spiritual energy, regeneration

H. Lake – mystery, depth, unconscious

I. Crescent moon – change, transition

J. Mountain – height, mass, loftiness, center of the world, ambition, goals

K. Valley – depression, low-points, evil, unknown

L. Sun – Hero, son of Heaven, knowledge, the Divine eye, fire, life force, creative-guiding force, brightness, splendor, active awakening, healing, resurrection, ultimate wholeness

M. Water – passive, feminine

N. Rivers/Streams – life force, life cycle

O. Stars – guidance

P. Wind – Holy Spirit, life, messenger

Q. Ice/Snow – coldness, barrenness

R. Clouds/Mist – mystery, sacred

S. Rain – life giver

T. Steam – transformation to the Holy Spirit

U. Cave – feminine

V. Lightning – intuition, inspiration

W. Tree – where we learn, tree of life, tree of knowledge

X. Forest – evil, lost, fear

11. Objects:

A. Feathers – lightness, speed

B. Shadow – our dark side, evil, devil

C. Masks – concealment

D. Boats/Rafts – safe passage

E. Bridge – change, transformation

F. Right hand – rectitude, correctness

G. Left hand – deviousness

H. Feet – stability, freedom

I. Skeleton – mortality

J. Heart – love, emotions

K. Hourglass – the passage of time


1. The Hero – In its simplest form, this character is the one ultimately who may fulfill a necessary task and who will restore fertility, harmony, and/or justice to a community. The hero character is the one who typically experiences an initiation, who goes the community’s ritual (s), et cetera. Often he or she will embody characteristics of YOUNG PERSON FROM THE PROVINCES, INITIATE, INNATE WISDOM, PUPIL, and SON.

2. Young Person from the Provinces – This hero is taken away as an infant or youth and raised by strangers. He or she later returns home as a stranger and able to recognize new problems and new solutions.

3. The Initiates – These are young heroes who, prior to the quest, must endure some training and ritual. They are usually innocent at this stage.

4. Mentors – These individuals serve as teachers or counselors to the initiates. Sometimes they work as role models and often serve as father or mother figure. They teach by example the skills necessary to survive the journey and quest.

5. Hunting Group of Companions – These loyal companions are willing to face any number of perils in order to be together.

6. Loyal Retainers – These individuals are like the noble sidekicks to the hero. Their duty is to protect the hero. Often the retainer reflects the hero’s nobility.

7. Friendly Beast –These animals assist the hero and reflect that nature is on the hero’s side.

8. The Devil Figure – This character represents evil incarnate. He or she may offer worldly goods, fame, or knowledge to the protagonist in exchange for possession of the soul or integrity. This figure’s main aim is to oppose the hero in his or her quest.

9. The Evil Figure with the Ultimately Good Heart – This redeemable devil figure (or servant to the devil figure) is saved by the hero’s nobility or good heart.

10. The Scapegoat – An animal or more usually a human whose death, often in a public ceremony, excuses some taint or sin that has been visited upon the community. This death often makes theme more powerful force to the hero.

11. The Outcast – This figure is banished from a community for some crime (real or imagined). The outcast is usually destined to become a wanderer.

12. The Earth Mother – This character is symbolic of fulfillment, abundance, and fertility; offers spiritual and emotional nourishment to those who she contacts; often depicted in earth colors, with large breasts and hips.

13. The Temptress – Characterized by sensuous beauty, she is one whose physical attraction may bring about the hero’s downfall.

14. The Platonic Ideal – This source of inspiration often is a physical and spiritual ideal for whom the hero has an intellectual rather than physical attraction.

15. The Unfaithful Wife – This woman, married to a man she sees as dull or distant, is attracted to a more virile or interesting man.

16. The Damsel in Distress – This vulnerable woman must be rescued by the hero. She also may be used as a trap, by an evil figure, to ensnare the hero.

17. The Star-Crossed Lovers – These two characters are engaged in a love affair that is fated to end in tragedy for one or both due to the disapproval of society, friends, family, or the gods.

18. The Creature of Nightmare – This monster, physical or abstract, is summoned from the deepest, darkest parts of the human psyche to threaten the lives of the hero/heroine. Often it is a perversion or desecration of the human body.


The following list of patterns comes from the book How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster who teaches at the University of Michigan. If you are serious about literary analysis, then it is highly recommended that you buy this book. It goes into detail what is just briefly mentioned and is written in such a lively, witty voice that it does not read like a textbook at all! It will be well worth your time and effort to read it.

Ø  Trips tend to become quests to discover self.

Ø  Meals together tend to be acts of communion/community or isolation.

Ø  Ghosts, vampires, monsters, and nasty people and sometimes simply the antagonists are not about supernatural brew-ha-ha; they tend to depict some sort of exploitation.

Ø  There’s only one story. Look for allusions and archetypes.

