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hey i wanted to ask if you could make recommendations for bakushima fanfics? i'm curious as to what you're currently reading, what your favorites are and what your thoughts on the fanfics you read are! :)

Boi!!! Okay, I guess I did something like that a long while ago, everything I said about those fics is still 100% valid, after making that list I reread nearly all of them a dozen of times and I’ve loved them all just as much each of them, good great fics those - but since then I’ve read a shitton more, so!! Let’s do this? Let’s do this

My (newer) Favorite Fics:

  • one to ten by crunchrapsupreme - lotsa pining, acquaintance to friends to lovers, incredibly soft and ridiculously happy it gave me such a warm feeling reading it? Kirishima is so pure it made my heart sing, Kaminari is just as ridiculous and negative as he’s supposed to be and Bakugou’s!!! Perfect I’m sure you’re gonna like this one
  • out of sight, within reach by potato - no powers AU, high school AU, misunderstandings and jealousy and ridiculous babies in love - Bakugou pines!!! It’s actually!!! A fic from Bakugou’s pov with this ridiculous dork pining!!!! I would have loved it just for that, but honestly anything potato writes is worth reading they’re just so good and know the characters so well !!!
  • get tough, straight up by quactus - this!!!! damn!!!! fic!!!! it’s useless even to drag this for long, the reason why this fic is between my favorites is straight out the incredible amount of Bakugou and Kirishima acting like a couple while they’re not even aware their liking each other might be mutual - they’re soft, got no personal space at all, care for each other so sweetly seriously it’s so good to read it made my insides melt
  • all good things need sunshine by shizuumi151 - a flower shop AU from another author I love with all my heart! Go check everything they’ve written they’re honestly a fave, such a good grasp on these two - this fic is sweet (I think I used that word to describe all the fics I’ve recced till now? It’s my fav genre what can I do) flowers make me soft and these two acting like the ridiculous crushing idiots they are surrounded by them is just a recipe to make me happy lbr
  • it’s pouring out here again by shizuumi151 - no power/high school/basketball club AU and I’m pretty certain I suggested this one already between my favorite Kaminari fics? Cause he’s amazing in this one, he and Sero both - so are Bakugou and Kirishima, obviously, the whole atmosphere of the fic makes me genuinely happy every single time I read this fic (which I’ve done… way too many times in the last month already, honestly… rip this is a fav for sure)
  • Fight Me by ryonello - no quirks/nurse! Kirishima AU and oh my god this fic is so good - it’s fun? and bright? and Bakugou pines in the most endearing way ever? I spent the whole fic nodding and going same Baku same haha
  • From Pictures to Words by Kivea - snapchat AU snapchat AU snapchat AU!!!! Holy heck!!!! These!!!! NERDS!!!!!!! This is a seriously great fic - Baku/Mina friendship and the squad being it all there and Baku & Deku being on civil terms make it all even better, but g o d Bakugou and Kirishima in this fic. Jesus Christ. I love them so much I can’t even find the words to describe it
  • little are the things we learn by newamsterdam - a 5+1 fic, 6 PoV total each of them describing the KiriBaku relationship from the eyes of those aorund them - listen. Listen. This might be obvious, because newamsterdam is my absolute fave KiriBaku author, but I live and die for this fic - aside from how I adore the external PoV format in general, every single character is so incredibly IC? And the KiriBaku relationship is so so so well described and complete even if constantly seen from an outsider’s point of view? God, I love this fic. I should reread this fic right now, honestly

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noctis: this is fine

  • let’s be real his whole life is just this meme in a nutshell
  • he’s been known to mutter “this is fine” at inopportune moments and while sleeping???
  • once they were in the middle of a battle ignis asked if he was okay and all his got in response was “this is fin e
  • noctis is suffering
  • “oh my gods - noct, are you okay? did you get stabbed?
  • “this is fine.”
  • it’s not fine 
  • he passes out 0.2 seconds later

ignis: bone app the teeth

  • prompto showed this to him one day and let me tell you the poor child has never regretted something more
  • their meals have turned into a time of memes and horror 
  • noctis is too tired to wake up to food shoved in his face and ignis being a cheeky bastard, give the poor boy a break
  • “hey noct. wake up.”
  • “ignis n o”
  • two seconds later there is food being placed next to him and noctis groans because he knows what’s about to befall him
  • “bone app the teeth.
  • “ignis n o”

prompto:here come dat boi!

