Here is the sixth track of the Eternal Glory demo by the Italian symphonic power metal band Rhapsody. The song is entitled Holy Wind. The band has, since, changed its name to Rhapsody of Fire because of a trademark issue. I think it was because Best Buy had the name copyrighted when they named their music service Rhapsody, but I am not 100% certain. These guys are considered to be pioneers of the symphonic power metal genre, though they refer to themselves as “Hollywood metal.”

Line up:

Cristiano Adacher - Vocal

Luca Turilli  - Guitars (lead)

Andrea Furlan - Bass

Daniele Carbonera - Drums

Alex Staropoli - Keyboards


i went and got chicken katsu ^q^
it was dark and windy and i thought it’d rain but it was worth it bc i got to come back to a skype date where we ate and watched anime and took bad selfies

outforblood ;;

After two, long years, this blog’s hit it’s first milestone. And I’m still staring at the follower count, whispering “how the flipping fuck did this even”. But even so, I’m insanely grateful for the people who found my character interesting enough to want to interact with her. It never ceases to amaze me of just how many there are of you or whenever someone approaches my character by themselves, or suggests an idea for a plot. It’s you all who has helped me develop Roseanna into what she is now, and I can’t express how much that means to me (shit, I’m getting sappy).

Thank you so, so much.

Now, instead of following the usual routine of this whole shabang, I’m making this into more of a follow recommendation for others. Starting with the people who I’ve wrote with the most and who are absolutely brilliant writers with amazing characters. Looking for new people to write with? Check out my suggestions below.

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Give these precious gems a gander: ladyoftombs, powerspxnge, ingenicreclemencyseeking, guardium, monsteruus, spellcaaster, impxvidus, exaequatio,

I don’t interact with them often (or at all), but from what I’ve seen on my dash, they’re pretty badass. So, ayyyy~ *casually inserts recommendations here*: alittlecurse, vampiirisms, orensanz, sxldierx, mad–fireandblood.


I love how the Foals’ song makes this scene even more gruesome than it originally was.

Signs and Wonders

If the dance of a leaf in the wind
is not a woman in disguise,
then I am not a man
and know nothing of holiness.
If the wind is not a plea
to change my ways,
the sap of maple
not an expression of mother’s milk,
the autumn rain
not a lament for Adam;
if papers dropped by strangers
are only papers,
and not reminders,
and peeling paint not portent;
if dreams are only dreams,
and not stories my father neglected,
what’ll I do.

Ted Eisenberg

The wind just started up and it sounds like I’m near the fucking ocean, with the waves crashing at my feet. I hope it doesn’t rain. 

I live in Texas.

omg penny is such a wind up holy shit she’s being kidnapped and she’s like hold your shit i need to finish my mascara first

Joyfully we have seen this Pentecost day arise, my brethren, in which holy Church shines out in the eyes of the faithful and their hearts are set on fire. For we are celebrating that day on which our Lord Jesus Christ, after his resurrection and the glory of his ascension, sent the Holy Spirit…

This wind purified hearts from the straw of the purely natural life; this fire burnt up the grass of their former desires; these tongues, spoken by the apostles filled with the Holy Spirit, prefigured the Church’s expansion through the languages of all nations. After the flood, sacrilege had built a high tower against the Lord and humankind deserved to be divided by many languages… (Gn 11); but now the humility and devotion of believers subjects the variety of these languages to the unity of the Church. Charity reunites what discord had dispersed and the different parts of humankind, like scattered members of a single body, are rejoined to each other and to Christ, their leader and their only Head (Col 2,19). They are dissolved into unity by the fire of love…

Brothers and sisters, members of Christ’s body, seeds of unity, children of peace: celebrate this day with joy, celebrate it in all security. Because you are witnessing what was formerly made known by the coming of the Holy Spirit being accomplished in you. Each one of those who then received the Holy Spirit spoke every language for himself alone. Today, the unity of the Church spread amongst all peoples speaks all languages, and it is at the heart of this unity that you possess the Holy Spirit, you who are not separated by any schism from the Church of Christ which speaks all languages.

—  Saint Augustine (354-430), Bishop of Hippo (North Africa) and Doctor of the Church
Sermon 271