Ø  Weather matters.

Ø  Violence and be both literal and figurative.

Ø  Symbols can be objects, images, events, and actions.

Ø  Sometimes a story is meant to change us, the readers, and through us change society.

Ø  Keep an eye out for Christ-figures.

Ø  Flying tends to represent freedom. What do you think falling represents?

Ø  Getting dunked or just sprinkled in something wet tends to be a baptism.

Ø  Geography tends to be a metaphor for the psyche.

Ø  Seasons tend to be traditional symbols.

Ø  Disabilities, Scars, and Deformities show character and theme.

Ø  Heart disease tends to represent problems with character and society.

Ø  So do illness and disease.

Ø  Read with your imagination.

Ø  Irony trumps everything!

Ø  Remember the difference between public and private symbols.

MLA Citation (7th Edition)

Lawrence, Lisa. “Archetypes and Symbols.” West Morris Central High School. West Morris Regional High School District, n.d. Web. 23 Jan. 2013. <http://central.wmrhsd.org/FACULTY…/Archetypesandsymbols.pdf>.

Falling Stars (3)

Pairing: Slight!kilix modern!oblivious!reader in this one (fem reader btw) (shoot me a pairing!)
Word count: 909 Lmao sorry its so short                                                        Summary; You just wanted a normal day for once but turns out you just can’t and end falling into middle earth and accompanying Thorin’s epic quest        

Other Parts in this story—> (1) (2


It was freezing.

No, that had been an understatement. It was fucking cold, and all you had to protect yourself from the clutches of Jack Frost was a pathetic excuse of a blanket. Though, it was your fault you were a living snowman now. It was a spare one Gloín had somehow conjured up and with a great deal of reluctance he gave it to you after trying to swap it with his own newer, better one.

You regretted not taking up Bilbo’s offer when he insisted on sharing his thicker blanket with you now. You clenched your teeth as a shiver racked through your curled up form, a silent swear leaving your frozen lips.

This blows…

Your eyes flicked open and gazed longingly at Bilbo’s form across the camp. He looked warm and cozy. Maybe you could sneak over there? Nah, that was creepy and you’d rather freeze then have him freak out. You glanced at the dimming fire at the center of camp and an idea popped into your head. Of course, that meant you had to get up from your lovely position on the bumpy ground.

Stifling a groan, you managed to roll to your knees and shuffle close to the tiny flames, a few of your joints cracking as you moved. A smile crept onto your lips as thunderous snores echoed around the peaceful camp. Somehow it made you feel at home even if you had just met the boisterous dwarves and gentle Hobbit.

Your cold hands placed another minuscule log to feed the fire in hopes of regaining some feeling back to your fingertips. If there were more light you were positive they’d be blue. Oh well, if your fingers did fall off you could brag about it, much like the others did with their various scars and stories behind them. But loosing a finger to frostbite wasn’t exactly a story worth telling.


You jumped and toppled over, face landing in the soft earth. You groaned in frustration once you heard a light chuckle.

“I hate you.” You grumbled into the dirt.

Kíli scoffed and rolled his eyes before helping you up into a sitting position. The dark haired dwarf plopped down next to you and elbowed you playfully. “You love me.”

“Do not.” You hissed, biting your lip to keep the smile that threatened to form away. “I like worms more than you.”

“You wound me Ms. (y/n)!” Kíli cried softly, his hands placed over his heart in mock hurt. “I thought we were friends!”

“You wish.” You giggled.

“Mahal, you truly are wicked.”

You chuckled and elbowed him back before a violent shiver rushed through you from a chilly gust of wind. “Holy Balls, it’s cold.”

Kíli smirked and shuffled closer to you, close enough that you could feel his body heat through your blanket and tossed an arm around your shoulder. You couldn’t help but scoot closer under his arm in hopes of stealing some of that wonderful heat Kíli provided.

“You’re like a damn heater.” You mumbled partially to yourself, your numb fingers finding purchase on Kíli’s warm tunic.

“What’s a heater?”

“Um…it’s kinda like a portable fire?” You answered, forgetting  Kíli had no idea about the pleasures of modern technology. Poor dude…

“I wish we had one o’ those.” He said, grinning down at you.

“You and me both, Kee.”

Silence took over the conversation and as you stared into the flickering flames a horrible thought popped into your brain. Kíli must of noticed when your body tensed beside him, his warm chocolate orbs sending a questioning look.

“(y/n), are you alright?”

“W-what if I never get to go home, Kíli?”

Kíli’s brows furrowed slightly. He forgot you were from a world different from his own, you fit right in with all of them that he and the others barely noticed. He squeezed your shoulder and brought you closer to his side. You didn’t protest.

“Then you can live with us, dear (y/n).” He whispered, his goofy grin creeping over his lips. “I’m sure Thorin wouldn’t mind.”