  • there is not a single day where prom doesn’t announce his presence by yelling “HERE COME DAT BOI !!”
  • not o n e 
  • he’s convinced there’s no issue with it because the frog is cute and he’s cute so it makes sense 
  • it???? doesn’t make sense 
  • at one point he actually terrifies noct by just suddenly clinging to him in the middle of the night and just whispering “oh shit waddup
  • noctis has never been awake so fast in his l i f e
  • after a minute of staring straight ahead in terror he realizes prompto has been asleep the whole time 
  • noctis has never forgotten about the sleep memeing and is still nervous about falling asleep next to prompto

gladio: i’ve come up with a new recipeh

  • gladio is a little shit
  • every time they eat gladio gets this terrifying mischievous grin on his face and noctis just freezes in horror because he may meme often but everyone at this stupid place memes more than he does and he k n o w s what that grin means
  • it happens e v e r y  t i m e and e v e r y  t i m e prompto falls for it
  • “that’s it!” 
  • “prom no-”
  • “that’s what, gladio?”
  • i’ve come up with a new recipeh!”

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Headcanon: Peter accidentally dating a villain who is a classmate

alright let’s get it started and hot! i’m on mobile and my writing is shittier on here for some reason so i apologize, but hey! look who learned how to bold text on mobile😂 i might actually right a full fic based on this..

- It all started when you moved to mid-town for your assignment to find and kill Spider-man. $1,000,000 on his head, and you had finally narrowed it down. Your sources had managed to discover he was enrolled at mid-town as a student.

- You didn’t really want to be the villain, you actually found it so cliche. But multiple mercenary missions later for the “not-so good guys” you were basically considered one of the baddies now, and you honestly didn’t care at this point.

- Well your codename was considered as a baddie you weren’t dumb enough to let your real name slip.. No one would expect a teenage girl like you to be one of the most wanted assasins in the country so you were perfect for the assignment.

- In your classes you were found carefully studying each and every male student near-by. Their mannerisms, physical build, anything you could somehow link to being spider-man.

- One particular day, you found yourself sat beside the one and only Peter Parker, you ruled him out long ago, He was too physically weak for everything that Spider-man was capable of.

- Where you were on the run unlike the typical teens, you weren’t like most of the girls you saw. You’ve never felt emotion for anyone else or even a small crush.

- somehow that little dorky Peter weaseled his way into your heart, and you tried your fucking bet to not let him.

- but he was so adorable, and sweet, and kind to you, unlike anyone else had.

- You found yourself often distracted from your observations by the boy, whom you had tried to avoid but couldn’t help but try to run into.

- eventually, Peter and you were assigned a paper together that required work outside of school.

- You were T E R R I F I E D

- You couldn’t let him get in the way of your goal, you needed the cash, and if you let this client down, your reputation would be ruined.

- the night following the day the paper was assigned, Peter had asked you to come over to help with the research, and you couldn’t say no to that boy if you tried.

- the two of you had bantered multiple times in class, and he considered you a friend so it really wasn’t awkward.

- About an hour in, the two of you found yourselves laughing at the most pointless things, lying on his bed and you almost forgot about your fucked up life of murder.

- “God, (Y/N), holy shit i’m having so much fun” He said sitting up and you followed suit.

- “Oh really Pete?”

- He glanced down at your lips and back to your eyes and spoke. “Oh yes really”

- Then you tried to fight the urge to lean in, closing the gap between the two of you, to let yourself fall for him even more, but you lost and your lips met his.

- Months later, the two of you were incredibly happy, and you had almost found out who spider-man was, but you were torn. Being with Peter had shown you hat you wanted to tear away from that past, you wanted to be a hero.

- One night you were over at peters and you found out, he was your target.

- The tear began pouring and you couldn’t stop it, you couldn’t do it any longer.

- The concern from peter made it even worse, you couldn’t believe you let him live a monster like you.

- “(Y-Y/N), it’s not that bad, i’m sorry! What’s wrong, are you alright?”

-“Peter, i-”

- You finally had told him, everything, your past and how you were sent on a mission to kill Spider-man.

-“You’re, You’re the assasin. Mr.Stark told me about you. (Y/N), that can’t be true.” Tears were evident in his eyes as he tried to think rationally. “Tell me it’s not true” He yelled, and Peter never yells.

- “I can’t”

- You began to walk out of the room, tears pouring down your face, and as soon as you opened your mouth to say “goodbye” for the final time, you felt something pull you by the wrist, spinning you around to face peter.

- He still had small tears upon his face, and it broke your heart knowing that you had caused him this.

