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///Let's review - You took some old posts that barely anyone cared about unless they went searching for it, and made a call out post, sending hundreds of people to go harass him. You could've handled it better by DMing him and asking him to take it down, but you refused to do something that simple. Blaming it on your mental issues - which shouldn't affect your judgement if you've been taking medication for it - and you wear the someone's tears as your badge. Did I cover it all?

holy shitttttt

A Death in the Family

*ISFJ, ENFJ, and INTJ are walking to ISTP’s locker so they can all eat together*
ISTP: *raises hand to wave hello, but then a grimace comes over their face*
ISTP: *slaps their forehead*
ISTP: Holy
ISTP: *bangs head against locker*
ISFJ: Is… this a bad time?
INTJ: Did you forget about our Calculus test?
ISTP: Yes…
ISTP: Oh my god, I’m so stupid.
ISTP: Today’s Wednesday, not Tuesday.
INTJ: So you thought the test was tomorrow?
ISTP: Yeah, and I don’t know anything!
ISTP: I’m literally brain-dead.
INTJ: What an unexpected twist.
ISTP: Oh god, why do I torture myself by taking classes I don’t understand?
ENFJ: Uh, because no pain, no gain?
INTJ: Because you’re a masochist.
ISFJ: Because you’re insecure and don’t want to be left behind, even in something as silly as which math course you should take?
ENFJ: Oh my god…
INTJ: Even from my standards, that was a little harsh.
ISTP: Eh, I can’t deny that.
ISFJ: I’m sorry, ISTP.
ISFJ: But I’m the mom friend and it’s my duty to tell you when you’re being stupid.
INTJ: I thought that was my job.
ISFJ: No, you’re the overbearing father of the group.
ISFJ: And ENFJ is the perfect sister.
ENFJ: Aww, you’re so nice~
ISFJ: Who eventually gets on everybody’s nerves because of how fake she acts at times.
ENFJ: -_-
ISFJ: And ISTP is the slacker uncle who shows up only when they want something.
ISTP: Hey, it’s not my fault that I tend to eat at your house. My house is filled with nothing but expired, sugary cereals that look faker than my aunt after she got plastic surgery.


holy shitttttt visuals…….. and jaebeom’s head nod at the end got me dead. @igotdefsoul

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