You huffed and shrugged. “No offence, but I don’t think I made the best impression on your Uncle.”

You grimaced as flashbacks of the fateful day you told him he had a stick up his ass. You were surprised when Thorin didn’t drag you out into the forest that night and murder you executioner style. Though, there was still plenty of time for that…

“Bah,” Kíli said, waving off your words, “nonsense.”


“Don’t worry about it, (y/n).” Kíli reassured. “If my Uncle refuses, I’ll smuggle you in!”

That did not sound like a good idea.

“I don’t-”

“Will the both of ye shut yer traps?” A certain bald dwarf interrupted. “Ye both talk plenty ‘nough in tha’ day.”

The both of you jumped in surprise and after the initial spook, you both erupted in quiet giggles at waking the Hulk.

After your fit of giggles you reluctantly peeled yourself away from your personal heater, placed a soft kiss on Kíli’s cheek and wandered over to Bilbo’s side, oblivious of the bright red blush that put Clifford the Big Red Dog’s fur to shame on Kíli’s cheeks.

“Night, Kee.” He heard you say after you left his side.

He stuttered out a reply and placed a hand on where you had kissed him. The skin there still tingled and a large smile broke out across his face. No way in Hell would he ever let Thorin kick you out of the Company now…

Leokumi Week Day 6

This one was super fun to write and came out to be longer than i expected. Enjoy!

Summary: Superhero/Magical Girl/Miraculous Ladybug inspired AU. After dealing with that one asshole in his class, a certain undercover superhero unwinds with his partner in crime.

Prompt: Secret 

There were some things that drove Takumi up the wall.

“Oh? Has the brat finally accepted his pure and utter defeat?”

Leo was one of them.

Takumi sneered at the European student, who was looking at him smugly. Some divine force must have hated him because he was seated right behind the arrogant blond. It was nice that he was next to Hinata and Oboro, but behind Leo? What did he do to deserve this?

Keep reading

5horrorprinces  asked:

Okay it's about time I listen to Tribulation. May I please have some song recs?

Firstly, I am so happy that you are going to give them a shot! That warms my little heart so much. I’m not sure what your vocal preferences are when listening to music, but the vocals are NOT clean. 

I would say start with Melancholia, Winds, Holy Libations, The Motherhood of God, and Music from the Other. Those are all from their most recent album The Children of the Night. They also have some great instrumental songs as well. That’s where @caligurl32 and I would both agree, start with their recent work and move backwards. They have changed their sound through time. They don’t adhere to any sort of rules or expectations. They do their own thing, and I think it really works. 

I hope you enjoy them!

this dusk is our
sweet sky of 
alchemy the
red goes extinct
and the pink is 
plain holy , blue
and unpossessable 

my love, spent


her bones as flawless
as the holy wind 

I will survive these brutal hours
the wrong done in sleep or

a secret too well kept
turned to the livid of bruise

mistral lull of loom
devoted days true

our long descent
into a winter’s night

picking our softest parts to
take away with each other

merchant-of-aegis replied to your post “My housemates and I have turned the heating off bc money reasons and…”

If you can buy those cheap little hand warmer things (in the US I’m pretty sure they’re just called Hand Warmers and they come with either a pack of 5 up to like 50 depending where you shop) those things really help. As does wearing leggings under pants (especially against wind like holy shit). Warm food and beverages. If you have access to a free library it might be warmer there. And the bright side with temperature changes is that after a few days or so, your body gets used to the temp and it doesn’t affect you so bad. Good luck!

Thank you :) I’m all bundled up with knitted socks and hoodies and it’s getting easier to bear already. I’m just afraid of getting ill, lol, because my immune system is weak af and usually tries to off me during exam time… but it’s all good so far :)

@tiptoeingquietly  replied to your post “My housemates and I have turned the heating off bc money reasons and…”

oh no! you should get a heating blanket, those are the shit (and usually pretty cheap).

I’ll look into that, thanks c: can’t really be spending money atm but maybe it’s necessary. :)

"Trust me I’m a psychopath.” Pt.1

Got7 Jaebum

Next part

Summary: You just say “tag, you’re in.” and run as fast as you can. Of course this game with cops needs to be blended with hide and seek.

Gif is not mine

Warning: Sexual content, psychopaths, cursing, violence (murders, fighting etc.), slut shaming, I’m not your mom tho. I just gotta go take a bath in holy water.

You ran. Cold wind hit your face. You looked behind you. He was running after you, you smiled and kept running. “You are slow!” you yelled at him. You could already hear the sirens “You are just quick.” He chuckled. You ran into the woods. He did the same. It was always like this, you two were bored and walked trough the city to find something to do. What? Mainly you just robbed something or someone but this time things went too far. You were trying to steal some old woman’s car and she started making a scene. You had no option but to kill her. It was an “accident” your hand just happened to press the trigger. Someone called the cops after you and Jaebum and now… you just had to keep running. 