- “Peter, let me go. I’m no good for you, can’t you see that? I’m supposed to KILL you.”

- “You don’t have to, (Y/N). I love you alright, and i can’t bare to see you go on the run again, and killing people. I know deep down you don’t want to do that anymore, and you don’t have to,” he shook his head, “I-i can talk to Mr.Stark about an arrangement, i mean you got more skills than any average person, maybe you can help? Please, (Y/N) you don’t have to do this.”

- You couldn’t believe Peter was doing this, offering you a second chance at life, a life where you could do good. But you realized, here’s no way in hell you could do any good, you’ve done nothing but murder innocent people, and nothing could make up for that.

- “But, Peter, i can’t redeem myself, i’m the bad guy. I’ve been a fucking assasin since i was 13, there’s no way i can be a hero like you. I’m despicable, i want to but there’s no way.”

- The sobs started as you leaned into peters embrace, and peter just comforted you with soothing words and reassurance.

- after awhile, he pulled you up to meet his eyes with your chin upon his fingers.

- “Look, (Y/N). I know you don’t want to go back to being a mercenary, and i understand you don’t feel like you can be a hero with your past. But you know what?” He said whispering the last part, “I know you can, he’ll look at the Scarlet Witch, she originally fought against the avengers, and now look at her. You can be good, (Y/N). You can, and i believe in you alright.”

- Peters face was so etched with love and sincerity, that you were unable to to argue that you were an awful person, and you leaned in, smiling knowing that you might be able to do some good with peter by your side for once..

OH GOD THIS IS TOO LONG ISNT IT?? I TRIED MY BEST, AND I REALLY LIKED THIS IDEA IM SORRY IT MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU WANTED…but i think i may write this as a fic?? i loved the idea so please tell me if i should!

So I went to Ottawa Comic Con today

And holy shit I had so much fun!!

I was a beautiful fairy!


I felt so fucking cute guys



SHE WAS AN ABSOLUTE DELIGHT AND SO KIND!! She said she liked my costume and the butterflies in my hair!



Holy shit I had so much fun drawing this guy! Turquoise (Butters) and Ruby (Cartman) fusion, Bloodstone. 

A powerful but chaotic fusion. His weapon is a giant wrecking ball, though he doesn’t really use his weapon that often, since it weighs him down when he prefers to leap around on buildings and cause destruction with his bare, many hands. On his back he has a single arm that can be used to grab from the back of him, for extra defense. 

Bloodstone Fusion Sound

More Mysterious Gems


they’re not the kind of couple who uses them - in the conventional way.

Thanks to cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata for some of the better pet names (cacti goddess, pineapple of my eye) and jazzie560 for helping me with the idea.


“Just sit down, dear.”

It slipped out of him so easily, so quickly, that she almost missed it.

And it wasn’t even meant in a sarcastic way, or at least she hoped. His eyes were drawn on the newspaper he had in front of him, his concentration all but focused on anything but her. So if it was so easily said, does that mean he thought those names in his head?

She grimaced.

Petnames. Temari hated petnames.

Because it reminded her of embarrassing, pre-adult, giggling teens. Romances that were only as shallow as a fingernail, filled with idiotic promises of an eternity together. And to have her husband call her such, well, she was repulsed, to say the least.

And dear? Dear? Nevermind the fact it rhymed with his clan’s signature animal, but it was so foreign to her that she did sit down, abruptly, and draw the book she had just an arms length away toward her. Flipping open the page, she retaliated, “Okay, sweetie.”

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I think making Blitz with bendy arms was the most fun I’ve had making a figure in a long time. o3o 

I derped around with him quite a bit, but I think he turned out quite cute!! His arms are very fun to play with. These are some of my favorite shots of him~

also my friend lent me her wacom tablet thing and holy shit its so much fun and it makes life so much easier and ive done a little mikayuu sketch and i still have to shade + color :-))

halfway through: http://kusokoushi.tumblr.com/post/137019209823/updated-progress-for-my-mikayuu-drawing

finished drawing: http://kusokoushi.tumblr.com/post/137092157923/ive-finally-finished-my-mikayuu


First time I’ve been in a lobby where EVERYONE was squid partying and holy shit why is it so much fun. Tried to take some pics but it’s hard to take decent ones when ur spamming ZL Lmao.

DJsquidwrd (myself)
Anna @nebulaleaf
Lapis @lapislaments
P✴PatBack (my phone is crap I hope that’s a star on computers.)

Hopefully I remembered everyone that squid partied Lmao.