Lipstick Stain Tutorial

Hello there, Lovely Anon! I put your ask into a pic set so it’s easier to see this, I hope that’s okay!

Thank you, I’m glad you liked the lipstick stains! :D Here’s a mini Tutorial for them, I am sure there are a lot of better ways to draw these, this is just how I figured it out yesterday at like 3 AM and how I did it. I hope this helps! 

oh ms believer (3d audio)
  • oh ms believer (3d audio)
  • twenty one pilots

oh ms believer (3D audio) // twenty one pilots

to listen properly:

-put on headphones

-close your eyes


what is 3D audio?

3D audio effects are a group of sound effects that manipulate the sound produced by stereo speakers, surround-sound speakers, speaker-arrays, or headphones. this frequently involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener.

listen to the original (x)


I think making Blitz with bendy arms was the most fun I’ve had making a figure in a long time. o3o 

I derped around with him quite a bit, but I think he turned out quite cute!! His arms are very fun to play with. These are some of my favorite shots of him~

the things that we find
Liam/Louis, 18000 words

The guy is watching him with a funny expression that disappears so quickly Louis must have imagined it. It’s late; he’s projecting. “Have a good night,” the guy offers, smiling at Louis. “Thanks again for the tip with the timetable.”

“My pleasure,” says Louis, because I’m probably going to wank to your smile isn’t really appropriate. “Thanks for the concert.”

“It was a one-time only deal,” the guy shouts after him, waving and grinning, and as Louis finds a seat on the bus and falls into it, he can’t stop himself from thinking fuck, I hope not.

for theboycanthelpit, who is lovely, and based on the following prompt from this post of awkward first meeting AUs:

Your headphones aren’t plugged in all the way so I know you’re listening to educational children’s cartoon theme songs

Ensemble Stars character relationship chart!!

Joint project with ladysaionji and kudakitsune <3

Staff (?) Comments:

Lai: It was so much fun to make! Now I feel as if I were their mother :_D

Kuda: I hope this will be useful for someone! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  We know them much better after doing this and we love them even more. <3 Maybe we will be called the Three Oddballs of this fandom after this. *laughs*

Me: Same as above! If you spot any mistake or you think we should add something please tell us~

Info taken from the Enstars Wikia

The Bet
Prompt: I have a request for a one shot and I was sent your way via dirtysupernaturalimages! Would you be willing/able to a write a kind of ménage a quatre with the Reader x Team Free Will? I was thinking something like Reader/Dean make a bet that they can turn Cas and Sam on (who both have secret crushes on the Reader). Sam doesn’t believe he’d be turned on by Dean getting dirty w/ Reader, and Cas doesn’t think an angel can be turned on at all. They both end up losing and BAM, ménage a quatre. THANKS<  




You walked out of the bedroom you shared with Dean and into the library where he, Sam, and Cas were all gathered around a table, discussing a strategy for the hunt you were all working on. Sam was buried in a book, searching for a way to kill the creature. You idled in the doorway, listening.

“Silver knife dipped in lamb’s blood’ll take it down,” Sam said, sighing, obviously tired from hours of sifting through lore.

“Okay, then,” Dean said. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

It was that moment you chose to walk in, sauntering over to Dean

“Hey, baby,” you said, sitting on his lap and kissing his cheek. “What were you guys talking about?”