You enjoyed the feeling you got from good race with cops. It always brought a smile on your lips. Jaebum cached up to you You are beautiful like this.” he said and stopped. You stopped a little after him.”Your hair is all messy and you have that beautiful smile on your face.” he said while walking closer to you. Unlike you a good race with cops turned him on. He pressed his lips on yours. His tongue dominated yours quickly and his hands were on your ass. “Jb, not here.” you laughed into the kiss. You pulled away and started running again. Jaebum groaned and followed you.

You stopped in front of an abandoned hotel. You walked in “It’s good to be home!” you yelled. The floors were worn out as were the wallpapers but you thought it was cozy. There was no furniture in the old lobby, only a counter. All the plants there were dead. You just didn’t like alive plants. Jaebum wrapped his hands around your waist and kissed your neck “I love you Y/N” he hummed and started kissing more down. You turned to kiss his lips. You wandered your mouth down…all the way to his pants. You took his pants off painfully slow for him but as soon as they were gone you took his length in your mouth. He grabbed your hair into his hand. You twirled your tongue around him. Jaebum pulled you up and carried you to the counter. He ripped your clothes off and he inserted himself inside you “Baby, why are you so tight?” He hummed and started to thrust faster and faster “Does my slut like that?.” He chuckled and kissed your breasts. You let out loud laugh as you came. Jaebum lifted you up and laid on the counter, you startled him. You bounced on his cock faster and faster. He let out a needy moan when you slowed down your pace, He placed his hands on your waist “Baby don’t slow down.” He said with low needy voice and you sped your pace up. He groaned as he came. 

You cuddled on a counter and you felt safe. Not that you never felt safe but he was the only person you didn’t lie to every time you spoke. Slow footsteps came closer and closer to you “You might want to put some clothes on.” A man’s voice said. You lifted your head to see who was talking “Kunpimook?” you looked at your old friend. He was skinny with dark hair and long legs. “Boss wants to talk to both of you.” He said and turned around.

Originally posted by morelikehot7

HOLY SHIT YAMAZAKI’S ROUTE GIVES ME LIFE. I’ve played through Heisuke, Sanan and Saito so far but my favorite by far has got to be Yamazaki like good golly he was freakin adorable and he worries for you like, what the hell are you doing in the middle of this war, type worries that apparently no one else romancing you has. I loved it so much. Super recommend my sweet baby ninja. His route will go up tomorrow.

Prototype Concept & Game Design – 20th March 1995, Core Design.

“Lara Cruz [Croft] is a modern day adventurer and procurer of rare artefacts, which she relieves from Johnny foreigner with the gay abandon of a five year old stealing mars bars from the local cornershop. She then sells the heritage of these countries for profit, and perverse xenophobic pleasure. “

Tomb Raider fans, we need to talk about this. 

Over the past several years, the fandom has become an ugly place with fans of the classic games pitted against those who enjoy the rebooted canon. I’ve been a fan of the series since it launched back in 1996 and I’ve enjoyed pretty much every iteration of Lara (barring TR: AOD.)

However, just because I like the classic games doesn’t mean I’m blind to the very obvious problems they had involving race and misogyny. As a cinema nerd, I love “Gone with the Wind” — but holy shit, it’s problematic as hell. It’s possible to love something and be critical of it. I believe that’s something the TR fandom needs to understand and embrace. 

CORE did a lot of great things. Without them, the series wouldn’t exist. HOWEVER, their depiction of other cultures and races was ludicrously insensitive, childish, and just all around disgusting. In addition to that, their wanton sexualization of Lara – as a grown woman AND as a child – is beyond gross. There’s nothing wrong with a character being attractive and sexual; but Lara’s sexuality was marketed solely for the pleasure of men under the guise of supposed empowerment. The male gaze is very apparent in the handling of Croft’s character - and it’s nauseating. 

The above pitch shows that Lara was a character conceived with a xenophobic bent. CORE felt this was not only an awesome trait to work into their games; but one that was admirable and put front and center in their attempts to sell their game. She’s xenophobic; but she’s such a scamp! Haha. … Ew. 

Listen – it comes down to this. If you love the CORE games, then awesome! But DON’T YOU DARE try to claim that Classic!Lara was perfect and that CORE could do not wrong. 

I’m personally grateful to Crystal Dynamics for rebooting the character as a scholar with a genuine love and respect for other peoples and their culture. I’m grateful that she’s no longer a piece of fuckmeat just for male consumption. I’m grateful that they took the best parts of Classic!Lara and made her into a fleshed out, rounded character with flaws and strengths. I’m grateful that studios like CORE are gone and more thoughtful companies have risen in their place. 

I’m grateful that a woman is writing Lara’s story and transforming her into more than she was ever intended to be.