Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss to be made into movie, TV series, video game | EW.com

BREAKING NEWS: Pat has confirmed a deal with Lionsgate for a movie, TV series, AND video game!

“I’ll talk about this more on the blog later. I’ll answer questions and explain things and give more details.

Later. We’ll do that all later.

For now. Just for the next couple of days. How about we just let ourselves be a little excited about this? There will be plenty of time to fuss and fidget in the days to come. But right now, I’m not going to worry. Right now I’m just going to spend some time being a happy geek, excited at the thought of getting to see the Eolian or the Fishery. There are some scenes I’d love to see somewhere other than inside my own head.

I’m guessing there’s some scenes y’all would like to see, too….” - Pat

I didn’t want you

to only fuck me,

I wanted you to

love me. 

But I didn’t know what else to 
convince you with
besides my body.

—  Hot winds, holy thoughts

She deserves to be happy by s0alaina

and thus Elizabeth Midford was cleansed by Holi

Fan art for the fan fiction In Friendship’s Name  I really enjoyed the concept of the story but above all I love the pairing of Lizzie and Prince Soma!!

like I said.

outrageously anime.

I actually have a (sort of) explanation why blood! I pretty much grew up on Hellsing manga and Anderson’s final words (that he said to Alucard who was crying blood tears because vampire) really stuck with me:
“Don’t cry, monster. After all, you became a monster so you wouldn’t have to, right? When a human’s tears dry up forever, they become a monster. So laugh instead. Laugh like you always do”. 
Awkward wording, I know, but it was a pretty powerful moment, it’s just that when you don’t know the characters and context it sounds kinda cheesy… fitting, as this drawing is also super cheesy… but this is who I am…

ever is a long time (ever is no time at all)
  • ever is a long time (ever is no time at all)
  • Marietta
  • Summer Death

You screamed, “holy shit”, the wind swept you off your feet,
it sure as hell wasn’t me, I swear to god it was just two nights,
a cloud of smoke exhaled from my still choking lungs, I
couldn’t move, I couldn’t see that you’re the breath I shouldn’t breathe. 

Shallow breathe breathes air so heavy.