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The Signs as Luke Skywalker's Gay Ass™ Wardrobe
  • Aries: Gay Ass™ Tank Top in a living work out video feat. Little Green Troll. AKA modeling for a porno.
  • Taurus: Gay Ass™ PONCHO that's 110% a piece of junk, only to impress his bf. AKA the gayest piece of clothing in existence.
  • Gemini: Gay Ass™ Cloak Sash over ROTJ replica, fully equipped with your own badass Jedi Scavenger gal (complete with a stick and a bloodthirsty need to kick emo ass) AKA the outfit that has yet to be rocked.
  • Cancer: Gay Ass™ Sick Robe, perfect for all diseases like Corellian flu, getting mauled by a Wampa, and losing a hand. AKA i'm totally wearing nothing underneath this thin piece of fabric, how are you?
  • Leo: Gay Ass™ moisture farmboy who just wants to go to tosche station and pick up some "power converters". AKA the original gay smol who stares at the sunsets and broods about the sand.
  • Virgo: Gay Ass™ Hood for when you just want to hide away on an island for who knows how fucking long because your motherfucking goth nephew screwed shit over. Razor not included for sudden beard. AKA the "shock" of TFA.
  • Libra: Gay Ass™ Gucci Black Leather inherited from his mother, equipped with leather boots and a no-shit Jedi pout, be ready for the cameras. AKA the super Extra flippy jumps for the bae and the evil dad (who doesn't understand that this is not a phase).
  • Scorpio: Gay Ass™ Goggles and a fuzzy vest to keep you warm and snuggled as you're slowly picked apart by Wampa claws. AKA the ploy to get the bae to notice you for once.
  • Sagittarius: Gay Ass™ Jacket that's more yellow than a fucking lemon and was totally borrowed from that sexy Corellian that he totally doesn't like at all. AKA the outfit you wear to your wedding cause you don't make enough money to get a wedding dress.
  • Capricorn: Gay Ass™ Uniform that the Alliance designed specifically to be as straight as a curvy line and so orange that their enemies are blinded in battle. AKA the unsubtle coming out of Rogue Squadron.
  • Aquarius: Gay Ass™ Stormtrooper uniform that is too tight in certain places and too big for smols. AKA the perfect opportunity to flip luxurious golden locks when removing the helmet you can't see out of.
  • Pisces: Gay Ass™ Fatigues that you ruin in under three seconds and use to fight your salty old man. AKA blood sweat and tears taken literally.

argonapricot said:

How about the character in Homestuck that you feel the sorriest for? Medieval AU actually sounds super hype, so let’s go with that.

I threw around a couple of ideas trying to figure out who I felt sorriest for, but honestly the Psiioniic’s situation in canon is just so…terrible. 8I  And he’s super fun to draw!

In other news, I would like to apologize to anybody who has ever put effort into learning things about the medieval era because I am not one of them and it probably shows. ;D

[[please check if this night is ongoing before you request!]]

iamilex  asked:

See, now I wanna prompt you all the things. Can I get my favorite assholes, Locus (7) and Felix (25)?

This one turned out a little weird and artsy, but it was so much fun to do, holy shit.


Laika Protagonist crossover  or something

So yeah as you can see, I had a butt-load of fun making these sketches of Coraline, Norman and Eggs in eachothers film’s.

Anyway, enjoy my messy sketches and coloring I might make more of these in the future…mmh….maybe with all the side-kicks?


they’re not the kind of couple who uses them - in the conventional way.

Thanks to cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata for some of the better pet names (cacti goddess, pineapple of my eye) and jazzie560 for helping me with the idea.


“Just sit down, dear.”

It slipped out of him so easily, so quickly, that she almost missed it.

And it wasn’t even meant in a sarcastic way, or at least she hoped. His eyes were drawn on the newspaper he had in front of him, his concentration all but focused on anything but her. So if it was so easily said, does that mean he thought those names in his head?

She grimaced.

Petnames. Temari hated petnames.

Because it reminded her of embarrassing, pre-adult, giggling teens. Romances that were only as shallow as a fingernail, filled with idiotic promises of an eternity together. And to have her husband call her such, well, she was repulsed, to say the least.

And dear? Dear? Nevermind the fact it rhymed with his clan’s signature animal, but it was so foreign to her that she did sit down, abruptly, and draw the book she had just an arms length away toward her. Flipping open the page, she retaliated, “Okay, sweetie.”

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“I can’t love you anymore.”

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