this dusk is our
sweet sky of 
alchemy the
red goes extinct
and the pink is 
plain holy , blue
and unpossessable 

my love, spent


her bones as flawless
as the holy wind 

I will survive these brutal hours
the wrong done in sleep or

a secret too well kept
turned to the livid of bruise

mistral lull of loom
devoted days true

our long descent
into a winter’s night

picking our softest parts to
take away with each other


film color meme: green

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Opinion on One Piece?

one piece is one of those things you REALLY enjoy for certain amounts of time. you get obsessed with it, forget about it while waiting for the newest manga chapter to come out and then find it again and catch up on the last 50 chapters that you just missed ahahah. i’ve been an on-and-off one piece fan. i’d say its been at least 2 years since i last read the manga actually… dayum

Yay FE4 love in the interneeeet XDD

Wind mages are awesome. They are awesooooome.

So yes, here’s an Arthur. (Apparently the fighter guy in FE14 is also named Arthur. Damn lmao not to mention there’s an Artur without a h in FE8)

Next in line is prolly Soren or Merric. Pls tell me more wind mages in FE! :D

edit: I just realized Arthur had a higher rank with thunder tomes but he’s always ‘categorized’ with wind b/c of his starting items.

Prototype Concept & Game Design – 20th March 1995, Core Design.

“Lara Cruz [Croft] is a modern day adventurer and procurer of rare artefacts, which she relieves from Johnny foreigner with the gay abandon of a five year old stealing mars bars from the local cornershop. She then sells the heritage of these countries for profit, and perverse xenophobic pleasure. “

Tomb Raider fans, we need to talk about this. 

Over the past several years, the fandom has become an ugly place with fans of the classic games pitted against those who enjoy the rebooted canon. I’ve been a fan of the series since it launched back in 1996 and I’ve enjoyed pretty much every iteration of Lara (barring TR: AOD.)

However, just because I like the classic games doesn’t mean I’m blind to the very obvious problems they had involving race and misogyny. As a cinema nerd, I love “Gone with the Wind” — but holy shit, it’s problematic as hell. It’s possible to love something and be critical of it. I believe that’s something the TR fandom needs to understand and embrace. 

CORE did a lot of great things. Without them, the series wouldn’t exist. HOWEVER, their depiction of other cultures and races was ludicrously insensitive, childish, and just all around disgusting. In addition to that, their wanton sexualization of Lara – as a grown woman AND as a child – is beyond gross. There’s nothing wrong with a character being attractive and sexual; but Lara’s sexuality was marketed solely for the pleasure of men under the guise of supposed empowerment. The male gaze is very apparent in the handling of Croft’s character - and it’s nauseating. 

The above pitch shows that Lara was a character conceived with a xenophobic bent. CORE felt this was not only an awesome trait to work into their games; but one that was admirable and put front and center in their attempts to sell their game. She’s xenophobic; but she’s such a scamp! Haha. … Ew. 

Listen – it comes down to this. If you love the CORE games, then awesome! But DON’T YOU DARE try to claim that Classic!Lara was perfect and that CORE could do not wrong. 

I’m personally grateful to Crystal Dynamics for rebooting the character as a scholar with a genuine love and respect for other peoples and their culture. I’m grateful that she’s no longer a piece of fuckmeat just for male consumption. I’m grateful that they took the best parts of Classic!Lara and made her into a fleshed out, rounded character with flaws and strengths. I’m grateful that studios like CORE are gone and more thoughtful companies have risen in their place. 

I’m grateful that a woman is writing Lara’s story and transforming her into more than she was ever intended to be. 

@kaoruyogi replied to your post “holy high winds. i think our house might tip over. they closed the…

It’s that bad just a few miles south?! I’m looking out my window as I type this and we’ve got *maybe* 25 mph gusts. Maybe I’m just desensitized from growing up in the high desert…

Lol you might be desensitized. I am the opposite. I am from the Midwest and so I’m always on like, tornado watch. Gusts getting up to 40 mph it’s like I’m waiting for the sirens! Also the fact that they closed the airport is like waaaaaat